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WWL>Topics>>12-9 8:45am Tommy, did LSU over or underachieve?

12-9 8:45am Tommy, did LSU over or underachieve?

Dec 9, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL.com columnist Jeff Palermo about LSU's season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tummy tuck Tucker hello rough night talking about LHU. Playing in the Outback Bowl against Iowa and asking you -- less miles. Over achieved. Under achieved this year roller pretty much did what you expected agreement. It's Mexicans and I think that speaks of the nature of some -- issue fans who can be pretty top. Under achieved. Gradual demise of LSU program in full effect recruiting we'll suffer an 89 seasons were replaced annual eleven win seasons time for change. And another one says and this one's pretty tough Tommy under less smiles all seasons are disappointing. I EO's seven losing two games won a Kentucky backing in the national championship. So I think what this -- is saying though even though LA she won the national championship that year they're disappointed in me attribute that to pure luck. Ending on a say in 2011 we had fifty yards and a half he makes no changes to give your team a chance every year he finds ways speaking of less miles. To blow one or two games before we go to Jeff -- let me go to Bryant. In Jefferson hey Brian you're on -- W good morning. It's out -- -- built a lead thing. I think less small bit moody and do -- many -- to type players have to excuse. And considering we lost what 1011 players Savannah suburb of stalking in the -- -- I think he did. I think he may have over achieved a little bit. But certainly not under achieving your saying. I don't think it I mean it would be an -- in -- -- their tables more things but we're going to the Outback Bowl. And I think he over achieved a little bit now the law that should be yet. I think between and so but and then the next few players play coaches because. They think with rare exception when you get that special championship team that every year's semis and have one clunker at least. Well look at the play last week. They do. Yet the same ones who bubble and humbled by stairway to Alabama and Auburn they get to -- too good player and the things can order now. And you know gone back and -- -- right. -- back to thank you for the call on back to the texture about like I think sometimes. To get to the national chip east national championship game you need to have some likes balls got to bond a -- ground balls get a bounce your way and he had a stay healthy Jeff Palermo joins us right now Louisiana network news director David WO Beckham columnist. -- -- -- Good thanks to take the time with -- tell me about. Less miles let's start there with them over achieving underachieving and given the accurate number on the number of starters that were lost is that seems to keep mushrooming. Well you know. -- -- a -- -- that's -- Just like caller reported. A minute ago the -- albeit. At a one. Probably it was. Double W figured it it would lose the Georgia you know I figured -- -- album. But. The -- -- they're pointed out there's been a good -- in the program. I think it has. You know all a little bit obviously talent. -- -- what was. What went to the BCS national championship game ought to help amateurs today. About it Indian talent between one Alabama. LSU. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One freak play away and in back up in the SEC championship about bird this morning. Sort of state lost eight players the end of the draft last year they went undefeated -- and a lot -- like the heat but bill. A lot of teams lose. Players like good teams -- players and still figure a way to do. You know find themselves back into these yet ball and I think that. Get the important thing about your two years. And that could be vehicles last season and if you do it again next he that very well they start won the lottery to get back into becoming one of the only program has won it. It's still very good program that they top ten top five program that it was two years ago though what. -- -- You know it's a lot easier to it to stop the skid before you get a lot of momentum gonna be sliding down hill one had yet. So what do you do I -- -- and contract consideration -- chances are less not going anywhere. Now you know. Advocating on CNN don't you know -- I'm not sure that my -- Let me ask you better question Jeff that howdy is is it likely to stop and -- CO issue. Return of perhaps where was under Nixon it. Well I think one of the things they needed to lose. You know the thing that I -- really heard of this year. Let the they've made it lacked some of these big athletic. Difference makers on the defensive line I think that was the big thing that they really lack the -- and -- Turkey found. I just didn't have that that they thought they thought they -- they had but can you I thought -- -- jets -- You know granted Sam Montgomery it would have been nice if you would return or she'd achieved the American -- but. If it comes back to our recruiting and there are you know the threat to tackle at R&R. Journal well he could be a guy that can help. I would offensive -- You know I think that you know. It comes out it's just you know recording better there's some big fish that are still out there. Of course the water packets and -- one. John -- were wide receiver outside to -- I think you know if you if they can lock up those guys -- -- individuals suicide -- -- -- -- you know good from I think. You know even though that the program has the look a little bit of credit. You know 2011 that was -- and for the agents well she's so that was really. Nowhere else but to go out after the and what what hope is that. If they can go -- Outback Bowl and have a great performance against Iowa because it. -- for great season in point fourteen much like what they did. A few years back when they beat Texas in and you know refreshment starting in the secondary could have. -- freshman point quite a bit in the secondary this week is maybe you can never duplicated in any ability going to be break it and do quarterback. Actually it. You know you'll be losing Landry able to -- Well I'll start -- bowl game quickly formula to go run and not a time Anthony Jennings is he the guy he showed some nerves of steel. Against Arkansas. Yeah four right now I would like this guy has. -- -- I don't know the next looking. Around and you know -- while that last night about whether you know -- the -- it can solidify. Starting spot. If you play well in the Outback Bowl wouldn't. Say that the you know I think he's more outspoken. Get -- -- an agent prepared. Didn't keep prepare for a game getting the win and then outbreak at about 20141. It's kind of start thinking about what went fourteen but I think it would get a lot topic the entire program. -- an agent and go about our. -- a good game now you know few years back Georgia percent and a really good game and that your political extorted back in. Never really I mean -- never sought consistency from. You know a lot of guys go out there. You know China for fifteen minute period or fourth quarter at its consistency that battered. That's which are opening that you would like to see -- You know it's beautiful performances we did it against Arkansas. And that was in 99 yard drive upgrade it. You'd want to -- these problem because. What really. -- -- program before I met burger that these words. There's just speaking -- is the political and I think you're just like that he could it be much like you got problems that we spent the night Jeff we appreciate the time.

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