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12-8 11:10pm Hokie Gajan

Dec 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd be in the saint post game leaderboard is brought to you about two lane institute of sports medicine for the athlete in all of us now Broderick Bunkley. Oh win out with a back injury they say that the timing was questionable to return I don't think I ever saw him back in the game meant that. And then Josh he'll win out where they hamstring -- And he remained out for the remainder of the game in. Other than that that's the only injuries that I know low vote from the site satellite on and that's the Saints postgame injury report. Brought to you about two lane institute of sports medicine for the athletes in all of us. Hope the Saints. You look good last week it tonight or they put it together have to be at Carolina Panthers. Drove the first two rounds I thought well he NF smoking -- -- the first into the Saints 263 plays minus one yard field goal. Getting at first it did this Saints team you are my three plays four yards and if you go. Force and an excuse to feel go to today good field position go through PI thought early on. The guy you're absolutely right DP you know I mean as it turned out I mean -- and -- things weren't bad -- you know I kind of figured there's. That Carolina offense gonna come out and do a lot but -- Seattle did. On Monday night and -- needed to Italy so way that the numbers all stacked up because the of the -- Carolina defense was every bit as good or maybe even better. -- -- Seattle in the saint kind of went out there. Then you've got back to their way up play and I mean just kind of Cilic is that brand of all gave me a couple tidbits here that is the Saints are eleven and no -- primetime home games. Then in the last four seasons and knows four seasons in prime time Drew Brees got 37 touchdowns to only four interceptions and there's Christian was talking to him to junior bill that there -- five sacks on Cam Newton is a tough thing to do you did they keep it they all came on third down. So not only yielded just HC a hold of me and get off the field on third down they -- they did by getting a sack -- Q1 of the toughest guys in the league. Do sax so everything just kind of came back together. The Saints -- that we saw before. The Monday -- thing in and you know look I admitted I was quite concerned. Climb back from Seattle say man you know. We didn't just butchered that game up with a whole bunch of penalties in a bucket turn over -- took a pretty good thumping. -- good football team. Twins maybe it does show you that the sites are not nearly as good in the elements but when you -- when he had the clay -- indoor you know whether it. Community here and do it especially here in the superdome. But even Atlanta -- going next week two to Saint Louis that's probably. He is the biggest difference that does that to Saints have over in their opponents that they do play so much better indoors but. Nonetheless to me it was terrific to see him bounce back like that I would've never. I guess that the Saints would. The other 3113. Win. I am a little bit disappointed in that -- the one touchdown at the Saints gave up fourth and seventeen. It just don't let anybody -- in the end zone and run a hook crowding -- to -- not that that was. Any big deal other then pay if you do it to five yard line and you tackling and being that you also won at least -- going over the saint toned down but don't let that be a touchdown. They showed a picture of Rob Ryan on TV -- -- a little bit disgusted with dad but. Other than that I think that he's got a whole Lotta things to be real proud of that defense and you started off about what you said right -- those first two drives of the field. To be able hold in the two field goals in you you heard Sean Payton when he said that the other player fields the punt return in the face mask gave him -- real short field.

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