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12-4 5:35pm Bobby and Deke, Pelicans vs. Mavericks

Dec 4, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk Pelicans vs. Mavericks with Pelicans color analyst, John DeShazier.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back he is color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans radio network with tonight at 7 o'clock the pelicans in -- that Dallas Mavericks John DeShea Asia. John just now and JD Anthony davis' doubtful while all tell us the latest on this and impact it has on his club. Well you got that broken any brokered. Walk. Him and on the rim Sunday and a and Charlie -- you know according to -- they are still an important week. Children that you can make that long ago -- -- difficult -- -- -- who. You know leading the block at the argue that about reports that you believe. Per game that really effects the back on your defense that did it mean to -- Actually at school but defending at the Graham has been you know one problem this season. They're really going to be a problem -- go and it'll. Now -- John ligament. Moya and Ovie played better you look and listen in now. When Eric Gordon is that something the big and have to put more on their shoulder as a Dave has been out enough to keep being aggressive and and shooting that high percentage of what did you take. Oh absolutely on the and he got a bigger and you know local moderately you know it it would -- -- -- coast but. It's. Again game Allen. Is you know go in the NBA in the jail where they're going to be weird. Year. Fortunately that they'll they'll -- As well. Be in the league. And that to an eight or fourteen and you can't handle or everybody but they sure that we are out or people lie and Eric Gordon admitted. -- -- -- -- And a good thing about. Him. And a little bit of blew it a little -- problem is going to be people would -- They would do a great job -- -- at him. You know four day -- so you know what their job blocked on the on the back art and cultural to milk -- -- and protect the rim. He's going to be even more or go to the back. Now John ligament of their opponent that being the Dallas Mavericks since they won a championship Dirk Nowitzki in all that it seems like. That the Mavericks obviously. There. -- but it still potentially could be a top team that. You -- Devlin came back and impacting in. And -- say -- -- of the seven in the past eleven regular season meetings between the Mavericks and you all have been decide about five points or less so looks like. That visit Bay's Julio what do you do the close out the game moves in the game the last two minutes to come down The Who wins -- loses. Well a lot of the media. And I mean really played out well they got back where Chris Paul and David West and get the orderly and did you always play your typical. And -- -- extremely well against certain Ian. -- care a bit again. -- -- -- You under at the garden and it's. Going to be split -- to two more to the defensive minded he's certainly -- -- -- -- -- are hopeful that yet become a look at multiple dirt around account for him and gable bit that'll be optioned to get it. It comes down to the minute it would be basically beat Duke bench go to double BC capable scored -- picked up. Monta Ellis and you look at the basketball and shoot any score the -- won at least got to play great distance probably a ballclub should be get a shot -- get the job. Now John look at at -- Jrue Holiday right now is this is what is this would be any kind of out of him going forward this kind of production I was reading his average and about fourteen have points a game eight assists. Is the is that what we need from him -- -- what's your take on that. Absolutely I mean that they thought they were getting it in the Olympic and an accurate it would be all. More than the opportunity it is that you might be and it noxious so it's the and he's you know the court and they -- -- -- he's the guy who. Guard the ball he -- or that it can be. Sure. On. A report guarded him and this is it a bit longer than you think he's pretty athletic. And he's going to be key to what they do differently for me here because. -- look at the ball these these old ability to do it can be Christian down and their and the neatly and beat. JD have the folks volley onto an. Arbitrary. And what you like -- JD got arrested a league thus saw any surprises which you think. Well I mean they you look at Bradley you do you. Could look at them. Really why I mean you're depending that heavily on without -- college. In Brooklyn would be very good they are currently -- now that all it. And you'll regard it no longer he cared either Lee or to get it out there that really argue the part of me oh. Let's not John -- Portland me. And that and that and -- them back the -- on a fairly young team but -- littler and littler. Sure you get oriental market altered it could have bought him and Robin Lopez at. League imagery from the from the delicate stupid and exactly what they need him so you know that that -- team that I'm going to be formidable the country can't score and they all the pretty. John DeShea as a color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans radio network tonight at 7 o'clock. Ought take out John and also Shawn -- as they called the pelicans and the Dallas Mavericks and I didn't want to read it John thank you so much have a great call. Oh I -- thank you very much.

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