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12-9 8:15am Tommy, LSU bowl game

Dec 9, 2013|

Tommy talks to Jerry Palm, BCS expert for CBSSports.com, about the Outback Bowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I wouldn't know who's playing who in the bowl games this holiday season 816 Tommy Tucker joined by. Jerry Obama peace he has bull expert in the front 9 as good morning Gerri nice to talk to you again. I'd tell me com offers of legacies go back to the week and all Ohio State had to do was win right. And they didn't. -- now. They did not and Auburn just in -- game with Missouri where I think the defense has -- chill out at all being content. Clearly again all of that being an entertaining all that being said Tellme. -- -- -- work let's work locally and and move up L issue playing in the Outback Bowl. Yeah I mean I think that that. -- -- because obviously I get we're not expecting pact meant number net game. Total -- you know they'll they'll -- -- a quarterback going to dialogue and produced the real strong. That's probably. Could be a -- team from the Big Ten perspective you know you'll still be pretty. I double favorite team and it went with the wind but. You know -- -- been quite -- -- in the year. And especially on -- though that could be a fun game. I so lip let's look at the rest of the of the bowl game -- top down championship game. Yeah or -- Auburn. Or that it could be able to pinpoint papers even minute. Is that he did absolutely lately. To the entire dental the deal quickly one -- year under pork are now marketed retreat. Now with the seventy point -- ought to college community. And apparently -- an -- week it would. You know Robert W real tail -- was a little more than they played. A bit. Especially in that final game against the -- and out of the ball -- as she -- -- they're gonna have to find a way to open down. I guess it happens occasionally be gone from 39 national championship game. And a chance for the SEC to win their eighth straight you gotta give Auburn Auburn not easy for me to say Auburn some props -- All yet will agree here in a beat -- beat -- into the trap like you know the -- to win with the what will play. And and you know what a remarkable place that would -- -- be damaging. But still -- bit -- Really glad to be in position. Don't think that happened for them. And the turnaround and offered this year and -- misery to -- Considering what -- expected -- -- -- this year. I had been really it. I Sugar Bowl we get Alabama Oklahoma -- them and -- and a. You -- be more beaten the struggle. You don't want it because what he wanted to -- and being. -- opposite would probably better pitcher would help him eat and it'll all Oklahoma -- and did better in the Gallup or. -- quality will be more -- or indeed any child should. Should have there way it was in my Oklahoma bought into debt and then to -- and this year and -- mention organ and one of the -- Indy Al mobile against. In fact that the net or -- -- And com. The Orange Bowl Ohio sequence and. Yeah -- are keen to know preteens and I think Kennedy to quarterback in Boyd and Braxton Miller and and Miller needed excitement and even need to regain dignity injury that rule now that. Yen area a great year and he'll -- for both teams can move the football question is -- to one of the topic they needed. I think he would probably better to do that. In terms of the am. -- am sorry Jerry beer with the Monday after -- late night of his saints game to your dad UCF. Landing in their experts. Big bowl game. Dealt yet for me. It me or they haven't been in one war bowl since. Apparently while they were so really you know he should he send news this depletion. Dealer at a three year court of Berry -- -- and -- really pretty decent student at the because there -- equipment. But people would -- the numbers. Central portal by double order one and date. They wanna -- bill it'll beat South Carolina beat the -- wire. Does the struggled a little bit at the end of the year but -- order did not get beat Baylor Baylor better. Notre Dame Rutgers in the pinstripe double talk about turnarounds and programs Auburn three in nine last year. On a national championship Notre Dame in the national championship last year. Not even in top -- -- time when it comes the final BCS standings while -- Not final vigilance and so is it is now about Notre Dame playing Rutgers -- about the the prestige of that bull letting -- know where the pins tribal is your New York City L because of the -- -- And he beat you again I'll -- Notre -- you know typically New York only work. He -- get warmer weather. Other their -- pretty much limited. Nobody -- be. Commitment that they were over heard it was a very different team this year on Saturday in what are starting quarterback or even Indian older or. Giving back to the -- yet we're pretty look past that point but they had a pretty solid year. He should win that game I would be very comfortably. The couple remembered it how are you never know what are inevitable -- because. You don't know -- attitude. About being in order to get appointed Peter was it today at Ole Fidel relief sided and you're gonna get -- -- and that would make sporty art. -- -- being said national championship game being played on January 6. A would debuted these things could be them the best overall game. We will report wrote ball street agents deeper because. I'm old school. They might have bet that the country and people were on the football -- -- community really. Typical war in the trenches. I put all. During it could be or being it's not going to be elegant. Double -- in -- motor no ability. IRO I agree with you but then. But I expected for media in the early on in the lot coupled and organic Cotton Bowl Oklahoma. The inventory which wouldn't be complete opposite. But apology a couple of I our topic is indeed as the coordinator at your current. -- was you know as far as the Rose Bowl and it's normally a tough game for me to watch -- like January 1 you get the -- -- -- -- but I drink some coffee and as a hate Gerri thank you so much free time. --

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