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12-9 7:45am Monday Morning Quarterback

Dec 9, 2013|

Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic's interview with Saints QB Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome into Monday Morning Quarterback here on saints radeon Christian Garrett joined by quarterback Drew Brees Monday Morning Quarterback has brought to you by degrading ploys of Crosby -- in Galliano. And -- septic got to -- called Joseph the saints won their record to ten in three on the season after beating the Carolina Panthers 31 to thirteen in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Drew congratulations on the win and gradually is on the -- thousand. Yard milestone which will get took a minute but to talk about this victory and you guys bounced back at the Seattle -- that wasn't you guys this when this move them like it. Yeah. A short week I had to cram preparation and the tough man guys did a great job of just kind of burned down in North America we need to put forth great effort tonight and -- -- can be very -- this is very very good opponent. Arguably maybe one of the hottest teams in the development coming in here tonight Carolina Panthers have won eight -- play well on all sides of ball you know number one ranked defense. And that would put forth a great team effort all all phases. Would you -- see in the secondary namely in the second quarter. Table get that many points on -- so quickly. You know. I think we just we just felt like we we've -- street to find our rhythm you know there are some options in passing game if we can't -- -- the protection and -- guys in front of a phenomenal job. -- Marcus Marcus had a big day obviously. But everybody contributed -- -- -- that big run in the first and second drive cover for scoring drive of the second. First quarter that. You know really kind of got to show started and me just look for those types of big plays. Says member of the 2000 yards passing club -- talk about yourself and all meaning he can you do then be human first second and then just reflect on that. That's like to think there's a lot more of that came from you know we'll we'll just continue to -- along you know where the ball in the season where it's all about just finally swing games and -- kind of -- You know as he's -- these milestones come along the way I mean. It is gratifying affiliates about the guys share worth you know everybody has a hand that everybody gets to enjoy that's the fun part. Christmas time and -- the saints had their holiday party I'm pretty sure you guys had a picture with Santa but. Is Alpharma shelter at the to resell so. You know it's funny we have done before we do we do have a former health health -- -- I guess you can change the location -- from the shelter elsewhere on the shelf. Helps them like on chandelier -- have been on you know covered else been everywhere so yeah we've got a little wealth all kinds of places in the house. And finally we get back to football you talk about the defense and ever from your team that I mean playing a complementary brand you guys talk about so much. Yeah defense played great you know. Hold them to two field goals early on and then really. Kicking up that pass Russian you know. You -- I can't Jordan have big statistical base but no reliable defense you guys and secondary. You know lock him down so that those guys have a chance -- quarterback commands such team effort you know so all the way around her -- great job. Loses say ability come back off a short week in Seattle iconic game and come back with a win like this what is success as a lot about the team you know that the you know we can face adversity and and have it make us better. You know every team has to be able to do that and it's good -- the great ones. We we hold our future you know right right it's it's there for the taking for us we control our destiny. We just got to keep winning. Now that attention turns to Saint Louis is talk about that rams team that. -- a really good -- front seven there's like this fantasy team and. Yeah one game I I saw penalty was against Seattle and they gave Seattle can handle there. Few weeks back. Had a ton of pressure on the quarterback. You know all we had -- when it came here as we know how well they can play certainly home and -- we've gone that we really haven't played that well -- They've played us we will also have room to go there and put forth our best performance. Drew once again congratulations appreciate the time thanks thank you that wraps up another edition of Monday Morning Quarterback here on -- -- the black gold travel to Saint Louis to -- rams and next Sunday on saints radio for Drew Brees on Christian Garrick.

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