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12-4 6:35pm Coach Mark Hudspeth

Dec 4, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk to Coach Mark Hudspeth about ULL's presence in the New Orleans Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two time defending New Orleans -- chance at trying to make it three straight. The Louisiana raging cadence coach mark holds but Jarvis now coach thought they cute so much -- -- -- -- congratulations. On the bone and by. Guys thank for that result really appreciate. Excited about coming back enormous. Coach you know homers is less -- but you guys have made a good home here meet comeback to get it up a notch on the San Diego State game which was. The best bowl game that year to last year electric atmosphere. A right here in the New Orleans -- the MVP. Showman that was done by a tune up. I mean this bowl has really taken off in and I think it's a direct effect from -- beat him. Well the bowl committees -- as an outstanding bowl to -- it's for the best one. And the countries you look at all the non BCS bowls and -- certain worm which first of all what -- would you like Eagles stadium for a week. Where -- great entertainment great food people you think your well what the probably the best sport being new in the country well. That's the Mercedes Baird who get Super Bowl. Thorny issue of so many pluses and its close to our fans. And it BR please even before Christmas -- you -- -- and have a great terribly keen that your fans and still be up. I have person would declare an isolated a lot of closest -- in this bowl. That are stay at their travel well and we've brought some great crowds and I expect this pretty even a bigger growth this year. Now court -- that looking at you know the series with Tulane that is opposite before you got -- but. They I didn't realize Tim played -- many times 26 times of the green wave. Lead all time series 21 to five but. Well last season you put -- open on a 41 to thirteen in Lafayette that. Insurers say Michael Johnson got things turned around and a totally different team in a Tulane this season. Almost say yeah give -- dropped a lot of credit gas have a phenomenal job that -- -- And in US history the way their team is. Rebounder this year and just. Having a phenomenal year and so there's got to be quality contest will have our work in opera. We're just try to have a chance compete against so we've got a great program great universe -- And I know he parent to reinstate opponent to play in the strong draw a lot of -- -- interest and so it should be exciting a lot -- -- -- -- players. Coach you wrap up the regular season this week with a chance to comment outright conference -- just 50171. Loss last week and of course. In -- may be some were surprised but when Monroe and -- get together -- become I think the best game. In the -- approved again last week. But this is now moving fall coach it's almost like you have a bye week. Before a game almost come on May be more like regular season whereas if you didn't -- week. You have to two and a half weeks off before the bowl game. And OUB practice and then -- time -- basically after this game Saturday against south Alabama I'm not much time to prepare for that -- me. You know it certainly American will come back from south Alabama the first week. Our kids are essential tool to get the practiced twice per week. And then we'll have a normal game week preparation leading up to the ball but -- will be practicing in your forward. So be it a little bit different you get this team bowl practices treadmill early goal bailed published leader eight shall. You lose a little bit of a -- the ball so early but on the plus side. You know you go after -- to prepare all week who else we should go home and then come back and meet up in some cities somewhere in. And that -- practice -- you should be able to keep Serb Army at the continuity. Without losing your interplay of so quickly or the seed in the. Rating cage and -- coach -- close but there's a special guest -- agents. Can win the Sun Belt Conference championship outright Saturday with a victory at south Alabama 7 PM at Ladd Peebles stadium in mobile. Then two weeks from this weekend they will be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome AT&T golf Saturday December 21 two -- And Louisiana Lafayette now coach -- Terrence went down Saturday tennis a bit about him his throwing arm what's it's just that. Well he wanted to play this week small fracture in his -- norm. I had surgery. Doctors are optimistic that he may go to be back for the bowl game. Always find out -- -- could pop up or play and not having to repeat does make it. Are they know just be out here on the cherry console up. We've had that that's football that happens and Watergate. And what happens -- somebody got to step up and onto the recipe erase their laid up and out so it's an exciting opportunity Oprah brought back Merrill. The -- the Soviet not. Now could judged fit I think I know there's been explain to me. I'd during the season. All of a sudden I get home and they -- -- than they haven't football games now on Tuesday Wednesday night I believe the game you're playing. Was against -- Kentucky. Is that just all about exposure then all of a sudden people wanna watch football -- it's. Accused the. You know I guess is it to give those dollar football -- give you -- -- the ball breaker bodyguard. You know all the Tuesday night game we played -- on and we are back to back Q. We -- all league college football game on in the universe so I'm sure they were watching the somewhere in the we got a lot of good exposure from that. But the scheduling it's like biblical and if it's it's tough. Those mid -- games. You -- exposure. Is enough of a reason to do that and we -- -- a lot of exposure recruiting love it was beneficial. Are in the you know just for our fans you know the watchers in -- everybody culture truck we'll learn more about three gates. Go to lot of success when you get to three straight -- I think it looks at the big guys you blow some over the course of time but. And offensive line and then whether it was Alonso it of course -- then a lot of McGwire has con man what an opportunity what this game and evoking two clubs that. The thousand yard mark your offense and I think they deserve a lot of credit because when you look at a consistent thing and you like to say -- to move some guys in now because. Injury in graduation other plays moved on but that that's the foundation offense and in defense of line. Well it all starts to be a -- sides of the ball you got over the good part. Argue you've got a chance and we've got to really get up into line those -- We have not had comparable all the knuckle would -- -- -- 36 straight games and not in the -- -- reveal both your training or preparation. And then you try to take your -- you're throughout the wall and grueling season and so hopefully we can continue that streak in. But when you have so many guys who run the ball successfully to me that says more about her up it's a lot. He is the head coach of the Louisiana raging -- to a Saturday they can't win make it what nine out of ten victories trying to finish the season. At nine and three to 51 Sunbelt conference play at south Alabama to Jaguars and the -- and -- two weeks it's the New Orleans Bowl. The raging can agents and the green wave Saturday December 21 in the Mercedes-Benz superdome -- blood. Always a pleasure thank you so much -- look forward to seeing you again down in a couple weeks. You're body can expect that result gave way to yell -- my hotel Trieste. We cannot wait -- down to the city -- -- the great people there and and for cajun nation become that player but here last year -- trumpet your local -- great week. What coach out I was -- by the -- you don't have first year yell -- that's when we had a national championship -- I wouldn't. Our you know sometimes people take it is called an out of one -- now just brazen. But what took place. And December -- weekend compared to the national championship. Yeah I'll put to shame yellow came hang out showed had to have a good time and and -- talk a lot of -- arouses that was like man that I could be MTV with all 80 it was a hell of attack. Well -- certainly -- -- -- -- -- a lot of people election this great great dude he just great Serbian we're just excited to be a part of the charter the beard statement straight state Louisiana. Coach Todd thank you good luck Saturday. You're RI -- Billy for rent day of the New Orleans voted New Orleans -- you know sports on -- was -- basis related. But I them talent. That bowl has taken -- yeah does it close a Louisiana. Lafayette. A lot of golf and their fans if he he used last year the dome two years ago nobody won on the final play of the game on long field goal. It was exciting game -- against east Carolina would probably was the MVP. I mean they have made you you could be watching you and landing about these teams you could be -- -- you say it this far and after they came right Indians and and that has helped. Records the last two years and they go shattered this year. -- yet and then that's why you know you look at. Where -- that right now and get ready to and a new stadium and the changes that atmosphere there's a history between a Tulane or Louisiana Lafayette and you know two -- obviously I'm gonna wanna bounce back like it did against Monroe as they like Leno last year anyway -- -- Monroe and Lafayette the physically Tulane has got on the best defense in the country right so they get -- respondents say Hayden and this year is values -- should be an entertaining game plan and take it how you won't go back on the consumer rice's -- did again today and him. -- rice's often did against Tulane just gave you an idea.