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12-8 10:50pm Sean Payton

Dec 8, 2013|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton talks to the media after the Saints 31-13 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Obviously was important win for us come. I thought we the concern I had coming into the game was just. Still haven't let that energy you need to play in a divisional game like this with a short week. I thought the the schedule worked out the players handled that part of it real well. And I thought they had enough energy and I thought we played and played with it with a lot of emotion. Come. We ended up getting the stops we needed defensively put the score. Late in the second quarter was important for us. We threw it obviously a lot more than we ran a football. And I thought our protection was outstanding against the front so. Good -- good team win against very good team that will receive here and couple weeks so many questions. On tells me. Well I think look I know our players use that we we all welcome and in the you know this. We knew this was good team just look at that. Season they're having the record they they had lived up to argue that that's really good quality wins. The play from behind the plate who had so. There's going to be were have to play. Well all three phases. And I think by and large we did that. He'll be quick turnaround we'll play these guys and two weeks ago. But but we we felt like this is a team that we were playing that a lot of confidence that it. He moves. There's no way you win as many games and road is they have without having the confidence so. I was pleased with how we handle that we can. And how we play. -- We were killed him in there you know a lot of places. You know quarterback it's the 2000 yards runner up. Fireworks and stop the game and who just kind of but not bad boy -- a little bit. No I think that's a pretty unique. Feat when you look at the history of earlier. I don't know that anyone was really paying quite attention to when that happened two or. Would play it happened on but. Certainly this week he was brought up and we were you made aware of it so be in that class of -- four people now. Really really. It's on his consistency is your abilities availability. Along with his skill set you know and and a there were happy form obviously approach. The game. I thought listen I thought would by and large. Two things were important we we we boarded really the big play explosive play I mean they have some big games and they're going to win in camp. It's a great job of coming -- extending plays that it really makes it tough. When your man or zone coverages because I didn't. You know instead of covering for three and a half seconds four seconds all of a sudden there's 672. Route. And it's very difficult so I thought. I was really pleased with how we're it would go off the field and minimized the -- plays and it's a team that's -- the top of the league with those. Yards game be it the road to the press so. I thought we handled that. Particularly well and then until we're able to capitalize offensively off the field position. And they get an early lead and take advantage of that. There. He that we know that those are burned sacks against them good and he's he's difficult to bring down not only. With his mobility but with the strength. Sometimes we were rushing three sometimes five. Home. With those those guys didn't really really good job due to Cabrera Juba. The down and distances took advantage of the crowd noise and that was pleasing. You just. You you know you there's no certainties. I think the one thing that was it was obvious that we knew we knew the importance of the game it's a divisional game and both teams were in threes so. Q was just get the rest and a change in the schedule looked. So. -- -- Well we wanted to throw early early and often in -- was just told an open and get the right help. For the tackles and mixing up the protections so. Got to change in personnel groupings Upton and until we get into a little bit rhythm. Well. That would be an example though you know because that first series I think. -- we ended up three and out I thought we had two or three defensive holding calls it didn't get called. Than. Do we do you can't really complain about it I thought our guys were resilient and came back -- and you got over the -- go to Google we got maybe a little bit more man than we expected but I thought we handled it well. There are going to be games when. War there moving me there because of the beautiful it's all these problems. -- -- like it was war. Balances it. It is stuff I thought it was really big the first drive up and you know we -- would get off with a field goal would that occupied some time. The -- The -- In the in the face mask you know we line drive opponent to -- -- he gains there -- many yards it's face mask by the potter and all of a sudden. The field position differential -- play like that was substantial. I -- hold them to field goal on that particular drive was. Loose. Huge. Because you felt that potentially going to tighten up and that that whether it was 30. PTV. -- And I think that takes place weekly I think you know we were right world record says we are. And that's that's Rose truth. You know we've got. We've got some tough games here starting with Sunday and a team that has played extremely well at home. Turnaround we play Carolina again -- -- who's playing well so it's -- stretch right here that were you know fight. -- atop the division. Give ourselves best chance possible to to play longer than the regular season you know -- each week we just what the opponent we're playing and try to purposefully together. Because guys. You know I thought that play -- you know Paul shall we goes please. You look. I think we're at that point in the season would you rely on our leadership. I don't have enough rest -- from this game we just played better. You know I think we're at that point of the season or the you know hopefully. I think the better players understand how important these games are I think I think they do.

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