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12-8 4:10pm Steve Korte and Todd Menesses, First Take

Dec 8, 2013|

—“First Take” with Steve Korte & Todd Menesses at Oceana Grill…Bourbon and Conti…in the French Quarter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to -- experts take our efforts you live Oceana restaurant that thirty. And -- Ready -- you tonight we also have meant the house as well. It now I actually had me up to par on these amateurs and guys. Like normally known now know that let me. Let -- explain something guys okay. The gentleman over here right here okay. He actually. Does are Saints imaging forest for the game. No he does an excellent job wouldn't he just happens to be from Carolina in Carolina fan. It's not figured they -- created through volley you guys been here a long. But we since Thursday zone down in the city enjoy themselves -- Thursday so we've got to welcome them in. The New Orleans come here. Have a good time spending their money. Being a tour is the problem is it just to go home disappointed tonight that's all about how. All right thank you guys -- -- at five. All right 260176. Exit 890870. Lot of questions coming. Tonight about does that streak will he'd be ready to go. Right now he's questionable. Whether you will also Robert -- as well both went Boldin have full practice on Friday there were a little bit limited. Kristian -- -- silent reporter -- -- saying he thinks he's gonna be you go to that you will play the street. Will that streak will play well look. Like anybody -- try to go out there and do what you can you know if he can play. And look everybody this time of the years cuts on them or a myriad of different things okay so you learn to sort of play with a lot of pain. But the same time. If he goes and try and warm ups and he's unable to do it. Even after. You know whatever they gotta do to fix it you know what matters and injecting him whatever. And it's not effective -- that's when they ruled him out but I think they're probably given the benefit of the doubt that look at you go. And this is something that you know we can sort of like help you block it out. I think he's going to be a good -- go if not then that matters is gonna have to step up and you know a big way. Get this thing going because look this this front seven here it is. That are every bit as good or there won't be faced you know last week so. Yeah all hands on work and the -- this is one of the time -- Q are you suck it up beyond belief and you get it going. Also getting another -- coming in from whenever the guys whose you know with the Saints and the -- -- via. Anthony -- returned a lot of tickets for tonight's game so -- now available so there are tickets available for tonight's game. You go through Ticketmaster dot com or at the box office at the dome. Tickets are available that you don't have tickets and you think about coming down here tonight for tonight's game you -- let -- get -- them. You can't Azeri gets tickets so there you go in and log on them. Tickets right now Ticketmaster dot com in that way if that's -- do it. They get set up so there are there are some seats available all right 26018786. Exit 89087. Or is always look at Texas that he 7870. -- go to Robert on the North -- hey Robert your -- fans -- state. Hey guys I guess you'll. Good -- up a -- of the underdog and do what they defeat and he did everything right. Dealt with him -- day. On this 17 you know outlaw all there would have looked. A big -- should make our. You know speed usually in that note I'm going to be long in it -- -- it just -- -- which you you gotta give it. So I think it might really good start pretty -- I'll bag a all going to be in the tank and a big job -- know ample credit. What the guys out. Had no I. You know that there's a lot to be -- what kind of a comment you made it. Yeah I'll look a lot of times you can go out on on a Sunday or Monday night or whatever and and you can have a bad day at the office and -- have no matter what you. You begin to try to execute either team I think you try to do actors you know do what you gotta do and execute your job. The harder you try the worse it gets everybody sort of been there it would never done and that some day Houston does not work and if you get a couple of those happen a couple of guys a long line whatever. You know a couple of receivers were dropping the smaller -- on Saturday is the ball's not coming out of ours you know and as well -- Baston. Some guys are slipping in the running backs they could -- -- think it's -- -- -- budget -- things I think what happens is that it's sort of snowballs -- this thing so. But this team this week I guarantee they didn't do a lot of physical style than what they did probably. They got themselves physically ready to go. And then obviously mentally mostly got himself that he and to look we need to go back into a few things differently. And his courtroom do and so you get a number of different things that you know your team successful in doing. A couple of look at it offensively you know exactly what we're doing now we're an excuse these plays he's the does the bestsellers zero. And you get real good at that you begin to build your confidence back during that week. You start to realize that this team you played against is really no different than anybody else you played. -- look you know everybody's different matchups to keep saying it's all the time so. Look this week you might have a guy that justice and -- guys he's gonna win more rebounds and I'm gonna win. We hope that doesn't explode you're so fortunate that does. You hope that. Don't want you know -- the line that you run different -- disorder. You know prevent this guy from making all the plays. You know you single him out and say look you know we -- Lawrence Taylor time Reggie White person look we got to know this guy is at all times -- changed the game. So what we can do and how we can exploit that guy has to run at it. You know these false account easily or a lot of times we can get him this match with somebody he has to go when you know protection type scenarios so. There's all kind of different things these guys think -- to sort of get it back and sort of swing of things that look don't get a bounce back don't have any problem and -- anybody out there is gonna -- don't know. What was me we get beat so bad last week -- -- You know once Christmas present -- -- -- -- I don't think anybody yet it was -- there's not anybody think that you know one and you may look at the films that. You know if I was just on the -- it that way but it just on that and play -- -- Sproles could broke me. I you know I didn't hold my block quite long enough on that certain players you know -- so -- got hit you know that caused that so. It's a much different things are quick to explain for him which sort of didn't get washed out and get under way and ends and you do lose the tone for what you did last we can do better. Oh away okay Whitman this what you wanna do are we we haven't noise meters here. And they're trying to see how loud you guys get here at -- now so let's get a big -- that and see how -- you go 123. Okay. Okay. And the highest this when it was 100 hates guys. Pretty loud thank you. Just in here that's pretty good soon. -- when he doesn't we've got the record. Under -- 108 that was good I don't know thank you so much. All right the game there where -- progress already. 01 when he was that the okay what when he was the highest it went actually. The games that are progress right now. Scores Lindsay here would we got okay we got the Titans. Over Denver 21 to ten right now -- Cardinals are leading the Rams 73. The Seahawks are leading the 49ers seventeen to six right now and it's the Chargers. Over the Giants ten to nothing. And now some of the games that were. That progress earlier. Let's see here that are already done it was the Jaguars over the Texans 27 to twenty that was last Thursday night. That the Bengals beat the Colts 4248. Today. The Patriots. Come from behind and beat the Browns 27 to 26. Also the Jets beat the Raiders today 37 to 27. It was the Chiefs all over the Redskins 45 to ten. And the Ravens beat the Vikings 29 to 26. And if any team is going to lose it in the last seconds. The Atlanta Falcons lose to the Packers 4221. The Packers rally on -- back and drive that. -- -- the Buccaneers beat up on the bills 47 to six and the Eagles in. Over the Lions in what look like court be Super Bowl conditions this year they're gonna play in the snow. Thirty more equality and also this game I think this is that this is the final out of the final score on this is because of green is locked on me but there was a crazy finish. To that Steelers Dolphins game it looked like the Steelers pull it out there at the end. But I didn't but I was running the ball back and taking the lead but it looked like ran all the way back but he would step on the line. And they ruled it out game was over. So via the Dolphins went on two win that game. So there you go with no that's not the finals. That scores wrong and that's flat screen. All right you're 60 like 7866. Anytime it's early seventy of course the game come tonight. Your New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers battling it out. We were tonight -- the first place in the NFC south -- is Drew Brees is that earlier this week. You know you first goal is to win your division so. That is their goal in his first one that is still attainable they have to go out perform and win tonight. Against the -- Carolina panther team that has been on fire. For the last eight weeks that we all of their games and winning some of them on. It's -- well look I mean beginning of the year. You know you can get to look at just about division which economic certainly didn't think Atlanta would be. As it does -- they are and it just turn into an absolute dumpster fire. You know and then Carolina was beginning to look like what they want to be very good either. And then they begin to however happen but they sort assault their -- may have gone on a roll and each and every week it got better. And their -- ours who's you number one defense -- so. On the fact you couple that with Cam Newton when he's playing. That this is going to be will testify there's no question about it but to. Look Tampa that. He is as bad as they weren't beginning they've deacons sort of hit stride here lately and atlas games and now. It's not going to be using -- for us you're against them either. All right 260 -- 786 exit 890 weights and also Texas and 87870. More -- coming in asking about the offensive line. And know what's gonna happen with the -- but it lines someone else 6870 -- -- same as the Saints that can't beat Seattle so they don't think they'll make the playoffs and -- Spiezio you know it's over with. Someone else saying it's time for the offensive line. To get its act together we're too late in the season for some this -- food eatery that's been going wrong I think. Reynolds then -- I couldn't agree with you more. We get texting me while I don't know now because that sure sounds like something you would say. That good food are you sure I'm positive. That sounds like we're that you reviews before I wouldn't say OK you're in the Texas -- -- I. It's another Texas. We're all these fans that want the Saints are waiting they lose now everyone is an offensive coordinator trying to second guess what we're doing -- That's the nature what people do you know they. Seem like you feel like a lot of times they have a better idea what can happen as they dissect into their TV screen you know -- limited amount of football that you can't watch. And they feel particular offense they know better as to what's going on so. I guess that's the great part about being a fan everybody can do that they want. Yeah you sure did all right it's the that well and that's what's right for the whole term Monday Morning Quarterback is -- and let him get through I don't get -- -- and everything that we do. Everything that happens and we're talking about everything else. All right Saints fans of course we talked about it. I'll try to be the break the record tonight and make the allow this stadium for indoor stadium and a record currently held by the he Sacramento Kings I believe it and it's almost say you know what we have to compare with the basketball team that. That's just the way it is -- -- could go with the Guinness world records. And how they're working and everything up front as I'm talking him try to get my neighborhood and classification of -- NFL's. Maybe that you I don't know why that Guinness and aka the stadium as a stadium there Erica negative breaker rules that are deal for what they're gonna do. All right Zach -- if we said earlier a lot of people -- about that streak what is he gonna do is he going to be able to play. Tonight Chris Garrett -- silent reports that he thinks he's probably going to be ago. However that's not officially we won't know that officially told by a half hour 45 minutes for the game they -- release via. Final entered reporter who's actually playing who's not playing well all -- tell you is what happened so far. This week and and how it went that they were limited in Friday's practice. Is that streak with an ankle injury and also well Brodrick Bunkley. With an ankle injury as well. Remember you -- you thought that -- that it doesn't practice well but a lot of times -- -- got him out of practice and it's not a mystery ticket entered Monday night that's where yes song about it. But a couple of did not practice on Friday Raphael bush the linebacker -- -- Dawson and that's Maclin Foster. Did not practice on Friday now. The Carolina Panthers. Chris got his outs. He didn't practice. -- and is doubtful that they got a whole list of probable which just about everybody. Does nowadays but everyone of those problems is probably. -- problem and our passing DeAngelo Williams on this squad pool so that. Sort of cleared up my question to myself whether or not who's going to be there tonight so I expect to bulldoze him. Then of course the you know -- -- that would put up these injury reports. And I don't advance look at I'm Lebanese now. Fans look at the -- were more so because the fantasy football culture you know I don't know -- -- to -- out. But. I mean some of these things like Bill Belichick -- so I think every week it's. Tom Brady on his official questionable with a felt. You know and I think he's just having fun with -- because again. And you know well look that's part of the gamesmanship of the whole thing economy nobody really gains entry. Right. Now we -- ability to do that. There there the only thing you can do you think about it -- -- -- team declares them how they can't then again declared them back in the game OK so. That's the only time this you know scenario like that come up to where. You know there's a player that's when your starting core guys and he's declared out. That obviously there's different things you can do it's -- quarterback in the running back hurt somebody else you know significant position. Obviously you have to game plan differently but. Other than that -- mean you can line up eleven guys just a certain number of formations and in certain number of defense is -- for either sounder unsound. And that's just about all you can do so yet you only -- you only can play guess the guys that you know that they can put out there and the guys in particular that are from that that the complaint. Looking down the road and and I said this last week or should -- -- -- -- of -- in last revision Monday night. Looking at what the Saints had a hit for us obviously the Seahawks at night tonight the Carolina Panthers. The Rams you know and then the Buccaneers. You know I send them answers and not understand it in the Buccaneers. Guys that you know. Buckle up the save -- it's going to be all right I don't think each one of these teams are very capable of playing the New Orleans Saints. Very close they'll have. If not very good defense is like the Panthers have the Seahawks have or they have a very very good defense with a hip. Capable defense that -- -- that -- -- -- somebody. Down Tampa Bay's defense coming on strong the Rams defense always plays well down at home and that's where we play them on the road. We get matched up well against them the class do you think drew in this offense can't get things clicking again to make this run -- Yeah they're gonna have to find. I kind of Agassi who put it different ways to get that yeah they're really -- -- are sort of our traditional. You know going -- and then sort of sort pitched around on the edges and things like that to sort of season you know first and keep the drive alive. I don't know if that's gonna work on a lot of these teams so. You know -- -- case in point there has been very many long plays this year at all front line of scrimmage that you brought to you remember about. Wonder what's the longest of Scotland and that would which. -- always -- and our longest running the longest rushing touchdown that the Saints have this year is by Drew Brees and it's I'd fix that lottery -- side and that's it. So you know there's several times he does go down the field you know try and get sort of -- some of the bigger chunks cigars that he gets. But predominantly you know that's to Graham. And the other two guys and throws -- running backs. And I don't. I don't think it's by design I think it's because that it is an injury issues. You know with Colson has been injury issues Lance Moore. Stills of the young guy that has -- we're coming to resilient. -- that right now the only guy that he has that he knows that he can sort of count -- at this point and has sort of because factor with this program. Both teams know that too. So this then becomes. You become almost on a one dimensional and your invention and if you will. Because we do throw the ball so well and we've Nixon you know under it runs but you know relief roles as the guy. We've seen that on the road though what this team travels. Graham gets isolated -- -- and he almost disappears and a lot of these games and but at home. Managers that I mean it's -- hide the way the Saints team plays. Home and away again I don't understand. While -- I don't understand some of that you know to watch some of that plays out the way it is us. But they certainly do play much better here than you -- -- and -- a team members Drew Brees was sort of and vehement sort of argument you go with some of the media talking about other teams of the imagine team -- -- travel well. Well you know he is in his statistics don't -- well they don't -- but they also don't -- this year not -- -- road this year right. So just because we've been good look at a little less last year with -- pretty good as good as today but on the road we haven't played very well this year so those were our losses and become. So nevertheless. This is the team right here that so we don't want us off central lost in your home and and one that could very well -- went on yet. They're used to but the way they run the football. Ends Cam Newton and as well as well with their defense. Another tax base 7870 there's saint shouldn't even try to make the Super Bowl this year. It's in New York it's outside. They're terrible cold weather it would be a big embarrassment if we had to play him personally I don't. Teams change from week weakness that we do weekly. I don't -- -- that you look at it was it was definitely getting here it says you know what. The Super Bowl is going to be me. And -- -- -- well let's wait till it comes around him in Miami that really try hard. -- -- -- -- -- There's not anybody think it's a football team right now and right there's not even think of playoff threat that. They're thinking about trying to -- and three -- an -- tonight beat the papers and credit to beat the Carolina and other than you know the we have some huge issues that you thought anymore -- that. Another Texan it's that -- -- does every champion gets knocked down the Saints will come back and will beat Carolina and I. Look I think our defense is playing you know as well as they have a -- saw you know last Monday night. But rather that they have really really turned into -- solid defensive front that has been a lot of things happens. Take them all away just really become a great -- -- mean it really happens. It turned this thing around completely from what they did in years past at least it was last year. Plastered the defense. -- you do they're really get better and could be worse right. That man this year they have really surprise a lot of people look -- I think it's wrong and nothing is a lot of its coaching a lot of its philosophy replicates the guys that are out there either side of you don't want to sit up and it. In other ones that are sort of violent philosophy and the guys plan and look they're making it happen -- get sick and tired to think with the addition of Carl. And we're used on the back end of that thing has really sort of solidified. A lot of secondary and now. Puts -- we certainly needed along with that and I think he's brought a lot of stability that I'm skeptical that broke him on the good things to happen. Another Texan dates at the feats cavity that but these fans. Is that really the whipping in Seattle at the end of the world don't know its champions of the world just enjoy the rest of the season we still -- -- there's times that teams are gonna hurt you always lose a game during the year so yeah that usually shouldn't have lost and there's times that you kind of winning game. You might not what you want. And again that's kind of where the ball bounces and asked to return always has to do a lot of different things but. No you can't so long as you have the chance to do some again next week when -- do about that very next -- Richard Park. 260 what makes 786 exit 890870. Or you can Texas at 87870. Keeping you update on the X games that are in progress. Are right now San Francisco has retaken the lead over Seattle nine to seven. -- Brandt continues to kick field goals but. Seattle much like the Saints is another team that looks a little different when they go on the road I mean they're there they don't look like the team that we saw but it. Night in Seattle I think that's. Its home field advantage -- there isn't -- I mean on for the players -- I'll. When you look at it I don't think it's just it's it's the travel issues it's. Taking a little bit out your schedule. I mean simple stuff. You know expect him to open it's just it's stuff -- dollars culpable as what you're used to doing -- sort of what your schedule is. Football players are extremely Richmond what to do. You can count I mean you just know exactly what you can do every minute of the day that we've been over the you know team superstition -- -- -- -- it is it's extremely -- -- -- sort of -- Even though you can get on the road. Quote unquote routine which you should. You know the guys that are organizational guys that would -- the buses around food and stuff like that. What they have to be spot on and we had great ones who we are here but at same time travelers -- I I always liked the fact that when you -- into opposing team's stadium that you were there to beat their team physically. I like that feeling you know like didn't lose it -- -- calls were horrible and stuff like college there was motivate me. You know just like like -- It feels they went exactly like this with the right. So but that doesn't that typically that motivates teams and a lot of times and some sort of the attitude and you guys to some of the guys on that. But an act that attitude and we always had a great way we look at going Memphis -- to the team. Look at it -- stats of course that Jimmy Graham it's our big receiver right now. We always talk about spreading the ball and drew over the years is for the fallout someone taxing asking that we need to expose. Robert Meachem a little more at some of the other guys I mean if you look at the stats obviously Jimmy Graham is. Is. Way ahead of everyone else you know when you look at the Carolina Panthers and what the Cam -- those guys do it. They've actually have been spreading the ball out between all of the world. You know between Steve Smith Smith and friendly -- Nolan and then yeah. You know to have focus is your third receiver but then your tight end and Greg Olsen you know. What he's got a number guys -- that he's an able to you know to be pretty good players here. So he's got some guys throw -- and practice you know you have guys like -- -- Williams. On and then you've got a quarterback in the yourself that becomes release and hope mr. leading rusher in team. That's. You know from time to time he usually rusher and so he's he's somebody that fact that we have to watch live -- anybody else. OK I'll stop talking about the Seattle 49ers game because every time I -- a score updates Seattle scores -- now fourteen and nine Seattle as a scored another touchdown retaken that. Dominic Terry here if it means it I'm not worried about it -- So minute left in the fourth quarter scores but our pride and a lot of -- to -- again about it. That game tonight and a lot of -- answer either. Upset another that's there is some of the text or something going back and forth and -- it's it's a basic Alex Rios who did this cool we're gonna we're sort of like. TV program with Malcolm McDowell James Earl Jones -- potential. Tech's gonna get any 7870. Someone says that's not the first time. That's Seattle which is around other players just that much stronger than we are you even have a weight room on airlines but. Now the Texas. It looked like the defensive game plan last week didn't account or the quarterback it's Seattle Russell Wilson. Can't rob Ryan's defense stop both the running back and the quarterback like him you know. Well yeah. You did the yeah of course him and answers yes otherwise you know. He'd be completely -- all the time but. That's the one I guess. Wrinkle if you will that you know somebody with like ago. You just capability. And the running ability that Russell Wilson has or tonight you know Cam -- hands right. If you let him sort of be your legs used to be like Michael Vick was so hard you know to defend against because of that. Seem to have a scenario but Roethlisberger and -- just stick to our advantage hit just exactly -- you know different deal but nevertheless. Yet there is that they certainly have accountability to those guys it's just about playing in you know. I guess -- discipline that you have to have defensively to make sure that that quarterback has always got us violent. I want to make sure he's covered up -- somebody that. Are you doing so I'm a lot of times and he's gonna be lyrics which you down the field with you -- one guy like him at linebacker. That Patrick Willis or something that's just watching that mark that quarterback the whole time he's going around checking him constantly. Then you have issues with you know who's gonna get open where's this match is going to be you know with his commitment to tie it run through the middle of me. It -- football people figures out quickly. And if -- look this is what they're trying to do it was so you try to not make him accountable all the time because it seems like. You know every play that they ran most of us who were you know those. Spread read type situations. We need yeah the defensively you have to have a guy accountable for the quarterback all the time with the fact that they've mixed in a different number personnel groups. And the quarterback is sort of his own guy back there right or guys that you recover. You know sort through and it's our job of five or six for guys to sources they can bottle him up getting now you know if they can -- -- football long enough for what so. As far as being strong -- -- There's teams that before I've just been physically and each guy just a little bit stronger than the next guy you have. You know five or six guys that are that much physically stronger than the guys that -- play against. You know you might have one or two and I think given issues you know you're gonna get pushed around a little bit. And right now that's what Seattle -- and that's what the at this point. -- -- -- With their team and how they work that's what they're doing the pushing people around physically. Another tech city 7870. Says. Oh lead the Saints fans are passionate to a fault. -- -- I see it's of the key issues with the team are one coach who has lost his -- but it's too hard headed to a just know. To an offensive line that gets pushed around weekly and Hillary but the quarterback who has made himself and the team one dimensional don't. If you could go wrong I could go on and off of my thumb is starting to cramp yeah. And I could go on the stance -- was one word yes or no dog Sean Payton is not one dimensional by any stretch of the imagination quarterbacks not made himself. Obsolete by just the only guy that throws the football. OK assuming he's not going to be got to run around that you know what to run down field mean. They've -- to a final that you can think can run out of a paper bag. But. The -- that. Didn't know I know hungry that your best stuff on the -- so. It'll become one dimensional and our quarterback as a player it's just. It's mostly right now offensively our office supplies does not get it down the way they have in the past that we had it. Big physical office while it would have running back Marshawn Lynch either now nobody else does either. You know. Actually the most physical running back there is up there he's more physical -- more physical Peterson is more you know. So at this point no we don't have anybody like that and now. Nobody else does either so when you have a guy like that to be you can exploit. That off -- ones that look guys this going to be a lot of fun here because -- and push people out guess what did you sort of become a team that is known. As sort of our notes you know running down the football team where you can usually does -- -- -- you -- exactly -- defense but we don't have that make -- -- -- but is it because of it in the plan always is that the Saints were and that's all that well it looks past the hole that it's. There's not much -- that's ridiculous they're not the cavs from Thomas is not as physical and keep a lot of guys off crew right there. You know this past year he's got hit more certainly more than you'd like to see in -- room to watch the first game against theirs and when told yes it. He takes anymore those you know he's not a big guy right it's gonna get hurt facets of -- -- we have to do at that point in Houston order. Realized as the Genesis of this team is coming together and a -- offensive line wise these guys got to get physical attitude and -- when he doesn't need to make sure that we keep our number nine right. I'm in one more text answering all the other Texas just gave him. It's as if you doubt the Saints stop wearing the shirts take the floor to lead off your car stops thing -- -- -- who got. Or shut the hell and I they -- You can't. You're just such noticed -- guys that are here wherever you're at. Tom DNC's 63 yard field goal record was broken today. Denver's Matt Prater kicked a 64. Yard field goal at sixteen degree -- -- guests in -- game the snow and you know our ball but as as Tom -- say -- many times we've interviewed AB's and he kicked his below sea level. -- -- compete -- that part out here now that that that's what the differences that if you do -- Denver they don't. Do much anywhere else wrong and so Sebastian Janikowski the warmer but the zone or he was kicking him 75. Homer -- so yeah. They can -- -- -- and it can't beat. But again that was out of the game I. But there you go in the -- knew was gonna happen -- jokingly would say that he knew was gonna happen at some point. So there than and a holder for. At least record -- yeah it's -- for a long long time so there you go when you're more 64 yards. Our right to 601878668890870. Or you can Texas that 878 says that he. Game tonight of course that Carolina and New Orleans in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. -- give you an update on the games that are already in progress. On some of those scorers that are they're -- in you pulled up. We got the Broncos. On -- -- Broncos lead the Titans twenty. Tightly the Broncos at that point 120 half if the Cardinals fourteen Rams three at the half. Right now the 49ers have the lead at -- -- sixteen to fourteen over the Seattle Seahawks. And the Chargers are just all over the New York Giants. When he important nothing. That that path. While yeah it looks like they can get the the office. Certainly as both of those teams are five or socialist I have been evident now but still. -- in the hunt because of -- -- way -- -- that a recent team to can be eliminated that all these teams -- you know. It may lead to war was over Carolina that could clinch a playoff spot today. Yes with a win so. Hard you don't anticipate that that -- the other so. And number team's interest remarkable. -- -- making and there's some that are sort of still partners from the viewpoint as well like it right. Yeah -- it jokingly as recently played Atlanta Atlanta it was still mathematically you know they've got a lot better when we beat them. Let the other they're out there now but yeah this this will be the week typically this is that we just scored a season where you start to yet. You cut off most of those teams you and you finally -- December's win you still want these contenders and pretenders go way the ones that are really on. The Cardinals play the Bears more right right which is good game but that -- when. You accept no planet talked about -- don't. -- I think we're gonna win this to -- it went by a field goal I think it's going to be close but again when he. When he wound up when he -- we we still got about a half hour ago you know that right. Yeah I don't know okay so you've just got to wrap up here I don't know we'll round -- you know I'll tell me to wrap up and we'll come back for another half hour here on WW well.