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12-9 12:10pm Garland, Death by China

Dec 9, 2013|

Should America’s biggest fear be death by China? A jaw dropping documentary titled “Death by China” explains why America has lost (to China) 50,000 factories and 25 million jobs at a cost of over $3 trillion dollars. That’s bad enough news, BUT the worse news--these figures go up every day and sooner or later China will eat the American economy. Does this strike fear in you? Do you worry about China? And, do you think our politicians will do what it takes to reverse this spiral? We were joined Peter Navarro, best selling author & filmmaker of Death by China.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We should go -- prince Symbian new mill instead you'll go to work again on Netflix and watch her document -- death by China. My wife and electric took the player plea thrown cold night and we watched it -- -- and they have no. Expectations as -- was -- But of what I saw is correct. Is that you even known a knife next to the choir plays this will you be cold chills. What do you talked about is China floating US markets with illegally subsidized products talks about. 50000 American factories have closed. A lot I'm gone overseas to China more than. -- five million Americans -- find a decent job bar him. Admission of -- to the world trade center at least buyer of this documentary looks like a huge mistake currency manipulation. And more importantly we don't seem be competing against Chinese companies would seem to be competing against the Chinese Government. And I've always looked it is and and felt like we had become world market Newman when I heard. Well we've done shows on over the years of Vietnam companies were losing overseas. And I've always thought that that's horrible -- like you know something can be done. We're kind of the world marketplace and we're going to be able to compete apparently we can't because -- the countries can do it faster than cheaper than week. But it does documentary is. That is correct. It's not the question in -- world market and we've got to compete girl that is certainly. A part of everything tribes -- who sell worldwide. Want the big shoes and -- issues is just totally. Unfair marketplace would -- we don't have much shoot some penetrating and a lot of our people were being Porsche over the to talk about -- thank goodness we have book Peter Navarro the bestselling author and the director and go make her death by John. -- very good to a -- appreciated the call. Don't want provides summary of the tendon problems that are. A lot of people that that -- you totally you know it's. So a -- and I had to turn bright chair grow and multiply -- peppers over -- colored grief. What are we gonna do entries that I remembered -- a include better -- show and now when. There. -- no no -- we should be doing now in this holiday season. Mistaken about when we go into the stores. Pick up these products and you know while -- was look at the label and then if -- says made in China. We could start to think about all the things you talked about in the in the prologue there and what I like doing the film which is to be first and foremost. It is not about -- world market and how we got to compete it's about the fact that the biggest. Player out there right now -- and there's just no way. That American manufacturers. Can compete against the Chinese Government weighted. Heavily subsidizes. It's its exports. And basically -- product you're below the cost of production I mean that's that's the kicker. And so I would pick up those products made in China we think about give and -- our friends and family I think -- Step by. Them but basically got a big -- my job or some you'll lose your job. We're gonna lose or tax base along with the people in the economy goes down we can't fund their schools and roads and bridges. And by the way. You know you didn't mention this but I think it's worth mentioning. Those prior to really dangerous from China. -- really dangerous. And you give adequate examples of such and did you -- -- opening. Good friend of mind. Sent me an email said he got a martz whose documentary death by -- one I've by -- march a lot of Netflix from folded down. And I agree with this assessment of this Tuesday. -- critic who says. Truly life changing health dropping document re doomed punitive or step lecture on the grabbed you by the throat and never let go yes it does. And we've Peterborough where this year bestselling author and the filmmaker and director of by China of got a number of people -- talked to move forward go to the callers talked to me above board what do you say happen when -- was admitted to deal. World trade or -- This happened. In 2001. And basically the promised. Whereas that we were gonna China into the World Trade Organization. And into our markets. In league in exchange they were gonna allow us to sell goods into that market so when it was -- By both the democratic president and a Republican congress. Does this basically wrote this is gonna create a lot of jobs in America program makes stuff. Sell over there. One point three billion people could go wrong -- what could go wrong the message basically was was was basically expand. And our corporation is it is unique mistrial on that GM GE caterpillar on down. Just started off short -- their production has explain in the and while this is really important when a company. Like -- yield. Goes in -- factories in China. It's not just those jobs that are lost it's always support jobs to supply chain jobs and then. All the awards is that -- mutual the restaurants and movie theaters and you get we can't we lack -- different communities and so. That's how we lose 50000 factories that's about how -- wind up with 25 million. More importantly for erupting but to have the two big. Our aircraft companies you've talked about didn't didn't and it's been a couple of weeks and sought to solve the documentary. Had they've been told. By China's -- in a fairly limited amount of time China will be making their own Jumbo jets. We we -- and that and the timing. Basically. About 50000 people when. Does this agreement happen in the they've brought short about 40000 jobs. The China. And and basically it's what the Chinese do -- at the insidious part of it darling instead what you would do as a corporation. In order for you to operate there which you have to do is basically turn over your technology. And -- operate like going to -- out what it means is it's allowed the Chinese. To basically begin building their own -- or aircraft so that all the times basis three to five years. What happens is that China begin building these regional jets to compete with borrowing. Any Obama. And you wind up I would not -- essentially in his resume by the corporation executives Uga is because. They don't think -- like we used car and they don't think in terms ever Stanley and our kids in their kids they think in terms of five years in the bonuses. -- I understand that but -- work for a lot of big corporations around the world. And you always have -- directors and if they're sitting in for computer we're gonna virtually. Lose our -- to lose our share of the market our stock options are gonna go down we're currently people. It could trade with the company and if -- stock analyst sees that and for five years China is going to be selling the same product from a cheaper price. That -- stock options down and new era. Dividends down very quickly. -- -- -- against. Agree that analysis. But the problem is it's not translating into. Executive behavior because. In I don't know about my background in economics about impeaching economists like teach his subject. And there's a longstanding. Rule. That there's this separation between ownership and control the corporation which you get. Basically. Is these corporate executives working for their own benefit. Two to the detriment -- of the shareholders. To the detriment of the workers who Devern board's direction notable bonuses. And and they are looking for they had lines it's they be black jurors on to themselves. You have to kind of weird I mean the Germans and Japanese. Do a lot better over China in terms they're protecting their technology but which is given and -- yeah I think it's insidious about this. Is that we don't just give it to on China aggressively steal our technology and -- every corporate -- in this country has been hacked at one time. By Chinese Akerson who we're losing our intellectual property we lose we lose the intellectual property basically we lose the future. All right let me bring in some call a lot of people wanna talk -- David Algiers your -- -- Peter Navarro -- British troops call. Hey Peter -- I don't give a billionaire. My question I -- what is documentary and total -- -- people -- watchers are apartment into a brick walls and I'm trying to convince them to stop buying cheaper product. Because number one their money's tight right now it's kind of a kissed -- you. And then at the same time I'm on all the congressmen and senators to tell him all the Chinese there's -- speak to the -- and announced the agreement. And they're cheating and and and they don't wanna do that because then what's gonna happen in -- is the product crisis we're gonna go as you know from saying it's 22. Yeah I understand that -- and that -- -- -- -- major point of the movies basically to get people understand its cost of buying. Made in China I mean it in its most starkest problems. Yeah if you buy you know a product from a country. And that country has been using it for example to build a war machine basically to take over your country. Why would you why which you. Do you trade with that country and it's that's exactly what we're doing. But it's also -- to because we're we're basically giving away our jobs were giving a whale -- state. And we're giving away our national defense and I you know I guess if people can't make that connection we're in trouble to countries that. My view is that they -- were making some progress on that we have the FaceBook page like China. Vibrant community -- people such as yourself. Commiserate on these issues and and find these. To convince other people two did not buy -- -- China and I don't have any problem with you know if you can't. If you go to that story and it's if you even need that -- -- try to -- targeted if it's from Thailand or India or someone else. That's OK he can't part of America bad but to keep quiet in China you're basically shoot yourself in the foot. And and they basically through the year -- and it did could go to war in the next ten years maybe -- yourself. Good I think go to David have the big question Tuesday coach -- pressure at this from over when when it turned tomorrow effusive wondered what can we do. And his -- it's like about that we we will bring the bigger our kitchen and injured documentary you have one young man. I think you used on Black Friday shopping or -- -- -- don't blame you don't blame me there there they give me a great deal here a -- -- this supplement -- reported otherwise it's -- and Tennessee is kind of the same question David two it's admirable that I'm a little search. And find out if we can -- opens and corporate raiders. And micro issues that it anywhere other than trying to and we can't. For a whole lot more money and and I'm not talking about. -- I mean good stuff that doesn't work if like booed by the quote. -- need to stop if oops oops. American. Model so it got the American corporate names on them. And they do work in the -- would get some than others then I'm gonna spend a lot of money. And bar in a period where we're debating whether or not. People on minimum -- can get -- life we've got. Welfare and disability rolled. And working up -- court speed. How do. We turn around and decide okay this this is a problem that's can he August so I'm going to go do. One. I like if you look at is -- the policy problem there there's play it solutions on Capitol Hill the yen that currency manipulation and you put on. Countervailing terrorist -- offset any year TV at all that that's the problem that I've seen is that our politicians. Get their money from precisely the corporations are making out like bandits in China so it's to take that off the table and the only thing -- is left. Is your own personal choices. And -- it is so wonderful. Cast member. Basically says in the -- I think if we all stopped buying made. Made in China -- being shot heard round the world. The other guys as an almost -- movement yeah I mean I think gifted individual level if you wanna do something about this. Start making some choices in -- it's not at all or nothing thing just by. Fewer things made in China and if you don't needed you don't get it and -- that type situations. We have to make -- -- -- the there's a lot of folks suffering right now that's what the films about 25 million people unemployed but we -- -- 300 million. And I know that there's good. 200 day out there who could afford to -- a little bit of it in order to get a better job and then have a better week in and actually be able to afford. Other products. It's -- it's a conundrum. Disputed that and got a lot of good a movie so I can. Yeah I I think I mean if people watching it. Eight if I accomplish anything else they'll think about their behavior and it picks stuff up but I know that affected -- -- -- -- so we've made that. That's what I will not debate with somebody important is that -- -- I guarantee. There that much better educated than number two. You definitely walk concern up by China. And you if you're like me you'll be fascinated by -- I didn't move that we written up with that with -- Torre trading with trying to. I knew that they were taking jobs on news that there was currency manipulation. But not to the degree I found in this documentary goes. Couple highlights are up 50000 American factories have disappeared 25 million Americans can't buy and a decent job. The -- -- three trillion dollars owed to China actual little bit more these days so. Many many things in the document are gonna talk about today. Because we're elected not to have tutored -- The director of of the documentary death by China and again. But we have all this on quarter on our -- full page on arm my homework page double -- dot com serve you miss and yet. You can go to -- seen the documentary yourself read about it in news reports Peter futile mind let me get some of the callers have a program for quite a while. Kevin your home -- Peter Navarro I appreciate -- call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're. In the documentary. But I do plan all locked in a very solemn. But I think there's been a problem with the United States supplement -- many years maybe political. We literally here all our information and technology they're trying to. A proper. And now it's so apparently it was very difficult I think they had a movement here to go whatever like -- America. It is very difficult to go find an American made -- Our you know our current economic color -- -- so. Integrate. -- yet -- film about this one company called download to make sure others in America. And it actually goes to China stepped up -- the factory operates about a year. Anyone Chinese Government comes and puts a lock on the door throws them out and they take over the entire company that's like the worst case scenario. Would you even had will -- little lady. Obviously very educated in the documentary who was horrified about what you found. And tried to -- a non Chinese and she ran into -- problem. Yeah I mean that that's the issue and and here's the thing it's like we're gonna get to a point in this country is not too far away. I appointed over term will we let people make what we need to we're not there yet and if you. Crackdown on China you don't buy their products. It's not going to be it would I think it'll take ten years to get back in the game you -- actually basically lost over the last ten -- but we can't do it. Thing about America is we we have the most productive people. In the world and we have -- technology base that we can thrive on that if we give our productive people. Won't have the technology to be productive. The ability to read you -- tax Garland. I don't know executed documentary it's right there in appraisal bring your eyes -- Americans. Lazy in greedy. And someone problem -- white middle class America. I just think good about drew in the break -- artists and I you letter turban Don Maclean brochures. -- American hardware store problem somewhere 2030 bucks for a big gallon of go to Wal-Mart -- or border operatives 5710. -- and I use a lot of it and it's a large piece from a budget. And that kind of I'd qualify as easily be lazy greedy white middle class Americans. Don't I don't know I just hate to golds in the money. And a -- go down that it has 300 million tablets out there in and I I think most of us are not lazy in most of us should not greedy you know what what most of us. It the proper information about the hidden cost of buying products made in China and it. If you understand that when you buy a product made in China you're basically. Basically buy the product it's been legally heavily subsidized by the government. China as a means stealing our jobs in our tax base. Then then you change or be in -- 12 don't change their behavior and their greedy ones but. Yeah I think a lot of people in this -- I was benefited from people taking action. Collectively and that's what we need to do right now Garland in this show as part of it. All right let me bring in Evian -- -- at the Euro moved tutored a barrel thank you would call. AD EP -- ED and -- Bad fine. Okay about three years ago and not -- this country. But it -- inaugural bucket list that I wanted to work at one of these big box stores picture and during the Christmas holiday. I had a lot of I got it. Finished I worked at target. And -- that you. What's -- like a three week job. Makes an extra money. On the -- every night as police saying go -- Made in China. Fund some mostly cheap we may close some bank clerk as -- target because. But like the little -- Toy -- -- people like him. Appellation like -- what everything made in China it was so so and it. Well actually got to change and and the thing about it. There's a -- great story and -- on the -- the end plane right okay so he he really make plywood and green Kentucky. Furniture manufacturers in in China joined the world -- organizational let me get hammered dial in illegally subsidized goods so he goes to China. Instead capital factory data punchline is that he starts fell back into America. At com. Not that -- that cost. The -- he made money with the Chinese Government doing an export bogus at 70%. That's what we're up against that's legal one in the World Trade Organization rules that's the kind of step would need to stand up against. It would give them politically we have to do it individual. And he he was one of the two guys in new documentary that said yup I admit doing that is. And in this shouldn't be done. Yes he. Interest entirely an epiphany from that any. -- one of the more influential people now on the US China commission which is one. Institution in Washington which I think gets it right on this issue any -- real talk on this issue is another thing he does in the film. Where he goes let's take fish I don't know if you remember that one and you talked about how we get most of our trip. And sloppy from China and that stuff is just. And with all sorts of fungicides. And and Portis for a while I mean it. Human feces in the we've you know border -- -- groove where the -- capital of the World. Cup. -- -- read troopers and two from -- on the show over the decades. Saying that you know we can't compete in and we don't even have the facilities. With the FDA to each each product. And we don't go -- room trying to. They're loaded with all kind of pollutants and their coveted cheaper than weakened. Harvest here in the -- And that's a great way to bring it on home to the people in the war on in the correct. He's in Tripoli and this is a key part. But the Louisiana economy China has basically put it out of business with very legally subsidized exports. And the world wouldn't that mean I mean went away -- goes but it is think about other diseases as well that they go down that can. If you -- -- document -- I can promise you you'll -- -- much better educated about what seems to be a dire problem policing the country and I get a table for all watched the documentary. Was not that concerned -- -- I just kind of felt like eventually America. Would learn how to work with in the world market. What would you watched the documentary get educated about illegally subsidized. Products. You find out the Chinese are manipulating the currency market there's stealing. Our technology. There admission to the World Trade Organization has been a disaster rose note in many ways. So Burberry fascinating doctor that are urgent watch it loads they can of the caller. -- berg Mississippi were gonna David David Durham Peter Navarro I appreciate the call. -- hardly heard about the yeah parts superiors repeal or pepperoni aria charter. You know what that is as. Let bill reduces the bodies are out it'll all from me. The next two largest American companies -- crews are under now. Over the next two to five years would dispute dressed in priests are -- by simply cost Chinese Government has also artists sculptors certain -- Tickets at an important actually do little article about dad did my research on that the back story here is China is. -- report capital of the world. They consume. A 50% of the world's poor so they've really proud of our assets now the big the bigger problem here is that when we the Chinese goods. Basically were good in the mortgaging our future we themselves like three trillion dollars now think about that three trillion dollars. Just met the acquisition was five billion. Okay we. Have a trade deficit that amounts to about one billion dollars to date with China every business days a year seats -- over. 200 billion in trade so what that means is that the Dubai one of the most important companies in our food chain. With just five days. -- with their unfair trade practices in the money that they count from that so think about how much money they have to buy the rest of America. It wasn't -- -- -- and admittedly strange question I'm gonna go broom it's in the -- furniture industry. And he did -- -- cinders work in China. And because their economy -- improved people were being paid better more people moving to the city's. It got too expensive -- he moved to Vietnam and these are the number -- other companies in the industry were doing the same. This morning in Forbes a turns out of Detroit has become the most popular US deaths than nation. For Chinese money they're building and they're buying a building like critically when rendered at the -- who would they be doing that. And according to. -- study in the Boston Consulting Group. They hold. 450. Billion dollars in assets Al cited their country well in side believes in number. To be 600 PP eight building and a study conducted by the bank of China have found that more than half a of Chinese millionaires and billionaires have taken steps to immigrate. But between the rising cost of living and blogging about life and the Internet where they complete better -- is there any chance at the changes on the bases of Chinese coming. Where you want to enjoy. Things going on their bit but -- today's papers in the headline in today's paper wise. Chinese exports jump. -- and US in Europe. Demand. And it hit the problems that we have is that our trade deficit keep getting bigger. And bigger and bigger no matter what happens with other countries like Vietnam or Brazil or India. -- -- By in more than worst sell to them and that enables them to go out by. Detroit or Toledo Ohio where a quality is here in Orange County where I live. -- content literally floats. With cash and by the audience that the house is at a time. OK so. Yeah -- and so think about this is like. Well that is what Dubai and China product for the holidays basically you're you're mortgaging your future and that it was common do. Apparently we've we've got to change his car. You were running out of time word of people get through documentary Andrew writing you've been writing about -- Ireland problem of Japan. Charlie and. Sure okay that debt by China dot com. Go to that web site for all the news about this year by the dvd here great gift all made America over the holidays. There's a -- -- -- based books slash debt by China where we have really good community. Where people can can talk about all of these issues and you go to Amazon just type in -- China will be and you -- gear and and I can't quite get the message out every every dollar that we make that Garland not been on in my pocket goes to get the message out. Peter appreciate it's called -- the documentary very much Joker I really loved to have we'd love to have you back to later day. Any Democrat -- talking about double up.