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12-8 2:10pm Bobby, Hokie and Kristian, Fan and the Pros.

Dec 8, 2013|

SAINTS SUNDAY with the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert, Hokie Gajan & Kristian Garic live from Rouse’s Supermarket on Baronne in the CBD.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number two of the fans and the pro game is set for the Saints and Panthers tonight. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome a 730 kicked off right here. On Saints radio alongside -- are also the guys out in the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Kristian -- your phone calls welcome at 504. 260187. They're told 3866. 8890870. Operated jaguar people long line for it at WWL dot com the Saints and Panthers square off. Four NFC south supremacy. The Saints offense scoring just one touchdown in their last nineteen possessions are you concerned. About the office 70% of those voting on line and say they are concern. -- -- Yeah I mean yeah you because certainly gonna get the top deep at. I've got to get you playing at home or not you have to be concerned. We cannot turn over the ball I mean you know when you look at when all's said and done. Oh what's going to be begin -- -- we ratio right now a lot like Seattle. Carolina's plus ten. Now we gotta be at least even and not on the plus side we cannot afford like who are against San Francisco to be minus -- That's thank goodness not a winning formula. I think we've slowly. Going back right now we're plus three you'd never know what I was at the plus five was the extent of forces took over -- -- the last five games added that the thing is we are high risk high reward offense. If we get a turnover I think -- approach we got to get to back. Somehow some way. But I tell you what I still go back to because what they've done and where they're ranked. We -- watching the game. When their own -- a third down I don't care averaged 34 you go about -- a big stop and that it's easier said than done at their would you put an offense. Did you convert this -- been and as Sean Payton Drew Brees. And that was in the case against Seattle. Are are against what we haven't won but what are we could do on third down. -- -- in -- -- don't let the Caroline's got massive success. But to me that's a big win. Even though teams moving the ball OK you force a field goal well it looks like we can't stop them but dating give up -- -- the same thing with the -- who we get in the red zone. We have to score touchdowns and that's that it was two field goals that because that's once that. That Carolina has excelled and in that could be the difference in the game. But do you look at these two teams number one in over two -- time of possession. -- ball game Carolina averaging over 33 minutes of time of possession with the football. The Saints right behind just over 32 minutes though you might see a lot of -- way that kind of might -- Q what we believe it's going to be. A relatively lower scoring ballgame tonight. Well I hope that that's the case. Everything it you know that you and Bobby gifted like we got to get. A turnover -- special teams. Rick Perry about care picked up blocked kick you like Steve -- Gleason did gas against Atlanta. You know -- -- Darren Sharper a -- he accounted for a lot of those 794 of five let's. In in the 2009 season and you look at a year question there are you concerned about the Saints up at seven points in ninety possessions you know. We really when you look at the NFL anything that that goals over a long period time it's not a fluke. It's you know Carolina won eight games in a row let -- but that's half of a football right and -- I mean. So then it they've they're not just looking in these wins. Their defense to them if it was after we -- the season -- Carolina to number one topic to make you think now. The big we're -- thirteen now. Then there's a track record yes -- -- exactly what they've done it over the long haul so. When you say nineteen quarters and only seventeen point. This is not like well eighty tablets eight play outdoors and it's under fifty degrees you know they only scored seven point eight yeah this is being that it indoors outdoors in pretty. But nine conditions with the exception of Seattle and -- early like that. Yet at an I big Saints fans why we -- so optimistic. Because we going by what we've witness. In the superdome. -- prior to arrive in prime time it is superdome the Saints are unbelievable. If you look at this Drew Brees and company. They've won their last -- straight home prime time games. So with fans like we -- fans out here they go to the game I don't care what night it is Thursday night Sunday night Monday night ended -- we win. They Drew Brees has been unbelievable. He's thrown 33 touchdowns. And just four interceptions. Now that's the kind of game I think you need against Carolina. -- -- you throw in there okay scoring defense. I -- we could stay at fifteenth then it's unbelievable Rob Ryan. Right now totals scoring defense we're like nineteen point two so we still have the -- what is that all that -- at home. At home fifteen point eight point. I guarantee -- it's a shame on the offense. If Bobby Nichols Carolina seventy point he did win -- we don't let out its a shame -- all of its not okay are. How good Carolina's offense is about the -- can hold Carolina to seventy point that we -- win the game a -- like. And you thinking that unfolded with the San scope 49ers that was the most points they've given up at home this season some -- that that Matt -- defense point point when he beat. Simms and I want to relax -- give me Carolina's defense is -- I became airlines opportunity better then I think that there's a vulnerability on his Carolina defense it's the secondary. They've given up a gap big plays a few deep balls and -- in -- talk about this a back on Friday night Bobby. They just don't seem as crisp as getting the ball down the field under throws over throws. The timing just doesn't seeded don't have that guy to -- Graham really been their most consistent deep threat yet I and an idiot that's going to be critical of that they can you come up with the big plays K you have. The -- -- -- and that was not the case -- Christian I gotta find this in my notes because if if you wanna look at. Like throwing the ball like fifteen yards or more we were like oh for against the Seahawks with -- that is. Drew was the second most accurate passer fifteen balls down the -- that the article Russell Wilson being number one well and it you know but you know those had. The vols. -- plus fifteen yard touchdown passes this year and NFL. Drew Brees. And that been happening in Seattle I think with the Carolina secondary it would who has time. I think he will exploited its amazing. To show -- -- -- seven makes the difference. We're training camp and never forget this in August. Talk that the Carolina people and saying. And you know I think we got a stout front seven I just don't know about our secondary we don't know we get even apply again. All of a sudden. Look how much difference haven't made it different. And make their secondary better. They getting interceptions over Bobby that you should know better than anybody else to win it back when you're playing what made the Saints defense the top in the league. The thought process that yet I mean you you throw out those named in the secondary I don't know likelihood he'd know when you can listen to those guys I think we had no Pro Bowl the events of backs I mean and I -- it was the Bart. Robert Massey went our not did not they we have already had left -- a -- -- back to end and they -- you look at gene -- Brett Maxi Brent Max at all we still team -- to do but I if they want. I'm all about and I'll put up a little Padgett. But Jean jackets out of all of us who -- kids. Or like -- next generation. Jean jackets got the bad his son Cooper caught up all of you know geno acted that debate goes yeah he blundered maybe he was the best. Pass rush and NFL had a theory you pay this -- -- -- mean -- brought sudden that it gave me this noble fellows up there in Philadelphia Detroit leads. The Eagles fourteen to six -- -- have ideas as far as points is much they're planted that foot foot and have them that deluge. Of snow it's absolute blizzard up there at Philadelphia fourteen to six your score or not that's impressive utilize say that. Because that -- has not played in Michigan. I -- a silverdome and now they got a new domed stadium. Ford Field. The Lions but they're really -- don't teamed up. They are high powered offense sort of ball so to -- fourteen to six that's impressive. Now they could have probably conditions. And all we could say look we know what -- debate Philip W price and outside like going into don't. But but I but I can tell you it was technology should be used to the cold weather you've you've played in Michigan in 1980 community support -- affiliate -- -- McDonald. I said. I'll -- it stuck outside now -- table who are stuck outside when we started winning. And the Lions organization got picked off letters that they would let us in the facilities anymore and don't let the clock outside. They got a member of the are at it it in neighbor Expos really have I never forget this if it was may eleventh. Hogan it's -- nine inches -- -- talked about dead. In the united nobody knows no -- in Canada and value puts on the road -- -- the -- and -- But that's that was the ethic had just -- night it is that bomb enough Bermuda shorts. You know in the hunt at the -- in April I had been out here he had early make it surprises score Cleveland twelve enough and over to England right now in the third quarter. Got to -- -- -- -- not that that's the only other NL right now I -- that mattered at night at right right. It caught up on some of the games in progress right now in the NFL. Cleveland leading New England twelve to Nelson and Rob Gronkowski -- Patriots tight in. Left the field they get off the field on a cart with a leg injury and also. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Left the game with an ankle injury also take off on a -- wrote yesterday there gonna break. It's a wild one at Philadelphia is -- -- Coming down in sheets fourteen to six the Lions lead the Eagles but Calvin Johnson I mean literally at face mask full of snow. Literally that's exactly right who we were watching it on here earlier mean yes. The way I still with the power and up on the field and they've it's all they can do is to keep the yard markers cleaned off. Enough for the players -- -- You what's surprising about that -- you don't see many guys -- weren't long -- character yeah I think I get to that. Which I know absolutely nothing about that you know that puffy drives know -- whatever. I -- I saw a -- but the ball and he hit it just kind of bounced straight -- they came right back down that it just settled out. I mean it was it's what do you do for game plan and we do you play chart there's really nothing you can I mean there's -- he can do. And I have fun with the idea you know kind found a couple of things to work. Out of that it's pretty basic. That by a handful played the end I had a little -- probably deep ball is completely out of equation. Kind run the ball as much you -- short of screen you know the little bubble screens to receivers out whatever I don't know but. I've never played anything like that closest we are got played up in new England and not think it was 1983 year 1984. It was snow in the first half and and it turned to sleet rain the second half and it was much worse the second half because every time you hit the ground you got wet. I mean just fell in just freezing water yeah now no fun. They're now tied up in Philadelphia fourteen apiece between Detroit in the Eagles and at the Eagles a two touchdown lead over the Colts want me to fourteen. Miami pulled off by a field goal in the third quarter over the Pittsburgh Steelers and of course as a mention Cleveland twelve -- over New England in. The Chiefs are all over the Washington Redskins going into the fourth or 38 to ten a low scoring affair between the Vikings in Baltimore Ravens six to seven. The Ravens on top by a point now on in a book by a point. It is a Green Bay Packers twenty to 21 right now in the fourth quarter. Over the Atlanta Falcons thirty to forty. The Jets lead the Oakland Raiders as -- scores from the game's going on in progress right now but a couple those you look at the -- look like there. Baylor rebound after after couple tough losses here. They played some really tough teams and twice with the that the Denver Broncos -- a Chiefs team that a logical question -- how good were they wanna get off that such a hot start. And we saw how good they were in a close a couple close match -- with Denver. Well and you look that they were nine and note and in laws are next three games. But you gotta remember who didn't give this state to chant. Would be able in this Kubel to hold nationwide. Kouzmanoff the last three regular season games you remember that -- -- Iraq saying they never have united been -- do anything in the playoffs but looted the -- By I mean yeah the Saints didn't sell out yet able to thank my athletic players did they put a little bit how meaningful as the game -- activity -- at all that they. It their all on the downside they've lost a three game federal -- You're professional. That I expect this -- Even though they got embarrassed. By -- Seattle Seahawks devolved back. Well the blitz that what's that they clear. One thing I've noted football when you get to the highest level. And who you going to get competition. If he did a great place so what you gotta keep doing that but -- to go to -- if you screw up. So what you get a feel starving yourself make up more this they think -- -- -- himself. Keenan Lewis Malcolm ticket. Above and they got to step up they got pretty good to -- against UCL if you look. You know Russell Wilson had a perfect. Quarterback rating. We -- -- wet Malcolm Jenkins. We did not have that who else did so well and it shorter because the bout that group whatever department lately. Can't Gerrard and eighteen hit need to step up big time this game. Same thing though got an outlet that the got to -- going to call camp starts they've. I don't opt out of wild -- to a Seattle -- at him first -- Seattle embarrassed a lot of good. Yeah he had at their place did say with the the world saint. I've written it 2009 -- the Giants came down here this agent Paris the Giants in 2011 the Saints in Paris at Giants hear what they do they -- -- was available so it's not out of the -- and he look it's not an addictive I think that's indicative what you saw. Monday night you know -- -- worst hitting it out and -- and in this state haven't lost back to back games with Sean Payton on the sidelines since then don't ninth season body that has that yeah we fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth. And I'll be. That we seventeenth they were not playing anybody as -- yet and yet there -- playing either start there resting guys up but -- Kim Jordan last week hokey. Seattle was chipping guys you know running running backs out of -- them help them with a tackle and we knew they had a game plan specifically war camp door and I saw last week. Well Taylor Garnett got a heavily taped ankle that he's dealing with day in Elkhart statement of linemen that we've got to -- confident. Yup that's it that's a thing where you wish sometimes that the coach would be a little bit more forthcoming an injury so you could give the guy the benefit of the doubt that you know Willie. Played on a bad way Hillary got a bad shoulder is and it's all messed up you know I had -- That -- I guess. You know. Soon the fact that this guy's not playing that well to know that he was injured in the extent of the injury. You know it that's like what I'm saying okay. No matter if your dominant player and you realize -- dominant. And whether they keep and it's tied in in to help Bob the tackle you chip it over the back. You can't double team everybody and -- now everybody else he has the single. -- -- don't want you gotta win that that debate Carolina's special. When you look at them quarterback pressures. Quarterback sacks. Like you look at Greg Hardy has seven sacks right now Charles Johnson as Satan half. You look a quarterback pressures he got 28 -- Johnson fourteen. But I -- looking not like it's not just with their sack total new quarterback pressures they're spreading the wealth and what I mean by that. OK okay it's beautiful with the can't jarred. UK double team junior villain and I can't charge to whoever's -- look that you have to win. You gotta -- that's going to be critical tonight and you wanna win -- I get so excited that you're aggressive and you like can't you get out the pocket. It's almost like patrolled rush like Ellie as she did against Johnny Depp film they got out of left field depth with a got a -- -- yet got the depth of the football -- -- don't don't let him get outside because as bad news for the secondary who -- did -- play finale -- make. Plays in the passing game they would his feet. And that just short of the Cleveland Browns following up two straight impressive performances now he's over a hundred yards receiving this week against. The that we -- Patriots yet to back to back over 200 is light it up. For the Cleveland Browns the lead over the New England Patriots nineteen to three John -- say take coach leaving two tickets. And will call for the -- twins. Of course it can't and they have picked it up according to Sean Payton Twitter feed. He left of those tickets and seeing the twins when scoop them up so that they'll be in the house -- I about it as who dat nation tries well. This please don't -- old school. Tied game where is that bill might get tired of it we needed used to own. But this is a stand -- -- -- peaking and now we needed to work so got to mode -- some got a five. This data that we get drunk and hopefully work through this old school game. This is -- that this is a playoff gave -- Puerto playoff. If you want to -- she chanted the percentages. Of guard as noble. You got to beat it on the to see what why you see that what I would stands to reason. To get get a snowball going got away at two games instead it three thank you play at least one game at home you get a body. So you get the players who may be baked out their pressure. That's the bigger the post season -- yeah I'm not saying -- -- have a because we've seen the Giants the ravens'. Take a long road it's still get to -- -- bull but I think Packers do it the year the Packers did that in this like we need all Steelers did it -- -- -- all the help we keep get. And I told you this and I'll tell -- created some fans. -- out Burger King crown on I'm trying to think of his name now you know not yet -- yeah yeah Jose get out -- tailgating. And Eagles -- talking Chris it would him. I don't know -- gone back to Seattle let me tell you -- if you would play out and we have to go back to Seattle to get to DR. -- dividing the got a chance. Because it's one game. Knew we had to play the best out of seven you know you look at baseball the World Series -- it BA playoffs. You got to win four out of seven. Well like our chances to consistently go the Seattle bowl one game anything can happen that need to be praying the rosary. And I took -- can do whatever you gotta do good that's what you need the ball to bounce your way. If it might take that kind of effort against Seattle because because they're that good well. Via -- out of you agree or disagree over here with. Built the team I see that could conceivably go to Seattle a ball that victory honestly is to say to play the night all I thought man I agree with that. Because like they're built that way the defense travels well and a strong running I hope -- wrong and now Bob proven wrong with. Okay maybe the Saints play the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC title game update Seattle they get a double breaks in the inning anyway that in. I just think the way it's built aren't even with no turnovers which is a straight up play today. I think Carolina right now we'll find out a lot more about this fantasy tonight. But they're they're cute because of that running you like you mentioned and that defense to go up there and deal without much more so than I think the Saints up. I had a good note. I don't we have -- I mean I really feel it's I mean that you got that yeah any LE eight people say that it sounds like a cliche but it's also true. In the playoffs yet have a strong running game and a strong defense that that's what Carolina has and you know yeah it's it was great for the Saints. Because they had all their games in the superdome to go through violence and an eight play it there at the final game in Miami. That doesn't mean that they couldn't go to a Super Bowl in New York in winning or something like that. But I think we're much more in their favor the they head into the playoffs that -- that Q -- have all your games at home and you will be playing in a warm climate for the Super Bowl itself. Well I just looked -- how the season kicked off now. You know we went we wanted to nail biter against the Falcons the ball bounced -- way. But you know kind of under the radar simply because. You know what whatever -- department lately and Carolina really hasn't done nothing lately as far as in the playoffs. Well look at their first game. Go on that that's like a high -- baseball game Seattle travels to North Carolina. The game with twelve to seven. If you look at that Seattle -- -- Carolina's -- to seven point now Cam Newton. Oh lead just. Very normal very average but what's impressive. Andy showed why they -- being held Seattle to twelve points. So -- that's why you structured note hello say you wanna beat events you gotta be the best. And we thought -- talked about this in the back in nobody had the toughest schedule in the saint. But the thing is if it if you couldn't win tonight. Did you have -- way where all -- -- you go to Carolina. And at that matter of Carolina went to take care of business especially go to every one of these last four games you -- you see you got in itself either to theaters I was down oh god breaking it down and look at that. If you look at the back in. All the different scenarios and situations they can happen. Okay you beat Carolina tonight. You beat Carolina -- Carolina. You can even have a slip up against the Rams are Tampa Bay it's still get them accused feet. Okay that they had yet -- -- -- them in San Diego if you beat Carolina. Tonight. You beat the Rams. Okay. And it ended. You beat Carolina but I -- they -- doesn't even matter the relevant. It is irrelevant you got to go win at least three games and laurels wins has to be against Carolina and you -- number two seed. And out and listed. We would have taken it back it July August when training camp routier's. Mini camp -- you kidding me receive life it's a great season if we get to get a wins. Are we get to eleven wins but now ourselves while. Back to where we are we got to beat Carolina get to twelve wins because that never concede it be that important. And we've sat around here and top of the Woody -- you know I guess treatment. What if the Saints lose both -- game to Carolina. That if they're gonna fight and succeeded music and they would have a head to head advantage. For the sixth seed may be a five but the succeed yeah over -- sisco because of the head to head competition. And look. And we talked about it with the Steelers. The Packers the Giants the Giants they've done and out of the sixty before going on the road the post season but then -- the Saints 33 this year. On the road historically at a Peyton they've been with a vesting Xenia oh I don't know yet but these pat downs Lehigh this year at the -- 500 -- average on the yet yet this year net though it is truly. -- don't feel advantage. Like that you know the way to NFC structured right now when I look at it. To me it's amazing this he's not -- ever seen it this way. Okay who who do you think the top four in a few teams I -- Carolina. Saint 49ers in his Seahawks. To -- hockey player right now are like out chances I think we have a fighting chance to great chance at all but on the road. I don't like got -- is that San Francisco are at Seattle all right Carolina I opt out in San Francisco. Going at Seattle I don't like their chances ever to escalate yards no San Francisco I Carolina no -- -- whoever is the whole team. Is it like it makes all the difference in the world oddities fourteen. 504260187. Until 3866 in eight nines nearly seventy -- and I can't see the name on line one and we have a caller but who is that. Still yard W a long one yet. Hey guys I got a couple comments that -- making room let Joseph response to a Gil kind of touched over earlier where. It seems like -- -- game if the ball down the field you know -- -- -- forty yard pass we -- Whether the pressure or why. Well here yeah got a quick comment I have is I hope he. I'll watch a game last night it was Lawson and Missouri has been offered. What I like to know is Beckett trade Mason. You know like he had 45 rushes or whatever in New York. Won't use the next daylight pokey. These stands and all in a hot. So I don't know I cannot feel -- -- feel I've never had that many areas in the game now -- net net than even close to that. -- -- may have had. Maybe two when he gave him a ball game able putter so I got the athletic guys but I'll try -- yeah BL you get beat too. All of that anger or Oprah nor are now locker we got a putt but that may be I'll -- it -- a I got the eyes -- get a get all the swelling down and I'll out of or a couple of days at a notable then went into the next daylight. You feel like crap yeah look you know there's always just standing in the pocket are running back I mean you you don't really feel. Like even though you might get one ER a thirty year old you feel like you about eighty either going upstairs. Coming down. -- and yet he kids around if you don't like to get the job but on you have the Giambi is like that for. The -- linemen you know meaning out there but here it's all game long you know you -- -- if you get a -- -- as a quarterback you back in the pocket even though you may not get sacked in a game you don't need it this and I would -- I would. Violent carry imitate are -- niners games you did admit this I guarantee it the whiplash effect in his neck. Dallas wanted to think I have not me is -- get on Monday morning feel like a bit and a car wreck and my next all jacked up. From that sling it at -- and that's letting out I'll never miss. I -- -- -- did a study Phil -- you know you -- -- at CBS feels they have the New York Giants who bowl winning quarterback. He did a study. Some Harvard graduate in. -- I graduate. Is the scissors on. Being a professional. Starting quarterback it's starting. Ten years are more than you bigger sixteen games time stand whatever. And it was no equivalent they hit you would take it now they change in the rules but this is filled Sam's. To being in fifth the major automobile loan correct not fit the vendors by you know getting killed. With fifty crashes. Like a crashed on the active dummy and so like -- -- say even running back. -- hitting ankle he needs from all angles agreed that it truly unbelievable that's why. They always say what you thirty years so far running back you're all you're old you're all. I'm not trying to I'm not trying to make the case are have you guys made it is for -- -- just from bill see that the game from which I've they'll see in the for a few years that vantage point. I understand now why these guys command top dollar and I understand now why they should be paid. The way it is but I really woods because they're taking. I've said this before but they are taking years. Off of their lives whether. Whether the fans wanna admit that and maybe think that there are overpaid -- plate anyway right. That could give it their over their pay their play kids skiing yet they are OK in no place making them that they have made it like he would -- exact area -- like grown. -- they're trying to literally Gillick and I mean. Maybe that'll live my point is that scene they've seen the violence and of his game up close and personal now for a few years. I used to the other -- well they're making too much money. I'm I'm of the opposite opposite end of that now where they earned most of my large majority of -- and every dime that they didn't pay. Well I and that's why. If five it was a running backs agent. And their producing. That's why you gotta get it. Why you can and -- to stick by you go on because. OK let's say when you're young they don't wanna pay you what you got to prove yourself. Okay did you prove yourself Lotta time you prove yourself. All of a stunning 2930. Then they go to the hill he'd already Debbie prior at that they don't wanna pay you just talked to Deuce McAllister. Not even Steven Jackson the Rams that would -- to -- would be diplomat organization. And -- you could say he's not as productive. But that just comes with the territory -- we -- more -- front running backs being drafted later now -- -- -- when I had eighteenth invest you know I -- -- and he -- yet but you also see that the you know a lot of those stats that are drafted light in the you can get. Qualities as backs in late round what you that you look at our Chris Ivory. And -- Robinson. -- what you wanna tell me it and I've seen -- sarcastically. That Mark Ingram is night and day a better than them as a first round pick bursts of free agent now bold. Maybe if we go live to -- and Davis is a great example two in the sixth round that. They get elected I mean you might get a lot of easy most prime example -- out there to get a washed her last year of course out report sixth round pick. Mean they they give final all over Florida Atlantic that -- what was the Redskins -- yeah -- that hasn't gotten upgrade to the guy was -- when he called and I forgot his name. Bill but still OK if you look at like Drew Brees. It and and what he's done. As far as the big throw in Dallas appointees to make it. With open at eight but throws of at least fifteen yards. And now you look at Brees says that all but thirteen touchdowns. And two interceptions looks like throws this season a guy that leads the NFL. It plays fifteen yards or more touchdowns. That's -- that if you look at the game and I think come on. Carolina's defense is not on legion of boom whatever they called and you don't look discouraged and I thought. Not that Saint Louis scared but I just like Dynamo five the Seahawks secondary with -- and our receivers. I got up to that -- and I don't plan they're physical they got up at at and I was like OK I could do Leadbetter but it bit ahead you've got to catch it. We went -- no great -- that in their. I'm glad we -- scared but I am telling you Seahawks of Reagan and I just don't see Carolina's secondary. Beat that as intimidating as Seattle they challenge you at the line yes you. We are at Rouse is here so -- one Maroney. Come on out -- they got hot food all day long leading up to kick off at 730 through the Saints. And at the Carolina Panthers about to hand things off a few moments to Steve Gordon top Manassas and -- on in the world famous French or. Permanent contact for the fans first take account that the kick off with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia outside of -- see in the Mercedes-Benz superdome 730 kick off. Between the 93 New Orleans Saints hosting the 983 Carolina Panthers with Jimmy Anderson -- guys. I'll be done now silent as well and pokey just if he could quickly before -- get out of here how. How the State's gonna beat the fans that would -- that. Score more points and Emma. -- none of those -- well I don't mean I had done not in the prediction business thing and ultimately there. You know -- they are two very well coached teams -- team with a lot of talent. Me it's -- two teams within your division you know one another I know they're not the same robbery. As Atlanta is what you look at Carolina -- the last few years they've had the Saints number more. Then Atlanta has. So I had to I mean it's going to be a battle out there is. I think it'll be a lot of fun I don't think it's going to be some kind of lopsided game but. I hope America get their money's worth watching the game tonight because. You know a little bit I think to think -- little bit ashamed of themselves to performance that they put on Monday night they've got to bounce back so. Having said that that mean -- that I need to go out there and play their brand of football tonight the way that they played in the superdome. And get that opportunity is a very good at Carolina Panthers team that travels well -- got that defense. Luke weekly Bobby. I believe though that a fan has a lot on him play even up -- inning well he's a b.s I mean. You are you wanna look at a guy that -- drafted eleven up to expectations. Are coming out of Boston College. It doesn't get better than Luke Heatley and and he's a hard worker and and you know I mean how can you know I cheer for an individual. That has that -- success. But you know those -- want to and this is I think I read somewhere. That their other linebacker for university Georgia Thomas Davis he's come back from three major in these surgeries. Is this it. Any normal human being come -- three major -- Thursday over the they walk in normal and he's playing in the NFL level and running. So -- like a butter a great success story and the rehab and you look at all back genetics all come in the playbook. No that's right seven. There's not no weak links come the Carolina Panthers. And it's -- could have to be sharp. They now value not to me when all's said and done. I don't think we gonna run against Carolina. But that doesn't mean we don't have to -- to run right it's -- -- we run into teams I don't care we average in. 3.5 3.4 I still think. We got I've got to run the ball like 2425. Times -- not -- high twenties just to keep the defense honest and and hopefully that'll be the case. They guiness world book Greg -- will be in the house tonight seeing this than that nation can break the largest indoor crowd roar. Record at 126 on the decimal meter set by the Sacramento Kings and their fan base back in November and I don't think that's gonna be easy challenges that's the -- that nations had all day long to get. Fired up but it geeky stuff but this one and of course it being a big big game for first place in the NFC south. The KG can don't be out of the gate C right -- gate C are right there by champions square. Two out before kick off. I'm gonna go I'm not gonna taken that -- them too pumped up -- -- -- get a little break in get ready as we go to. You know with Todd and Steve assortment of the bottom line is. What do you do if you on the road as an opponent. You're trying to take the crowd they gain the zone there's the Saints get off death fast are up so they're -- game I think -- that -- -- Zach -- -- Told you we -- gym at 730 take off right here on Saints radio WWL.