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Dec 9, 2013|

Deke and Bobby continue to discuss the Saints 31 to 13 victory over the Carolina Panthers. They also discuss the Saints present standing in their division and what they have to do next week against the Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the point after on Saints radio WW IAA event and adapt our last night Mercedes-Benz superdome the site of their home record to 70 with a 3113 blowout. Over the Carolina Panthers coming up this now all your calls at 2601870. 8668890. Rates and you can anticipate 7870. Email as the big -- it hit you yet you will. Dot com will also if Drew Brees later in the hour. The best. Game is that he will be the Florida State settled the team that was in the first three national championship games in the BCS and they will close out the BCS era. Taking on the Auburn tiger they are 89 point favorite over Auburn right now of course that they missed most recent odds. The LSU Tigers -- go bowling on New Year's Day they will be the if the Outback Bowl look at the -- hawk got the last out of the -- and -- a -- with a Capital One Bowl it was a thrilling victory. By Iowa in Nick Saban the man's game as a coach of the fight you think -- -- -- right here close to home most of the voters sent. And that's also in the big okayed -- -- -- -- to Bowling Green university the Falcons as they helped us over the week about not about northern Illinois. So at least a suitable that -- between OT Oklahoma in an ACC team. Alabama because they would have been Alabama not even on -- no disrespect to the Huskies. But that's about as effective as classic great it's well of you executed hit Oklahoma and Alabama they could travel well hey Alabama's a fifteen point three. Yeah I mean who like Texas beat Alabama you have beat Texas beat Oklahoma to put it like you said no because of the tradition yet it's all able to have people come down here. And I have a good time a lot of Alabama fans that. The I think Alabama's that are crucial -- -- and that's probably a 10 Alabama and we look like you're excited about yet because -- like that that you all of that have a good time -- -- -- -- -- yeah a lot of history is so loved it and. We'll be the matchup Bobby. When that when -- shoot the ball does not have the national semi final matchup in the rotation it will be. Well currently -- Kabul as it will be the highest ranked team from the SEC and the highest ranked team in the big twelve so moving forward to have a semi final. All real good matchup no -- like Cincinnati fraud. The lie joint you know the story was due to the game today. Yes you have to have a meaningful game like I thought. An exciting game like Arkansas Ohio State yes there was a -- you know you have something like that I think he does have more interest. And -- nothing against other programs like when. You know Florida crisis anatomy here -- the ready to leave I think news. Road game we Megan has really been regionals and here we knew we'd like to is Michael typical with a conceived him -- man's game yet I mean what minute and attracted an idea that the people -- Cincinnati secondary via. I don't know in the NFL to a whole lot different but -- for being yet -- would he give them. Crutches secondaries. Didn't get any better. They Drew -- -- you look at what Drew Brees. Has continued to accomplished. In the Saints uniform I think we actually wall. Appreciate Drew Brees you know he's finished playing. And and I eagle on and on because it's always not one handful. If you had -- the racquet that he continues to break. And I look at this Woody doesn't prime time and the pressure very confident. We look at now. And the whole -- it's been in now won their last eleven straight home prime time games they're unbelievable -- -- dome. And if you look at production. He's now the -- -- dugout tonight he Phillies now don't 37 touchdowns. And four interceptions in that span I think about that. 37 touchdown. Touchdowns and only four interceptions. In that span went eleven straight home prime time gains. It didn't get any better than that and if you look at greatness. Breezy just needed one more. Touchdown pass. To reach thirty on this season and he blew that out the water. To Dolly has six consecutive season. Well he's thrown at least thirty scoring passes. And guess throughout the racquet that he surpassed. Brett Favre -- -- so you look at it means everyone knows Brett what he's accomplished. And the great record without Drew Brees has now thrown six. Straight season I think doubled to adult ever threw like 24 and I thought I was. Doing good. In the breezes and think straight seasons with thirty. That is unbelievable -- -- That is hard to do it the -- iconic consistently. Then you throw in yardage. He needed to to 87 passing yards where he had 313. To become the fifth quarterback. In NFL history. To reach 50000 yards. I think that is. Amazing to look at that golf balls. That let me tell you they -- at this would read -- it I think this because. If you look Gibbs or bad thing. 50000 yards and anything particularly the fifth quarterback we go to press that Bob that. He is. He he did it in the hunt 82 game faster. Than any quarterback in league history. So no matter if you look at all the other five after. Nobody. Fast third. Did Drew Brees to reach 50000 yards and no little hesitancy that he -- the game with a -- play it but it's been. I know I'm Matt -- may present greens. But I know lockridge didn't I'm telling -- So and I have been -- on this radio I know what the hell -- all -- about so when you can then they don't bring. -- I think that's -- family because I'm -- would agree that brought to the table in the consistently. I'm telling you I'll hold we have -- and you're. Coming into this that the white I think all that is the young the Packers sacked Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers. The Colts that Peyton Manning can't look I hope we have just taking comfort through. Because I'm telling you won't truly appreciate -- until he's gone that's why we got a fighting chance I'm telling you. We got a franchise with the franchise. Trying to bring it to a private plane. All right this is this. Let's go to the ball loose lets go to -- Sean. On line thought DeShawn thank difficult to put out there on Saints radio at UWO. -- Sean thank you for calling. I -- must have a connection there. That's goal Bobby to unnoticed. And we we have Colin and I uniforms on time to Colin thank you for comment upon after on WW rip. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Managed to the opportunity to talk about. What Obama article for quite a good group B you know our number one slot receivers get back in the may get. -- -- pathetic. Ain't got a good bit that we Indy Colts there's no migrate these are number one receiver. You look at his numbers which -- it is truly amazing you look at his touchdown receptions. I look at my notes that I don't like third or fourth. In the NFL he's like a Devin Larry FitzGerald. Reggie -- amongst the best in him at all tonight. Pretty solid. No we tonight nine catches and knocked -- 25 yards a couple of touchdowns fourteen yard average that that we need from Colston. We need cold that -- never invisible. You don't need to be visible he's to be a big part. Along without Derrick Rose along with Jimmy Graham we -- goals that you step -- -- get a -- out every game. That's why you know if -- -- that the good ones on the not. You know you are on board who are would be reprimand. You know all will be that bad at all you know things that but. Our defense that long ago -- -- do you play in the -- cam Gordon stepped up. Everybody else. He went on in the game if you look and Ortiz but remarkably at scenic. And ultimately elected and I can't. We've got one of the most dominant line in the game. You constantly -- -- personal and well about it later -- look out. Yeah if the production. That it. And it's all about as a player if you going to be I'll grow and there's going to be a lifestyle. Given the opportunity yet to step up. But it can't Jarvis that. You -- first round draft pick -- get better and better. Now I -- about because we get this thing a lot of equivalent. Got to play every week out you played great that night. And look at the let. Don't let I mean you look at his patient background. At Burton wherever he's got -- I mean he leaves that would that element what the Dallas -- That's -- that he directional school and what he did. You go flat. They challenged him and he's got better and better in the village not been. Under coach Rob Ryan and what they command and if you need to let you know flat out. A -- we can't jarred. They can't -- What you gotta do you better and we get an opportunity. What they're a market for you then all of a sudden there's no more because bobbled a bath and NFL that's what you can pay and you bring that we didn't we now. That's why can't -- -- at think back at that. We don't count but the players like Jimmy Brad you know you gotta do you got to recruit. Reduce a bit. Hope not go for you -- get paid in our players right now I'll keep players or written it. RI final score New Orleans 31 Carolina thirteen to -- to play at the Rams next Sunday -- apparently the black go point five and a half point favorite. On the road against the Rams do get the California Saints quarterback Drew Brees the point after point WW. Yeah. And welcome back to the point after a final score New Orleans 31 Carolina thirteen to. For the latest on the black hole log on to WWL. Dot com Monday Morning Quarterback just a few hours Saints out of fort Christie Garrett would Drew Brees at 740. Three Tommy took -- show applause at the Saints coaches show tonight at 630. Here on W tip your radio. Follow but. Monday Night Football as it is the Dallas Cowboys picking on the Chicago Bears in my combatant was that it is at the super slippery I think I can't Mississippi the side. To cleric game to vitriol on mindful. Kurt thank you to call to the point after All Saints radio that you did you have. They body -- he. Still. -- in my idol. But however. Three there. -- -- and saying you probably know. About here. Early in the game -- quarter. -- -- -- -- -- -- We get a seven or on first down. -- as a defensive holding call. And then we we declined the holding penalty which would you comfort in and in an article on second and three. And and we we don't do anything creative with the second in short yardage play. We want don't have a -- out. That theory. And I I've never played football. And I like obvious but yeah he -- Ellis experience. Don't be -- that. Well I can tell you that that I was puzzled too. Because I always look at the way we're structured. That I think you argue if you could actually down. You don't have to say is that. Disputed that you take the extra down against Carolina simply because how dominant they war and what I mean by that think about this. Enjoy your house South Carolina is you remember. We had first and goal from the half yard line. Happy our -- QB you at -- Jake copy get nothing and then we think we've got to pass the ball and we got a happy yard I'm telling you. That's how good Carolina was I mean upfront and their respect. So what I'll think it I don't know I would think the first down in the penalty. Byrd to second at three as I would want to action now that's a question. That you second guess and I'll talk to coach beaten come Monday night why he made that decision and I'm sure. You explain it -- might admitted it was traded and as before Abdullah that I should have. They can -- a penalty in hindsight. And it charges he -- rationale. And it would it would make it the take -- flavors of the penalties. Operated jaguar opinion poll the Panthers got blown out to last night by the Saints 31 to thirteen all this -- to the Seahawks on a collision course. For the AFC championship game you can -- no yes one of them makes it to the AFC title game point neither. Basic -- vote online at W. Yet you Rio that come about you know the race it's it's it's -- tight now aware you know but the four divisions but five and six is they'll be tight Arizona's -- that time. Green Bay Houston and Chicago of course you know everybody to Detroit Dallas -- -- the -- -- San Francisco and Arizona with the caveat as it you got to look at who's got what. NAFTA came down to us what's with the teams but but the Saints have a topic because of its. The Cardinals and the 49ers. But on the right sacked Carolina beat beat San Francisco but if the attack I would Arizona. -- -- -- now because there -- -- beat him so everything is thought to be champions cup is three weeks left as a mop -- football completely goes for. We yes I mean a lot in theory that they -- who's hot who's playing the best and advanced beyond that if you the Seahawks. And now -- they know. There's still a lot of football to play. And that obviously helping you put ourselves in a great position. And I'm just look at the -- Seattle's that. I kind of thought that that would be game now but maybe we can upset. You know Seattle in all the sudden the 49ers beat them and also in the driver's seat. But it Nolan -- -- look at the past history the number one seed what is that guy that doesn't mean you colors probable. There's a lot of things happen and a lot of that are double exceed. It doesn't mean I hate that you unity here and is that voters doable. The bottom line if you would have put yourself and a great position. The court it's doable and I think. Almost in theory I know that conceded just get a number one. Clearly because. If you look at all of us so much like they came on board and I -- scenario. We get a home playoff game we played the Eagles who beat the Eagles. Also mean AFC championship game against the Bears. If anything it happened in goal would've expected that quickly would have had a chance to Super Bowl so that's why I just -- it. Not a common sense approach percentages. And note he's only two games in three to get this -- that's why I think. Your second seed that by. And these typically one game at home that -- that makes a lot of difference. We just equivalency. A lot of the time to cope with that. There's a lot of pressure. And a lot of times. I think you playing at night. We just look at the great season last year at the Denver Broncos that. Now I know previous things happen. But look -- the Baltimore Ravens -- center in Denver so I mean that's like it's a that is just -- or Seattle. Note to me -- a lot of football to play and who's the kid. -- all hands on day. Well they it's the -- Carolina QB could be right there Seattle San Francisco. The reactors look at those teams and the way they -- all structured and the consistency. That's -- they come playoff time. Value Mike's able to NFC east of the city Eagles and the Cowboys. They're too inconsistent. On it in have a late game. But but right now -- think they'll leave. That the two NFC south team than two minutes US they've been the Saints Carolina. In the field to. The 49ers cornerback William Saints quarterback Drew Brees on his big night at the Saints last night 31 at thirteen over Carolina to three now the practical will play at Saint Louis. Next Sunday afternoon at 325 the Saints are coming a five and a half point favorites over the ranked at some point after it DDC with a different -- You're on Saints radio WW. The Saints blow out the Carolina Panthers last night in the dome the run their record to seven though the Mercedes-Benz superdome. 31 at thirteen it's -- happy here -- Saints radio WWL AM -- and it got my coming up. -- this week it is the course like crowd Rose -- players still out who was an -- is will be Saints. Pass -- and big game last night he cam Jordan all of it coming up this week operated jaguar that you -- The Saints brought the Panthers 31 at thirteen not a black and go and the Seahawks on a collision course. In the NFC title game you can -- -- you could say yes we think only one of them makes it. On either makes -- right now Bobby but in an awful results. 75%. Think it will be Saints in Seattle in the NFC championship game Bobby right after the saints' big blowout win. Over Carolina Drew Brees addressed the media. And any Drew Brees -- -- -- course Marcus Colston with another big night that. Well at the -- -- is that what we expect we need goals to the play at this level and that was the case nine receptions. 125 yards right and a fourteen yard average a couple of touchdowns to like who's that. He's kind of Rodney Pete do you feel. NFL wide receivers. He probably has the most production. Went on average collective rule will not pick of these names. Most touchdown reception in the NFL. That he cable sports since 2000 that. -- we all know who Larry FitzGerald Lewis. With the Cardinals we know -- try Calvin Johnson at the line we go Antonio Gates Tabasco where was the charges. -- cold it's right there with -- haven't 62 new policy 6260. Plus touchdowns. Look at their production. In actually follow football you don't realize. How important articles and isn't because. Brees gets eight at the end of receivers involved college spread the wealth and Jimmy Graham continued to be a touchdown machine. Not yet 58 yards receiving votes that perception but more touchdowns when you look at it now. You came at it is game I don't know it make it drive date Calvin Johnson. But I think Jimmy Graham right now has the most touchdown receptions. In the NFL this season -- for me. And that kind of speaks for itself when you don't have an -- category that if you beat Jimmy Graham. Are mega -- left humbled ourselves in and this season and and that speaks for itself. What do all of there's always a great time to be of course Michigan holiday season he would be easy -- -- -- that's looking to become including France Spain it's cute how the racing along. And dance -- it's fantasy with us now to tell us about this that it. It's up that Saturday and Sunday night and you know -- To do when it's appropriately said he by the has hit anywhere from three. The twelve like yes we enjoyed the most but anybody at short week a song book that each person gets. Three it's a -- book. And it's got we have sent a clause -- new mascot picture is gonna be here so like the mister Bigelow. The and we gonna -- now. The most beautiful barreling gets it in Heatley had a sumptuous breakfast. It's the best I've got a call reservations call the. Thought he -- it 5042679332. Or for more amazing go to their web site. He needs dot com that. Now bit -- that the you know court question. I mean that means is a hostile maintenance day. Yeah I mean at that they all you know you related to Louisiana. How many times do you get that we -- travel. At all day about life and it also. I do you feel. Four Rockets being proud being the Louisiana. And being a part of them -- -- -- perform do you ever recognizes things and what they meet in the community -- Wrote all of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I broke that option but honestly I think it million -- And when students ought to show. That the the Broncos. All the little lull. A pop up that in itself right there. I come on out fifteen into anything expands its holiday singing along and dance party starting on this Saturday and Sunday to fourteen and fifteen from nine to 1130 he's. For more information call Bible or. Although like that it 9332. Or visit the eighties. Dot com New Orleans -- line to Carolina thirteen is the point after All Saints I don't know -- particularly -- is repeat that to bed. I'm -- that. -- Saints went 31 at thirteen its opponent did BBC food in the front court on -- on five -- -- off me also but by Tito's hand made -- And but was it be safe and Q to designated driver New Orleans is now 70 at home to three on the season. 3113 victory over Carolina this significant two weeks Carolina plays at home against the Jets next Sunday. And saint X Saint Louis nix and it 3.5 to saint economy of five and a half point favorite. Cincinnati beat the Colts they 42 to 28 he with the Patriots will be seven point 60 the Browns the Packers. -- the Falcons 22 when he won the Jets over the Raiders 37 point seven the Eagles. Score 28 points in the fourth and -- most don't defeat Detroit 34 -- -- -- Dolphins over the Steelers 3420 the Bucs 27 to 60 -- It was the -- -- getting the punt return for a score and a kick -- return for a score going out. Redskins 45 it's handed Baltimore its aim maintenance staff from Joseph Flacco to beat the Vikings point 9226. The Broncos. 312 half points to defeat at times if you want -- -- it was a -- -- thirty to -- it over the Rams. That charges 3714. Over the Giants and San Francisco nineteen to seventeen. Over Seattle to a quick time -- come back it -- this final ball to the Saints on now at three. After a 3113 victory over Carolina this is the point after on Saints radio W yeah yeah. And welcome back. Operated jaguar that you poll online at WW OO dot com do you think the Saints in the sea -- on a collision course to meet the NFC title game it. So to fat city you are saying yes where it's wonderful -- do you think only one of them makes Wallace 31 Carolina thirteen the Saints and attitude in three at degas. I pulled out some other interested -- you know we was broken mark -- -- -- consider an outstanding game we have with nine receptions. 125 yards if you look at also active NFL leaders though a thousand yard. Receiving season. It looked looking who's active. Act in looking at Reggie Wayne hurt his knee Reggie Wayne had eight. 1000 yard receiving seasons. -- admit we've played against tonight. We Carolina who does an outstanding at the Saints he had seven what guest who has six all right with Larry FitzGerald Andre Johnson. Brandon Marshall Roddy White market schools that a lot of people don't even realize that Marcus Colston is in this territory. And I guess they're at it if you look at. A receiving touchdowns. Since 2006 he's right there and Larry FitzGerald. Antonio Gates -- trying Calvin. Johnson. He has more touchdowns Denver Reggie Wayne. Since 2006. He even though -- The man Brandon Marshall all those guys if you look at. What he's accomplished the I think it's because. Coach Drew -- spreads the ball around and you probably don't get the credit. That is being a top receiver considering other competition but the proof's in the numbers are right golf game now 7 formulated this morning it is. The Monday Morning Quarterback -- get a call atomic Douglas who do you think with Drew Brees also -- yes without -- and -- it to me -- four to 6:30 tomorrow evening at this it was the -- And that can't be beat sat out this network they went the Saints coach issue from 630 to 730 follow my Monday Night Football. The Chicago Bears and that Dallas. Now we certainly want to thank everybody back in studio with it being the lovely announcements the gala. Tech Harris and Balkman on on site studio in the year out of the it -- it Domenik Hixon. And all the time folks here at the BC finals though it was Wallace 31 and Carolina thirteen -- And the ability he is -- -- came in Bobby a bit. That the correct those things on the relational and -- people.