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12-08 5:10pm Fans First Take

Dec 8, 2013|

Todd Menesses and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners about the upcoming Saints game against the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back defense first take alive for Oceana restaurant 739 halftime. The French Quarter where we do that stuff get ready for every. Saints home game and we got a big one tonight at Mercedes-Benz superdome Leo battle were. Undisputed lead the NFC south round one round I don't know does we will have to play the Panthers again. Into week two weeks from the day the well. And in case you haven't heard the the Rams game the NFL has moved the start time of that game as well it's not at noon kickoff anymore. Now with 330 kickoff. Well it's. -- think are relevant and obviously there. You know viewership is his margin and far reaching so. You can see why I mean that's one of the most entertaining games to watch you know when you see them because they do. Typically have in the past court so many points and -- their defense seems to be playing so well so. And then you just you see we can put last week away balance if we get back on track. Let's get to the -- let's go to look nickel guy phone blocking well written. -- typical guy which I guess. Hello -- -- -- me back to the -- you know you hear it and now here you go ahead. We got a little Ronald they were. Re number news on. Hello. And here I am I here him go to. Patrick accompanies -- on Patrick. Can't. Do Yvonne and Patrick what's up. It just the opposite probably heard about Matt Slater. You know breaking up on the record yes. Of those wanna make sure. You know we got about a million from using your. Yeah we we got to hit it everywhere is no again we rebounds and literally information it's a question about that got. You don't but that particular. It. I don't know I don't know Tom would like that you saw that says that he picked his placebo so yeah. So anyway. It. I'd they -- common you know I grew up there -- I'll definitely not that it makes a difference somewhere that. I'm not so sure how much difference it would make -- sixty degree -- publicly did. You know via an atmosphere and there's one thing. You know sixty degrees and the pit bull awful good you know awful awful -- surface. You know I mean yeah. 5000 trees Peter. You know obviously it was summertime you know and you know obviously bolstered -- -- -- but -- -- on the I don't have an idea from the fact that football team captain whom he agrees with you but if you think he would have a better flight pattern. Takes community 7870s as we should. Pass 60% run 40% and keep the defense honest the Saints beat you start making some plays. And score and we mention that I don't we do the defense has not scored yeah so far this year if you look at the Super Bowl year -- -- had seven touchdown. By our defense this year not. Well look defenses corners is one thing here obviously that certainly. That that that in and of itself as well as -- your takeaways two in a turnover margin. -- so critical but look at this if there's stop and people you know to me that if they can get off the field on third down. And then look at that red zone percentage of -- you know feel that -- report to -- bit. Yeah if you can score that's that's all -- that's going stuff and it certainly helps a lot that. You know you're right if we can start you know really smokers -- the ball and run things Packers who could score stuff like that. -- that is. It's open is terrific -- -- -- that makes up for old drive that could have. -- touchdown drive which could happen Bruno so yet and yet that's huge when you when you certainly get a team to do that that. In any right now are doing a -- we just couldn't stop them and so far they've got a pretty good job of that last week was a little bit of in an anomaly if you will but hopefully it is. Mostly. It's gonna look Jason -- men hate Jason your on -- Thursday. You don't find it. What. -- -- -- it would but we don't -- and Julio or. Well I think it puts this sort of mathematically at least than wild card spot. Based on records and if teams want out there and -- season where. Yeah that. Quote part won't the division. And -- would put -- eleven. Yeah I think this is that this is sort of work you get to that second season you know went sort of that's kind of wanted to articles you have sort of -- that. But when -- division and get the second season which is the playoffs and then once so familiar in there. Finish out your season's strong you can put yourself in position disorder circuit -- things like that. Right or wrong look a lot of things can happen between now and then between its two to Seattle. And it literally fall off a cliff we've seen that happen before so. We need to think about the team picture. You know and -- which -- yourself around who can win those games out which was in some games out -- don't think we have any -- -- -- teams play calling -- -- we're all season they -- -- in his life so at this point it's you know he -- as many as you possibly can hope. If something bad happen to them. Is he here right now there are. You know -- -- -- -- -- where. Well I think you're right him -- look I think if given the shot. I don't know when this team in -- the way I know I would have loved it. Out of obviously you know we got embarrassed them last time. I'd -- have a shot and getting him -- but -- You know. Yeah right right. Now the only the only team that has clinched a playoff spot. Is the Seattle Seahawks pretty NFC now they haven't clinched home you know first place it isn't guaranteed a playoff spot mathematically. Right right. Whole lot happier note you've Embree and -- and all of our other -- here all right but I political you -- do. I think you're at 260187866. City -- -- seventy. These are these the clinching scenarios. -- new world that here if you're asking now. New Orleans will clinch a playoff spot we. In New Orleans to win. And a Philadelphia loss or tie which they can happen this Phillies want to. Dallas lost to retire at Ottawa. Or. New Orleans win at -- lost or tied Dallas also tied with San Francisco -- and Arizona time. Both Dallas Philly game at that time that things went. So none of that really matters because the Philadelphia Eagles to win. To them some but. It's like anything else that they can prevent us from -- 200. Figure out how to clinching scenario. Just the when he you do -- play because assuming different thing I mean literally. It was or five games left at this point yes. Yeah its. You don't have so much that there's so much that can happen to connect to turn a season. You can sort of play yourself into this thing at this point are you could certainly put yourself out of its point. And right now the teams not looking at that -- mean the fans are looking at that sort of thing scenario. Right now the team looking at their opponent tonight which is the Carolina Panthers and what they have to do to beat Cam Newton right -- the -- that's. We need to do anything about so it to -- your business not to what you're doing. And see if we could stop the guy you know I'm saying the guy being Cam Newton -- scores offensively. He's the one that's gonna cost -- the biggest problem -- -- aren't the -- but it's going to be set I think we've done there surely shut down the great running backs. Or at least contain him. You know I don't think there's you know we -- get beat mile long or not but. You know as far as pass play that Cam Newton can keep drives along with his legs and keep things happen and I think that's the thing. He becomes actually more more dangerous taught in a scenario where the plays broken. And as he continues that play and extend that play that's my rookie becomes. I think that's when he becomes the most dangerous guy. All right -- -- -- -- -- analysis -- -- -- they'll let you know half hour. Coming up next -- media spotlight countdown to kickoff at 530 with the popping -- the lives of the Mercedes-Benz superdome. We'll be here revival sent to the studio right now that back for more live from Oceana restaurant. 739 can't time the French Quarter it's -- first take on WW well. And welcome back to 60187866889087. You can also text does that 87870. Got a lot of text coming in this last. Segment here saying to remind people. That the Guinness book of world records will be in the dome tonight to try to break the record for the -- for -- stadium in. The Guinness brewery you know the Guinness and Guinness world record in his book of world records. The gators go get his world record that took us out they don't record book and if the records. The other we're gonna try to break that night and the way this this that. You gotta break the is that -- the -- -- crowd roar and it indoor sports stadiums so it's not that you have to. Be that -- the whole night they're just looking for. One that wow bush where it gets that loud at that point that it breaks that so there and start. Measuring it when we do that who get -- so that'll be good. Sorry point you know that I didn't get a turnover -- hey we might get a pick six something like that are no longer run on him. There's a lot of different things that could happen but it certainly didn't spur them on there's -- where we have been hearing them. You know. And also one other reminder the Saints letting us know that there have been a lot of -- return. From Carolina for this game so there are still tickets available for tonight's game. You have time to give it Ticketmaster dot com or box office at the dome. He any on the ground level as well at the box offices you know that is just wanna make sure we can that. We are -- idea which tees and it does market or -- so there's four games left with that we that there's I agree with you couldn't. There's been negated it looked like people that are agree with. -- let's go to look Scotty is battery and it got me. Your offense first day. And -- How. Who. Let alone. A lot of yeah go ahead. One on -- had a chance -- -- he was Jimmy Graham -- and and you Ingram. Needed a in a basketball game no well I mean maybe it. That you might you might play in the NFL. That. A lot great kid and Phil are you think that Miami you have an. Stroke. But -- teams put on that -- here went out and try to play football we do. Yeah it'd be unbelievable problem is it the same time I. Don't think they wanna risk that. You know I think it's in in this in this discussion has been we've had this before I think it's easier. For an NBA player like LeBron James to probably. Play in the NFL that it would be for an NFL player -- we have yet. -- -- It is just because of -- look at what look at Jimmy Graham I mean he played mostly basketball football -- won this once a year -- -- I right now this room. I feel like LeBron James is that Julius Thomas tied it for the Broncos. I mean that guys have to be looks like a superstar in the making at this point you know that he can stay healthy he's going to be. And he's gonna be hell on wheels he is something else right now. And Atlanta also drafted a they tied it carries it out as a program but he's and it's taller -- as a basketball and there's a couple of guys both Arkansas and plainly than that we're basketball players and really played -- -- proceed to alternate couples went balls and then kind of went out for the season pretty -- to me and Robert brand was his name. In the hip and played for Cleveland and -- for years at -- much it's actually amigos it's unbelievable athlete so yeah I mean it. Certainly could translate benefit sort of the right. Mindset and we're talking to Charles Barkley went on Super Bowl came back here. And he said now anything to do that and it's you -- you -- -- that physical part you're in the mountain rollercoaster you know. That's not my deal it's terrible if that -- -- are you want any part of that you know but again it's it's a mentality -- -- They -- super physical guy that wanted to rosters from Mexico and had some experience that he has that can't imagine not -- -- He'd be a phenomenal player out -- They are pretty infrastructure and yeah he sure is both defensively and with a ball. Before we and Africa and Antonio Gates with basketball I don't know that's what we're doing and don't think -- all right before we we. Run out of time here wanna say thanks to a -- -- and Jose plus the entire staff here Oceana grill is always a treat us right rob are on site PGA. Dominic Mitchum Martin and art -- we have also worked -- patrol. Back of the studios -- express for all the little that he -- -- the crown. While we were here. All right tonight's game Saints and the Panthers. This will be our NFC south prediction brought the Pirates Phillies pizzeria at night and take out. Or delivery -- rich and -- athletes -- really. Since the other games have already taken place at the NFC so we have the main one. Tonight for the lead in the AFC south. What is your prediction. For tonight's game -- court. Yeah no I I don't think we're going to be. I think their defense is too good for us to score like that 3540. Point. But I UCLA you know point seven you know maybe between eight and type of -- game you missed some pupils mixed in that. I think the Saints are good enough at this point and in fact we can stay away community since we're the -- thing if we don't we don't turn the ball over. I just I used to feel like it just went -- an -- is quick -- -- -- -- can score points I think probably. Have that home field advantage of -- a 33 and a half point and field so yeah I would say review by north field goal you so collectively. But I don't think it's going to be kind of anything higher scoring than -- recently points. I think look at this game if you look at what. Games that we've had in the dome this year the Atlantic game. And the 49ers game. I think this game is going to be very similar. That those two to where it's going to be pretty much smash mouth and in the face with -- each other -- gonna come down to who has the ball last. Who wins this game hopefully. The same way of the ball last I think we we do with -- ought to feel like we do against the 49ers so. Obviously the Saints have a close one. Grows as a vehicle and I. What closely and I don't know. Do you think you're really gonna enjoy watching include the linebacker music tackling machine yankees. I know is in his second year but I got some good guys -- like he's been there for a decade and just really you know start and for all arguments sake he's well really maybe the best linebacker we can in this guy's unbelievable where he placed. I'm gonna go. Say it's going to be 27 point four I think we -- the Olympic sports scores and those. And go first if you could say the same thing and yeah well you know it's yourself or Richard yeah I like Q do you know you copy on my feet are too. All right so that is our ups and he's out predictions of -- I've brought -- -- originally pizzeria guided take -- or. The liberty it's written at least some -- Okay who got to -- -- early Texan about breaking the record tonight. Let's make some noise then try to make that noise is gonna start with a group that can't. Goes. That's when they're gonna start measuring the sound so hopefully -- get there early get the don't bull. You know let's let's build this thing out and and sustain the sound and make sure that. The league knows that we have a twelve man advantage here well on their way. If this group -- -- supporters to get back on the winning side it's so to me that that's first and foremost Alter our leader by what. Was just make sure we don't. Exactly yeah and that's the other part of it if we do our part that hopefully they'll do theirs and we'll come out on the winning again. Thanks everyone once again here and coming up -- -- the spotlight countdown to kickoff live for the Mercedes-Benz superdome with Bobby -- And it -- -- bill of media. This has been -- first take from Oceana restaurant we'll see you guys next week and 11 o'clock for the St. Louis Rams game about.