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Dec 9, 2013|

Is bullying an exaggerated problem, or so serious that we need a strategic war against it? One side says it’s overstated; the other says bullying is so serious governors are creating entire departments to fight it & lawyers are gearing up to sue bullies and schools or companies where they reside. Which camp are you in? Are you FOR a law that would create criminal penalties for bullying? Are you for or against the “Safe Schools Improvement Act,” that would require schools to have policies & procedures in place to combat bullies in order to receive federal funding? We spoke with Matt Morgan, an attorney for Tricia Norman, whose daughter Rebecca committed suicide after being bullied.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's our something vendors have always been fascinating -- committee bullying. We're gonna be gonna talk specifically. About two or Rebecca said Britain mother who's suing for those responsible for daughters. Her daughter. -- reportedly is cyber -- per year and have by a group of computers -- think one of the immune. Best friend and -- one point in time. And she jumped off the towering Florida. And -- open now being a mother. Is filing a lawsuit to I'm -- Christian Norman whose daughter Rebecca -- work. A -- to her death than that -- of filing suit federal understand this -- events or warrior to us stay -- -- for a while Matt Morgan. Attorney for crucial Norman go to Rebecca committed suicide after being -- attempting to get him. Computers -- apologized Madden welcomed the show appreciated to tell. They -- -- girl and I appreciate that. Stuff. What the current status is we're a lot of drafting our formal complaint. -- the parent of the bullet in the case that that kind of out -- to to a lot of people. I that we brought -- and broke the bottom of why would you go after the air. Global iconic -- that. Were also in the process of changing the law or we -- out or at least should be built upon check out well. -- it to let -- took a little bit of New Orleans Greg could go more to give your proven it time. Two. Actually both of those directions. More talked you -- just about bullying in general is as our bread in permission. All this issue preparing for the show I was struck. By. How many people in the comments sections. In in. News reports and search all of this country. May comment. That. Suggests they don't think bullying is a big problem and we've all all got to grow up won't include wasting resources. Trying to convict kids for. Words you know once those whose lives daughter chose to take coral in light of the new human Florence or guerrilla. But you'll Abrams person responsible for the death -- -- Seems to be to me unless I miss reading just seems to be mean let's. Underlying this whole issue and and when you read about this it's it's pretty tragic stuff. -- over year. The number of world's it's centered emails like there's -- and killed yourself good good jump ball for building. And dearly. A year of -- by the minute as lifting. Girls. Eventually she did she climbed atop. Water -- Closing array of abandoned there in Laura Google. -- standard and jump off -- until news of we have a border that's the -- working with a mother met Morgan -- this attorney for a attrition Norman. Bad to you were talking about two phases of the laws who do well in those. Well a lot of focus song really -- separate party. -- focus on potential in the school system. It'll focused on this cement plant in which she jumped off. That lack -- parent of the bullies and has and has crucial. -- -- That accommodation would be a lot change that we propose that we have been. Acting emperor. You know we we're hopeful that an effective change shorts. I'm working diligently to this show. Heard Howard houses school involved in the. Well. And I don't know how closely here your listeners to follow this story but the first school that Rebecca that -- You know we we have our belief that true what they knew about what they did about the behavior but needless to say Rebecca was removed from that school so her mother. Identified the ball well you know about it by actually remove troops from school. She -- schools for a period of time. And then she put her into a different school. Applicable waiting never came to a conclusion. And and so you know ultimately to get the tracks that occur after -- discover an awful like we have a base to -- That tower itself is that because it wasn't secured. Exactly they're their date there gaping hole and the front of that power. Where kids were able to ingress and egress for. And -- -- spray painting and -- -- it -- no. They spot that kids who hang out and the owner of the property. Never today think this deal. Being closer cement plant. Or you know make it can't keep kids out despite having -- that there were frequently that that he has his property. -- talked about appearances nuclear. The problem. Just read that says it is can be -- -- it is. Orient you ruled to be married in the legal system. Would happen. And my personal opinion I believe that there is that the most important thing we can do to effect change and artillery and their parents know that their children. Conduct can ultimately impact their pocketbook. But I think that at the end of the day that can be -- type of deterring. Factor that might make parents think what really digging into their children. So essentially. That Syria liabilities are negligent supervision or not make any bank the well there law. And especially -- If you are aware you to charge particulars of the can be it can apply a different. Circumstances and and back for our particular fact pattern. -- tech is anywhere war should be aware that their child is bullying another and then. That bull -- caught some type of damage or harm in the parent can be held responsible for the conduct of their trial. And added that benefit regardless there is how much you're out here if you don't they call partner -- you can get in trouble. Joy of your episodes go through in the parents were penalized. Certainly I would become and current programs fixing Euro would be very concerned about what she's doing. But other than taking her computer all the way he'd taken their cell phone and tickner. Social services way can is apparent be guaranteed that that I'm catching it. Exactly -- that's a great point we we just did. I show it -- promulgated. Vietnam and -- -- -- hero you know here we are discussion is that it has the parent. If you can only do so much in and to an extent. You know there's some there's some you know -- point could be made to that end. But he's very passionate about parents doing everything that they can't deter -- what we're seeing. Think what evidence is leaning -- -- in that particular set of circumstances. Is the parent or doing anything. So I did parent you go again so much you can only create -- environment look happy at all and you can only do so much mention that they are harming other. But what we're focused than. On is -- apparent that are doing any bank. And beyond that the -- bet they'd be condone hate so you know I think that the message apparent clear. You know a lot to say. Because the privacy concerns and and you know my child happy about it the -- -- that FaceBook got -- were children decorum order -- in the count you know that there like that there. I'll let the as a parent they have a duty to supervise so badly do. We're gonna have a duty to know what's going on. But at the end of the day are apparently knows. You know the spirit of their child they're they're bad they're charging -- spirited individual they know it should know that they do to make sure that that child or not. All the shows we don't -- young kids committing suicide. Because of cyber bullying. And -- appearances decided to do something about it -- -- The daughter Rebecca who committed -- its side of being bullied. Is filing a lawsuit trying to -- a lot of things changed to minimize -- -- and -- -- under her attorneys with the personnel. Matt -- let me go back to the the parents and I'm not -- you really try and understand as a parent. -- could could I be liable. It's -- I do have live my -- word in -- cell -- that your core iPad and talk to -- Lab top computer. And I durable one to week or twice a week and I don't see anything. And butchery -- may be issues is taken off of history. May be issues he admitted to such report -- just didn't see. And still be held liable do you have to -- Then that I really -- -- -- and that put out in a terrified at the end of the day you know these parents are going to be able to defend themselves they're going to be able to say. You know this is what we did to stop this is what we try to do and I'll be at mitigating factor and it could potentially our liability that that at the end of the day that appetite that you deal that the discovery process so you know we get down. And take the deposition have a parent and you say they'll tell -- what you did. You know stop that -- if you you'll going on. Without a doubt that you took. Make sure that it didn't happen in the future. And what -- what we're finding our investigation. And that particular case. Is that now it would not being done but the parent knew about it. And and did not paying and we believe that they might have condone. The behavior of their children but -- the back and -- people we're looking for. The fact pattern where you know what but the recruited event. Parent had no idea what -- -- -- -- more -- the fact afterward opened its obvious the pair are doing anything but that in the debate at your sport directly the way you deal that. It just does the governor profit just like every other. Case and the court of law you know we present the facts the way we -- Dependent parents have that the opportunity to defend themselves. And at the end of the day if they're OK they're OK and you know the case is decided on the matter. -- I've -- think I remember reading -- aside one of the fathers of one of the girls charged with the news. My daughter's good girl. A 100% sure the book I think most of you keep up with the news snowed that she committed suicide jumping up a power. In Florida and she was bullied by and that number -- former Peruvians at least one I think who's at one point in time her drug closed room. And everything we bread -- Do the girls. Threatened to beat corrupt children drink. Bleach and died she should killers so well. A little bit literal and they even serene meadow for its and I haven't killed yourself yet when you're gonna jump ball for building and should do it should -- all -- -- killed herself. Today you heard not today but her mother. Has filed a lawsuit concerning. Former school system. The tower of the companies that -- the terrible issue. Jumped and also. A lawsuit aimed at parents in particular the parent to -- to children cues of the cyber bullying -- my Morgan with a he's the attorney for a crucial Norman. Matchup problems have got to the question Torre but don't wanna go back to the parents could more -- that -- understand that. If if if -- chef who wondered two times week in you don't see anything. Can you still being held. Accountable. Bloom with the loss they should have known or how do you prove. That Trojan. Or did you just I mean if a parent -- show and they can make a proper evidence that hey I checked my kids they put out you know two times a week. And I never -- in this my escorted them to school our conversation that -- and that -- has done everything in their power to make sure that stops. But what we need time and time again and practical we've developed an entire department these issues -- that parents. They're not doing nothing. But there we have issues amongst themselves. And they are setting -- example for children at home that being mean to each other. It's okay and indicated carried over to school so that it would that the parent comes forward and says look you know I know that my child bullet another. Individuals harmed themselves divided everything that I could and they and they can show that they did -- in the power's stop that that can't going to be okay that the panel will look import. Looking to towards the parent that knows it's going on allowed it to continue to happen. And then that a harm occurred. It you know most parents I think most parents always think. My child the perfect one is not our kids. And into something like them would come a blitz today after I interviewed you realize that while -- -- -- on the Butte airport and promote their two months. I -- one should point this week in light happens. Had to buy groceries is dead. Continue to work for a living. And and I just got out there have been forgot about it something occurs. Much stool. Clear divisive what checked for a little one home and -- from while I didn't. Well you -- -- -- and most cases we see it's simpler than that it's. You know the mother that takes up the group of kids from school and the conversation that the kids are happening. You know a lot of times it's right in their face and they either choose to do something about it or not. And so it it's it's it's much more prevalent than. You know just -- included an instance where somebody -- -- FaceBook contest this that the other thing. It's kind of you know conduct it's habitual repeat itself -- -- -- up from school and they're talking about you know how Ugly Betty do it and you know how everybody -- sir and the parent just kind of sit back -- doesn't do anything about that. You know those -- the -- outlook and for the parents that know that something bad is going on and they just don't do anything to make -- stop because what we're dealing with is an epidemic crippling has become. An epidemic and in large part due to the complacency of Terrence. That just. Label that he's in -- -- kids being kids who just teasing each other go what's happening. There's these kids are Portman playing each other to death and the reason it's become an epidemic is because they used the Internet. Makes it's so easy so for example Rebecca said it. She couldn't even leave the school and leave the -- behind because the bullies followed her in cyberspace. And so that the -- -- placed back back when you know. I was growing up when you're grown up their network and and in the form that is now. And so vital to school my mom remove me from school -- those kids could give me any more now those kids follow you ago. Most of us have brought about sourcing TB reports -- heard on the radio this time in particular. Trigger broad Rebecca and said -- -- would jump off for how war in Florida after being urged to by. Former friends and and -- forged and cyber bullying. And her mother. Has so hard Matt Morgan -- -- Two road draw upon -- -- parents can be sued in school systems can be sued do and and all the people. In the related to do the bullying death. Of -- to. You mentioned I think the last hour that the cyber bullying is little that a out of control it bordering Everett. Will let us tonight do you because I'd do remember this site Google that now pulled this. The man considered the pioneer research and bowling and support. The supposed play cyber bullying has been greatly century and he's a professor of psychology University of Bergen Norway. He created were -- success will bullying prevention programs in the world and we're parent educators on the issue of that use his his. Ideas. And he broke customers who paper I think it was this year arguing that cyber bullying which is common than conventional bullying. And there is no evidence has to do increase in recent years what are your thoughts. Well aren't they -- all due respect. I don't see how that makes any logical sense in that. If you just look at the prevalence of the Internet now in comparison to. The prevalence of the Internet back into the mid ninety's and early two thousands. I don't. I don't see how one could. Make an argument that cyber bullying has increased. You know hundreds of millions if not billions of people now access the Internet that once upon our did not. So I don't I don't know how to make sense that argument. -- Maybe I'm reading this -- but I think Florida -- of the governor's office has an entire department concerning. A cyber bullying in the bowling him props -- a problem itself. What what did they do in that department is that report correct. Well the issue that I see an issue at least he was in law and order there's there's this statute which is dressed. -- -- and says he'll blame -- -- -- -- so kids don't bully. But it doesn't give any punishment for the ball. So the only punishment is to the schools that receive -- bunnies if you don't have. Certain policies and procedures in place and -- and can be put the -- about what we're seeing. Is -- thanks so kids are being punished for -- for the actor bowling and in schools. Really don't there's no follow dispute that the policies and procedures and -- before it came on the show us speak into a group of kids have been arts journal and elsewhere about bowling. And I -- the teacher before and I said you know what what. Policies and procedures you'll have complacency could well. You know we have the right to the principle over to the administration beyond that I'm not really sure what happened. And what we've seen time and time again is. That's schools are doing their best but they don't have the resources that they need to have that proper policies and procedures in place. And -- most importantly. The funding to carry out their policies and procedures and that's what we got to two piece of legislation that we're going. Forward whether it's a federal piece of legislation that speaks about and and then the state legislation that speaks to kind of the conduct of the bully themselves. Mentioned this earlier aboard one of the things that I am perplexed about about arm medium today period. Or via anonymous comments that allowed I'm not brochure element started or why it's still there. But you can always play in the meanness. In these contractors. Couple. We're wasting resources trying to convict cute for words. Your daughter chose to take grown -- while there may have been and served to fuel the person responsible pour her death is cheaper and you. Do you have hoped that this kind of walked -- and get team to win when their seemed to be somebody hearted comments and we get a number of -- along the same lines here that that seemed to have done -- believing it and when they. Can't that I that seem to gloss over that little bit. Well I can tell you that it's easy for that person to speak that way because. Perhaps their child has not taken their life. Perhaps their child was not Portman to Tibet. Just say that it was Detroit that Rebecca made. Certainly there was there's an element of choice involved but if you take the bowling and if you take out the torment there would be no actual estimate. So we don't believe what we believe that but for the bowling. This tragedy never Kursk's. So I think that the comments you know the fact that they go on and and Vietnam I think it's I think it's the servers and I understand that the First Amendment. Issue with that but at the end of the day if you wanna say negative things you need to -- -- out there and attach a name to it otherwise it leads to you know. -- is you know an out of control. Situation always called Howard commoners are generally on let's let's bring them when the listeners chalk mural -- Matt Morgan who appreciated. And it Matt -- and I don't know if this is there's the story of a detail from the mine anxious on that was. So what's harboring but it it was real real time bullying. Someone you know been bullet out of school books. And apparently all parents knew what was going on including the parents of bully. And she decided one day it would and personally involved with other children to have to confront this bully. You actually I don't know all the details of the threatening the cheaper and threatened this kid -- -- a bodily form but. Basically saying I'm gonna follow you around -- -- on -- you know bullying anymore. She immediately went to the principals school after that and told him about the story. And that you are gonna get a call from the kids' parents because I went after this kid talked about the bullying. Well long story short. They're basically all the kids that were on the -- their parents the bullies and kids parents came from a broken family I have stepfather and mother and the mother. Even the bullying kids parents. Applauded her. For stepping forward and having the brave worries that the courage to come forth as they compete -- I think a lot of it is. Is the fear out there and all of the litigious society we live and why it. There was like a fear that it went in to -- wanna get involved because of the ramifications maybe they thought that and at. Introducing story in a good point of matter are people who have even incorporated pure law goes through that to a -- shouldn't get involved I'm gonna get involved and losses. Or think that actually the perfect example of what we're seeing he got a bus driver in that particular set of circumstances who knows that this is happening. Yet he's not doing anything. You've got all the parents of the children on the bus that know what's happening yet nobody's doing anything and then somebody good samaritan pilots steps forward and does something about it. I think that you know if if anybody's afraid. Of getting in trouble for doing the right saying I think that the age should think twice about that. Because at the end of the day if you step forward and you prevent some type of armor you you -- prevent some type of emotional turmoil. Then you don't get in trouble for things like that you get in trouble for things. When you harm another person in some way shape or what not when you make a situation better. Met personally think -- Very important newsroom pre futures spinning and -- Absolutely -- learned something from that I appreciate the time as a parent. My condolences. To attrition Norman and thank you so much for joining me is you have a good day. Thank you to grow up on.