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12-4 7:30pm Bobby and Deke, New Orleans Bowl

Dec 4, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak with Jay Cicero , President & CEO - GNO Sports Foundation, about the fun and excitement around the New Orleans Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A big matchup was set up earlier this week and now for the third straight year in the I would have record numbers. At the New Orleans beau Jay Cicero president degree in -- -- sports foundation John is now not just the game between the cage and in the green wave on. Saturday December 21 in the dome at 8 o'clock there's a lot of activities. Involved with the new on both Jay thank you so much for the time how are you. They can be great and we do Longo -- take us through all of the big activities is it man. This is like an exciting time you know New Orleans -- to become a destination to -- during the holiday season. Absolutely that's is that not to believe it or not that -- thirteen. Are now carry your own ball and so. -- really ground and in the past ten or twelve years and and I would really. A lot of effort into the groups sales and and make you miss the scrambling out. Make sure that everybody comes in the game no matter who he's playing half court we don't know explained three full weeks before. The most. -- -- we're very fortunate this year and the two lingering way. And people actually yet Corey agent come back. On Saturday in the 21 does a lot of water event without -- The biggest one. Is our free concerts that were happening on Friday night December 20 at champions square. We've got. It would get in the great one of the greatest names in. College. It. Country music. Come in with Charlie being in -- history and there he names in there are some -- -- great country music and and both of them have been performing. At champions scored a free concert will be glad everybody out here to participate that's gone. And enjoy it also. A boat -- that -- try to happening in. Number about it -- leading up to the game. How much pregame events chipped in squared. Around superdome so it's truly a great week of that and the kids. Enjoy it as fantastic. Facilities and tactics that it. It's up to continue to hear about -- I'm fantastic improvement. And now closed Johnson all of a sudden. You look at -- -- -- the team around in time the season they were haven't. Say the only streamed his supporting -- in nightly habit in -- cues but after that. Boy here you look at it two in double -- to be bowl eligible so I think from local standpoint from a local fan interest. And you could have a better game in Louisiana Lafayette and tooling playing Daniels well. There are -- -- about it and you know we've been we've been hoping and and and and cheered for two -- for a number of years now. And hoping that -- be it would do get both Bowen and and playing our game and you know this year. Look pretty excited and they wind the wind -- and there are there. That a lot a couple of candidates and then you know that became bowl eligible and ended up in seventh Robin and and CJ is is a great coach. He's got -- kids playing extremely well especially on defense that's. And and mark at that so firm but -- agent -- agent. He's a world class coached and he is and that program turned around and the -- three years. And they got a chance of getting. Not -- and this weekend with. What with a left in the season so we're pretty excited about the matchup. A jam all come and take out solid and -- and Travis trip not a activities and out onto the bowl game this is what we held accountable was kind of hoping we saw these two teams doing well. These seasons came to fruition so those who are listening and they wanna get more information on all the activities. And the New Orleans Bowl opponent in the right direction. What they can you go to the net Q I'm box -- -- contact you and Patrick for for tickets or -- Ticketmaster. And or Ticketmaster dot com. And important superdome box -- and bought tickets and we're expecting to have the biggest crowd we've ever had last year we had 48000. The game. And that was the Carolina and -- Lafayette raging occasions it we've taken that. -- too much and obviously a lot more than east Carolina this week and so will probably set a record this year we're ultimately it's not just. It's the icing on the cake for a. Jay Cicero president the great New Orleans sports foundation Jay thank you so much for the time it's an exciting time in New Orleans in now and record year for the third straight year for the New Orleans Bowl regret -- -- They can Broderick Richard and I are right.

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