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Dec 8, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the Saints victory over Carolina 31-13.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the point -- -- all on the Saints radio network week BBC food the world famous for its quota on a -- viva Rio and golf team that's brought you by Tito's hand me rocket and -- have a great that would be Smart -- choose a designated driver. -- victory as a Saints defeat the Carolina Panthers by a score of 31 at thirteen to Blanco our team in three. Now on the season in 70 at home cajun cannon. After two Grimes the safety thing it's really put the clamps down on the Carolina Panthers and dominate this game. Think if you look at it if it takes a mature team the delta. All the -- have a very disappointing loss to say that he got embarrassed last week in Seattle and you don't necessarily get off to a great start against Carolina. You look at Carolina. Really their first. Third down situation they converted. The pit bull their neck there were only six of 1540%. That we end up being seven at 1258%. And to -- the -- -- that. Is because. Coming into this game if you look at total package. Offensively he gets -- how hot Carolina was. You -- third down offense third down the pits red zone offense -- don't -- it nobody was better in the Carolina -- that's why don't bet. Because I thought we win the game -- that'd be more like point 31817. To thirteen. Not 31 to thirteen. With unbelievable. He's so hot dominated the thing torn -- water and how explosive they can be. Carolina's defense only gave up two touchdowns. In the first half all season. Not think about that. Carolina Panthers defense only gave up two touchdowns in the first half all season. The think -- touchdown in the second quarter. We can't settle for field goals. -- all of a side that gave by. We was the one at the beginning then but don't break. I thought that was critical and crucial. When all of a sudden. That they eat up the clock listen. They went thirteen plays 53 yards against what. Six minutes eighteen seconds don't only winning 30. I'm look at that and all the so we go three without that is his Diaz but I am telling you what what would -- the biggest are doing. There -- grab it receivers. And they get a trying to get away with everything it killed official called the -- I'll call the penalty nothing about it in theory. Okay domino that on the anti trying to be subtle with a little dog here and there but they don't call -- it's not a penalty. And think about it if you do and it. Every play that I gonna call a penalty. Every play but I thought the -- did a great job in that second quarter with initially was 35. Brees to Colston. You're a bad -- picked -- he has a complete. In -- who went three and out. Did they -- community in yardage. All the study goes 32 yards. Penalty at face mask the mores and thousands of deserving. I like more stick gate gate giving them the business. But if you look at all of a sudden now they go. Ninth place knowledge what Lisa Gerrard. Who we -- guess what. Another few local so it's only six to zero even though. We've got to this part the fans to try to get in the game but you can't get in the game and nothing good -- -- united is gonna yell like a while we're in. And that's something good to cheer about. And it goes to show you how we have a mature team at the handle adversity. In the first water we had the ball. Only three plays. And it was a minute and 5656. Seconds left in their first quarter. We will be holed the second quarter came around and we -- That Carolina then -- behind. I'm trying to think it nicely but that definitely was the case. If -- constant if you look at it we were still explosive. They were kicking field goals and we were getting touchdown. Now we're up by players that came to play. Can't jar and our whole defense. Having all those states that thing about -- he wanted to know why. They've actually it was like six -- fifteen. All of us think sacks five sacks came on third now -- game. Came on third down crucial Donald would you gotta stop your opponent. You know what else. Think when. Think when. When this happened. Not think about it -- there's still a big. And there's so it makes it greens. We got a high powered off the entire retirement large. When we have zero turnovers and now Tony forgo. The one floor and follow. Truly out Julio allow an opponent what are your fuel point. Now the Bulls with Gordon's seventy you know like we we gonna knock him more now. But we still held to thirteen. What your point -- now 47 at three. 47 away Cleveland that is all. Dominates it bothers me. Thank you look at it now -- may for prime time. Listed all the nation's eyes. Were all of them detonation. At this team to see how we respond. Okay you look at the benefit of bad with Carolina. This thing the Seahawks in the 49ers. They thought prime time with regard so if that dating all of the -- -- are on the food nation. And guess what. If you look at it. Where you are and what you've accomplished. Its coach Payton arrived. In 2006. Sunday Night Football -- word about work Monday morning and -- we come and support the team. We're now gave him one on Sunday Night Football. And guess what in the superdome. We're six handle -- -- -- football. Three golf swing and the superdome. Totally cut dominate the opponent. And it's hot I don't want that happening Carolina. Two week. Well I know if we got three games left. This is one -- wherever you wanna call a crack games so whatever we got to go to Saint Louis and beat Iran -- better than the Rams. We gotta win the game no matter what. Football when he did not I'm telling you what. You have to lay an egg -- fallen off faith. And not to be the number two seed and have a bye and have a whole playoff game. Battle what did I think about him. Seattle at Dallas the dog fight it off the San Francisco. So what if you out of got double exceed. Meant and I'm -- got to work volunteered my behind -- that you try to get that back and whatever but if you look at Seattle. Okay they're dominant home with their human beings. I can tell you right now. And I'm going to be objective about it you -- playing the World Series. Our NBA playoffs that you had to win the best out of seven. -- -- at seven I'll play like out chances. The goal at Seattle but it's one game it is wind game if you can have the ball bounced away. In that one game that's what it takes all of a sudden. You have an upset in this noble who knows somebody else might have the ball bounced their way to -- Seattle. In all of -- side. Did FC championship game might end up coming here. But I'll tell you right now we keep winning. The last game against Tampa Bay might be relevant -- it doesn't matter if -- win -- lose. -- you think about that we get to that point take care of business against the Rams take care of it against Carolina. The last game irrelevant. We have a body. And we got a hold game so did anybody who beat up. You get the rest is. Good the last game. Because it's irrelevant to schedule now the NFL here is it what you play all out. Who we look at -- of future. Look at but it pulls the hoop and all that we try to get back to the focal. At the what I'll say you get that by and all ought -- that we all know Matt. It's easier went to gain together and it's doable and -- that it's doable I don't know you've got to go to that don't. And that's why this game with the all important. And we beat a great thing I'm telling you. We lost a great team last Monday night in a short week we. Need -- What about the people that the outlook problem I think the call up. That -- good all of a sudden they wanted to call out that it's the -- game. And they were telling me all the that the say thank you people you people I know what you have in Louisiana like you people. A you to go back to Texas if you -- -- get it here but the Cowboys. People if you look a McDonald in -- So what does that make the Cowboys. OK we got a -- but Seattle sort of that put Dallas. Now it is garbage -- that there are the -- like that but I'm like going Eagles. All of the Eagles -- -- -- -- New Orleans 31 Carolina thirteen disappoint after the -- radio network. -- welcome back to the point out to New Orleans 31 Carolina thirteen rich PD seafood and a world famous for its quota thing about being its the holiday evening unit that put the delicious food all year. If but it right on you know -- but they they -- also brought you back. Tito's hand may -- and what was have a great time but these small teams. The designated time the Louisiana that -- -- ability to -- fifty dollars for each turnover created by the New Orleans Saints. That the LSU school with industry -- tonight. The defense in -- Yeah he's still there and haven't turned that corner but that's all right we didn't do that and oh yeah that's the main thing that's the thing you know have to win it but don't lose Disney even up front are on the plus side they'll be the negative side and I think that -- The -- Joseph the ball bumps and outweigh. Hopefully it'll come sometime in the post season. Right they can that's not saying it's we'd all NFL team right now to show how good we are but nothing give it to we have not had. Yeah at a school with gore picked sixth right a punt return boys girls almost broke. Want my return and heated up the middle when a second look at my notes and think -- like a seventy yard return. And and and and all of a sudden. You know it's gonna happen who's gotta keep the faith. Because you come at a crucial time -- that could be the difference you know let you win or lose but the I have somewhat surprised. In the hoopla -- the reason why I say that I thought we would win. But I thought it would be more. The previous Carolina games when rested to start this season. Seattle went to Carolina. Seattle DeAngelo Williams moment at the end -- with 12%. You know and all the Buffalo late in the game also looked at Carolina. Will win Carolina beat the 49ers in at San Francisco he was in fifteenth. That's -- for us to score 31 point that's the great achievement. And be that eighteen point tonight Bobby is one of the bigger victories in these series with if you like to play through it -- it. Because he is beginning it was a 33 point a lot of I've been close this. However the eighteen points is one of the big victories we've had history here yet they got because it's been they've been. As tough. As any well we've played you know you look at okay how the game's gonna come out. Now if you look at now in this series. It's been that close and NFC South Carolina still holds -- nineteen to eighteen edge. But since 2006 on the coach -- they still hold -- -- now it's on 87. Like you said. -- evidently. Contests have been decided by eight points or less obviously that was not the case tonight as -- flat out. I'll put a -- Carolina. And then at if he can you can do is Superman. Breakout with the big as that his chest. Know our defense then let them do that and he had a big run. I thought house -- don't make can you get out the pocket if you look at the beginning of the game. You know you want him to stay within the pocket and sacked him five times but. He he had a big time run and a look at in my notes. When he scrambled it was third and six it was actually. I want to say about the fourth or fifth play of the game you read that nineteen yard you know and that's and that's who we cannot do don't let him get out the pocket -- -- No don't and birth crap out there and everywhere and I've yet they went. They were three for three on their first 33 down the birds at their gravity with three it will. They got three it is 63 down conversions on the first on the first two rounds we talked about earlier it. They went all the way out talk 26 to rattle off first hinted at that point 63 plays minus one yards and a full of levity to the field -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean yeah that -- -- -- you know -- -- eighteen point it changes the whole complex though but Dan that the vehicle Whitney stated in the end of the game not -- -- all of -- done what we scored there's no we winning. And that's exactly what happened force of the three we were 76. And even though they had all the momentum in their fourth. In the first water and not a health club average team. A better second water obviously. Now with the old nomination. Obviously with the etiquette. Of the Carolina spent a great team. Not a team in NFL making this game winning eighteenth in a row we'll have that kind of second quarter. And to have that momentum going to have time. I mean that that that was critical. Crucial whatever you wanna talk about I don't know what Ron Rivera. You tell them at halftime you know life. Because they're never did in that situation no I can't blame it back to back one night when it's my dog was yes are we got to go out -- I'm thrilled yeah radical but it still it. There's negative claim for those first two draft by the 22 offensively 79 yards and six points. On their final eight positions fawning offensive plays that points. And a 160 you know they did not dominate and he talked about third down. And how we started off so hot in the 33 for three defeat street to a and if you look at it crucial up ladies I'll be with them like -- -- big time that you got to the eighth. Also -- coverage. Because to me a lot of times the coverage. Or they can use him to hold the ball we repeat TD in the pocket that you look. All five sacks came on third down. Vs can you know that it that is -- confusing and I have a lot of banking and that is it to me let me tell you. I don't know just speculating here but how lucky can you his arm is so strong. He reminds via Colin -- predict. Reminds of a guy -- we've got -- You might give it -- -- quarterback Aaron Brooks. They got strong dollar but they got to see the receiver open before they throw it and they can't jam it into a lot of time. But they don't have the anticipation. A Russell Wilson -- Drew -- you know whether receivers euphoric about the break where you place the ball. So therefore. Got a hold the ball longer. And you put all that the line and -- for a -- always make the over the line better. Because he anticipate throws and he doesn't -- it in the pocket. All right final score Wallace 31 Carolina thirteen will come back if you calls and also have a fool's -- what recap all of today's action with the Saints network school board. We Steve ago we've been easy food different quotas it's the point out to New Orleans 31 Carolina thirteen this -- the -- radio network. Drew Brees passed for 313. Yards and four touchdowns in the Saints smashed Carolina 31 to thirteen to regain sole possession of first place. In the NFC east that south. And snapped the Panthers winning streak at eight games. Brees again -- on the shotguns rules to his left Brees can't find anybody to his left brilliant idea of touchdown Marcus Colston three yards deep. Yard touchdown grab. The Saints also became the only team this season to score more than 24 points against a against the Panthers. Marcus Colston had nine catches for a 125. Yards Jimmy Graham added two touchdown grabs. While the Florida lead the sack cam -- five times. In other scores around the league Phil Dawson kicked a 22 yard field goal. With 26 seconds left and the San Francisco 49ers held up the Seahawks nineteen to seventeen. Frank Gore broke a 51 yard game with more than four minutes left. To set up the go ahead drive as the nine and four 49ers kept their playoff -- Seahawks from clinching the NFC west on -- France home field. Seattle's record is now eleven and two. Matt Flynn for -- threw for 258. Yards and the Packers struggling defense forced -- key fourth quarter turnover. In a 2221. Win over the Falcons to snap a five game winless slide Green Bay kept playoff hopes alive and are now 66 in one. While -- fell to three in ten Kansas City Chiefs scored early and often. Breaking a three game losing streak with 845. To ten embarrassment of the Washington Redskins. Kansas City scored their first four possessions sack Robert Griffin the third five times -- Kirk cousins once. The return and he punched. And a kickoff for touchdowns. -- Tampa Bay also got off to a quick start as they scored on the second play of the day. Handoff to the left side hobby rainy day like that up. These things before they. Maybe the other side that upset about it we'll somebody catches of kept me -- look bad about my return was touched -- Tampa -- that -- Yard touchdown run buck Bobby Brady. Bobby Rainey scored on that eighty yard gallop in the bucks beat Buffalo 276. For their fourth win in five games. Following an Owens took over an eight starts of the season. Well on bothered by the freezing weather Matt Prater and NFL record with a 64 yard field goal. And Peyton Manning threw four more touchdown passes on the year -- the Denver Broncos to eight feet he'd want to 28 victory over the Tennessee Titans. And the city Denver franchise record with 39 completions and finished with 397. Yards. Tom Brady threw two touchdown passes in the final 61 seconds helping -- doing the Patriots rally great 2726. Victory over Cleveland. New England did lose tight end Rob Gronkowski to a leg injury in the third quarter though the team -- -- wrong tore his ACL. Well the weather outside was frightful in Philly but it didn't stop LeSean McCoy from setting an Eagles franchise record falls on first out. Dumped -- the McCoy can't hurt. Okay. -- rushed for an Eagles franchise best 217. Yards with two scores. And Philadelphia beat the Lions 34 to twenty in a blizzard. The Arizona Cardinals ended an eight game losing streak against NFC west foes by beating the St. Louis Rams thirty to ten. Carson Palmer who was questionable for the game with a sore right elbow. Threw for 269. Yards and a touchdown as the eight and five Cardinals one for their fifth time in six games. Arizona did lose rookie safety to -- Mathieu in the third quarter with a left knee injury which is feared to be a torn ACL. Joseph Flacco threw 89 yard touchdown pass to rookie Marlon Brown with four seconds left. Capping a flurry of sport and an icy field and giving the Ravens 29 to 26 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Baltimore is 76. And its first three game winning streak this season to go along with the inside track for the AFC wild card. Minnesota lost running back Adrian Peterson in the second quarter with an ankle injury. Well the New York Jets at a season high for points and stop a three game losing streak with a 37 to 27 victory over the Oakland Raiders. First in five of the greater fifteen. Handoff -- running left breaks one tackle. I think if Barry exactly hurts the game. The kids the water I'd like this is not a great. Running back Chris Ivory had that touchdown run hoping to prevent the first four game losing streak under head coach Rex Ryan. While tight end Charles clay caught two touchdown passes and the Miami Dolphins beat the Steelers 34 to 28. Pittsburgh looked to have won the game after Antonio Brown raced into the end zone after a series of lateral on the final play bullet. Officials ruled he stepped out of bounds before scoring. Philip Rivers found rookie Keenan Allen for two of his three touchdown passes and the Chargers -- Eli Manning and the Giants 37 of fourteen. Keep alive their -- -- playoff hopes Manning dropped to oh win three against San Diego since 2004. When the Chargers took him with the number role overall pick. And then sent him to the Giants for Rivers. And a handful of draft picks. And -- go threw for three touchdowns and ran for another score in the Bengals remain perfect at home. They're in control the AFC north with the 42 to 28 victory. Over the Colts the bagels are now now that the Bengals are now nine and four on the year and improved to six you know after Paul Brown Stadium. That's a look at your NFL scoreboard eyeing Steve -- on the saints' radio net. -- Hi Steve thank you very much tape on it tomorrow night's matchup between Dallas and Chicago the division leaders right now Philadelphia 85 Detroit 76. You -- exited in three Seattle that revenues to in the battle for the wild caught. Dallas it's evident by Chicago and green people think six and six. Chicago placed upon -- Dallas. Carolina is -- -- info San Francisco's at nine forward Arizona is an 85 Bob what's interesting about Arizona Arizona has once having gains. Outside the division in a while caught on and they wanted for their division so they gonna stay elaborate on who went to divisional games down the -- Yet and you look at Arizona the their defense has been outstanding -- Carlson Palmer. Playing better. -- their defense was an outstanding in the superdome. No no we'll use -- name of it you speaking of outstanding yet. Want it in Arizona. Tied it in get to -- Wanna be when it is not want the main reason why the Saints have a leg up on Carolina. Is that when he -- the victory. Arizona has against Japan -- and we have a better conference room and in Arizona beat Carolina yes it did beat him pretty good -- -- and I thought it tonight it worth to me like tonight mystics kind of thing with. You know would you look at it right now and and I know all defense. To me we get this kind of production and you're heading in the right direction. If you look at it right now and he stepped up. Losing cam Jordan. A lot of the calls they get the field but it didn't happen. Can't -- -- you know let they came up big time tonight. If you look you can't arm. He now has eleven and a half sacks. -- hit double digit. Junior Goliath now has nine sacks. You -- had three for the game. And it. And then can't Garnett to that I thought we got five guys you look. -- they haven't had a two players -- double digit sacks. You gotta go back to almost a decade since 2004. Was the last time we had two players. To get to double digit sacks. And I would think. -- lets get this back at least one more sack with three teams lap if you have that attitude on the court that I think present. It's showing how dominant. On the rob Ryan's system. -- junior he'll let you know how they progress through to the lead and then Jordan is the -- defense in general. He's 601878668890. Rates and the easy up and evolve back to the phone to go out and let's go to Jerry -- cut off on -- sixty I think it's called upon -- on a Saints radio network. -- Maybe it's gotten this -- Kept it ticking win here all of our resident -- down and called it to have a few games yeah that bit of -- you know being mandatory I am very. And it. -- -- It's sort of night and today was his second Baird played in or out -- I think I think or wide goal from reared tonight. And then but Terrell -- -- game when no one when you would come off the line -- -- and so our -- -- And and I think that took my rhythm. Kept you know at the quarterback and I don't think you know back and stated that there at the plate. Visit his secondary fours and you've beaten the whole month -- a football. I'm telling you go -- give up big wise they tried. I want to stay wide receivers green he -- -- he -- his mood I crap about it was my attitude. Minus three no I guarantee they thought this way it's gonna review the thing. I guarantee the Saints needed just with the talent needed Lewis you've got to come up. And be aggressive and tell you why it's always whatever department lately. If you look at Russell Wilson last week. I -- Malcolm they can. Who has been his best year but it wasn't his best game against the Seahawks and he got exploited but you look at Malcolm Jenkins and Keenan Lewis. You know Russell Wilson about -- night. Had a perfect quarterback rating of 158 point three. -- -- Malcolm Jenkins and Keenan Lewis wherever they were covering -- the world that would perfect bucket take that night. Cam Newton was imperfect we who's gonna get Malcolm Jenkins they didn't lose that is that a role in making a mistake. But do you think in the famous think if you keep making -- name is -- you know what they get somebody else did they keep so many chances. Not that I thought secondary like that Jerry they responded. And a lot of those facts I think with coverage sacks and forced -- Kendall ball. Did thank you so much for the call for our listeners on the saints' radio network I'll rethink this -- instituting -- featured just that Sunday evening if we -- decent for the Saints and the Rams to on this is a new ought to stick around. For another hour of the point after final score at New Orleans 31 Carolina thirteen for Bobby Witt hits the -- on the New Orleans Saints radio network.