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12-4 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, Saints vs. Panthers

Dec 4, 2013|

Bobby and Deke and speak with Jonathan Jones who covers the Panthers for the Charlotte Observer about Saints vs Panthers Sunday night football in the Superdome.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are red hot to say the least the Carolina Panthers running an eight game win streak it's a big showdown. Sunday night in the dome 93 Saints 93 Carolina Jonathan Jones who covered the Panthers for the Charlotte Observer. Donna thank you so much for joining us as always in the last probably years this team play well on the back eight. Is no surprise they just need a little better start. And I just thought what blow one and 201 and three they got their good stock -- his team is really rolling right now. They're so -- and then they accept me on the first couple years -- there and Cam Newton. I didn't couldn't get the -- -- a -- and out and then I started being being in wins meaningless game could be emperor. You know -- game that -- almost like not a good draft pick. Out but it but it sure is that in what they could do and actually sure that they can do well when -- -- the younger players in the number impure. You know they'll try to make it -- well if you look back last year element when they beat Atlanta in week thirteen out of Barry -- secondary. Ricky back there there'll be Atlanta -- try to get. First round -- I could he that the team had some potential and then. The team are well repeat that -- Corey start wondered well here we go again by. You know they're radical they looked like it came out of our game -- in -- spell because when they want I can speculate but certainly seen that. You gotta put out there on the very -- to the bowl contender but won't I'm sure he. The road that I get -- Seattle. -- -- been you know what I find intriguing you know obviously everyone wants to see. You know the Saints who always have a top offense against a great Carolina defense. But I am kind of intrigue. Will we see the good cam on the bag cam as of late canyon to the way he's played. Against the Saints defense you know Rob Ryan Al -- turn around their defense in. I know first things first you say well great player like Cam Newton but. You have to stop the run -- if cam and the Panthers I think they can run against the Saints says they'll be hard pressed. That's a stop where have you been contained easier said than done. Cam Newton in the pocket. I think -- be a winning formula for the defense -- -- first things first though they have to stop the run. Yeah absolutely and then -- an -- and they're going to -- truly back we get quite contrary to what we can that out. It was last week in the box I couldn't buck aren't aren't strong respect aspect. But you know camp threw two interceptions against Tampa Bay last year Eric Heatley are stupid and -- -- at the bit the past week. And pat when he current -- -- that he Lugar and not when it didn't hurt him Gary. What they can't -- what it -- that sparked the -- plan. They really can certainly that the team is -- ball and obviously the defense they're very good about the Bucs are and they're an order when he got the beater but. Winning that game -- that action by can respect showed me a lot. Also well Monday night against Seattle. -- fact that we could be argued that robbery and how I -- well luck -- you can't eat -- likely trickle down field. And -- A lot of people wanna talk about don't read Patrick kind of brought back and Padilla though rocketed in Cam Newton a couple of years ago. They don't away from that they're here they go back I even further at the last couple pain though it's going to be interesting wouldn't be an expert. The people that are actually on third down here and lastly. You're on Monday that particular order to -- more. They're coming up on Brandon -- Knowledge I have that I speak and at third down that's direction I was gonna go in. That when you look at it you know you always hear of this so war what's the best. A that you look at one into an NFL Carolina's number one the Saints and number two in time of possession so it all depends what you do on third down obviously. To sustain drives and avid flow of the game I didn't realize this but you look at Carolina and at number three. On offense and third down conversion and then also. Number three only given up 32 and a half percent and the Saints have always been pretty good in those categories so a -- down to watch obviously. Is going to be not necessarily having to force at three and -- Double what he'd do -- throughout the game on third down and that has one -- in the Saints have been outstanding this year but Seattle it was able to go 50%. And and ultimately you know just controlled the game. Yeah and you know what one of the -- on that a lot of people don't like that. I can't do it on third down pat and is one of the best in the NFL URT we have. Peyton Manning you're going to be up there but and I had to look at the past two weeks but when that didn't look at it last key was averaging ten yards per attempt. On third down. So when you have a little -- you know everyone think the camera as you know the the dual threat running quarterback -- obviously as I just mentioned earlier. Using it don't read on that third down pick it up he's a very good patchy this year on third down that can be on that. Turtle -- and of course the defense what they've been able to do and it. Then -- there are a third down and not many people are converting fourth down when they try get beat pampered. It. Berry could be a topic they are Perry started at the other one under. You know John and then you look at the position the Saints are and obviously very disappointing loss to Seattle. But still have -- a great opportunity. To be that number two seed to get him by the holes of playoff game. That I was looking and now -- I'm expecting them. Unless it went three on an export that would be beating the Rams in the road and haven't been home but it really only got to be Carolina wants. And break it beat them once and you look at the tiebreaker and on the NFC in the teams that are playoff contention. The Saints at twelve and -- no matter. Who else's twelve fours they'd have the tiebreaker and in a Cecil that's -- in this game Sunday night to me is a playoff game. Yeah absolutely they play and then you know economic go ahead and and just you know I can declined in the first round -- -- be a divisional round. You know you'll probably going to Seattle. Now you know Carolina they they really need to tweak it and then of course they really need to went out and that torture on that make. Does the air quality not cute in your thought Buffalo looked good and then we do I look. That -- they they would pick haven't backed by aren't you go back. To that -- not really where. The ankle the tiebreaker considered by you go back if you look at their. That game and it really kind of gave -- -- religion and -- -- report on fourth down I don't know if diligent at river runner there that made it down into oral and quite yet. But. The fact that the Panthers are nine or a weapon -- -- down they're born or not a lot. Now and that's really wonder if you can get back to the -- organic did not report on fourth down twice in the fourth quarter to -- Gold and built one down at bat or game winning touchdown a couple -- -- -- -- at that but what what was that that may not help them win. -- The first round buy it all so cut help them. I certainly down the road eagles' favor -- burst out. Johnson Jones covering the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer Johnson thank you so much -- the time we appreciate. All right all right Drew Brees at 515 this is sports populist and debuted a new era.