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12-4-13 12:10pm Scoot: on baggy pants

Dec 4, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on the law the city of Thibodaux tried to pass regarding baggy pants.

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Good afternoon. Judy Garland and and all this week like you -- -- on this Wednesday. You know Monday I was talked into this radio show. BGK. Experience in Seattle K -- K -- government. And we were talking and it bit of a conversation selective the saints win -- like what are you guys to we're a six teacher. During your show take a picture of it put it on your stations FaceBook page website and tweeting out. If the Seahawks win out we are seeing a teacher. Well we know now that I have to Wear CO ST shirt and I was trying to figure a way to get warned that it -- -- -- -- I wanna do this tomorrow when -- get this out of the way. Got to get everything Seahawks were related out of the way so we can focus on. The game so they -- against Carolina Panthers. -- -- -- I was just having -- cover a guy I got some tax on on where to go get a Seahawks feature that today but don't help -- attending one of our our producers who works as the other show. She just came in the studio. A few minutes ago and we were we were talking about a possible remedy here. And I thought you know this -- said this is not only cost you did build the loss to the Seahawks cost me emotionally as -- did you. But again you know it was gonna cost me money to go buy a shirt. -- -- that we just think Seahawks. Are what we just drawn on them on or white T shirt. So that's we're gonna do I think they'll never know in Seattle Minnesota a Seahawks T shirt so it doesn't matter if I go buy it -- five. If I just make it as long as it's a seek talks teachers so right Seahawks. And will do his best we can't to. Create a reasonable facsimile. Of the -- logo with a profile of the Seahawks all I'll I'll Wear it tomorrow -- a year I'll take a picture. I'll send it to those guys will put it on our FaceBook page. Web sites and I'll tweet about it if you wanna join me on Twitter it's and it scoots. -- WL here's -- we're talking about if you just joined -- of the -- and a City Council has rejected a measure. It would ban sagging pants in the city and the vote was three to two. The debate was about the morality and legality. Of the deal. And we get that story -- our website -- WWL dot com are also talking about a billboard that went up on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood is causing a controversy. It was supposed to go up like -- New York city's time square but he was rejected because of uncomfortable imagery. It's also gonna go up at river North Chicago to billboard features a young American soldier in a loving embrace with what is perceived to be a young Muslim woman. And the billboard reads keeping you together. It billboards from a company called -- stop and they sell nasal sprays oral sprays and pills to prevent people from soaring. Thus keeping people together well there are some critics who say that the companies being insensitive to US military personnel. I wrote a blog about this and its thoughts on our website you can read it and share with others but it really touches on a much bigger every issue and that is. Why we are so judgmental. In America and built to protect middle and other countries as well but we -- in America and so we're talking about Americans. This could blog is billboard with American soldier embracing young Muslim woman. And again you can read that and share with others it's on our website for a patient to -- -- dot -- at the end of that there's a link to the picture if you haven't seen it. And also you can go to our FaceBook page WWL radio take a look at the picture and give -- your comment. And a -- Samir Cummins in just a little while but I just I find it interesting how judgmental we are some people look at this picture and I think it's horrible. Oh my god an American soldier with the Muslim moment. Really if you think about it what's wrong with that. There was a time when we couldn't imagine Americans and Japanese. Getting together that's changed there was a time in this country when we didn't tolerate whites and blacks getting together. Christians and Jews get together. I find this picture on this billboard I find it very comforting. I find it comforting that love can transcend. Political and and religious differences. It may be hard to -- was somebody from a different -- I'm not trying to tell you who did he whip through that it would be easy but I look at this picture and I -- just the opposite of so many people like it's such a warm feeling. When I look at this picture. -- also this hour we'll talk about this so article in the New York Times about a growing number of restaurants in New Orleans and Tom Fitzmorris is quoted in this New York Times article saying that the city has 70% more restaurants now than it did before Katrina. And the article in the New York Times says richer cities have more restaurants per capita. And according to one chief economist with a real estate web -- New Orleans ranks fourteenth in the nation with the most restaurants per person this was in 2010. Now with more restaurants in New Orleans are you going out to eat more often less often or about the same. And what is your favorite local spots. Did most people might not even -- -- -- to call our show call 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is 878 -- I've screwed it for garlic and we'll get to -- -- text here just a moment from the nor short Jeff welcome to our show. There's you do. I have remedy in my which you share four -- in okay answer issue. They sell the below you can use your computer book images and bring it out on. -- recognized on that teacher students gender -- Well maybe we'll try that but if it's -- its corporate and -- and might even be cheaper to destroy so any anyway I'm just gonna make ones that are going -- -- one. Coconut -- It was I'm not in favor. -- coroner and demo. I think it's in now and don't think it looks good when -- look now mystery you agree I mean little mystery edit. Own bag and pull out from the bust a workaholic Simon. -- is so it is really. I think it's some like not really care -- look we need you tell yourself. No but Jeff wasn't and it wasn't that the impression that the establishment had the anti establishment rock generation of the sixties at a hair and -- look like you don't care but I hear so many of the same things said by the establishment today. -- that were sent by our establishment many years ago. I mean when I was growing up in prize goes to -- you know we. Our guests. I would have been completed in the same boat like certain T shirts and you know art rockers and you know we will -- You know the stand out all the kids in the black church a troublemaker. You know so I mean it's somewhat you know I'm in -- in the same boat at their rated well. Well I I I agree with you did the you know you do you don't have to like it I mean I don't. I don't. I don't like the sagging pants look -- -- it's not that's not for me to judge I don't consider it to be obscene I I think we need to. Reserve. There's the legal definition of obscenity for something that really is obscene and not. I've got to cross over into that in in the in the same way that you're back in the mid eighties there was there was a big debate in this country. Under the Reagan administration about pornography. And the Reagan administration with the Meese commission actually labeled Playboy and penthouse to be pornographic and I believe it was the Supreme Court heard some High Court ruled. If you cannot include Playboy and a penthouse in with pornography now people might not agree with that but did did pornography should be reserved for something that is really pornographic and -- the courts have ruled that that was a pornographic so it really does come down to a a judgment. But the -- In -- -- is. You'll hear anyone say anything about it. You know when they go to could be a -- -- considered. Look like they're on the the that you -- -- we -- people laugh -- been a regular you know boxer shorts and and women in bikinis. To -- -- you know. Yeah I and let's look let's just say that some some swimwear is so tight that it's extremely defining and I think we can adequately today Jeff I think that's a good point I'm going to call the show. Yeah I think about what you see on the beach -- your thoughts are this are the same guys. Who are complaining about sagging pants 'cause I don't wanna see guys underwear are those same people complaining about dogs on the beach. Or seeing the top of girls. Underwear or following the -- genes are low cut. I mean if -- if you're. Criticizing the showing of underwear and you should be fair right. I've scoot him for -- if you're mostly with -- will be right back. It's really interesting to me how how quickly the sagging pants sort of putting issue come -- so much judgment of things that some people find offensive so much judgment of of things that to some people don't understand has become fashionable and again I find this most interesting because I was part of generation that was very rebellious. The anti establishment -- generation from the sixties. That -- told the establishment basically to go to -- Hey look we're gonna do this this is a way of expressing ourselves and yet that generation now the establishment. Is so judge middle of the young generation for essentially doing the same things that it did which is why I continue to refer to myself. As a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. I am proud of my generation in a lot of ways but in a lot of ways of my generation is very very hypocritical. Do you really want the government to ban sagging pants. You'd have to consider that to be indecent exposure. And you really wanna take that term and apply it to that. Now there's a big difference between indecent exposure and simply being offended by something. I'm offended by things everyday life I walked down the street I'm offended. Why have we somehow develop this attitude in America. -- we have a right to go through life. And never be offended. And if something is offensive we must figure out a way to get rid of that are banned it. That is a very very dangerous trend. From mid city run your WWL. What school like this statement it is an old man there's some repeat -- -- they've soldier now that. You know in an integrated and consider this thing about these greens these or these actual. And you can see every day. On. My arms reached an easily. Wear -- when you couldn't see everything is old. And these. Well I I have to I have to admit to -- I grew at a time when that went hot pants were very fashionable and -- I dated girls that -- hot pants and went down and dancer and the hot canceled just leave it at this were very well defining so I've -- understand. -- -- more open case it is -- -- -- -- I regret that you -- get into it it's they're caught quote it is. You know for people to keep people go to jail. Mean people. Think we're. Going to undergo -- school. -- I'm glad you called the you know we've talked about that -- to and that's -- -- topic for another show here's a text is sagging pants and looking at strangers underwear is offensive. But if the government can outlaw them I would assume that they could tell me which woods offend me more. Let it go folks I don't want the government in my life that much. I ducky you're under the WLA good afternoon. -- are good. Just I. Call -- a lot -- might become a while ago or UN general but district -- right around. About. I'm locked him -- and I can't dump all your date on it he lost a great. Respect -- or not. History -- -- -- Just it is like well well. A -- current deny it just a little -- you know them well but you're not used to disrespectful. Or in Asia and and the girls idol. And try to -- girl will be way down you know and -- salute to blow it usually. G packer. Hall -- Tokyo I would have. Do agree with -- it is it is disrespectful but do you want that you -- a law that -- something that some people considered disrespectful. No huddle they don't mop up all. Well I'm operate. Idle idle idle operations. We treat -- well and other night I almost double. Shorter are you know -- majority of our deal the plane went out to adults and -- -- -- in ideas about it but. I got the oldest idol without mom. The people apparently did they are they're great people and now. Not just into -- opt out and got my girl. I just wanted to alt -- you know. -- ducky I'm I'm glad you did it we appreciate you being here thanks for saying nice things about Louisiana here's our -- VW property jaguar opinion poll I should sagging pants beat bands by law. 66%. Say yes and 34% say no. You really want -- banned by law. I got a number of the attacks from people who have this suggested that you can't. The you'd you can't just -- things sick and in if you -- that then they're they're gonna move on to something else to express themselves. Here's a text sagging pants started in prison. It was a way for criminals to hide guns and -- okay well. It doesn't really matter we're -- starts if it is adopted by people who art in prison or who have never been in prison. And is it fair to relate that depressant. And it's fashion most high fashion actually starts on the streets. And I guess she could say that prison would be. The most and common good not common but it would be the most. Well I guess it would just be another offshoot of of the street just being is something that's very very pedestrian. But. Fashion fashion that is adopted. Isn't necessarily appreciated because of its origin. It's appreciated because it caught on and and you would I can't predict what's gonna catch on and we have all been part of generations it to configured. But I remember my generation is very critical of the whole grunge movement. The -- the grunge alternative movement in the nineties. I'm wearing -- -- the baggy pants and the doc Martins and -- flannel shirts tied around your your waist. These were baggy clothes and and a lot of people felt like if people were just looking generally dirty and again this judgment came from. The baby boomer generation and other generations as well. That's. I think we need Detroit and focus more on content of character then. Than anything else and we wishing to struggle to do that sometimes and that's really what the blog is about today in new configured in a share with others. It's about this a billboard that is gone up in. Hollywood and it was rejected from New York City. I -- going up in the river north area of Chicago. On a billboard for a company that makes products that prevent people from snoring. And the billboard is featuring a young American soldier with -- what appears to be a young. A female mostly. And she's wearing a wedding ring and they're -- they can't caption is because it's about products that keep you from storing the caption is we we keep people together. And a lot of people are outraged because it's an American soldier. And a Muslim woman. We're not at war with Muslims. We have been at war with certain people in certain countries but. We should challenge ourselves to not be so quick to judge. Based on religion. Race nationality. Or even somebody that has a fashion trend that you don't agree list. I'm studio for Garland if your -- stay with us for coming right back with more here's another WWL news updates with Chris -- have been talking about this a billboard controversy in Hollywood nonsensical authority. It's a billboard that was rejected for New York's Times Square features and an American soldier in the loving embrace with the young Muslim woman. With the words keeping you together for a company that makes a product that there's several products that keep you from from soaring. It's been a very interesting conversation and I it's it's on our FaceBook page if you haven't seen the picture of the billboard. You concede our FaceBook page at WWL. Radio it's also a there's a link at the end of -- blogger -- which is about the billboard with the American soldier. On our website at WW -- to a colleague to complete comments from FaceBook. I here's a text if we offended. Is a -- folds who cares those people should be ignored into irrelevancy. Here is. A text love knows no boundaries -- attacks here senate -- -- FaceBook love knows no boundaries. And if it works for them greats who are we to judge live and let live. Here's another FaceBook comment. It is it's a picture and it says to refer to picture the soldier in my profile picture. The one who just finished high school and is now serving the first infantry division in the US army. The one they will risk life and limb for all of our freedoms. Is Muslim. And the blog release about why are we so quick to judge. -- we're also talking about the sagging pants laws that did not go through very close vote three to two. The City Council into veto voter on it -- and they voted not to enforce this law it was a discussion about morality and discussion about the legality of if you wanna join -- with a comet -- number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a tax receipts of the activity and getting some text about what I talked about a moment ago. And that was instead of going out and buying a Seahawks T shirt. Just making one here at the station. Like I told these guys in Seattle than -- where Seahawks he should've Seahawks won and I would tweet it out and we put on our our FaceBook page should. So now I'm getting some -- that are questioning my our ability and that I've really should be. Going out and buying a Seattle Seahawks who will talk about that in just a moment from New Orleans east -- or WW real good afternoon. Yet they have no. God made bad I. Kept -- -- -- one. -- About it on. Anyone. Clearly so I -- it -- can't be right. And I don't know who couldn't get -- out here and you know -- is that I -- I. Got. Well I would agree with use it to a lot of people consider to be an eyesore but there are a lot of things in society that are an eyesore. Right but I am going and an aggregate. Campbell what -- -- that. Any. -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't -- and showing it -- -- Don't know it I'm out there who can't. -- -- -- Say you're you're concerned about the the transfer possible germ says through somebody's underwear sitting on a boss. Right and -- it can't be on the man is under way it is not a act in a but it just. -- -- Linda I'm glad you called -- showing us naturalistic. So here's -- there might be a few Muslims offended by the billboard showing a soldier. Who might have killed their loved once. And I I've I guess I guess that's true I guess I find comfort in this billboard again look at the pitcher and our FaceBook page. I I find comfort in seeing. Are -- an American and a young Muslim together because it makes me think that that love is more important than the differences that we have on the battlefield. Or ideologically. From Baton Rouge but a year under -- WL. Are you don't know that I did wanted to come and a lot of people call and talk about Christian guys that sort of thing and a an interest -- One religion intention another mention -- injury is that it is True Religion. Thank Jesus Mohamed Udoh who so. Sorrell. A proper so passionate on their best to figure out what we doing here. And trying to promote which some -- live. Don't particularly care. -- agent can hold -- it just basic scrutiny. You christianity. Especially at. And if you. I mean it's -- factual errors. In the let me start off in the first body Matta in the universe. -- -- which is. Am totally not got a -- I think you don't have a good point today you know if you if you really think about it there there are common denominator swift with almost all relations that the very idea of answering to. To somebody else or. Feeling. And like you're going to be judged by a by a higher power there is there's a common denominator and and just think about all the the -- ways that are hard to get to -- within just the Christian community. Lot -- -- Again like the -- mean do we really bank allowed. Would come down and -- -- 102010%. Of egyptians. Because the -- wouldn't release Moses. I mean I don't believe logical yet some kind of what we just turn the light switch -- when we talk -- religion as people just. They've been indoctrinated into religion so long I think it's good but in reality I think religion -- -- negative force. Well it it can be again it's it's one of those things it depends on on on how you use it and in the hands of the wrong people and that was. But it political show gonna get to break here that -- via the movie with Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. A book of -- It was all about how. Religion in the hands of the wrong people can be used to destroy people and there's a lot of power in religion and and people use it quite often for the wrong reasons. I've screwed it for girl and ands we'll be right back with more of your comments on WWL. Yeah I -- -- gonna talk about this at this hour but other topics took over and sometimes that happens with -- show but there's an article in the New York Times. Titled New Orleans restaurant scene rises reflecting a richer city. And the article points out that richer cities have more restaurants for cabinet according to one source New Orleans ranks fourteenth in the nation in restaurants. Opera capital this is in the 2010. And -- toughest -- are going to be a real food. -- and three W -- food critic. Is a quote in the article saying that New Orleans has about 70% more restaurants than it did before Katrina. And I don't really -- often at the facility has to do and I wanted to spend the money in you know -- I'd like to sometimes control what I eat but. There are a lot of restaurants out I don't know if you're going -- more often less often or about the same. But I certainly would talk about local spots and we really have a chance to do that but. Yeah -- I did say that I would tell you -- when my favorite to local spots. And this is I don't get anything from this places their their friendly people I just discovered it by accident. But this a little place in the quarter and it's in the upper part of the quarter its charter Symbian -- And it's a local place and I I hope you have found very good local spot for yourself in in your neighborhood of wherever you live. It's Venus palace in the French Quarter and it really good home cooking. Comfort food but also. Also really good New Orleans food at prices much less than -- you you find elsewhere so. You find your little local spot and support your. Local restaurants. I'm being -- into going out and buying an actual Seattle Seahawks sure here's a Texas Cisco -- I was gonna make it a teacher does Seahawks teacher. Could you can't do that you need to honor your word and Wear their colors by buying a legitimate -- short for the record I'm a -- at warrior. And by the way congratulations to -- on the -- These jurors and lawyers -- -- be borne eastern last weekend. And they're taking on -- -- I next level of the playoffs and able is save monster teams have good luck to -- the easy wars from racially showing your on heavy WL. There are already -- very good. Our radio or to comment on media nobody cares you know. Owners terrible parish pastor well a year that you know. And I always overlook the car to operate but. -- like anniversary Jindal got off the burial Carroll a law that Democrats without the public. College. Fans out there and back back back virtual. That's ridiculous and I -- these people -- It's a moral issue which. The church ballot which -- just where they're young cute like to do debate. And accurate lot of prayers are. Battered women over to market power strip and got a lot more programs. -- -- you so you're saying that stretch pants or privilege not a right. Now. Tara says it should be a picture that -- -- -- There are -- better economy it's ridiculous you talk about the news broke out a paper Richmond county -- Oh well well well -- where you -- to get more outward church prayer and matched that so little and. John you know a lot of people find that offensive so what do you do you -- I don't think people really I I think you bring up an interesting point about. Many who and here too conservative ideology you know they they protect the constitution many ways that they ignore it when it comes to things that they disagree -- -- they don't understand that the precedent that it sets. You know the whole basis. For many people. With the opposition to same sex marriage is based on morality so wait so you want the government to come -- and judge somebody's personal activity based on morality. Do you have no idea you're going to how scary that news. We don't live in Russia. And Japan and China. We would win -- for the return which used to be pretty. We -- every -- -- were re Serbia and do what we do the opposite that it when he drove block The Beatles and all the. I -- right exactly see that's tolerable because it's girl which it which goes to show that the whole argument is very very sexist if it was technically about underwear. There would be equal criticism young women who show. Underwear is well Charlotte got to get to brave and I'm glad to Kohler show. I hear is attacks that reads. So. I should be ticketed for my plumbers crack here's another text should we just. Outlaw plumbers crack. What would be a thoughts. But you know again do you realize how ridiculous it is to asked the government to -- Something that is it technically is not indecent exposure. It might be offensive to you and I respect that I don't like it. But it is not indecent exposure. After the government than it. And then what would be next. On scoots into Garland and we'll be right back -- the WL. Is -- -- that asks that can I walk around in my underwear legally. Yeah I guess it depends on the underwear. So I am getting a lot of grief of -- -- going on it -- these Seattle Seahawks and T shirt though I'll talk about that here in just a moment from basic -- drag your Adobe gives you real good afternoon. A group -- revive our future that is protector could. Be -- -- Two. On our. Own -- what. Hypocrites. -- That company is here you can't say it. Well that's why when these topics come up by low due to talk about her and if I'm not on during the day that I'm on this new show indicted to midnight and -- -- to to challenge just to to think beyond our instincts to to judge had to be racist it to be bigots. -- -- -- -- certificate -- I mean convention that I agree with you. Bet that they that they you know what I. Where you can order where our submarines and and they'll -- them. -- Pumping you know back in the dating. Chris and I regret ever I remember I had had a job I was have Bagger cashier at a at a grocery store. I guess it was fifteen years old and this big had a big wide flower tied big wide ties that come on the -- And our war to work and I I thought nothing of -- they may be go home and change because it was unacceptable attire. So that might seem innocent in the world we live in to David at the time it was every outrageous -- I'm going to call and I got the attorneys break years it just a moment but. Let me let me read this Texan this just goes to show you how. How much hate. -- people laugh. You or trader. Seahawk lover go home. So hot so I make a -- with some guys. -- near Seattle. Monday in the game. And the bidding is saints -- you -- saints shirt and and publicized it on with Twitter and FaceBook and on your web page. And if the if the Seahawks win -- -- where Seahawks future. It's -- -- makes me Seahawks fan and that makes me -- and Seahawks fan go home. I am home. This is vital. I was born here. I lived in Seattle briefly was on the -- there briefly but I'm from here. So I am go to go out and buy a CRT shirts I Wear tomorrow. What do they carry sixty producer -- -- would associate producer Allison Danny and our studio producer mark and guards on scoots levee in New Orleans.