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12-4 7:20pm Bobby and Deke, shift in SEC rankings

Dec 4, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak to Bryan Matthews, Senior Writer of AuburnUndecover.com about Auburn's new seat in the SEC rankings.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well way you called it the miracle. Not it's all a part of a game all I know is they honesty was standing beyond the SEC western division champs the Auburn Tigers at the losing. Teams trading conference play this seven and one. This year and a chance of hats in the national championship game with a victory Saturday -- -- Michigan State victory of one Ohio State. He's being -- -- the the last seven years talking Auburn football seem to right of Auburn on the komen dot com Brian Matt is Brian. Even in 2000 team. I've ever seen Auburn program. Not just football in any Auburn athletic program improved as much in one season. Absolutely not not in the -- should the most unbelievable story. And Auburn football history it's the biggest turnaround school history. SEC history and that really coast in the biggest turnaround in college football history. Right you you look at -- and we're court bells done and what he's done with the offenses. And I don't know of our members seemed as the -- right now is average in. Fifty rushing attempts a game and has had fifty or more carries in seven of those gains in new look as far as production not only at -- but at the production. Auburn has had 6300 rushing yard gains this year. While the rest of SEC has eight combined. So even though you know Auburn's running can you stop them. You know nobody nobody. You know that -- against order number to a Russian defense you know -- of Alabama what did that particular Mexico and that and on the current number that they shouldn't have done a lot. Are they what Albert. Oh it's so. That the political with the attack it accurate that record mental edge. They can tell you trade bait and the middle that can attack you with. Trade nick Marshall and don't -- from what you have and make really there is trying to go to tournaments don't read so. Oh well it doesn't matter how are you prepare for a practice and -- got these. Are you at the airport and increase -- -- -- -- -- it really cut defense. Now -- by everyday and on this given them their crystal ball could only to Vegas and won a few dollars and you know we talk about turnarounds in. You look Armand -- game improvement over last season and you look at Missouri six game improvement. The two biggest turnarounds in college football this season that. When you look at you know pre season predictions and all that. Here you have. Missouri number five Auburn and number three and and you look where they were picked in the pre season in their divisions but I think most who had Missouri I think the mistakes and -- number five in the west. So that's ranked iron and nation anyway and and Nazis in their cut in their division. Rather than it's gonna grateful for both trade and I have been exciting and chipped chipped it. In America opera. You know fighting game outwardly come out in the fourth quarter and the -- player for the -- optical internal -- I came here Saturday and you know look who wins that game that what you look at the Ohio State. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now Brian out -- looking at -- that -- Missouri's gonna happen. You know you don't really realize how well you look at scoring defense and they've allowed a total 51 points in the last four games and as said this earlier that if you look at their defense is three. The teams and in nation and not given up more than 28 points -- that being Missouri Tigers Michigan State. And Stanford so that's -- apron impressive credentials but the one thing to me like -- whether it's high school college and professional. As a turnover ratio Missouri right now is first and SEC at plus fifteen. That that at the -- of arming to me. They can't afford to be like minus one a minus two did it -- it needed difference in the game. Right in and there it is really about because they help. Mike Evans an excellent receiver. I think New York or catch publisher and and the -- -- do that to -- other group every part of the together that they are probably the best he can provide the culprit. The same Connecticut -- -- the special player that. -- prohibited and to blog that are really good players too and the shot I back converted the particulars of the day yeah. Great defense and -- big cultural. Now Brian -- Baghdad to reflect a little bit on that Alabama game. I mean to me if you look what occurred previously -- to get. The -- the Iron Bowl was significant and everybody wanting to watch. You know what would they immaculate deflection I think that's what they're calling -- now those 73 yard touchdown in which -- -- five seconds left to set up. A lot of realizes following his second top five Iron Bowl match the first since 1971. -- like -- to look and see where you know Tino last year was three and nine. And had been destroyed by Alabama 91 to fourteen to bedazzled and makes even more sweeter adore you were able to win that game in. And this will be I think will be long gone in and they'll still be talking about his game. You're probably right about this you're talking about our decades to -- -- that's what makes this level which special. You know it's just like Robert -- that you are probably will be talked about earthquake game that. So those great games all the notes you play it it's the talk about them and it's great to have I'll reflect that but -- Auburn Alabama special. If you -- you know. Just reaction. If you -- -- to -- -- what -- look that bad reaction videos and look at that it was like it was just the basic. It does -- and had. I don't. Man if you don't get back in the news -- school in Columbia today. He -- it and obviously the you know go to the line eight I believe and and -- -- -- Public good. There was no spot but then got -- little -- gotten elected and things all the same. Yeah yes indeed Brad pocketbook did latest on the arm inside thinks of the SEC championship game. Well they could take felt development of Michael goes seven day free trial right now. They have -- -- we talked about twenty. The recruit so well at the Adam at Lambeau. 200 people there we go quote didn't. A couple commitments here in and you'll get to the strong the recruiting class course and particularly -- the upcoming future shook it. Of Auburn undercover dot com senior writer Brian met these Bryant always -- -- my Manny and jogging ACC championship.

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