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12-8 1:10pm Bobby, Hokie and Kristian, Fan and the Pros.

Dec 8, 2013|

SAINTS SUNDAY with the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert, Hokie Gajan & Kristian Garic live from Rouse’s Supermarket on Baronne in the CBD.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Four Saints Sunday. A battle between. 293 football teams in Mercedes-Benz superdome tonight united three new -- take -- on nine at three Carolina both teams trying to. Get a foothold on the second seed in the NFC and certainly the NFC south a -- -- alongside the cajun cannon. Bobby very hokey guy John and -- first -- got to start of the talk about the net while the college football weekend in the championship weekend last night starting with Auburn in Missouri 5942. The Auburn tires so deeply US from a 600 yards. That's pretty impressive. I just don't understand why somebody from Missouri just didn't just step forward toward the line of scrimmage I mean they kept -- the same play over and over again. And ivory look you gotta give a lot of credit -- topic -- line but they couldn't beat that dominate. It right and looked at MITRE Mason had a -- terrific game mean you know nick Marshall with you know run the read option I mean they they did to perfection but. I mean I was thinking LSU defense was bad all season long series with this. I mean. They couldn't do any thing and get out not trying to downplay anything blow all. Going that you score 42 point supposed to win -- I'd be in Vegas oddsmakers expect that the guys going at the over under was right around 83 years of like that it is who love that but that now I'm 42 I kind of those like arena team I don't know but. You know what I'm glad is policy got past that now are Burnett's impressive win now Michigan State has to beat Ohio State and that happen. That's another SEC gets a chance. But he he had yet to keep that championship. -- now I'd be interested to see. Because I really think I mean you know Florida State been impressive but whoever they play. Right having a month and a half an Ohio State playing their first top ten teams is Urban Meyer got there. Two years ago and look what happened last night and lose 34 point four and Ohio states now out of the national championship picture. Well you look Urban Meyer was so impressed with -- 124 games in a -- yet competitive with them but what I'm -- still as impressive when you win -- -- -- -- team -- you get -- prepared -- and -- games -- No -- realistic that they they got it right now I think we do the right thing going forward. I kind of like the playoff system I think eventually might get to eighteen is that a four. Because it will we be one on the field. I think every year you can look at even in the past it's real intriguing. When you look at potentially would be the top fourteenth. Inning you Maxima. -- get the semifinals and you go to the finals the team that's fifth before than you always gonna have you know controversy there but but I like got I think right now. I think -- -- if a barrier that king national championship game who knows that might be and another fifty some party some Florida State and. Carving out exile that got me and I expected Auburn defense to be a bit little bit better than they were last night in his hand. I could be honestly at that last night was the only full game -- so this year -- Missouri play. It you know -- they got they've got a good football team itself but you know way. I think. I don't know maybe in a weird way. You look at already go all the way back to the LSU game which -- course the only game. This season that they lost but memory than they were doing the two quarterback system right right. You know it did it all the sudden I mean I guess they get settled -- -- mark will be in the quarterback in you know -- gonna run the street option in. It -- -- what made the LSU Auburn game where Auburn had the onside kick -- think -- -- right up the middle all. It was like -- didn't get there would have played five -- Ellis who Hollywood a lot of because Belichick was dominate the beginning in the momentum told yeah came to me and I remembered you know it would when they had that onside -- you know it and I thought the ball went. Ten yards other people didn't that the fact of the matter is the official said that it didn't go. That being yards that was that was me. But I remember sitting there and LSU they had the fourteen point lead this is the most uncomfortable fourteen point lead that I've ever been well so -- can live without it. And you know what I'm but I have to give I guess is active members saying -- think this program that's a pull this out in my notes. That I got to get Barbara credit the reason why don't you think like he had Missouri defense that bad. Well if you look. Missouri's defense had allowed a total of 51 point. In his last four games. 51 point total they had not given out boarded 28 point in any game this season. So again a lot of Rivers became well it's not that I think goes to show it just couldn't say it how how big how much progression Auburn made from that loss to them. Well they shoot and a lot of Russian -- look at this organized is stop the run Marvin had 6300 yard rushing games this year. The rest of SEC combined had eight. Well we'll we'll also but you -- all of those seeker with they're going to like you know they can run okay stop it put eight in the box today and matter of. Yeah I mean it didn't make any difference who they gave it to get guys -- sitting out there you know and I'm thinking you know. And while watching number two when they want -- you know courses straight Mason you know and NIC 44 runs above and -- when he run a ball. NFC nick Marshal run bodies like. It does make it different they couldn't stop anybody. I don't know if that goes miles on -- album yeah yeah I want somebody leaves a year ago he comes in his first year it is looked very good offensively early in the season all of sudden just got to roll -- they're national -- well I -- -- -- fans are like oh man well why don't they run that offers like it Brooks pretty good at what an NFL. People all realize though NFL defense that are there's not even close -- about -- JV team in the varsity right hit about the that is just so much better as short level I would say you gotta see it -- this tonight he Carolina then I'd like to think -- Auburn that. Is it all -- would not even have I'm telling you those -- probably have -- -- 780 yards exit -- Carolina made TV last night you know you gonna get regarded as yeah yeah -- Last night Florida State and want to in the country takes care of Duke 45 to seven covered the spread their Michigan State team now Ohio State 34. Point four of course Auburn and Missouri we talk about that the SEC. James -- gave it was the Auburn Tigers 5942. Over Missouri and Oklahoma come up with a big upset I think over Oklahoma State. 33 point four Stanford take care of Arizona State at 38 to fourteen and here's the question now if you had a playoff system would it be Michigan State that would be. Like I'm not a -- team to be the nowhere to be more to come out more at this point could you make the argument provisions but there. Mean also a real Michigan State when you're looking at some of the defense of stats they were put enough and that gave me you know how. Hi they ranked in the entire nation -- offensively. They they had their hands full with Ohio State last night did you know first in the first half they had these many yards as they've given up on average Olson's season. Right he Saints are also the guys alongside the cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- we -- at Roush is 701 on Maroney in the CBD talked at saint. It Panthers will talk about the record setting. Possibility for The Who dat nation I am sure the founding father than that nation -- some. Some words of wisdom and in some well be loud and proud that's a good start and that's in a few government mandate tailgating. Like a budget -- -- ability to -- bonfires gone on this side I don't give a warm out there will bought it is not really cold out there not -- I look at it that golf a little bit further what does this no athlete whether don't a Brewers then it Detroit and now Philly yeah yeah like a foot of snow there canceling flights are worse that ultimately this is pretty good weather so. Do it and they should be to come out. And get all riled up at get stoked him. Be loud and proud tonight and that's not a good date that you play in a great Carolina and I -- 393. A battle for first place in the NFC south nobody celebrates the holidays like arouses 70 -- grown here. And Jerod on in this -- be the one out here I get ready for tailgating action tonight ahead of Sunday's tilt between. Tonight's tilt between the Panthers and the Saints -- 730 kick off right here on C radio 293 teams going at it. For us supremacy in the NFC south and fellows. -- Saints running the football we talked quite a bit about how they've struggled in that arena for the most part this season but. Really in our last nineteen offensive possessions and thought about the Saints. They scored one touchdown. It's fairly alarming when you consider this offense operated this fits the -- we've seen. For so long I think there's a lot of things that you could look at the offense this year that's down from years past that mean that they're red zone efficiency is not as well. It. And being used to be it was almost like automatic when it got down the -- on the were going get points out of it there. The match. You know I hate to sound like -- -- that can only think the offensive line if you just not as good as it has been in the past that mean to me that's. The focal point of the whole deal they continue Lou left side -- Brian across the board. I had got me out I'm -- sit there and you know. Trying to make it look like a seesawing round up the you know I mean. I I don't think it across the board that you know in his -- he would Jahri Evans the way that he and I know he'd been hurt. This year but he darn well I don't for all he's not playing up to use standard and family but we can Ellis day he's out there and you know he didn't even pay and probably any you're Jahri Evans did better than. Up back up. But you don't -- three Fisher and I was -- lay out my easy question well yeah I struggled he would he struggled with injuries we have here. Either of those assists -- -- -- in LA BEL Bobby is pointed out all year long about being -- I mean dead a kiss. He's not getting it done little -- brown is I mean I think it's pretty obvious he's not a left tackle in the league. May not he'd be a right tackle put. It's across the board they have struggled commander. The Saints leading rusher Pierre Thomas 486 yards one touchdown Cam Newton the Carolina Panthers quarterback. Four and 47 yards rushing and six touchdown well Chris is going back to apply for a struggle like cam and you talked about series. And UPD -- brittney downing gained you know we kind of look at the Cowboys game how dominant the Saints were. But it for the past but five games Seattle. The Falcons the 49ers. The Jets the Saints have not scored a touchdown in the second half. A little wide right who will be the greatest show on -- And if you look twelve points yet and out now Rockets say it is that was surprising did it do to get the Falcons. The Jets organizes Seattle they got -- out the -- I would've thought they would of scored more of I against Atlanta to close out they -- that would surprise and who we've just been a little off kilter and hope you brought -- the reds on market that he right now. That that there's QB two areas you can look at the game evaluating game look at third down offensive defense. And look correct all offered to defense. And will with their battles gonna win this game and I like out -- -- playing at home. And we it's a must win to get beat then number two seed and -- -- I that I don't know who beat him out there. I'm hoping but -- five look at that. Okay prince's third down conversion percentage. It it doesn't get any better third down defense. What third down -- at Carolina is it is them with 33 down defense that they're number one that's for as far as. Three and out to joke out deep it's gonna step out and force a number three and out. Carolina. Bit that they're three now they have the third fewest three and out drives. Behind the Broncos and the charges teed off vision those lava -- are so it's going to be a challenge and you throw in the red -- -- red zone touchdown percentage. Right now Carolina's double one by far. Over the Ravens did a traditionalist out defense when you look at this right now. They're on pace to have the lowest red zone touchdown percentage. In the NFL in over a decade. If you look opponents have scored touchdowns but only 32% of their red zone possessions. The 2005 Bears. At right now is 32 point five would be on pace to be that then you look the red zone touchdown percentage offensively. That 63%. That they're fourth in the NFL. So I'm telling you as good as Seattle before it was or is. I know is that Seattle Carolina's better. They're played better right now if you -- complete team. That's -- I just hope we see the bag can opt out of all that haven't. There's kind of a good camp bank democratic described it like this -- offensively they eat there in the middle of the pack he had yet again in total yards had a if you if you look that well look at it though -- is gonna come -- -- time and point. A case to play in the game working and you know it's gonna do some like ball not to -- -- people could do. And might feel additional days gone through. You know -- a big run are crucial drive but I look at Russell Wilson Russell Wilson is dandy Andy. He does everything right now I think Russell Wilson's best upside would never be as -- and you. But he'll be standing in other words Kenyan border role -- Can you will be higher did a Russell Wilson but we'll also be loaded Russell Wilson that's for throwing a pick. All our our somewhere in that regard. That's -- so that didn't happen I just go about the business that got him back. This that we -- has played in the superdome. The games have been not as significant as it is tonight -- talk about prime time. What's on the line. And -- crowd factored in dollars -- you had not been exposed to that as far as played against the saint if you don't fit the look they beat. The -- out the very first game at Charlotte. Both at twelve in a twelve tonight for tonight's game but it wasn't at Seattle. He had to the whole field and Russell Wilson did a great play at the end. It's Carolina realistically the -- -- of golf fumble Carolina would have beaten Seattle and the ship it home Seattle went across the country. But what but I'll say. -- if we beat Carolina I know we're playing at home a lot of people would greeted three to have point spread. And if we'd be getting on the road would be probably three point underdog. It if I think from a confidence standpoint. We beat Carolina. Note. You beating probably the hottest team the best of the best right now obviously didn't break down the Saints and Panthers tonight and the Guinness world book of records have been out here -- Trying to set the record for allowed us indoor crowd roar held by the Sacramento Kings at 126. To set up my last our basketball arena but I mean yeah I mean how difficult could that really pretty mellow me out don't get far fewer fans split. I mean they don't have near as much based that's -- -- million dollar if we don't get their record in the post game I'll call on the fans out -- -- I don't fire about the record. It's filled with no real disappointed it doesn't I'll tell you up until one of versatility even an Iowa alongside -- better it'll be right down there -- see the decimal meter and I've seen it in the past and in a 49ers game early this year crept up the -- around 1191. Eighteen. They got the one to 43. At one point and -- are testing -- One Roy doesn't have to be a maintained one point six I think they shatter the one point six but it has to be and I think he used they haven't and all of a sudden some. Big play a yellow so we hate hate Cam Newton and the ball pops up and we screw with score you know -- Corey white this time if you do. But I cheat on the slant route get interception. Take it -- its -- explored and go and he don't got to play that's one thing about the Saints defense this year new scores on their side of the football we Corey white the closest one a couple weeks ago. Against San Francisco the Bob -- talking to -- makes in the Panthers play by play guy. -- it would make what makes Carolina so difficult to defend offensively he would talk about their third down numbers are few moments ago is the threat of cam Newton's third and medium. Yeah defense eleven players because he can run the ball too they love the run that court almost that quarterback got. The thing is it could be like. 34 and that's what every off Nicklaus again at end and you say. Very manageable now 34 to say that's definitely a pass play -- third at Florida team like Carolina that that Beckett be running play. So a lot of times if things like -- running around in. While we stopped them but you know what he just got five or six yards and the end of getting the first down. When you look at Camden -- -- -- short enough. Carolina is gonna come off the bus running you know you talk about the -- type of running the football. If you look the NFL team rushing leaders since 2008. Now and number two with Minnesota wide because Adrian Peterson. You don't double won the Carolina Panthers since 2008. Have almost thirteen thousand rushing yards not you look the NFL leaders in rushing touchdowns you know you get their red -- who makes plays their feet. Since 2011. Adrian Peterson is one. Marchand -- alleged beast voters to Cam Newton is three. Can you with his 2011 has 28 rushing touchdowns Lecce has 3280 Peterson 34. If the new look in both rushing touchdowns by quarterback at. It stands to reason. In NFL history their first three seasons note that I remember this guy. Steve Grogan. They were Patriots use a quarterback who wore that role again he wore a neck grow have a clue category yes. Can use them. I shatter that record. Steve Grogan for 1975. To 77. Had sixteen touchdowns in the first three NFL season -- canyon has to when he. So when you look at like running the football but I'll look it. -- way more upside than Russell Wilson because he's so freaking big. And he can run around Iran over you McKinney also eat I don't think it's -- at least not I think that -- sharp but maybe not as sharp as Russell Wilson -- -- Miraculously the learning curve when near as long for yeah I Romeo Cam Newton is a yeah maybe that -- -- do you know and only a couple of years it at all burned at you know who knows. -- what idiot but I mean you'll Russell Wilson views I mean. Any rookie year last year talent -- mean Escude on top of that I think some of that had to do with the the fact that he played pro baseball he's been on -- -- big stages he knows me that's a part of the developmental process. Of any cornerback is be able to handle the big stage but it let me tell you if they continue to have success and hopefully it don't. -- there another coach you know we all over Rob Ryan. Assistant coach of the year whatever you know has been an outstanding job that Cam Newton is Don Shula son Mike Shula and Mike Shula has kind of -- rein them in. You don't have to win the game. -- -- got to do everything now might be a case to play the game we have to it would have big play to help us win but you -- a great team. You got a great supporting cast but look equally probably the top middle linebacker right now he's in the conversation. And their deepen the hole it -- you got a running game. And that you got weapons around you so now I think Mike Shula how he's stolen this it just take a more humble approach. You know and just make it all about the team in all these young players -- word about their brain. Well you know about -- you know in my brand -- -- you know like me -- -- KG cannot washed up but you put up by trying to promote their bread. We'll let me tell you if you team wins. You're branch going to be promote you don't have to do anything else is back Alford did at UConn and all those other guys. So can you can be more like a Russell Wilson personality. And your bread and you win your Brett will be promote heavily. Visit here most of the time talking about the quarterback Cam Newton and running game everything -- Who is a -- that consistently city mentally his skill Hussein took airline Steve Smith Steve shots. He's been a hall of Famer could say I don't -- jokingly said at this week that he's they'll send them of retirement card happily when that day. When and if that day ever seem to come because it NC might not really having depth no. Now it was his work ethic and how he trains. It -- he's. Thirty Summers though he's like almost like a 27 year old and an -- thing is he except the challenge. And I don't know young voters that count rises with Carolina was played in the Patriots UN -- a key to -- pulled him. I don't know I'm -- dedicate that they may get them out of it said earlier this week he plays it's clear you can see he plays better when he's angry so fearless and that rile him and get him going to talk trash to him yet tell -- -- attracting a lot Steve Smith and how the thing is that too. Steve we hear of when he see him talk and it's really not talk to that the that the senators he's talking to himself. And if you talk back and get back what with a that's is it's an even more -- they played even better seven of one Barone as arouses in the CVB. Alongside Saints color analyst hokey guy John. And cajun cannon Bobby down Kristian garic and this is a classic matchup tonight strength vs strength -- Saint powerful offense against a Carolina league leading defense in the you feel like. This was gonna go a lot like maybe the 49ers game will where it's one words Carlos fairly low scoring and to take one. No one play down at the end 41 team or the other to get it to get it done. Get that one big break. You don't know 49ers game it was that the -- replay and you know we've. Does make a difference on how you as the fans saw that play you know some people think it was. I hit above you know. Well it was. Below the neck but it would -- well the question yeah -- you know some people say it's definitely a penalty does make a difference the -- did Colin and that was the break. That the Saints needed right up there because it drew fumbled the ball on that play. San Francisco got it back made up this continue to drive and won the game that I. Unless one team gets -- that day and it really a lopsided turnover margin. That I expected to be exact that it because the good defense is always travel well because yeah they don't they don't have the crowd noise to deal with the the crowd's gotta be quiet. Fill it up when Indiana. But at the same time though less money -- Seattle I I saw it is significant advantage that I see for the Saints defense. Here at home is how fast Seattle got off the football last week because of the crowd noise -- because they couldn't use them are what they are kinda figured a lot of that up here you're here most. To go all the movement yeah don't go on sound so you keep your -- -- ball. And when abolish that outfit you're going on sound. Exact street guide the on that sack on -- he -- The player was -- on paper this sort of thing in the film I don't think that happens no I agree on the road is that slight and yes it and all of a sudden oh what I've seen that they have and how the ball bounces all England's been. You know the ball you feel like hesitant about your way. And it just has evolved away this year that that's why I mean what better time it tonight. To get it -- it's a touchdown. I don't care Sproles a little brother -- and you are right that it did this the record get at this -- in the dugout -- -- break the -- -- -- -- -- -- largest growth take it to the house. Auto Larry Terry and MacDougal the fans will go crazy and we have and that's the thing you know it's a special season. You gotta have block when you win a championship look at our. But -- but whether Iraq how they'd be charging how they beat Alabama. You say you -- -- most improbable play at like you make your own luck but you also gotta have. But I have faith that a little bit of luck which is right where I'm saying we want -- to evoke. We had seven at the bit to touchdowns normal we don't have zero -- -- right now so maybe on the back give the ball to start about that I'll wait. But the one thing Michael he was saying wood travels well. Is what you doing there dredges. Stop the run and run the football well all I know is I would be shocked demonstrated in the pregame food drive we kick off. Listen to it we ride anywhere near a hundred yards that's a win and and I would bet my house that -- and I think I'll lose because I think there's no way we get a run up with them the yards against Carolina eighty. You brought up top and Iran at the Saints did a tremendous job Monday night against Marshawn Lynch at -- yeah mission accomplished francoeur thought -- ago yes at mission accomplished almost two gathright out there but it was a rough to Wilson -- with a short passing game that gives you it was a substitute. But the running game. It's the other running in the long as rushing touchdown of the season this year held by Drew Brees seven yarder that he'd -- yard yeah. Again he argues there isn't on the longest rushing touchdown of the season. Having Chris Allen get up that we're going to be the only team. That doesn't have a roster cuts out over ten yards you big semis and a break at 27 yarder right now 37 yarder. At NL that that that's that's not encourage -- but when you see that let me tell you the you don't. You talk about. Where you gotta stop keep players or why can't you don't have to go win it all -- all. We talked about Steve Smith how he's the Saints killer. DeAngelo Williams -- panthers' single game rushing yards leaders forever last year now away a couple of that we have to look at the defense but he still accomplish it. DeAngelo Williams at 210 yards rushing to get this -- not a 110. He had 210. But. He's done it before. It 2008 I didn't realize this he had a 170 yards against the think so he's had success against the -- and I look at right now. He's averaging. Four point 84 yards a carry. Arnaud Pierre said man if I have that are Ingram that the kind of unique you're running back like the look for York so we hope with the -- Now if you look at what what they've done now and had to vindicate. Can't -- play Carolina in Russian the last two weeks. And that's something Mike Shula said he wants to change he doesn't want. All of us that we can and we count them and you've been leading the team and Russian he wanted to contribute. But not lead this team and Russian Andy's -- -- Carolina running backs it kind of bit stagnant. And opponents have stacked the box. And forced you. Candy to sort of -- something first things first if I was speculating Rob Ryan. Is gonna stack the box to make sure we sure that Carolina thank gadgets for the run. Because with the -- get it that gadget that the run not that we gonna be in trouble so you gotta stop the run. But don't let him get out the pocket and make it make the world within the pocket and that's who did you could force the turnovers they forced mistakes by him and hokey. The three leading receivers for the -- football team not Lance Moore now Marcus Colston. But two running backs and Darren Sproles Pierre Thomas along with of course cited Jimmy Graham. What else would happen yeah well you also have to look at the injury situation I mean Marco does miss some time Lance Moore miss some time. He steals as a no rookie. Nick toon. They've been inactive a lot of game that he is only a second year guy. So. I -- I don't think he thinks happened southern guess there's been injuries and those guys haven't been on the field in. When they have been doesn't mean that they're a 100% so. I did I I don't think it ADB that you can really look at anything right game point no quality just got it to productive not get the production because of injury and not because. These guys -- nine good anymore. Jimmy Graham in his last fourteen home games 75 receptions. 956. Yards and thirteen touchdowns. And how bad at home and hours and now we've seen how well Drew Brees plays his last. Fourteen home games primetime 33 touchdowns and four interceptions so there's something to be said about this big stage that this football team like so much. -- says they don't envy you and I talked about it on Friday night that you know that that home field advantage always means a lot didn't it it. It'll be a factor tonight that certainly isn't that nation see they -- break the Guinness world book of records. For the loud -- indoor. Crowd -- they'll be here tonight one point six set by the Sacramento Kings fan base I'm sure that that nation in. Climb aboard knowing that you break it up basketball team out -- -- -- they were out knowing her record they won't he say tomorrow so you guys done. With a cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian garic. There's a liberal rules on next -- right here from -- at Tennessee --