WWL>Topics>>12-4 7:10pm Bobby and Deke, shift in SEC rankings

12-4 7:10pm Bobby and Deke, shift in SEC rankings

Dec 4, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak to Pete Scantlebury of PowerMizzo.com about Missouri's new seat in the SEC rankings.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number a full of sports talk about the Kasey -- embodied their time Deke Bellavia operating jaguar opinion poll online at WW dot com right now. Well over 70% you are saying that. You have confidence and Annie Jennings leading the Tigers to a victory in a bowl game while the rest you do not. -- operating jaguar opinion born -- resentment -- out we'll find out who -- she plays on Sunday. When all the official -- invitations are handed out well perhaps the most unlikeliest. Teams are playing for the SEC championship feel with hopes that -- one can land into the national championship. Made the first time we've ever seen an opportunity for a team. It did not play in a bowl the previous year. -- the national championship or even the SEC championship the following season eleven and one Missouri's seven -- -- -- -- them on and off with the South Carolina. Auburn's lone loss this season identical record. Was to LA shoot 3521. Here to help -- talk about. The black and gold side of things the Missouri Tigers is Pete scandal Beyer power Moses who got comic Pete Akron remember talk of the year last year. And we were talking about Missouri coming into the conference and I -- you know. With a guy like James Franklin. Missouri can be successful. He got hurt all bets -- off they struggle to survive. On a losing season. He's being healthy -- This season but even the absence is team did extremely well because overall. The team is better and you've been around his program a long time making -- -- going it is this the best job he's done coach in the. It I -- so honestly you know a big. Big factor this -- not just Jim Strickland -- -- the obviously still missed four games the biggest thing is the -- -- -- -- states stayed healthy all year you know they lost five of their 102 key players the opposite one last year and that really. You sent them under but -- just what you've done how much. You know putting faith and got it chops and the first time offensive coordinator try to -- -- -- -- on line to right the ship with the offense than. Get more power system in there either from spread I mean I think it's -- she's done a great job arm and that has definitely his most since it will keep them. Obviously that were in yet he's seen that they needed after last year. Now. I was reading where they allowed only a total 51 points in his last four games. And India you look at that tiger because them is whose defense is one of just three teams. In the nation Michigan State and Stanford be in others that has not given a morning 28 points and -- In 2013. And and you look at these categories is as SEC. Football. Plus fifteen turnover margin number one number one in sacks and 37. No one in incentives and eighteen where you could see when I look at those numbers you do that he had a great chance to be an SEC championship game to win. Yeah absolutely. That the defense has been such a great story of an unexpected unexpected short for the team this year. Especially after losing you know their best offensive player children Richardson it was a first round draft class he's an. I think a big thing that the defense has bought into is kind of what that don't -- defense that. No they don't need to have a big stars in the team they just play hard. They can make stops arm and they -- they've benefited from an -- scheme that has been very efficient when James Franklin is in there and had gotten to big leads. Because of the offense and because of turnovers. And they and they can just -- you know hold the fort you know they don't need to do and -- when they're up by fourteen points 21 point early in the game and that's really that's really benefited this defense this year. Pete I think Pete's got a Bears are special -- -- palmas and dot com the SEC champ it to Saturday afternoon right here on WWR radio T about maybe a Christian -- -- break it down for a from the iron to thirty at -- is now down routes as. -- Maroney and we were joint SEC -- to the championship game in Atlanta between. Auburn and Missouri. And some people look at this ballclub and they come over and say well it's often gave paint an offensive got the back Brad Smith and Blaine Gabbert. Even when you guys had to -- you open a national champ to before that wacky Saturday in 2007. -- you guys fell to a Oklahoma LSU goes from 72. Mean you had a guy that we got very close to a two quarterback here and I Chase Daniel and MP would think offense but but Missouri defense to meet. Has been the story this season and has a lot different -- -- guys that EJ gains. Michael Siam and when you rank in the nation. It's one thing people when you rank in the nation and you're building knows that inside the SEC. I that's unbelievable what -- Michael Sam has done this season. Yet yet -- -- he's been a good player first entire career to. You know he was I think honorable mention freshman all hurt you. You know in Canada that had. But yet he -- at its -- that -- -- what never you know quicker first that the Michael's hand and that kind of makes up for any kind of limitations he has with. You know his arm on the longest -- you know they get guys it was 6263. About 255 pounds. But yet -- just his motor has been infectious for that whole sense of why didn't. That's what they -- -- Marcus Colvin and junior college transfer -- only use or start or at a high school. There's guys that said that Michael -- motor has made them. He has motivated them to play try to play as well key catch. And I think -- the -- defense that one especially has -- Michael and he's been a good leader for them and that paid big dividends for them this year. Now -- you look at NFC championship game. Now you look at his pass happy football that we see according to the rules as -- in agent. When you look at Auburn and Missouri airing at first and second in the league in rushing. That even though it is a spread attack a read option attack. Whatever you wanna call there really spreading you out to run. I mean you know people think all of these earning a break out in in you know we just casually watch and do anything gets a passing attack. But really if you look where Auburn in and Missouri's got because they can run the ball. Yeah yeah absolutely. And monetary benefit from having the garlic -- bring them back there mobile quarterback. But the biggest thing for their rushing game besides that and the opposite wind helped -- has been. Now they have to -- running back overall similar size and hamburgers he -- -- bro Marcus murky. But they trust. Each of those guys equally so they can you know first on Saturday Garrity in the first half. Every series you got some urgency that has broad and Mark -- that'll happen first -- second -- to ride whoever's hot. And and that kinda make injured those those backs are fresh. Relief help and especially late in the game and that's why he's -- -- oh minutes and you know they want important and -- that much in question but they get the ball at eight seconds left in the fourth quarter. Up two touchdowns. And they were in thirteen consecutive times. To burn off eight minutes eight seconds and when that came in and that's because they can keep their running back fresh because they had three guys they trust. Now. -- I guess the resume nation was down there are a lot of fans to look at all the while -- What are they gonna do James Franklin -- stain of said they they beat Georgia but Bobbitt defend they surely appreciate the fact that Matty mark. Going 31. When all of a sudden have and all the pressure. And and Nolan and thought Missouri built to handle that because an injured of Franklin bits and -- been impressive what he's done. Yeah market done very good job you know -- He's really benefited from the guys around them you know domestic receivers open catch balls and that I -- Wait for a dramatic ball. I think. What happened wins ma and scored Americans were didn't speak as much about the talent. Around the quarterback position that it does about. Eating good position for next season I think he can be a great college player but. He was in good position to succeed there I think a lot of that time just. Still more completely by Boozer change frequent and that that's which showed. And injury is actually. And it surprised me as well they got to cover the competitive basis that sure that injury is pretty -- -- key. How can folks at the latest on you guys covered for the SEC championship. Yeah we got plenty of stories are written about berg story or this week -- you dot com. You can follow me on Twitter at peeps can't worry. And certainly will be able spell that -- and -- and yeah we'll have live coverage from the game on -- on Saturday and we not do it. Well Pete we look at it this way if you guys -- victorious it could be one of the best crowds in -- biggest following the Sugar Bowl. Has ever seen and much needed after a low for the first time since I think it's one of the all time -- attended each of the bowl history last year. A Missouri ballclub here in New Orleans I know you fans would come to the city growth. The absolute especially with that being their first ever BC that's all I'm sure they would come. Pete thank you so much we appreciated enjoy the game Saturday in Atlanta. Right PT SEC championship Saturday our coverage starts at noon right here on WWL.