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12-8 6pm Countdown to Kickoff

Dec 8, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the Saints game against the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the bunt like countdown to pick up on the New Orleans Sainz radio that I ran out of the Saints that that it directly to -- injury -- at saint ignited three and it happened to riding an eight game. Win three let's go back in sentiment statement superdome with saint violence -- -- -- that the pre game through 40. I deaconess thank pregame injury report it brought you back to -- institute of sports medicine for the athletes in all of us now for the inactive today for the Carolina Panthers would be. Taveras -- Marvin make not. Josh Norman Kenya on Varner. Jordans -- CN. Chris got in frank Alexander in the enacted the -- for the thank you Brian Griffin dropped field bush. -- way too young to Austin Toronto aren't dead nick -- Think -- -- and had to think pregame injury report brought you back to -- institute sports medicine. By the athlete in all of us. And you know hope what you look at it you have luck with injuries and well we look at next treatment and all that the line. I mean if you don't that's critical going forward that you know who's available not available and you can never use that as an excuse. We'll let things like when you look at teams that we -- to win championships. That let you would think timing. They were able to get back healthy because you had a bye in the first round playoff. -- that all go to the play can make it different from what you live. You know Bobby -- it's funny that you mention that because it is sitting here watching the end of the San Francisco Seattle game -- that -- won that game on on the success with that and you know I can always remember back in the day you know when it was only it's 1949 and we -- -- he went in. You -- we're playing so well one thing you know that that at the end of the season. Don't care right -- Montana. Yeah. Roger Craig Tom -- mean John Taylor and all those guys seem to be healthy Ronnie Lott had been the whole bunch -- and then there were no injuries on that team and anyway you don't always -- it when young when he gets those guys it was like well. We don't against their AT and -- and maybe you had an injury maybe you didn't which he never had an opportunity. When you play and one of those bail out route and you know if like you say it we knew when you get luck with -- injuries like that in your healthy. Late in the -- in it. But more than anything you don't -- that maybe even more important than home field advantage depending on who you're playing. And you what state and yet claiming if you got all hands on that. Well you know your perfect example. It's -- years ago yet look -- football team rookie of the year they cannot help me. All of a sudden they they can then we will read that you're into late the number of years ago. We always thought that the -- bowl team that hey wouldn't that it's night and yet it was the Giants. That particular nine and they got their butts all over the place so it goes to -- you how crazy yet though this blah. Look at it like to keep players that that we count on and and not hurry back and reflect of these these two particular games. That's never the -- of the playoff Pierre Thomas gets knocked out the beginning group played it yet. Darren Sproles gets knocked out how we could utilize them I don't know where we structured like no we need those guys. Put a whole game the heat even -- -- balance that they fill important what we do offensively. Could we not get it is VOK. It doesn't matter you know we were running we get a run the ball. No we're not struck it. I mean a lot of times that bank W watching the game. Is 31. On one it happens like on a -- it's a plastic got on a certain outlook. I kind of felt we could run this though we rectum or to pass play but it's amazing. I'll. You know you look at the F fifteen. And -- -- -- excuse. Well but -- significant player perfect example rideau re being mean to us. Look at the Packers -- honor rod. That's their fight of their friendship yet apparently make it well maybe it's our sport you get back. You like Saint -- Knicks fan -- -- got a reality -- but it appears that next thing. All right we will continue the but I count down -- -- off on the -- all things radio network. Is about like I've got a kick out -- -- take a look at today's opponent that this team from may wind standpoint they've won eight straight in the last eight weeks though the team has done that. No team has won more games this season with the city seats particularly as they started you know. It cannot McNabb doesn't welcome in the ball as the Panthers make Nixon -- you've been around as -- organization on awful long time but an eight game win streak. Tell us about it drag you guys have been known. Been amazing first of all I'm talking -- Hokies headsets -- now. And it's a close I've ever come they haven't hair product don't mind here. If this is a good stuff Feierabend ya got it set up in this Booth it's an honor to be all week you. The Panthers are good fellas this is not it's Linehan there's -- David Copperfield would've Mears and magic tricks the Panthers are. Pretty rocket. Pretty physical I was talking on our off on our radio network the Panthers network earlier tonight and I was thinking it's kind of like a fancy -- sports car. Against de and all terrain vehicles so we'll see if the Panthers could drop into the four wheel drive tonight Nixon yardage against the -- Now -- if you look at the way they had pages and how they're structured. And and I appreciate this and I think a lot of times you look at the parity in the league it became its wanted to threat to look on the disputed that line. But more importantly the contribution. Young players. But he can't go against these these cuts considering the expectations that he wants -- It's star a lot to -- -- for -- -- that right but with that they've been unbelievable. But they wanted to think like they occupy blockers and after that look good -- salute Heatley. In accommodate David that the world control in the back. Gaudio a lot of young legs on the defense your drive Bobby and it's stars got the most commonly. Butchered a name in the history of yeah. I don't know they didn't know what you know what that's like from your Bobby Herbert -- yeah -- -- all the exactly but it's a starlet delay. But then -- starlight platoon places name stars playing great KK short been playing great. Really can't do it in the 2011 draft and then Luke Heatley the 2012. Draft. -- position the Panthers -- -- I would think rightness of it we don't know anything about that yet right now Phantoms had a nice season but the real work remains to be done. But I'll have to mention -- that this is Carolina panther team you all talked as much about Thomas Davis from linebacker number 58. Not just coming back from three major operations on one -- but playing in. The best football of the life on retread that need the combination of Davis and keep the -- at least if you vote against the -- him like right. Now -- also you're thereabouts on that horrible the Rodney -- you feel against the great players. -- -- really follow football I mean you know you look at last year OK everyone herta Von Miller LL the number of bills you know end up going to the Ravens. Acute lack at the plate with that. You would think that that defeat the probably the best offering that I've seen from players and -- -- it. Along lit -- like Hootie Johnson but you look at Charles Johnson. And Greg Hardy last year. Haven't what it mean to have sacks and I think I get right up there again without Charles Johnson may have in -- with seven. That what they want -- Carolina was struggling Charles Johnson -- struggled. Exactly that you guests on the Saints last through the the Seahawks last week and they've got their legion of blue. -- talent T bothered him earlier this week that the Panthers are the legion of blue WHO him. There's nobody knows that a lot of these guys are -- and you're right about Charles Johnson is incredible. That that CJ Charles Johnson and has had this season the career he's had he doesn't really look. That imposing he doesn't look at all like that big range he beat Greg Hardy looks the part and is the port Charles Johnson just kind of country strong in and the low center of gravity he's got a couple moves countermoves off of his signature he rushed. And -- chart. He is cleared to go tonight and he's looked good in practice. We'll see how much contact he can take and always there was nervous about presidency Ellsbury. Vick know what that thing so last week you watch the game and they were already knowing Gerald McCoy as the defensive player of the year how well to get played with the bucks doesn't pick it up there with what he's done a great job. And right and the bill would have been his hip pocket most of the game. That's -- that guy on that offensive line that has played so well. And yet virtually is maybe the Bulls punts a football player who's played big time for the Panthers over the last couple seasons. Love. Brian tell -- he is a high IQ football. Player he's. Terrific at it get that -- action Cam Newton doesn't have to really really worry. With Colin the protections in the toddler make it any adjustment at the line Franco will take care of all that the problem though for this so line. Is how they gonna get the silent count. Mean you get a snapped in this building but the worry the Panthers have fellas is that the Saints can dial into. The -- and beat coach the Panthers. Silent count rhythm and get a great take off have the Saints had success in doing that at home this season. Well. No problem is that latter part Whitney was in Baghdad we Jackson that question at the end Iguodala to talk with the film won yes it's uncommon tech. Hate that people been interviewed -- but occasionally highlight or to be a two way exchange of information and ideas -- I'll learn from you guys as well my question to you guys was. The that the Panthers have to worry. That the Saints are going to be five in two and the code the Panthers silent count -- if you ask me about right trial. Have the Saints had good blocking getting it gets off this year in this building. Yeah if you look at you and you don't let yet to Atlanta has gotten off. And can't start can't aren't they playing in approval level it the only way to get that the hall. In an October of that nature that things and this lifted a team hit. Can't -- He's influenced you paid big bucks you Malcolm Jenkins got a -- admitted they got to play great you think you'd be good. They were those who vote against Seattle that has to be critical that they show up against Carolina what they that they make and -- it. I think Russell Wilson is about as steady as they come. But I definitely think it more of side we can you and but there's also the down side doesn't mean it sounds like yeah me -- -- To me if you let him get outside the pocket -- his -- noted arm. He's been a part to think now once -- -- you to put eight in the pocket trying to stop the run. I think got to force camp news team you -- all the the world within the pocket now thinking that if they had felt. But I helped him get outside. That that is not a winning formula for the thing. I agree with you that's good call and I think that Cam Newton does have. An impressive skill set he's not just this linger in the pocket. He's got a better touch on the deep ball in the mid range game that his stats suggest that the receivers. Have dropped them to me I've got less of a question about how -- gonna play tonight than I do about how -- fell. Steve yeah -- stick it out cleanly they will catch the ball those guys are gonna -- out fight. The Saints corners and safeties for the football for the panthers' passing game to get off. Vick makes -- he had the ball is the Carolina Panthers make always a pleasure thank you so much of the time a great call tonight. Operation fellas thank you all of them are trying to make -- -- idea that you get the -- I can't got a kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back it's above I count -- to pick up all night at least the New Orleans Saints. Oklahoma to the next time this morning -- -- difficult Saints and the Panthers turned down -- sound that's it. It sort of development Saints radio network the San Francisco or has it come from behind and they defeated. The Seattle Seahawks 1970. Handled a lot of people outside it was just gonna keep in mind. You can only focus on what you can control the Saints can act and so anything when it comes to Seattle. It would have to continue to lose more ball games down the stretch of the season they would have to go one at three. In their last -- that you wouldn't go right or you know that haven't they own the tiebreaker. In the NFC -- the two best second record and beat Carolina and -- of the people who. Now the you know the points right when he went through Reed arena. And you are critical. When it Garrett Hartley. Aren't there counting on our kicker Graham Cano is that I -- you know -- but if you look at what he's done. I don't want it to come down. Did that eight game winning Kate. -- honor mean I'll pick it -- -- count on it with on please try Casey and Dominic Dunn wouldn't want to build on it. Just thinking this guy you have only played by two points and they haven't yet you are kicked the guy that Cano for Carolina he's gonna make. -- -- got that chance that the game winning kick yet they make it it is that -- in the NFL. Where you can is that the Cubs through. If you look at game right now I would converted eighteen of money. Field goals. Paula thinks both -- For fifty yards or more. And they also lead the NFL a touchback. The Mike -- not only does things that you missed all these how accurate so that's why I don't know I -- We can be like you know I'll I'll only be -- game if we have a score be. And Iguodala -- the -- the bullet I think it let me ask you zero. Because I mean that's the witness game looks the that we play all these games have been close you know how good they are they know. If you walk but the pick Bard is Duke -- your backyard yeah you -- pick campus -- there. -- that this last week and I'll say it again he was last week we -- but Drew Brees. And they don't. And I think that's the big difference here you got a guy that has won a lot of gains in money time -- Russell Wilson -- last week you the best player on the field. But the guys. Drew Brees pass that beat about. We -- and the wind. -- environment in the superdome I mean that the proof that the voting. Brees and company his teammates have won their last games straight home prime time game. So this is prime time we collect eleven and roll with when I look at his production. Read -- all 33 touchdowns. And just four in effect in that span. The -- if if if he does that and -- scoring defense this year we've only given up fifty points a game. Mean all the way you can that you turn over the ball so we even on the plus side. Now not Carolina has taken the ball away. Sixteen games in a row so I'll be as it has to be a total team effort the bottom line is just -- you have to win is no excuses. You have to -- take terrible field. That the parity is that close. Between us. Carolina at a party -- honored at the -- I think on all those teams. -- plays and hold the got a great chance to win and that's what we got Carolina -- out. Know it at -- in his game this season ain't over. But if you look at what you tell them -- -- Global economic need now after only two games have applied you got -- at night. Because -- let it go but tonight. I mean I don't like object of going over there in the 82 week. We got away tonight it was our game but it make -- I -- to continue to -- like -- got a kick off I don't wanna see him work. -- cam Newton's third year AFL looks like he's always been an athlete. Mostly he's much more patient and polish as a quarterback just mentioning your take on or not I think that's very accurate I think. The one thing you see is someone who's making very good decisions with the football. And so. With regards to whether he's running it with regards to whether he's thrown it out of the pocket I think he's very very. Instinctive. With regards to big play opportunities or keep and it. They're doing a great job of not turning the football over. And I think to play in a complimentary game you know went with what they're doing defensively what they're doing offensively. And you've seen the guy now lead his team from behind in this when streak and a number of times so. There's that confidence that comes with that you're seeing when you're seeing his growth right for an -- Third down probably only an important down in this game because Carolina leads the league -- time of possession -- talk about the importance of public are down to the top two teams in the league. In the in that statistic -- third down is gonna tell you a lot I think it's been talked about earlier I think it's going to be. You know important for. For these teams and ourselves in Carolina the emphasis of trying to get off the field on third down or stay on the field offensively I think that's going to be very important statistic -- last week in Seattle looks like their defense is able to -- off the ball so quickly because of the crowd noise is -- your defense will have. -- have been through the crowd noise is that. That's a true factored in the defense get off the -- so I think it in in very loud environment that it absolutely is a factor in. -- the communication that might take place within a given protection. So. You know playing at home and playing this game and home. It is always an advantage in. And deal with crowd noise when you're on the road is something you have to do you know you have to get used to. And finally your impressions of -- usually play really well -- for some football for the Panthers he's been amazing he's very instinctive and so to begin with his ability to look at. Formations. And eliminate plays and and basically. Narrowed down. Play options for the offense so he he he studies the game I'm sure extremely well because there there are a lot of times it looks like he knows the play before run. He's a great tacklers around the ball on every play -- -- come off the field and he's having a great year and someplace for a time I appreciate it looked absolutely think you. All right. Getting it close to the Saints and -- and it does it since I stopped me and Bobby what is it gonna take. What TV I date for the Saints hop over the top in beyond that -- well they comical at three phases but the first phase ultimately. If you can't give Carolinas start feel it would have been a party niners. We were fortunate to win that game that showed out there who are we don't mind is mandatory drug truly believe that they've got to be even if not on the plus side. Now what Carolina has forced no turnovers. The the sixteen game they're ruled a fumble and an NFL. There are less than where it was three no we need to be opportunistic. In the on the plus side also look. Within our car. They've had a double of the game they're number one time of possession where number two those numbing as they give. Look throughout the game on third down. From both teams -- third down offense third down defense -- the team is having success in the red -- You Ford's few goals that they'll give up touchdowns because Carolina has been I believe in those areas so if we take care that. That they -- when they -- but I think it's gonna come down to maybe Garrett Hartley having to have a game winning kick I think it could be that close outlook of a sudden like point you'd want -- All right let's Boston segments as they sent notification visited New Orleans Saints radio network. -- I don't get -- Christie Garrett on what are. During the game accuracy again once think sound -- -- out and oppose giving you an accident suicide. Like no one else can't and then after the game it's a locker room so -- the Saints radio network. And it is the point have to -- to -- -- -- Bobby -- fifteen easy through in different scorer Atlanta is -- -- might give us he'll pick the Saints and the ban. Become vocal what are you forth to what he reads things I think he beat this game is offensively for the Saints Jimmy Graham. Wouldn't blazed. At the top level again. And it you know just like to win football games he has that gotten them offensively and defensively you got all the weapons on there a 140 yards rushing. If ticket at the one that -- -- sixties. It's it's all local you gotta hold them until 140. Hope we're turn over a big play on the Mets but I think really here's the Saints all -- -- Drew Brees Jimmy Graham. They got -- -- tonight. And again the Yankee game that practices Saints -- Griffin -- who has. -- weighed the odd that Dawson to run on in the two and in fault that nobody coming up after the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bobby a -- updates on game day crew there Robert -- Manning has been sold in the Booth on the sound I think this is Garrett. As saint violence OK guys I'm Tim Anderson the thought that they bring you New Orleans Carolina right now on the New Orleans Saints. Radio network.

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