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WWL>Topics>>12-9 7:15am Tommy, Saints beat the Panthers

12-9 7:15am Tommy, Saints beat the Panthers

Dec 9, 2013|

Tommy talks to Jarrett Bell, an NFL writer for the USA Today, about the Saints beatdown of the Panthers and the playoff picture

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Something -- it's nice -- -- years saints being in the thick of the playoff race and maybe he's still for the number one seed will talk right now -- Jared Allen a writer for the USA today morning -- -- banks are being on this again -- -- we always like to get an outsider's perspective on this news. You men and women tend to be ten more objective and we can be so. Tell me what you saw last night what you saw last Monday night is -- saints go in -- likelihood that they make a run in the playoffs. Yeah I was right back from its world after last night. It's it's amazing with just saying that they. Played so well palms and they need him. Particular world when you don't know exercise maintain. That's really what in particular but they haven't seen this public commencement in I thought they had a chance to go in there. And then winning game last week even though the Seahawks served. As tough or conference home. And themselves as the saints are in the Serpico. They didn't happen and -- they may have to go out there I can and out of there if you're going to be in. Before when there at their own do it and I'm African American community. Let's talk about. Against the and I -- so important Korea I don't know that's academy to cut you off and I guess let's talk then about the likelihood that. There's some kind of stumble or falter on the part of the Seahawks. The saints went down to -- Seattle loses an earlier round and we actually get the NFC championship game here in a Mercedes Mercedes-Benz superdome. -- have detect possible blow would look that it was a likelihood of that happening and genetic. I think it's possible that that could stumble. Home. If -- a -- in the process can afford. It and they. Pretty much in San Francisco and play them in Seattle the past couple years that. San Francisco is the type detained and I think to go into Seattle and -- but I. In Carolina in this argument saying that's very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Currency analyst well. These things that are built was rock solid defense has. Can travel. And that's why I think he brought back last week in -- change school and then last week proposed. Defense that can travel can look and keep you full partner in -- it's conducive to change. -- gas. That's progress and are often sent and we -- -- the -- as mature. -- -- have -- Trying to dictate some terms problem. In the -- so. The Second Amendment -- the Seattle in in Ecstasy -- stumble against but. Cryptic looking like Sampras is true of who's going to influence the content. I saints are very physical last night about this scenario casino I'm -- as objective as you are but what what about if looking -- it is as this likeness of the saints have to go into his Seattle for the NFC championship game and what have. Happened last Monday helped them or hurt them in terms of if -- say the -- have no confidence or it was a dry run a rehearsal for what happened in the NFC championship. That's about the best way to look at in are in India couldn't go back for Australia you know dress rehearsal. In the playoffs have a couple years ago. Colorado running backs your body needs remember that it was still -- reckless game. Now of course about it so. They -- Not know what to expect so it's going to be good in that. And in the I have to stick around. Prior to -- in the whole. Of Africa that we need an incident split and last week. Com is one of many problems so. That's what they'll have to. In anger -- what they have to go back and do it again you know times. With his secret to try to come with some some -- Just kind of round. Haven't up a bit better -- and that sometimes -- currently in the planet of the execution. Going to gain. It's a quarterback like me he was -- was last month more. Opportunity. It can -- support to. Under and -- you were in Philadelphia you're in Philadelphia for the game yesterday at Philadelphia Eagles game I can't hide until my -- of the rooms in the snow I can't remember gain in recent history. Where the snow was -- deep on the field and you. -- The -- And that's a -- Smoke in either of active that the patriot games against. Oakland play atop the ticket Jamal and that was that was Juan it is an excellent in Italy -- -- actually played Tennessee and 2 October snowstorm and stocks were. And number one and that's when. Just didn't. Will play in the years but it wasn't as bad as it was obviously. What was snowplow game where Belichick sent. Against Miami where Belichick's snow clearing machine. England -- I absolutely believe Hillary Clinton. Nice about it. A situation that was. Into account of those. Got another guy operating machine just. He felt like doing it does get time to clear the field any don't have time to do the whole thing that's what have. That -- didn't work I'll get it down that thing that guidelines that's -- -- that's -- to that test ethnic gap blocked. And -- -- never attempted field brought Detroit never attempted to feel it was just extremist like the first. NFL game. And meeting New -- we need to single point. Produced by -- the kicker silent for humans. But like a throwback game from the sixties you know a little slow down a desolate but I thank you -- we appreciate your time appropriately --

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