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12-9 6:15am Tommy, Saints vs. Panthers

Dec 9, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints beatdown of Carolina

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker on change on time rather for the first time in a long time so Mike -- -- in the wings Richie Marrero first anti cult I don't -- The feeling good. Yeah yeah it was a little bit it better last week it was finally. We get things like one on the road record here at -- you know our. Is it right. Altar -- at our back pocket you already know Iran. I'll read it like we want a row we don't have that -- in a mild we we we can point. Out real. They -- got punch last week so let me ask this be looking forward not back do you think. The saints can win a playoff game on a road. I'll think -- and a little army will hang in there. Yeah I really think big mentality network and the battle Iraq at -- -- -- -- -- -- it. -- glad you called Ritchie have a good day I -- to the right to say you bet. Likes to create giants right now Brandon Myers you know -- a Brandon Myers -- -- thing happening. This thing and he's a randomized. Armed now the -- -- NFL draft analysts NFL insider and Mike. Tammy first what you saw last -- -- different then. Massacre in is Seattle as it was being called NASA Monday night as journalism and Imus. What goals should you football's only business. In that we weren't laughing last week -- more. The best defense of pro football's. Is that Carolina campus while they're capable at least from -- point in the in the -- each. There than you think about it over the last two years. -- given up thirty points in game. Three columns. To global I've been that it. And so it last night. At this point just played so well they had the Panthers on their fuel and basically. The Panthers like Seattle played while. And it will -- -- in less than a week's time out quickly this -- changed. It it doesn't matter what he's an -- I don't kid yourself. But. That comment that this team does not scoring well on the rule all the time. Is not. Real well grounded because that in this -- winningest football team in pro football since 2006. On the -- Do it without adult they've ignored the that's absolutely correct in I would have no argument with that no one K here. This football team has the -- second that road record in Vienna well. Until it. It took the win on the road very typical of all they're patriots have done it better. But lap I would I think he saw was once very open to -- That terrific job every of the rated book protecting Drew Brees left like he did get rock if you not with that are really good defense. And their deep sense of line put a tremendous. Amount of pressure on him -- but -- the Roland. Outing but nobody picked me at 5:20 this morning picture you -- on the darker. That it was part of key to success will be brought up last week what -- who we thought would be the best in the last night. He was secondly. All repair those. Two under a 140 on Russian -- that would you know against the saints over 12100. Last night it would in the one sport. So you took on our element that they got -- -- last night. He took a moderate element and force can't do that sort of evolved now did you in the -- -- did you all -- quarterback back. England so bottom. -- -- -- Occasion the -- Monday night. But. You've heard the crowd and it was a twelve -- -- do. The pampered -- football team used with the series but it would certainly important. We're in an adult and you'd take care of it against a pesky. Slaton would -- AM team. Next we'll talk about the Q&A spot -- Talk about they'll only come back I am I would be Mike would get Europe. Scouting report on the on the Saint Louis. He won -- cardinals even -- been along time but the rams yeah. But. He just with the baseball team I guess you naturally wanna say cardinals when you say Saint Louis. And I guess my did -- appropriate to call the saints defense Kryptonite after last night as a shooter seemed to be another -- Superman. -- quite. The right script that it would most of them but nobody on our team pretends to be Superman and silencing him. Well -- well those -- got prepared to be Superman. He got brought back the mere mortal last. The dead and Andy didn't look like he threw the ball very well when he came. To zero RT here. Court yeah exactly was -- candidate take his glasses off. Needed at a phone -- where it was a boat with when he was look at Portland six when he Tuesdays at an iPhone with nine actually. Six when he do more with my did TA when we come back right now time for -- Harold Robbins -- I -- -- DeVon WL talk and am I can tell you AF Brandon Myers against every Monday morning and every Friday morning in. Mike talking about that pesky Saint Louis team that you mentioned to also a bit about them. Well that bit. And we'll locals that he and -- were basically good at what it really good bit late or like yes that'd be played really court. I mean that it does to kick out of him by Arab all the -- the the white. They got that student and beyond I'd never heard that flight like there is it okay to shelter like Mike. It went in it could do really well pressured the quarterback. And if you of them in the last years I have played him. What movies that I haven't backed up well against them and Robert we -- queer as long. I've really gotten up that Drew Brees. Helical locally and played -- -- whom they have to rip the football where form. Does that while not being normal and cattle. -- -- Bradford got knocked the other over the plate with a backup Kellen Clemens did Cordoba. You want will be made available so many years. Well we didn't seem -- like -- around it and you really have not filed -- -- all the alternate. With the objective explain why. That team has played really well against this right. And it is explainable. But -- -- -- are some really bad loans in Saint Louis but at that. Well I -- picture is that really good coach. But again. -- he. Oval that -- hot in which you play really well it really played well it was played Wade -- -- with a poker game of the clock football -- to do but take care. Because we don't know what it in the -- -- gain. Because we would Apollo we can Carol. So. They're not a good football team but you tell me that addicted to it quantum. And yeah. It didn't -- that had almost been elected -- that you can get away from that and I don't have to do but also being used. Would change. Much -- -- -- but more but Allen did it hit you on the up outside the global. Now Mike in 2009 it seem like the saints were on -- in inevitable inexorable collision course with that. Minnesota Vikings and we hosted here we don't know what happened in the NFC championship game in it was a fight man on talent yet. -- What's the likelihood that we're on that same collision course with Seattle. And is there any possible ways Seattle falters they got the giants coming up there. They host the Arizona Cardinals and then. They host the Saint Louis some rams any chance and all that the saints were announced Seattle's stumbles and we wind up the number one seed. Basically you grow -- you know what Seattle's public won't gain. And it you know it cannot give up his game but it went out of -- world -- -- have -- really. -- -- -- -- you know but it instructed you don't know terror and it is well is this typical. And it. It would mean that means that even the ones that there on the Indian Wells went one. It told patent on this bit of you know -- -- -- -- -- -- weird. They're very whimsical. You know could be well what. Now everybody is one thing but. That's what once -- it would -- Certain details that -- go what. Were you that it can be collected 60% thinking on the row your putts and bull. I didn't and of this thing. -- -- -- -- It was the third on the -- typical. But. Apparently. Well you Google. Convicted of or Seattle so well on. What wouldn't he get to the book yet he kept it cool what they ought you've got a product. In rear -- Europe and yet -- -- I believe that. You know -- even simple -- It was when we come back him a couple more minutes -- -- long day at work at the silver slipper tonight's second guessing game with Bobby and a bear witness over slipper casino -- beaten into account in Mississippi Italy its work normally have a good time which is gonna come back on talk about. How important is it. -- -- -- How important is that is if you know this is all. A an -- -- whatever -- abstract effort but but -- how important is the saints beating Carolina on the road. To give them some confidence if -- -- list road game until late would go on the road in the playoff game how important is it to. To wash that Seattle's road disaster out of their mind in and it's incompetence dollars winnings and and numbers aside I think distinct element. Tiebreaker even if that would happen in the saints went around 631 time a look at. That it W offers news from that we go to David blinked. I David Blake thank you so much Tommy Tucker talking in my -- EA yeah friend he will be second guessing the saints game. Hamachi its second guests here with the IBA -- -- overslept a casino tonight on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi Yale tuchman saints Panthers game I'm sure -- second -- The playoff scenarios big winners and loses around -- and it -- great day of NFL football yesterday SL issues bowl destination which is the Outback Bowl. Then at 630 the saints coach -- -- with head coach on patent and tight ends coach Terry Malone and then at 730 Monday Night Football Dallas. At the bears and tigers and -- LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones tonight at seven and three W well thirteen fifty. Mike before we get back to the conversation. Text comes in about why if the saints and Carolina wind up tied. -- the saints get the tiebreaker and -- and the schedule I guess it would have to be liberal record. Yet because of that pesky loss to. Who would visas Seattle I guess writing at three losses of four Carolina. Right there and saints lost when he AFC. Right and so it comes down -- divisional record after that so. Forward when you look at that that the record as the saying on that and even become head to head it becomes divisional record with a built -- and that's keeping. I'd -- -- the road to use the Super Bowl is gonna lead through Seattle. And you never know what happens -- not hoping for this disease can happen on either side injuries are or other teams -- playoffs you never know but. In your mind if you were bitten guy how likely is it that the saints go to Seattle try to get the super bull. I think it's highly likely that what you have to do. I mean that I mean right now Seattle is the best team in -- -- got to give credit despite the Austria that Israel and -- But probably can't judge would pick in the Super Bowl game everybody in a book. But all I'm saying it last year the Baltimore Ravens lost the first one week in December and ended up winning at all. That line got their butt kicked but sank in the final week in the number of utmost 451. Or wouldn't let that night is Super Bowl. Leaving I had a couple people say it's as simple poking about that you know what it's about it being an old what the Super Bowl team that -- -- the fight it and it. What -- gain on the row. -- play help on last year the ravens played wonderful game we want every -- gain on the row. It's a totally different game when it comes to play well not only support. What you've done and regular means and means not. What -- did not call it political entity work well. The patent not only means that you're there. You've got nuclear Britain's Colin Campbell I think it is huge advantage for you out in the wallet I don't doubt about it is an advantage for. But it is not the way at all at all because over the last two years and seen it. That it would be in the year earlier where they want air when they're on the including one -- -- what -- Against Peyton Manning colts. We don't want -- moment and gave ended up winning at all at all really well names on the row. Action in I think it important. But yeah I can opt -- but that caught Orton in that you hit the -- Bullet -- Let me Estes. On the likelihood. And actions say this because. And Illinois beyond superstitious here but the saints relatively healthy for this time a year the likelihood that. They do go on net run. Well I think that again I go back to it I think the only true king. That would keep Seattle from being the world changed about the world champion will come out of Vienna city. Won't even be separate incidents school board Waltz. I did it only two teams that can match up with them coal or why. It's not. They're gonna win that -- not -- you know I think it would at all. Mike I appreciate -- time I really do and idealism is seen in like you do in every Monday. If you about BA bears' second guess she'll live from the silver slipper casino on a beach in Hancock county Mississippi started four plus. And I thought well.