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12-4 5:15pm Drew Brees

Dec 4, 2013|

Bobby and Drew talk QB to QB.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Am welcome back saints' radio. It's time now for QB to QB QB to QBs brought to by the great impose of Crosby tugs in camp Randall and -- septic got a goal. Call Joseph drew thank you so much for the time and I would imagine this week can't get back fast enough you guys really eager to get back out on the field. Yeah it's gonna go by faster and you know or Monday night game and he arena that was similar in Seattle -- to complain issue so. Putting it back to late Tuesday and back court today and so. It out quickly that particular couldn't -- you back to work. Now drew a look at at the game how it started. And I you know I think you take that approach when in the road -- at home he always wanna get off a fast start. But especially you know when you look on the road. That I can be frustrating we only had nine yards in the first nine plays in. It was an occasional lack of execution on a -- it was their defense -- scheme. The over the but it particular place you're running down the you know had the right defense would -- we're trying to do. I mean you know we are in third and very manageable situations in each of those first three. Possessions. You know sort of like we had a big penalty to try to back or. You know big negative player to collect data mean we were. Third third for the first time third try the second time and they gave -- several times for our book. You -- couldn't couldn't quite hear couldn't quite jacket and -- -- to get ignored. And you know right in a lot of key spiritual and -- about first first are. Chipper -- the ball on the field pretty crucial here in the deputy porridge. So you know what I look at our first capped drives. We are drive it or three outs in the one time that we it. It past that first Erstad threw an amateur score so -- that's kind of the way it goes our sport or what. You know we've got all the way to execute better and our Irish -- You know they're they're an -- like that -- noted unit or start fast everything else we got a government that. He had heard that -- -- bring governor a couple of fan that offense that's when he said boy you -- we're down 70. But talk about that particular drive that started in in the first quarter and the second quarter. Were able to go thirteen plays eighty yards eight minutes ten seconds and is now seventeen to seven. And now -- a bomb bags to a couple of fans actually why we had that kind of drive we really didn't have. That the rest of the game was after three quarters were only had a 127 yards in diapers now. There. New York -- we we were never able to 500 great rhythm in our we -- a third quarter and just say this. Compared altered a great job is that the ball you know and and run on the clock you know we all fortunate game. So it really got that many opportunities. Do we really game. Possessed the ball poorly at all now a part of that was the fact that we you know we did get the ball we do. It do much -- -- be and how we're able to government tanker trucks. But that your so are where we got the ball -- a lot of time without departure. We were also -- -- eight ball you know medication bit. You know catch up that you try not. You try not to overreaction. He struck a six the year trying to still stay in the game where you can just forgot to gather that there it just it was -- Yeah I drew because it off I thought it in dollars and encourages if you look to start the second half. In our defense forced a three now. In an -- all great opportunity for us but I think I -- are you an answer it is but I wanted to ask you mean you can't afford to have this. All of us on the first time it was as the ball to start the second -- -- -- 'cause I would have big stop who have a couple of crucial penalties and now was third and 23. And when you're going against the likes of let's say the 49ers Seahawks at Carolina Panthers. Are you not gonna convert on on those too many times so you almost cannot afford it to be in that situation. -- that was that was kind of a pivotal moment in the game because like you say you know -- halftime and it just scored our two minute possession and so another -- -- 277. Number twenty forged. And noble but all works in -- look at it ourselves until we don't play much better especially are much better than this and we're certainly capable. But being able to overcome that much but managed care it's gonna take each -- out there right now and in the -- out and -- ball and so offense leader of that score ever recapture the momentum while you can prepare for and then. You know all of a sudden we get -- it would give -- the ball and post a forty yard. And then all of a sudden we get in all penalties that that -- -- -- inside the Corning yep. And then. On that you know we get to. You know basically -- yard penalties offensively. You know one after screenplay -- -- both rafter. In a place in which we got a lot of positive yardage you know secure play and your play so. I can't happen you know voter voter drive killer older momentum killers especially after everything we've talked about a lot -- Now drew you look at how aggressive and then the almost surprised it is so you look at the Seahawks secondary and how aggressive but they are and their coverage. But is that a combination maybe a little bit of -- -- -- and had a number of a pass breakups. Would you say case in point the receivers obviously name meeting and their meetings this thing look at -- it's and we have to catch -- but I'm -- years saying. With the ball players to -- from a little more I -- because it seemed like there was at least. Handful of bang bang tight plays have been a break the broke break and up. Passes that normally we've seen our receivers and you connect with them in games. -- you -- those were stemming a -- when those in your turn the ball on the tight windows and -- got to get it at times right when -- catch and -- you know sometimes -- -- on some parts are not -- I'd say they're speaker of the great job of arm. Aren't gonna -- -- out Pollard -- and try to get it out in order where you put your helmet on the ball or your your hands -- there to disrupt their. -- differences they're cricket -- at culmination of that and just. You know arched. Not quite Ian eagle or search. What caused those to be completions. Now -- for a. -- go on the Carolina one more thing you know when all's said and had done. Laws that Saints fans the hood and nation. Is not used and the used to but I know a lot of veterans like his self. Not use them in -- Saints uniform what are you tell maybe young players. When all of a sudden we were on the other end of the -- how we with the Cowboys at Hammond is by Seattle and there you really gotta go back there. I was looking at 2008. You know Carolina had b.'s thirty to seven at that season -- an active member. To be. Moral laws like this was starting this season we lost to the Colts in 200741. To ten but. Would you tell the line you know young players alerted the leaders of the team. The just flush this and and obviously got to move on to the next game but. That you wise to field trying to learn from it or just take us through that -- -- when you have this kind of defeat. There are well. You are you out street vote tortures -- first order a guy that chapter you know aren't much like their other recent -- and make corrections where necessary. So -- you know -- -- coached partner now we -- on the other side of the recurrence all the links. They're not getting it took terrible amateur. The stretch in a game like -- -- at that level corner where are you know states. On the flip side. He does yoga move fast -- very quickly especially. By the fact that there's a lot of all but she's an actual carnage or games or in the additional all of it -- -- away. Getting in winning the vision to see so you know we stopped a lot of -- -- he played a lot of people ought to play. And so. You know it now or are you -- Certainly don't want a look at this game yet really doubt yourself. Beat Jones. You know it's one of those performances they -- we don't want to get. And it is just one game I mean c'mon you know it you know it is. What game and and you know -- gotta believe that. There's elements in this game that are gonna help bucks for all of our. Where -- -- -- -- -- go there are so we're real. Now drew look and A Carolina and this a two part question of first part. As long as you've been now in the NFC south. It seems like Carolina has played as the best you know we've kind of and dominated the Falcons though when you look at the overall schedule and even gotten the best attempt to be able to -- like Carolina. As they kind of -- outside. And those -- situations -- how meaningful the games have been. But is it like Carolina has played all the Saints always well. Yeah they have. You're both -- place where you -- in the belt. There came as I look at term special the last few years earlier over the -- -- course. Our time in a -- out is. Always been very strong defensively you know report. You know some great better players some great young talent on. Just really out there all the way around or not talks that are here great joke that he -- Ron Rivera and and control McDermott or go to ritual that he urged delegates really count the players. And now offensively. You know -- -- playing great it got a lot of weapons -- the ball extremely well. You know they just they they do a lot of things that are kind of formula Ford and triple. Now drew looking at that the formally winning football club obviously. For the giggled and get they've had a stout reputation as far as their front seven and everyone but it was word about. Their secondary and I'm just talking about in training camp and so we don't know about their secondary but it's a light of their secondary. Some names at football fans and -- familiar with. But they've really stepped up would you say maybe that's the case in point that they have they common and his swagger because they've been so dominant -- their front seven. Yeah that's and it didn't as a unit in the -- naturally turn the way I think you have to look at this feature to. You know as a unit they play extremely well you know together they all kind of feed off one another they all. Compliment one another very well certainly nobody thought a great job their culture rush they got. True the best are back in the game -- in. -- -- -- called statins. And you know those guys never leave the field you know and very instrumental in the successful. You know. And then you know the secondary has got a lot turnovers on the other create a lot out structural urged it on defense -- Just polish English believe they're number one total defense right now yeah and certainly. You know way up there a lot of the other sports so they there are extremely sound disciplined defense. When you look at what comes about and still a lot of football to play. Who would you say this could be a fair assessment considering what's on the line that Sunday night. It is somewhat of a playoff game. Considering -- if you can beat Carolina. Tonight you definitely still in the drivers seat that have maybe combine and also. You know to play at home in the playoffs. To -- -- is that meaningful to come Sunday night. Yeah I mean. There's there's the great thing is we re controller that's very important in that regard as we replaced. Fowler creek -- are some that are placed -- out the report. Couple weeks from now at their Portugal's from parents or their sport. -- Carolina and here we are both sitting at 83 -- -- Spoke. You know vying for division championship which -- do that they would also -- -- -- so. We all know a church they -- Which makes the game you know how to treat him. You know even more exciting. And may have -- -- -- several that we need it don't be rocket like it has for. All of our prime -- games but well the fans tortured stretcher cured Belichick the -- -- QB to QB you brought about the great employees of Crosby tugs and yelling and now. And also Joseph set got to go call Joseph drew thank you so much for the time good luck to you in the Saints on the ninth in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. -- --