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12-8 3:10pm Steve Korte and Todd Menesses, First Take

Dec 8, 2013|

“First Take” with Steve Korte & Todd Menesses at Oceana Grill…Bourbon and Conti…in the French Quarter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well man burst their lives close together a drive that started on our side fresh for our home state Florida south thousands. And the who'd answer here is ready for a big game. -- night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Every once called it the there's no matter -- day today and it was certainly is. We get two teams are tied to the ones that doesn't get much better. Fighting for the other NFC south crown right -- tonight. Round one. The Saints and the Panthers both tied with the same record 93. And the other Carolina Panthers. When he. YE a straight straight sets are now. Well I'll say this is -- look I don't know watching them in the past couple weeks are their defense you think Seattle's defense is good. This defense is clearly. Is Gooden and right now we're playing better related Seattle's defense so it's going to be. It's going to be tough -- deal we get excuse that we do certainly don't know when we're back you know with Julio who you know northwest this past week. Did play well up there I think -- sort of saw what happened but. Again that's it's a different show it's it's a different make up. Is different match -- today and so look where only your ultimate management. Look they've got to be some good things they can't turn the ball over it. Saints are undefeated at home in the dome the -- now so far. Regular season. -- That that home field advantage you know what you look would you look at the team's survival last week with Seattle and New Orleans now. And I think both of those teams or teams that he'd have home field advantage to make it all the way through the playoffs and and make it that way you mean Seattle. The one time they went to the Super Bowl week they have home field throughout that that playoff run as well with the things also. When you look at the importance of that I mean obviously at this point now -- -- looking. At number ones -- and so forth and so on -- look at winning the NFC south -- does that make me you have to do. Well look I mean it it's like anything else holds -- advantage helps but it. You typically look at a lot of teams and there's certain teams -- -- in particular -- -- And how they get their a lot of these wild card teams make it because they sort of to -- sort of it. You know sort of circle the wagons if you will you know and beat you don't say look it's us against the world type mentality and you can write that for awhile. Com but it certainly helps. You know obviously helped us when we will -- You know on the Super Bowl year -- don't have some of them don't panic so. There's no available through advantage that I can think of it -- that what we have out here so that we take advantage that the game is that we can't play here to read it upon. Now tonight that the Saints have made this known. But they are hosting the Guinness world record books here tonight. To try to break the allowed this crowd roar -- endorse sports stadium. Tonight throughout break that record now they're losing their host again this is -- -- -- and not a US I don't know what's this world records votes. And what they're what they're doing is they're actually two record there's one for the outdoor stadium debt and Watford indoor stadium. And currently the one for the indoor stadium -- the hell is held by. Believe it or god. The Sacramento heat it's a basketball arena while. The at sleep -- arena in Sacramento November 15 2013 I hit the record of hotter. 26 EPA. That's pretty young child well. I mean look it's. You know -- coaches space to. I'm sure. What are -- -- arena or whatever this that you just mentioned is not repeat -- I doubt it was it's not the same size as superdome and so you know you can have. -- -- -- But they open up presentation for but it's also sounds -- man well of course you know I stepped up but I think -- -- -- implement -- if I'm here I think get to Seattle we're allowed to bring in artificial always devices. From no there's a legal and over again -- -- -- and they're going to talk about thing right horns -- that you can't bring in anything that will artificially make noise okay. And so it and this is in the because it's so you cannot bring in horn you can't bring in cow -- -- -- years ago people would bring him. Aren't trumpets cal wells -- mimic that -- an NFL changed that now. What they were doing it would a lot of fans saying they were doing was they were taking their beer cups are -- -- cutting -- bottom and making little -- the rolling up the program now. That's not against the NFL rule because you're still using your own voice. You're not used something artificial. You just amplified your voice that it would be the same as putting your hands around here. Mile a gallon of what they're doing that. So there you go. I don't know some fans say they cheated that -- they didn't we if we don't have official report that they were giving out megaphones it was actually cups and so. For our Iowa we're critical I didn't know you're out and I kept looking in the stands and I didn't. I didn't see it right at saint Thomas a lot of talking about sort through I don't know and I look at it I will say this. The fans up there they can flat boring and you can see at this point what it's like to be on the other side of that. -- so we're watching that game you can kind of tell you oyster -- that does affect a team. This is communication problems because yesterday and the Saints did it look this is his best. I've coached up. Well communicated team that is connected as they possibly can he -- they had -- -- so you can imagine. How important is this crowd here sort of -- doing it McCann. How that as the fact that opposing team. Also. Stay back at Seattle what goes for them is. That stadium was also bill. Acoustic lead to make the sound go back down on the stadium even though it's an open air stadium. It's designed so that the sound kind of reflects back down they did that on purpose it's those you know that Seattle Microsoft guys that don't -- Station on the on the team and built the the stadium and had a designed that way so it is designed to kind of naturally amplify the sound -- him. So it's a little bit it was -- things I would. Now they keep strive to do it right there to listen campus leaders of my enemy musically or something but if not the side that. That's who crowd the line I don't want to take every advantage and I guess -- Obviously it is well. I dealt with Seattle then we got a talent they've got enough they gotta struggle today with the San Francisco 49ers play them. It does San Francisco and now they've met earlier in the year and in Seattle and the Seahawks did what they do -- Seattle to the 49ers as well which I think most people would say is pretty good team. I'm just like the Saints yet when they played in Seattle they -- do well either valid points and -- so who knows what happened there well. Who gets it you can rest assured that that Seattle game that they've displayed -- there was. They were all in that they were completely emotionally invested in that game. Had to turn -- back around and have to go to sent San Francisco which is not far away from them but I nevertheless. And play. You know the -- down there are coming off physical game they had against the Saints was to resume he's more physical -- most of it was on them but nevertheless. I would almost think that the San Francisco 49ers could beat -- today yeah just because I think that's sort of a natural mentality kind of letdown in this situation but. Who else. It's a certain things can happen and except that it seems to be sort of coming out of their -- a little bit but Japanese he's playing better. But Bruno word about the day I'm more worried about sort of what Cam Newton do you think that's kind of just a different version. Streaky. Larger version of what Russell Wilson's so he's got a guy that. Cause this problem look at look at that we're focused so what's last week of stopping Marshall mentioning did that -- to shut him down and really kept his ability to make a lot of big plays with. But the quarterback killed us -- and I think the fact that he didn't make a lot of mistakes he's pretty steady. Newton can hurt -- -- he's a bigger faster more athletic version of that. But he also gonna make some mistakes. And he's he's easily could hope -- the guy that that makes mistakes you consistent part of Cam Newton we can sort of get that first that would get him rattled right that I think we have a much better shot I think it is. Point in the in their careers Newton being in what your longer than than Russell Wilson but I think as far as football. Just acknowledge him game management I think Russell Wilson is ahead of him at that point however camp has showed. Really good presence this year. In this in this season so far -- the state game from little grief. They've got to the best friends that can happen that's great defenses and both those guys -- -- and off -- -- take that right now because. This defense you see today coming here. It is they -- shut people flat down and that you watched him in the red zone. And there's not many people that are getting any points on them this is this is going to be a fun game I've looked at higher powers our office is. They were not -- -- and -- -- little -- the last couple weeks -- thought they play a little bit better. Little looser against Atlanta but they didn't do it quote the last week of soft. I thought they felt what it took a step back. But I'll just tell you this you know us straight up but if it's the five guys brought -- to me here on his consistency needs to be it has been in the past. It's getting gonna get it done I think that you know you look at that and that can be sort of the Genesis of all the stuff that you see. Whether it's running with the -- it's on to reach out to walker committee wants to withers. Wide receivers not be able to go other routes quick enough. And all have to do those five guys up front and and unless they can get that sort of where they couldn't get better and attitude that. That's going to be April course. He Steve Gordon top and dozens were -- and Oceana restaurant 739 topside of the brick or just stuff. To argue for tonight. To take the first place teams are tied -- right now the state record. And this game of course. Everyone talked about the emphasis of last week with Seattle we've moved past that right this game has just as much importance if not more so. Portis and while I -- -- divisional so obviously I think it it it does make a bigger difference it was just from the standpoint of look if we can win our division it gives us a much better shot on. A lot of different things going down the playoff picture. Not. Trying to look too far ahead in this scenario but the same time you know. Look which we -- the -- you know last week. Against a team that was obviously an emotional time we turned the ball over didn't play very well -- And they and they beat us up and they beat us on the -- scrimmage physically on both sides -- limited him and scrimmage and there's not anything you do about that. Except sort of regroup you know go back in and sort of realized today. You know there's times you're gonna get beat physically and this week and has anything to do with mental part of the system was emotional part of it. It's gonna get beaten and and so far in the look at that again the game that's when you have to learn from today. They just beat -- so this when you sort of group going to say. The team coming here that's playing just as good -- defense if not better than that you discuss the plan right but we're home we got a chance to regroup and and obviously -- There's nothing better. A home for your future -- past weeks. Embarrassment and that's one of the things you look at say -- like another shot this week and and the outcome is going to be different. So as a player when that happens -- you come off a really bad game and a really bad performance look ahead at the next game. You can't wait for that game to get their seat and Ricky Williams if she could play that night really put it that way yeah I mean it's really one of those things where you feel like. You know we didn't give our best effort and in and -- way and I shouldn't say that. Because it really is gonna do with effort effort not a problem that's one thing you can control I didn't see body. It wasn't trying out there but it that -- didn't -- they want on the book but there were forces stuff I saw a lot of dropped balls so a lot of missed blocks. Terrible tackling I mean it really looked like a team that was really -- Struggling -- function last week and obviously. Seattle exploited that and that's what you got a blowout and asked him. What you look at these two teams tonight the Saints at the Panthers. Everyone talks about the defense of the Carolina Panthers and how well they have -- -- Offensively however they haven't been playing too bad. Have you played in bad at all it's because their quarterback it's going to be in the sort of grow up. You do I think that he is he would become you know a certain kind of guy as well. A terrific athlete to you know on the can make anything happen the same time we can make a lot of mistakes and that's the one thing that we -- McPherson into. Com they've had from. He did in the past and again on community and the Williams and Jonathan Stewart and that wooded -- backs they're really sort of that put on us for a while we have not had a good record against Carolina while and again I don't know I think. I don't think Jonathan Babineaux Blanco. -- it was planned with the same time it Stewart's back. You know when you look at what they have wide receiver rise you know well and also with those Steve Smith who absolutely has been. Hall of fame against the Saints he is the one -- it was one of those pieces each and every year. And for some reason he seemed to turn wrong into one of the -- things so. That's one guy who certainly have to. -- keep it on upon the fact city's 35 or 36 or how old guys. The act like he's 22 he just keeps go via Barnes he's he's fun to watch -- the same time -- is that when the Washington want -- analog. 260 -- 87866. It's early -- those other numbers to call you wanna get in the conversation. He also -- and 87870. A lot of people still texting. About what happened last week and about how to make the film louder with Seattle was -- when -- microphones cups and so forth and and we understand that the Saints have Bethea in his book of world records folks here tonight could to try to break the indoor stadium. Record and let's go to what Tommy and independents who wants to know about the Guinness book world record of stadium take top you're on defense first take -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah it's -- -- thing I was being -- -- Sacramento Kings ridge golf club selected for New York. They cheered brutally beat the NBA bracket arranged. Creation -- are not wanting to do it and try to prepare Chelsea. It's almost makes you Sally. Maybe the local sports media are sharing and start watching we can't change can't. Break the Seattle racquet Chauncey Lincoln -- -- smaller then -- like -- and be willing to bet that making essentially little. -- Tom Tom this has this has nothing to do with that we can't break Seattle's record -- thank. This is the Guinness book of world records this is how they have it set up so we're following their rules. They have two different categories they have outdoor stadiums and indoor stadiums well I can't change their rules. I understand are the enemy out did bird the great baseball player that -- -- all three year olds like 18191000. People watching you -- that. Just certain spot thousand seat stadium that they'd gotten it up. Well all I know is they have the record I don't care -- it at that with the people they have the -- -- that's what it that's where it comes belted. What they've been allowed -- -- heated bidding to go I don't I know I I've I've just I've just try to explain it to you. Distraught explain it to you top now there's -- saying that we can't. Meet whatever Seattle had as the record. It'd indoor stadium I'm sure we went to a hotter than actual wanna do -- do that you -- that you might be -- Now guys are they with the prospect who let them put some of that that the 126 that's unsure what if I. -- I top thanks for college that I grew up. Food at our right to 60187866. Today graduates that we someone else -- who cares about the sound record we just need to win exactly that they and consider it better myself. -- middle and make a lot of noise and we -- -- they just keep doing that. And I think but I think go with that games Monday night I think people sort of realized on the outside looking in Saints fans just how much. I'll bet the crowd -- level -- him and that should help us. Yeah because I think then it'll sort of may be reawakened the spirit inside some fans begin maybe you know sit -- -- certain times is they look you know. This noise we make it does affect him and we saw it firsthand last week how it affected us so let's turn around. You know we've been talking about this a lot and we'll get back into the game and not so much just on the crowd noise and so forth but this season and in the dome. It has felt. Different. As far as the crowd noise. It's not his sustained as it was in years past that it kind of lulls and goes well now I don't know I don't know I would I when -- -- -- -- right now. It was a I think it's due to -- at the high expectations that this. These fans in the city has become used to him and rightfully so. But I think this year. Sold a bit more control of their emotions at certain times because they feel like they're really wanna watch this team execute and play and they sort of expect that to happen. And I think a lot of times when they get more emotional and a little nervous that maybe it won't happen if they get louder. And I think because it's sort of a product of them being as good as they are. That maybe they feel like they don't have to be quite as loud as they were to help them to make sense yeah okay I think so particular but the problem but I think it's -- -- -- to stay a while all the -- look I agree I think if -- -- certainly helps I know is look we've stepped up our play in the Kingdome. And Seattle and that was -- concrete dome thing that. Yeah that was as loud as as we have done here there's times that we could hear no huddle on the Saints field right -- -- Quarterback is literally screaming in my face a foot away from me and I'm happy that. -- lips met everybody's lips while the -- was it was a fair so that I can you equate to good understand what I did it made it even worse. But now and then I understood it better than anybody so. Yet that that helps a lot and I can tell you that it does -- and it it affection you have to have you focus you know after draft news times you can sort of block that out but. For the most part that that can affect him. All right looking at this David's as I would say the offensive comparison with this team in Cam -- and what they've been able to do this year. So far compared to the Saints so far this season. Obviously rushing yards we know that. Carolina would be have the Saints in rushing because that's one of the things that they do do. But. As. Barr is third down conversions. They're leading and that time of possession as well well that we've -- him would be erratic in a -- and football and obviously. This time of possession comes into that -- Look you can put a lot of that on on Cam Newton I mean he's the guy that's convert a lot of this stuff you know with his -- so it's not just. The fact that -- had a great running game from running backs and has to do allow him so. He's the one guy that we need to make sure that we can sort of get bottled up I can tell you this. If we let him get outside. And sort of get into space it bothers with. You run around a scramble and that type of thing and they can sort of that stuff happened. The athletic plays one not work for a long night if we could make him a pocket passer tonight and make sure he stays inside the pocket and contain him that way. There is a much better shot away. Got a text having hit an 87870. That says that we have a chance of winning the Super Bowl this year. We need more from our front five we don't have the pro -- we did 2009 and we've been saying that I -- all season long. -- him I couldn't agree with that sentiment -- -- -- you better mean that to me that's. He obviously -- biased because that's when I watch -- the same time I know when I'm watching. Really equality deep offensive line that has a great understanding and agree musicality. I'm not saying that they make a lot of mistakes but I'm saying these have not been as efficient and we're as good as your way to put it. At some of the office of ones you had in the past that being said I don't think there's. They're terrible offensive line it's not like -- you know. Somebody we get a read them completely but the same time with the guys that we you have there -- you start playing better. Let's go back to vote to Jerry is the -- shape Jerry your offense first day. Big guys stay close by verbally not a lot accomplish Seattle's game. I -- that -- restraints and -- Barrett cannot doubt but do you really. Think that there out -- that's an offensive lines are much better than not are RPI think it was it's. They're terrible -- -- -- a and M and pat answer at the -- think that. Get rid of get it all out at planned out for the NFC championship back at you out that we have a chance. Well -- on the -- -- the first quarter. I think that. I think that they you have to a more skilled players right now and we do them on the offensive and defensive line front that doesn't mean that. Individuals we can't get it done there's times that we did you see the shape -- and you sort of stupid things happen that are you saying hey you know they -- block it up that series that was good you know. So it's not like he could take them and completely throw them out are -- better I think they are -- do we have a better chance of I think anytime you go there you realize who what you went against and realize. To kind of get a feeling of how these guys play I think a lot of times you know play in the second time. Right I think you do execute much better I think your game plans to be more sustained I think you're gonna be more accurate I think you can also remember. -- -- -- was you don't fly home for. -- and end up being twelve -- for something to -- -- I -- they got sidelined or whatever with the with the airplane but to me I think you just. With need to do from that and realize that hey at least -- -- shot next week was our last game of the year. It was a few years ago when we played them and they beat us in that playoff games. Man I'd be hard for me it's one all year long I'm just don't that would be I would be sort of looking at my calendar wonderment training camp throwing routes like us. Begin a process to Washington so. Like got to the line that. Take Jerry if it happened last season I've -- to this earlier this week with the with Angela. The Ravens do last year in the regular season they are at Denver Denver destroy them and then in the playoffs the Ravens beat something bad can -- sure that I don't find here. -- Jerry thanks for call 260187866889087. In other -- had -- 87870. Insists. Basketball Arenas have fewer fans and they're also smaller buildings which causes the Sava river echo reverberating more so what effect it's equal to what what happened in the superdome so that's why they are -- -- literally -- -- so you have but there's. 80000 fans but again -- a text so that makes it and can legitimate. There. Someone else says. Have you noticed that we're not as loud as the third quarter as we have been in the other three year and I think that's just folks leaving for halftime and not coming back and you can see that the the stands are doubtful for halftime -- third quarter starts well -- looks sometimes that happens you know now in in I think. He'll want the others sometimes people start put the brakes on a little bit on a Sunday night knowing what they have to do the next day and a lot of times that feel like. The task at hand. Is in hand right to them and they get hit the door a little early I mean I can see that happening but. The same time don't do that night that's you'll be -- -- some I've got great football game and trust me this is one time. That the players. Really feel like you -- to -- the team behind him and -- and that team being the fans. Gotta go here. While we're not over at the break. The party was going on cheerleaders everything going. And I got a text here and had -- 7870 it's it's Steve court who dat lion out. Go Hillary hey look. Southeastern they did pull off again first playoff victory and in 1962. Double in the second round -- finals yet to play New Hampshire next week. Look at not many times a team like that can give up it's fun at a team like Sam Houston fourteen points you know to lose the turnover. They believe battlers -- win that game and we had a minute twenty left in -- and went down 85 yards and picked up about 49 seconds. Time when they had them beat him 3921 me you know about thirty seconds workers. What a game and then on the way what a good football players. It's great that great football because their record don't right flat. Of course of course Nelson out -- But congratulations happy -- and -- -- that -- keep it going making lineup all right let's go back to the phones to like games in Mississippi hate James your offense personally. I don't -- Good -- my players didn't -- it. You're. But he was due back this restraint that in the bag. Think our go to all of golf they don't know was sworn in -- from time to Monday you know. This said. Connecticut -- three back there too I mean yeah the day. We we do that there's -- if we do that alliance there are times when Thomas Sproles -- both in there hopefully understand when it's and I yet they. A lot of times it to a lot of -- direction and -- count reasons -- some reason things like that where their future leader writes or no use. Running backs -- fullback and running back or whatever it. I mean a lot of times are doing that mean that they're beautiful house back there and and to put a no school like for me back there with a fullback into running I mean that they are a lot of things so yeah. So is that what you're asking James do you think that sometimes when you see the one back set that obviously I don't he's gonna get the ball. Yes yes. You know yeah -- what happened to James a lot of times. -- James a lot of times what happens to now. It is the way that you know Peyton was to do this. They're trying to get to the edges and trying to spread things out source who think it's a natural gaps. It's space in between and so because really kind of what Drew Brees does is. Our running game is -- some of these short little two losses these little passes and one not so that -- suffices a lot for what would normally do. Fifteen years ago in the running game you know sort of what they do now so a lot of times trying to get people spread out -- that's why you don't see a lot of dedicated stuff right the backfield this defense knows that and we can Bob LaMont there's a reason trying to get -- hope that make that little clarity. I guess did. Not that I -- -- he let them down a Vietnam -- what what players maybe they don't realize Claude. And miss two months last bit and we -- -- that third. Yeah look there's a lot of times are a lot different personnel groups there and try to exploit the defense and what their personnel groups are in there. And there and kind of go with their game plan and what they feel like our personnel to do best and try to see if they can score points so. I'm -- it -- mark -- the second best you know our group Brees or offensive coordinator at this point as to what -- -- why there on it but. Yeah we do that. Know sometimes they see mismatches that we don't see or think tendencies on the other team but they're watching the -- down there that's like coach great call it that way. James a thank you for the call. Thanks for the comment you know before we go where we have to break go one of the things I want to mention we got the the big screens appeared Oceana. With all the games on. And the San Francisco 49ers. Kicked a field goal and they now have the lead over Seattle three to nothing. And I think this is the first time I heard Saints fans erupted in cheer for the 49ers. We we love until we beat them in the playoffs is what that's the -- for so -- -- an open assume we're gonna root them. The -- in Miami it and you -- in -- -- and then the community now so we'll go to Gary hey Gary thanks for the call. -- got three quick question could bring up that part it. It's -- -- -- they're dropping back it looked back but we always want to let the court today. Beckett -- join me to take the break. Eric what not to do that probably don't make. That whole outlook on it -- thought -- -- Yeah. Chris Rock -- -- it's not sacred rock the prospect. Debate on. -- -- Well -- the want to. I don't miss his second win for us about your -- -- -- a -- -- -- game plan and if they have him crashing down inside their nose in somebody else is responsible. But the quarterback at that point so when they do that kind of read. You know wildcat type thing you know that. Kind of read offense like that spread kind of read off it's like that then there's certain responsibility -- a certain defensive players have to have so. I don't think they've ever met -- wanted to him to play that sort of catamounts defense has been at that point because some of like a Russell Wilson's two quick with that and his ball handling skills are too -- -- too cute to -- he can really sort of reaching a lot of stuff and he calculus than the whole time so. That that's a responsibility goes along now as far as the running back not turnaround looking for the ball look when they're in man coverage bump and runs. That's one thing they have to do they get on the guys try to shut it down that first five yards to turn around locate the football. But I think a lot of times because there's some -- inexperience it's over corners. I think a lot of times that they're there and hopefully that guy's not going to run past them especially in man coverage in the Philippines got safety help over the top so. That's all the way I can explain how. All right more coming back here at Oceana restaurant it's man first and right here on the home in the same season.