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Dec 9, 2013|

Dave talks about the Saints win, no man wants to snuggle? And LSU in the Outback

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW LR's news on this ninth of December 2013. At some magical Mon day and that's what a difference a week in May off. -- less than a week -- drastic days. As the saints or Victoria's doing essentially the Carolina Panthers at the Seattle Seahawks did to them. This home field advantage really make much difference. And it now Barney I'm beginning to. How and I went on the road yes yesterday dot. San Francisco and lost a sedan. The saints come home and destroy the Panthers -- -- on a row. I mean it's his home field advantage seems this season particular in. And I don't historically it's an important statistic but even this season teams to be more -- unified than ever before NASA employee here about a lot of teams you know where you went where they boast about what you they've won six on the rotors are yet. This season employ. You've you've got to have that home field. So that really with the rate -- for the saints offensively defensively special teams did just fine thank you. They come away with a big 31 to thirteen victory giggling over what was supposed to be very difficult team in the Carolina Panthers. They made the Panthers look very silly much like ST it just looks week -- so yeah it was the same thing reverse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they should have felt good about the team a week ago despite what happened they had a sad day in them very hard place the play. -- him that the problem is that we may well want to go back to that yes we are very growth mark my -- there -- I know Seattle lost yesterday. But you really think they're gonna lose two more games. You really think that's gonna happen to think the saints are gonna win out. Amnesty occidental news two more gains well -- snacks like pretty crap and -- yeah. Now -- -- -- that and they they also have to go to Carolina but your right to your question and -- I doubt Seattle's on -- out. And -- opposed to on -- he. We got to go to Saint Louis we got to go to Carolina and then we end the season with a very bad Tampa Bay team here. Coming up after the time I'll take a look at what Seattle it's yes and now that people give me an educated guess. -- think Seattle will lose two of its last three games. And the saints will win on home field. Big questions. CA's these are likely to be happy about yesterday army -- just it kind of feels like the way it's supposed to field. Talk about who's going bowling where we have the entire bowl lineup out. And outcasts at -- town densities. 63 young yields. Broken it's been tied three times but he was broken yesterday in Mile High Stadium. You know -- -- he did it here below sea level there it's a mile above sea level a little different but the record book won't reflect that the air system. Did -- bit -- up there that 64 yarder in Denver's. Thank you David tuck you in fifteen minutes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well only about them and I get those text messages on an 87870 right after this we'll get to forecast it is raining up there in those places. -- -- -- Misting drizzle. Fog here and there at them if Steve Geller in here with sports off take a look at what laughed. On the Seahawks schedules after they lost in San Francisco. I gave known at the early edition of WWL first news on this and it relatively happy one. -- morning it's 518 Dave Allen at the early edition of WWL first news are you ready if the rest of the schedule for the Seattle Seahawks after losing to San Francisco in San Fran they now have to go to New York to play the giants managers. They have to go. Back home to host the cardinals and the rams those of their last three games. Are they get alludes to of those three games to open the door for the saints to get. First place if the saints win. Out that's the question as a lot of people are thinking saints' super ball. Hey let's think let's talk about it it's absolutely a possibility of very good saints team. But can they get first place and home field advantage throughout. And it they can't. Do you think they'll have to go to Seattle won and beat Seattle there before the saints get there. And if the saints do have together and they win one person text -- -- 78 Saturday says. It was great seeing the saints play so who were those impostors where our team's uniforms last week in question. Another team says home field ornaments are another text message to his home field or not. In the playoffs will rule. Seahawks or now who -- I hope you're right because the saints. Under Sean Payton and withdrew breweries have never won a playoff game on the road and others text message to date seventy State's seventy says if the stars align Dave. It will happen. All right that's your thing and keep texting me at 87870. Will get back to this discussion after your forecast. Mainly cloudy today and mild Temps in the mid sixties this afternoon -- keep those rain jackets around a 40% chance for often on showers during the day. Then tonight. Cloudy and chilly lows around -- still with some light rain in the forecast. Then for tomorrow highs only getting to fifty threes so much colder for Tuesday. -- breezy and still some showers and extend before we finally clear out on Wednesday. And staying cool for Wednesday highs around 58. From the eyewitness -- forecast senator I'm meteorologist Clark the talents. North wind at eight to nine miles per hour only a little bit of thought here that are reported so it's really just the -- in the drizzle it's gonna -- This morning's sports time now I'm just. WW wells Steve Geller to tells all about what's going on in that -- of the saints. College polls and so much more here on a Monday morning good Morrissey well has. You'd have Monday gave. Drew Brees passed for 313. Yards and four touchdowns and the saints -- Carolina 31 to thirteen to regain sole possession of first place in the NFC south and snapped the Panthers winning streak at eight games. -- again from the shotgun -- to his left greens can't find anybody to his left brilliant idea touchdown Marcus Colston three yards deep. Yard touchdown. Marcus Colston had nine catches for a 145. Yards and two scores Jimmy Graham also had two TD grabs while the saints defense sacked Cam -- five times next up for the saints is a road trip to face the five and eight -- Drew Brees knows that earning a victory in the Edward Jones dome is never easy. We understand the challenge of going that we know the way they probably do -- going there isn't you know we've had difficulties we'll -- all there so we need our best week of preparation and and our best performance on somebody get to win that. Well LSU football finished ranked sixteenth in the final BCS standings and is headed to the Outback Bowl on New Year's -- to face Iowa Alabama and Oklahoma will face -- in January 2 in the Sugar Bowl while Florida State and all -- it will play in the BCS championship game on January 6 at the Rose Bowl for complete -- -- you can go to WWL dot com paying Kobe Bryant's legs appear to be in fine shape as he made his season debut he's shooting touch him passing skills though -- another story as he went two for nine with eight turnovers in the lakers 106 to 94 loss to Toronto Bryant played almost 48 minutes. And finished with nine points eight rebounds and four assists in his first game since tearing his left Achilles tendon. Late last season today at four it's the second -- show from the silver slipper casino followed by the saints coaches show with Sean Payton I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning look at sport life. Minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW offers news Dave honesty dealing with you on your radio Steve semi -- -- -- 8787. Me and asked me who the impostors were in the saints uniforms. On Monday night in Seattle this rather -- -- we saw the real team. Last night so let me ask you that in a similar idea where was this team a week ago. So my thoughts exactly. It's hard not to notice that the saints are completely different team. At home and on the road it's as if they feed on that superdome crowd. Which was in top form last night for the Panthers might have just as good or better defensive front -- the Seahawks but Seattle's secondary is much much better also I think facing a guy like Russell Wilson. Was perfect practice for the black and gold defense to go against cam knew and in this one once they were able to hold the Panthers to field goals in the early going he just had that feeling that things -- gonna surge in favor of the home team now the running game was still not present for the saints but it was really nice to see Marcus -- have a big game with a 145 yards and two scores all in all. A real solid win for the saints to get some confidence back especially now with two straight road games ahead of them. All right thank you Steve well puts. Just -- that we may still have to go on the road in the playoffs but I. Records are meant to be broken Drew Brees threw that in two ways last night we'll talk more about that coming up baptists and we ducks in 25 -- -- more sports on and ask you -- the Iowa Hawkeyes. -- LSU is playing in the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day who are today we'll find out more about Iowa. We get Steve back in -- with more support here -- WW out your forecast Margaret text messages. Right after this. Quick slant on Jimmie ran stretch to put on oh no signal. No belated one touchdown. One of them for touchdowns Drew Brees threw last night shooting Jimmy Graham to a market calls and he has more than thirty on the season. The only quarterback in NFL history with six consecutive seasons of thirty or more touchdowns and he got to 50000. Passing yards faster. Than any quarterback in NFL history to great records for Drew Brees. Did the superdome crowd break the end or nor his record a lot of people are asking. Still no word on that we -- -- your forecast now. Showers off and on in the next with some light rain today up 40% chance and -- later. In the mid sixties then tonight cloudy and becoming windy as temperatures begin to drop a little bit down to fifty degrees. With those often on showers that Tuesday much colder highs only around 53. And with the clouds and a spotty rain it'll feel more like the forty's. And then Wednesday at 10% chance for showers skies begin to clear but staying cool highs Wednesday at 58. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist -- box itself. Cloudy 52 on both sides of the like most places Giguere can at least find wet roads -- -- mist and drizzle this morning. As we continue that he kind of misty weather but it feels so much better when the saints win you can handle that kind of weather engine. Or read text messages -- 7870 coming up right after the I cannot -- on CBS news in different states have different laws on air pollution. We'll hear about that more about the saints' big victory in what they had -- -- attack at -- 7870. Answering the question can't the saints go to the Super Bowl in place now do you think they'll get it done all I got to say is anything can happen to a dad doesn't not a chance. In Seattle the gains will -- an IV -- come on another president would you please let him southeastern want. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news it's December the ninth it's 23 team about Mary Monday's game Kerry -- made merry Miller's -- is absolutely yes. Amazing what a difference a week makes him a text creativity and that's what difference it makes facing the workweek and good -- After a win like that regardless of how the saints get there we both Seattle fans are miserable Monday yes other than having it but they also note that. All they've got to do is win two one of their last three games has not had yet. Yet not uses the -- one of their last three games they get home field advantage regardless of what the same. -- and well this schedule. Go to New York. That played giants. Great. Men they host Arizona. And errors on one yesterday. That. It's just not it's not strong embolism a no no it's nice to -- -- things have happened but it. Eighties looks like things will have to hit the in the playoffs if if all holds true now that can beat Seattle. Before the saints get there for the NFC championship theoretically -- it. It seemed like you correctly predicted that the saints would win you that'd be closer game. And yet those people wide gap by coming here at this -- and argue for is going to be a big old blowout out I -- my agency. An hour ago it's still in the documents that they did anyone their -- -- also predicted properly. That frozen in would overtake the Hunger Games at the box off a comeback kid it was close but they did 31 point six million for Disney's frozen the animated musical. For the holidays and then the Hunger Games catching department -- Followed by out. The firmness which only can Muster five point -- who now opening week I coach torrent delivery route out the top five -- we get the good stuff common well we need some good stuff that the desolation of small. Gas monopoly as well as Tyler Perry's idea Christmas among the few movies opening this week. Both expected to do very well and still before the year's over anchorman to election continues. Over promoting movies this thing. Mexican consul saving mr. banks that story of Walt Disney walking with dinosaurs three -- so. A lot of -- big moneymakers still to come speaking of big moneymakers. The big -- strikes again are rarely you've heard about this yes I have going all over the country. Leaving enormous steps at restaurants and bars the latest in Port Orchard Washington game. Where you left a 5000. Dollar Terry for his server. All. Make someone feels so good yet and then -- the eleven workers -- -- actually split that there. -- also rang up 580. Dollar Bart now. While he was that it. And but this and it's not good it's on legit and he paid that haven't left the tip. And he's been doing this all over the country from Chicago to Los Angeles. He generally also when he visited our eyes around drinks for everybody -- Like dogs just like any -- it -- plays -- -- yeah yeah you know like Utica avenue restaurant a bar or I am and treat me it would -- -- does -- -- for lesbian. He might be on his way south you never doubted -- -- just answer kind of guys -- well and in fact he works under the handle I don't know how they know this maybe he tweets. Act tips for jesus' own so it may be you may be that be wrote that we all carries. Things could be some undrawn Maria executive who acted when he met our producers here at WWL -- -- weapon -- and I give you 5000 -- -- I'm a pretty big tip tip fairly well like you do -- that that the assays. I'd -- called the rollercoaster ride continues as we say welcome back. And good morning -- you miss meteorologist Laura but now. -- now I'm great tips in mind all day and at some showers but I and that it's a well rested read generated why you add it. That the day after -- -- -- day off it's not art art editing a adage if I find myself kind of stumbling mumbling a little bit like my my brain is not rate at work currently mom. I tomorrow I should have my act together -- just -- going anywhere fun and wonderful looking to. He'll just kind of chilled out you know enjoyed this is actually become my Christmas break. With with Derrek Lee it and -- yet kind of gone. I -- kind of changed up will say -- little vacation time for December's yet didn't get to go through my number plant. Are we home to relax into it we get another misty drizzle. That's how I learned. Yes definitely although I will feel that the rain. Has helped to keep the fog today than it was broken and -- last night and with the rain pushing on through. -- to -- how to read the atmosphere a lot of that and Fox's -- coastal areas with some fog this morning. But right now in those spots ten mile disabilities to eat you wanna watch out for the rain. Picture we which wipers are working and watch that is what you really get guys you can see for ten miles yeah -- -- back right -- it. The FAN today is a little warmer than we have it yet today we're gonna get to those sixty's maybe in mid sixties and at front at wobbles back and forth over it but it's gonna keep the rain and so it's going to be that kind of acting out but heat and cool day tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The cooler weather and and it's they ice the fifties through Ers went in there looking cool as well while a few days in a row with a by the company. -- usual hip problem exactly ideally you crazy warm again after outlets you know we don't get quite easy warm as we -- you know breaking records last week but we do get up to about seventy on Saturday at our next front pushes on through back to the mid sixties on. Ride there you go folks there's a forecast for the next. You'd days service meteorologist Laura booked out not take this question wrong you like to snuggle to -- McConnell. Are spoon. Well maybe got to go to Madison was not I probably should go to there's a big fight don't -- opt in mechanism with cats that actually makes me kind of laugh. Well yeah I'm not not that there's any problem with hugging and cuddling in the spring morning. But apparently there's a business that's open call this little house harper sixty dollars customers can get professionally. Hugged it. Smuggled. Coddled and -- wrote weird that you have well that's what the city attorney is saying. He's saying there is no way. That sexual assault won't happen in this environment. -- some unwanted advances -- something actually I -- this comes back from the assistant city attorney Jennifer is still lobby yours ability. And here's her other quote no offense to men but I don't know any man who just wants to snuggle. But the I have to say yes if I like to snuggle. With the right -- -- -- haven't had any right to life just walking and it -- ranger at some -- do it probably not the case as you would take sixty bucks for someone to do you now when I'm gonna -- in -- I can see what that's causing a little bit of an -- -- here yet they think it -- they think it may be a front for prostitute after I was I was about to say -- there may be something else going on there -- now there are no laws against. Charging people to snuggle or -- that have I don't know if it's if it's a front for something else having their you know they're not -- they're gonna make it something it. -- looks legal right you know and then maybe some say -- going on. The police have openly said they're gonna run undercover sting operation -- smuggle a hug he cut the least who need. People should expect. That people becoming in -- cops just to warn them. So that's that's shop for a half for the undercover cop police officer that has -- and -- -- it's not gold by somebody. Now -- weird and am gonna work and we get on the agenda today getting a snuggle Huggins is. A it's that's that before we got our police officers enough money right out of the question now becomes. Although police officers generally register reported -- got to pay -- more ago and in the fact that I guess the question is an admin and give it to our audience. You are there any men out there who just want to snuggle what the question do you know any man who could stop and it's not. Smith is coddling enough. Been well. It quite assistant city attorney in Madison says no it happened. It will find out what ideas thanks. AM Monday morning Danica rainy and wet out there are big radio -- for you seem to hear it. -- -- about to enliven directive from the Eyewitness News forecast of what assets that the reporter Christian gear right now since he's here. Is there any man on the world Christian who just likes to. Snuggle is that enough for any man. -- and -- That's that's -- thought -- As strange business up in Madison will talk about that with a listeners have asked you to come in this morning that. Wow what happened last night where these states come from and where we're at day six days ago in Seattle. -- -- -- -- Well I think there were ultimately just a team that you talk to them that. Italy playing on the road like that and Seattle. A lot of teams can get ambassadors like you saw Carolina Panthers come here again embarrassed it's just the way home to events works in the fellas -- -- -- that it is that if it is it is especially the especially when you have a crowd we have a team. That drives off like the saints like the Seahawks like others. It's a significant jump in -- until the last night that. You know just that half second. Crowd you know the crowd noise and a half second -- -- that he gets off. The ball in is significant. It's that's the big difference out we knew we still had a very good saints team there was no doubt about that. But they just played very badly in Seattle well the couple was a very good Seattle Seahawks team that force in the play badly and that much like the saints. Forced to good Carolina Panthers team play about a lot of people got very excited to see Seattle lose yesterday in San Francisco. Theoretically. How big deal is that I mean that the -- gonna have to lose two of their last three. And the saints have to win any chance of that happening. Surest chance. But gosh I don't see and then lose in the Saint Louis Obama. And I want the Seahawks -- -- saints. But they executed -- -- is giants have been mathematically eliminated but this and it got to our Coughlin. Against the cardinals. That's itself it as a tough game for Seattle that's going to be put on a bad traffic then yeah I mean it but it all depends on. You know also that down the stretch years the injuries are going to be a factor it was on -- big injuries in the NFL yesterday in it's a -- Seattle -- -- His injuries in the states now for over the next. Or type in ten minutes. I'm three WL double coverage fishing -- and Bobby and sports with Steve gallery -- Gallery and it was. Sports have a great Monday morning commodities. Good morning and isn't every Monday just a lot easier after a saints win or I -- was talking about the Panthers defense heading into Sunday night's matchup in the superdome but the saints. -- stands alongside me. Makes his shotgun snap hooks around secondary is gonna go download tomorrow. Pitts junior bill at the Haitian sensation when another sack. The floor delete these -- Cam -- five times in Drew Brees threw for touchdowns on the evening as the -- gold cruised to 831 to thirteen victory over Carolina next up for the saints is a trip to Saint Louis to face the five any rams coach Sean Payton was asked what New Orleans -- three record says about the ball club right now. We're we're world records says we are and that's. The truth truth you know we've got some tough games here starting with Sunday afternoon a team that has played extremely well their home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've -- GeForce six in front of six Dave Cohen Steve Geller on your radio Steve all right so the Outback -- New Year's Day bowl for the LSU tigers -- in the Iowa Hawkeyes what do we know about this team -- here. Well -- Iowa comes out the Big Ten having an eight and four record on the season the hawk -- is kind of like the tigers have been a work in progress this year -- losses have come to northern Illinois Michigan State Ohio State and Wisconsin but they've rattled off three straight victories and the seizing culminating with Iowa's most impressive showing of the year in a 38 to seventeen victory act Nebraska. Now last time L issue in Iowa met was back in 2005. And the Hawkeyes beat the tigers now that gay might be best known for being the end of the new exceed an error in Baton Rouge as he left for the Miami Dolphins afterwards and less miles has been at the -- ever since. A our guys have not might not talk about that before the first game thanks Steve -- -- fifteen meant more sports. -- right so in response to a Madison Wisconsin. City attorney saying I don't know any man who just wants to snuggle. People are texting me at 878 that anyone that wild. No man is able to just snuggle what is stereotype I guess all women want to do is snuggle on like yeah right. -- and it -- that's not going for money sixty bucks an hour. Sounds a lot like a lap dance either case you're thinking about a lot more than this well -- thinking about it the legal thing. I says I love to snuggle -- but if she presents the opportunity. But turning to now it is -- just not all put your arms around me your legs better I'll. -- snuggle houses will this be a trend across the country I don't know but this is what and Madison Wisconsin. Sixty bucks an hour just -- -- Man it does feel good after a big win like that that can they win out and will Seattle lose Q. Give the saints home field advantage the wrath doesn't matter can they win in the playoffs on the road they never got it. -- good discussion have.

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