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12-4 6:10pm Coach Curtis CJ Johnson

Dec 4, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk to Coach Curtis CJ Johnson about Tulane's presence in the New Orleans BOWL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it's to 2000 in thirteen New Orleans -- Saturday December 21 in the Mercedes-Benz superdome 8 PM kick off. And it is going to be a big matchup it'll be records broken attendance wise may be close to a sellout. Info about coach courtesy. And they accept the bowl bid earlier this week coach Curtis thank you so much and congratulations. On not. Being in the New Orleans -- All they do you think use is truly a blessing that the -- got the opposite offered up an invitation. I loved going to oppose a great bowl this great team we played against. They can get to duplicate last year but I -- that it will be ready this time and I just -- are the -- enjoyed it. In -- coach and I was gonna say that I was -- Biden now a talk on narrative because two years ago when Lafayette when the that the cadence blade up. San San Diego State -- against east Carolina. I have to rain comes this game can be sold out and I think you know it is not in a way coach -- reminds me a little bit you know. A lot of people are really intrigued with -- subway series a while back New York it was all New York this is always -- But I think for us here in Louisiana especially south Louisiana. This is going to be an a bowl gained in the wheezing Indians probably -- -- on their list. Absolutely you know what you got to be excited because you know -- -- crew decided kids. To some young you know from this this -- reconciled themselves Louisiana. All over the state that we hear those kids will be played against each other. Is it but if Florida Florida State -- in Miami and Florida State when I was down at my home Miami flawed in a great game great great atmosphere. -- -- coach Johnson. You know yeah I'm sure you had a plan. You know when you first became head coach at Tulane. And obviously you have differing goals that you set and you wanna meet. You know fans have told me via I'm really surprised CJ has turned around the program this quickly. That thought not necessarily read this year that would have taken maybe. Another season to get to this point so do you think you ahead of schedule or. Are you just. Excited about what -- able to do it in this time frame. Well you know what I think would happen Bobby is that you know we kept our staff together that probably the most important thing you try to bring the program around. I think that accelerated the growth of the program just -- coaches around with a lot of consistency. They know we thought ignore expectations. And an administration in great also so you know those two things coupled with it. You guys bought in real quick you know I think you really want to be winners. Do you want to do is in. You know they advance would you bat they've done and so we were fortunate that we we are going to his bowl game. Coach courtesy. CJ when I look at some of the numbers you guys put up. Defense of the this year and if we steal a -- we fans of people believe that defense wins championships. Our rise ballclub offensively they put up some huge numbers I look at what rice the had a -- year. Against Texas -- and -- and you hold on the seventeen points and you'll be the first to say look we lost that ballgame but. Defense of the coach did not -- a team sport a team thing going offense. But that's been the most consistent deceit and I go to jail while I know you gonna get a lot of credit Lionel Washington. Let's say like Peewee knocking on his door -- to him away from. Absolutely I -- my -- made it make magnificent magnificent jumpsuit leaps and bounds from room you know you go. Thought -- called tremendous game -- fantastic game plans. I mean he was his magnificent. The old -- audience all the way into the -- at the numbers you know we addressed turnovers. -- we got Arnold we could just stop it. We stopped we got out there and down percentage. You don't you don't. Surprisingly so -- one of the best defenses are -- to be exciting to watch. Coach now what is what is on the immediate plan for the team right now is this some time I was at Dade gay appeared to get ready for finals take us through how you prepare for the bowl game. We do what we restarted we might get a couple of days off it was started we have we have -- practice is. Through week you know it was sort of moral. We practiced for the weekend that we go to support travel with finals and it -- will prepare but football is okay. But I just want to keep them sharp he doesn't give us an opportunity look at some younger players. A -- players so all hurt banged up so we -- who knows dad so we'll be ready by the boatload of young guys also. Coach now when we look at some opportunities. For your ball club and you know we go by okay where where you wore last week where you were a a year ago. And now where you are now and the go back to their Monroe name and this was a team that really did well last year they went to Independence Bowl. And by the measure a what you able to do against him unless you go to -- -- it KG feel 41 to thirteen to you you had done it. Is this is this may be at another -- to what you program has gone up the easy if I guess my -- is easy -- -- -- how far you've come when you ran against somebody you had a different result against the year before. You know what it does is reporting now what you're going to play -- -- nature of Monroe came down here and they've really been slapped us around pretty good it would look to Lafayette. And it did a great gap they've beat us up pretty bad also and so now all of a sudden acute that they've grown up in the year we get got some new additions. And so I think we don't markedly better do we weren't vehicle -- back I know we so this is is just so on what these young men grow. In progress to where they -- winning football games in an acuity in fine fashion. Now I've coach Johnson how many his voicemails are at tech and everything you've gotten that. You know at Tulane alone where all the Sunday telling you congratulations. Because the first of bowl berth for the program since 2002. -- more -- a decade so have you gotten a number of them. You know what they've been the fans have been fantastic they've become -- around the office I've gotten a lot of sets to love at that point on page book -- -- last week. You know it's bad it didn't quite freely but you know and how we celebrate what we gotta finish this thing else wanted to stop it with a victory if it well so map. Coach courtesy James ethical CJ congratulations on except in the New Orleans Bowl -- would be quality from here on out and should be an exciting time between now on the 21 when you played a raging case. All right -- about -- -- that's. Of all the bowl games that's going to be one as well have a good atmosphere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Getting jiggy with whether they represented the only representative Diane fans. I'm telling you -- get two tickets go to raise and -- is an -- and they don't need -- Yeah I know we need that we need that kind of festive atmosphere. You know it's almost like the state championship type a game you know here's a big bowl look. Well as he could almost say is Tulane Latin vs Louisiana. Lafayette and I know Louisiana Lafayette people they wanna be called my universal Louisiana. Let Israel like almost Lafayette vs New Orleans you know type atmosphere what better -- to the super don't have the game and they have another game left for south Alabama believe -- this weekend and I got a one of them had Monroe not -- it. Lafayette this past week it caged -- feeling that gave him one can straight and I think they may have gone to a different all right -- would have if you have not and I'm I'm back into all of that change and oh yeah you win -- -- and you win ten straight and a different -- -- and their fans have proven I mean they've proven that we travel. When they travel well so it is I know we're excited about Saturday December 21 8 PM kick off. In the dome at Tulane and Louisiana Lafayette.