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12-9 1:10pm Angela, Obamacare

Dec 9, 2013|

the deadline for signing up for Obamacare is December 23rd… Tens of thousands of Americans are signing up each day…but they’re still running into glitches…and surprises. Picking a plan is complicated—with some 30 to 40 to choose from. Another big issue-- calculating income & what’s considered income—part-time, social security, etc… And, if you don’t have credit, it’s impossible to enroll online. Our Guests: Patrick Taylor, President of Benefit Planning Group and Gabe Janusa, President of Demand Insurance & Benefits.

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I sure hope you had a beautiful weekend with a little -- -- but it was still glorious and look how it ended last night Honolulu. What a great game. Anyway it's starting off beautifully our sun is out now and that's all that matters and we're starting our week. With you guessed it another show on Obama care. If you've tried to sign up for a volunteer and you're still facing some glitches believe me you're not alone. We have spent four hours on the subject trying to stay abreast of what has been an ever evolving process. So today we're gonna spend the next hour addressing the latest issues people are facing. Joining us our two experts and our wonderful friends Patrick Taylor president of benefit planning group. And gave genius. Of demand insurance and benefits. And will be shortly joined by a young woman Lindsay who was actually -- through the process and can enlighten us even more. If you have any questions about Obama care about signing up the process. Do not hesitate to call were 260. 0817. That's 2600870. We hit two incredible experts in this room who can help. And that's the bottom line. Thank you guys and I feel like you really are my new best friend and this is this is the fifth hour. The -- our whole our big and we're learning every hour shared and we're learning that it just gets a little more confusing. -- cut out all these newspaper articles of all things and I swinger. I start reading it and my eyes go back in my hand to -- paper Lewis -- and it does thank you very very much. Let's let let's began. The deadline is December 20 user that by itself must propel people to get -- For somebody who hasn't signed up yet what do we do. The easiest simplest thing to do. Number one culmination of -- okay find out whether you need to go on line in general. The reason you would go on line is because you're looking for a credit. Correct subsidy as some people -- okay Vance tax creditors subsidy. If you don't need that you don't need to go online you do not. News straight to an agent -- we can go straight to the plans weakened fell out of one page application and you were finished that takes 151520. Minutes. It's very that the Max going to the agent isn't gonna cost you money because as you say it's built into the premium. That's correct. So you can go to an agent it's not going to cost you money. If you don't need that subsidy. You don't need to go online -- you still have to get this. Yes. -- when the opponent. Right that your. OK so let's -- catch up from where we left off. Let's talk about one of the biggest -- most complicated issues is income. Income is a big and complicated -- Angela. First of all let me just state that we we are independents both -- and I were independents we're not gonna talk about politics today were just going to talk about what we're seeing in -- and what's happening today. Income is that deeper we get into this more people we see the more people were realizing. Really don't understand how to calculate the ink on the 'cause the website says get out your W two. What will your income be in 2014. -- in in some cases -- says well do you want a future income from 2012. Well if you say yes to that. Then at that point the federal government it's not gonna let you go any further through the process and you have to send them gotta love this. You verification if -- 2014. Income which I find real interest in because we don't have verification 2014. Income. So you don't wanna say yes to that question you want to go ahead and projector and come out for 2014. But here -- lies the problem. Let's say your income and I use an example from a client on the other day. Her income returners obscurity at her her and her husband says security was up about 30000. A year maybe 28000 a year. She said this this is -- and come on I was great this is what -- subsidy is going to be. On by the time we got down to the Roman process guess what they were carrying forward losses. From an investment -- property rental property. That they cannot perceive necessity because their income was below zero. So at this point she needs to go to her CPA after spending a great deal of time -- us. She needs to go now go to her CPA and discuss if she going to carry those for those losses forward. Or she just going to you know pay for the full freight on health insurance it gets complicated it's not as simple as saying what issue W two income. What about self employed people. That it got deductions. Are they going to continue taking all of the tax deductions that they've always taken in the -- past. I think it's very important had a conversation with a so that weakened to direct. A lot of those questions to their CPAs and or are CPAs. So that we can give them good good tax planning about what you -- saying is they really want to 2014 even though nobody knows what -- dynamic that's correct okay. So backtrack and say I'm willing to send my W twos from the your book. From thirteen or twelve. No it did the website will ask do you when you shoot the adjusted gross income from -- 2012. Tax return. If you say yes to that. It doesn't allow you to pick any plans it doesn't tell you what your subsidy it. Or tell issue at the subsidy is that there it's not they're not going to allow you -- the planet -- you send them verification of 2014. Income. I think that's a glitch in the system because it doesn't make any sense but I was off on the phone with a gentleman this morning at 10 o'clock this morning with that's very same issue. Game and similar. Money experience is a little bit different. One person actually said atlas project the income for 2012. And they were able to complete the process in -- input any data whatsoever the system somehow some form or fashion was it would reject a 2014 income. And calculated the subsidy we actually chose a plane in a rolled in a place. So it's it's it's it's very quirky because once second an hour before that actual. Experience for that individual. A prize announcement what they another -- a young up pregnant move. Person for the first time trying to get coverage the tourney coverage was very corner and we. And pop and offer information. And lost or shall we can complete the process and it didn't assets specific question you know what is your. We actually had input that information on the spot so that was one hour before. -- -- gonna happen -- an hour later so it seems that there costly making adjustments in their system. And that's why you're hearing conflicting things from pat offers what I'm saying now. Because everybody's having it if -- experienced this seems like they're constantly. Updating. Their their software. To make the Roman. Easier a picture issues this afternoon and then you get mine exact a vessel that. We have our wonderful friend Patrick Taylor and gave genius who are insurance experts as we continue -- really ongoing talk about Obama care. It is the law and it goes into effect where you must sign up by December 23. And as we listen to them we understand that in some cases. This could be a very complicated process so if you are eligible for this to go on line were -- looking for the subsidy. In need to get cracking on it. And if if you don't you still need to sit preferably with an agent. Who again this is free to you to sit down and help you maneuver through this. We are not a lucky enough to have a young woman here Lindsay. A single mother of one who is for the first time getting insurance. Mean not the first time -- you did not have insurance prior to this that's correct OK and so you have gone through the process kind of take is where you went. It's pretty simple for me since I had someone kind of helping me out with the mostly we just my -- created a username and password. It's a stylish sun security questions. And verify my identity. After we did that pat -- pick out a plan which was very helpful. Just because I really don't know that much about the different plans that they're offering. And that's a big deal because there are many plants. So you really have to look so you look teacher particular circumstances. One adult and one child that's correct and it did you in the choices of the bronze. The silver the gold. That was part of the process I was part of my process and we actually started by looking at some of the gold and platinum plans which I had a higher premium. But we ended up taking a silver planned because it offered some cost sharing opportunities which benefited me more and kept my premium lower. That we need to top what cost sharing is. What is cautionary. Cost sharing is some if you qualify first subsidy and your income is between 100% in 250%. Of the federal poverty level. Then you can participating cost sharing our current UK and the benefit of caution which means that. A break -- silver level plan let's just say that plan is 2800 dollar deductible with a 100% coverage after that. With cost sharing -- scene that the doctor be deductible be reduced to 200 dollars my gosh and then a 100% coverage after that I'd wrote 1 who's up this morning. This lady came in wanting a 25 dollar co pay platinum plan that was going to cost -- 150 dollars a month. And by the time we explained all of the cost sharing benefits. Shape that you received 200 dollar deductible and a 100% coverage for everything there afterwards in the maximum she can spin out of pocket 17100 dollars a year. So if you had the ability the ability to navigate through. All of the different plans and if you know what you're looking for nothing that's the secret. You can find those three or four really good select plans that will be very inexpensive compared to the platinum plan. Netscape have you had any of those absolutely. It's -- it's so important to understand. Now who qualifies for caution reductions against between you with the federal model between 100% to fifty. He -- gonna get the most benefit are the folks have between 100 in 150 the poverty level those spokespeople. It would have bias over planned with platinum benefits as -- I believe. No equitably pats talk about over here is people that follow within that range. Again they didn't for the cost of a civil -- they can get this platinum and that's what may be may be eight in a couple 150 to 200 dollars. And very in the shrink down everything that we'll come on the base plan. So basically Trisha Manning 2000 which points out are now deductible. But -- caution reductions is they see squeezing them all down to something much more affordable and more preferable to a consumer. Lindsay tell me when you were able to take advantage of that. If you don't mind me asking him what did you do what -- monthly. You my monthly premium is that about a 103 dollars per month right now and when we were looking had the gold and platinum level plans it was much tireless between 150 and maybe 200 dollars. So again you've gone silver that's correct and you were still able to get some of the cautionary. Absolutely. What would it have been if you had not been able to get caution and you remember it would have been one of the gold at the plastic bottles and handles and it would've cost me between 150 to 200 dollars. And again you had did not have insurance previously. Because you didn't couldn't spend the money I wasn't offered at through my employment. Okay sir and yes that is that's only two nights for me to gotten Gannon and individual plan. So I just have to ask with a child. Do you kind of hold your breath. Not having any insurance. Well absolutely you know he -- has say a prayer before you go out you do anything that you're not going to get hurt. And encountered some ungodly costs that you might not be able to pay for. Well that's the upside of this is that people will have coverage. Not very very important and measure saying as complicated and messy as the success and frustrating I think that's a better word. There are still four people who need insurance this is it you know what I'm finding now as a human behavior is changing. Here for the first novel prior to this affordable care of people used to buy in cherish for the -- in life okay now in -- they can get insurance guaranteed. Rebels have been at a -- conditioner or not. So what we're really looking in now is people -- look at this is math if I went for symbols Mike came to my office. He was. And he knew he was gonna have to pay for a prosthetic leg. And who knows how much that costs can range maybe 25000. To 2000 miles on up -- -- we knew that we could sell him in platinum plan. And that prosthetic leg would be paid for at a 100%. It's always paying for is its premium. And easy to use prosthetic leg he's gonna head insurance ever before his entire life. So now it's is that it's a question of math okay if I expect high utilization. I may want to plan a platinum benefits by expect low utilization. They don't wanna plans more affordable and has a bronze level benefits so. For the first time we're not talking about -- -- this march now we're actually looking and insurance as a OK what do I expect to utilized what's what plans to award for me in my family. There is some complexity to that that in the that there are what 3040 plants. Absolutely where do you begin well you know for that situation we have a conversation that individual he knows how much it would cost defeat you he didn't have insurance or Vienna. A different type of plan lower the platinum. They may be some coinsurance or a large doubtful that he would have to meet before that can be covered. But in the situation we knew that there was -- -- a huge expense coming forward 2014 so we knew exactly planned to start with and then we disorders scaling back benefits. The price at least we started a platinum playing in that situation but get a gold and compare that to any caution reductions and -- gift. If you daequan under the present at higher incomes. Higher income into a 50% so. We were really focused on some of us over the past and how high -- commend you have to shell out 25000 for a leg that's right so this guy basically contain is for an element premium news we get a brand new prosthetic leg. And and keep in mind weird just seeing so many people. We're running across so many different circumstances. That by the time we get to the point -- Pickens Plan for somebody. I think and I think they will agree with me on this -- someone in our heads. Already know what plan is going to be best for that person. So weakens it weakens the son -- an -- down the narrow down the time in narrow down the plans says that we don't have to sit there for two hours trying to pick a plan. The -- this is for 2014. Correct. That person has to stick Lindsay has to stay with the plan to 2014 can she change it the next year she chooses she can't. You can't OK so this is your happen where you Marlins in hand but she could stop paying premium on that -- and she would lose the coverage. Any time during any time 2014. And she does that she tries in my insurance again. She won't laugh if it's our sound of that open enrollment Peary each won't qualify for that subsidy analyzing so you really don't know which plan right that's okay for here I'm -- live with this were talking about. The new health care system and the process that people are going through again that deadline is December 23. Patrick Taylor in the -- -- -- wonderful friends of ours experts in the field trying to help us we have some calls let's go to -- in Gretna. I'm. Liking it didn't paint and a cautionary. Election. As I heard you guys mentioned that. Patiently you know there are going -- be able secure a cautionary. The patina that taxpayers. Are hanging in an -- person you know and pay the full. While the government is basically. Forcing more I'm really not answer that question what am -- don't know where the money's coming from of the -- from the federal -- was come from the taxpayers period. Well yes and -- why I'm working in my husband working and we had the tray full -- insurance. I'll lose and then what basically pay equity people who are not painful cry. We we could have a very very long conversation about that but at the end of the day the you know it is it will the taxpayers. Exactly now that that is right but it is what it is. And -- You know if we always say life is not always fair but I think -- some a couple of doctors sent to -- I was very interest in the saying you know what in this country. We need to help people. And that came from doctors who are getting squeezed squeezed squeezed so from that point of view and totally understand and -- -- but I also understand with the. Doctors just. Guessing you know what there's there's been a lot of people have been getting money from the federal government via the taxpayers. On that and that haven't deserved it for decades. We're seeing a lot of people that this will directly help. And -- can't say that I am agree I'm I'm an agreement for all of it. But you know we are here to help and at least this is seen ever seen a real impact help some people that are really need to also take into consideration at the -- Let the qualify for the tax credit -- to get that test that they have to file a tax return that's correct and half of American doesn't file once when I understand. So now think about that for a second as additional. Tax revenue tax receipts of the -- to take on a minute could offset the cost of these expenses. And in reality. Not in our own local charity hospital system. An awful lot of people gut health care. And actually very good health care than it has to teaching hospitals. And if they did not have the income did not paying anything we were paying for that to it that's right this is just a different form of it. Correct okay we have another caller yes. CD from go show. -- -- -- Russia the ocean so sorry but that's okay they're very deeply of it Russ. -- did everything he. Our there's a hard question and I am confused about dollars -- were up but they're about is. Alive and it must our long Medicare. And I'm growing Social Security had a pension. And where all our lack a certain Medicare and we have a -- action are being. What fort -- government insurance policy or -- need even more about getting any insurance policy -- worked out wall to give. You teacher you know -- priority enrolled in Medicare you don't have to do anything none of this really applies to you at all. Well I understand that I'm not forced under the ball and like everybody else did or not play in is in there. Is it going to. Benefit me anyway category -- yet that's supplemental -- smaller market and build it even all for a supplemental alternate or DH yet. I know said they don't offer suffered supplement metropolitan policy through the ACA. However you should look into getting a supplement and or doing a in rolling into the Humana one -- -- too -- oysters and. December and I was right I Saddam I that I and a golden mind boggling. That outlook and for next year trying to -- -- what the next you're out there yet. Question like you very much. Okay during import thank you Bob from Metairie. Yes an -- I'm doing. That is that -- an important got roughly. 15870. -- is how can I say you know the bulk of the ancient cost. And -- like -- -- and I think what this whole thing has gone socialized medicine. -- hand -- I would just like he -- therapy because there's no way. It can be paid for open the federal government you know not think eventually I'll talk that -- -- in college Egypt they are. Now hang up ammunition. Thank you very much but I'm not gonna argue with you on that we're so focused that our task at hand right now I'm -- everybody in role in trying to make sure that we take care Bolivar companies both your size and smaller companies. On the we're trying not to think about that but I'm not going to disagree with you. -- -- Again we always refer to the federal government we are the federal government. We the taxpayers of the federal correct. So. Moving right along I cut out this article -- it just floored me it was -- I think it was in the New York Times yesterday was talking about prescription costs with these various health plans. And it profiled a woman Lori Cramer from Levittown New York. 61 year old woman who has had severe. -- room toward arthritis for forty years. And she's looking for a very soon and get this she's probably going to be eligible for one of these specialized drugs. 5000. Dollars a month. For that drug. That first of -- took my breath away. So she was debating between two platinum plans that cost her flat fee of sixty dollars or -- 150. For this drug from from 5000. Drank 250. On -- but if you -- on the bronze plan on bringing this up because -- you think I'll get the lower plant paying plan which is the transplant. She would've ended up paying 40% of that 5000 dollars and drank. So now paying 500 dollar month plan. She's gonna get it forced sixty -- I have a couple of questions one wide as any drug costs 5000 dollars per month to vote. How can they lower that 5000 dollars for months down the sixth -- -- Paying for that 5000 dollar drug insurance is still writing a check to that. Provider or what not to company directly to pay for that this prescription drugs -- just the plan design elements look and look in that. -- -- four probably is just as -- that's what what I've seen is especially drug category. And the -- that. Contracts have -- then offered folks it's 10% of the cost of that of that drug up 200 dollar Max. So in that situation and -- only cost 5000 dollars a month Oprah description -- pay a hundred -- so. You know who usually forking out the costs of that wolf luckily. The built inside of this whole Obama care Affordable Care Act system. Is what's called -- transitional -- in charge fake and it's interesting how the media just down about this a couple weeks ago we've been known about this for years but as they see await -- -- shore up the insurance carriers to take on all this additional risk. So it's like for example. Individuals on fully -- plans 2014 they're paying on average about 5000. 25 cents per month or call 63 -- a year and it's also built into the small group market large true market. The police self funded to. But the bottom line is that Terrell Thomas collecting all these dollars and they're gonna use its pool of -- the -- shortly insurance here's a take on all of this into an additional risk. So it'd take this to another level and to answer your -- question for from the few minutes ago. Who's paying for her the taxpayers seeing Colin attacks -- and colonists the we're still ultimately going to pay for -- now keep in mind I'm not surprised that the 5000 dollar cost of the drug. I will say that one I'll reiterate the fact that we need to people need to sit down and understand the difference -- and a bronze level on a platinum level because you're right. You may be spending a lot less money with a bronze level. But getting you know real -- getting nailed you can spend an extra fifty dollars a -- get the platinum and spend you know 100% less money or 80% less money. Well this is what happens when you're having a good time running out of time but we want to get -- collar Clayton you had a question. Atlanta I think I'm more acute back people or so who actually. I had a bit obamacare. This church opened just over call. I'm not certain that in that its -- and I have a vehicle and I had insurer would be required export our hair. Personal insurance so -- venture some on wall. No you are correct keep teaching and if you like it. -- You require you to have some form of health insurance and since you haven't heard the VA. And military you don't have to you don't have to go get and health insurance on the exchange dropped the exchange. -- -- -- -- Admittedly on a review repeating -- this new Affordable Care Act better known as a -- here. This isn't new health mandates. That everyone must have health insurance if you've got health insurance. You don't have to worry about any of this appear on Medicare you don't have to worry about -- if you're on Medicaid you have to worry about any of this. We're talking about people who -- not have insurance or would like to find better insurance. And if you want to supplement. Or the subsidy the subsidy help with this then you have to go on line. If you don't have to have that then you go to agents but you're saying go to agents anyway this is a free thing for every one go to an agent. And try to help let them help you simplify -- exactly. Okay well put -- are right I've learned a lot from you tip I'm really have you have something coming up an auction tonight. I'd I'd do it. Ushering -- Loyola in west esplanade on the senate floor I'm doing a presentation on the Affordable Care Act at 4 o'clock and it's 6 o'clock. The room is filled with computers so we have fifteen to it appears that -- so if you want to enroll prints of family members -- available -- do so at that time. Also this Thursday. Had sure baptists awful Claiborne. -- the buy you Rome 4:1 o'clock 3 o'clock to 530 would you an exact same thing again we have about fifteen -- twenty computers in that round. See and that's what's important if you need help itself to correct. And again at this will not cost you just part of it has Drexel and said gentleman says it is confusing. You know these are Smart lot of Smart people out there going why so. You all are helping many others are helping out there is help out there and I'm gonna go back to talented because. You probably reps and a lot of people young people who have not been able to afford health. Care. -- -- previously had insurance through my employer. But like I said you know it is it's it's hard out there if you're not making enough money to get an individual plan which can be very costly. This mandate as a good opportunity for people to go ahead and take this opportunity get health insurance and -- house you can get the subsidy don't get turned down you don't get penalized. Them. Sure and I can expand on what she said for a moment there may be situations where -- associate takes care of the entire premium of a bronze policy. So you don't half to. The force with pain as -- don't you may actually qualify for setting the pace wanted to send a premium meat ever that requirement of the -- is putting on you. At least she has some coverage of Ron's little coverage of the very minimum. OK I have read where some who have gone through this process found out. That they were of an income level that they should beyond Medicaid. Our state has decided not to expand Medicaid. These people are saying you're eligible for Medicaid can they get it through the state. And it did not expand Medicaid. So if you -- a pregnant mom with that you and your income is under a 133%. Of the federal poverty level. And or fewer child. In -- some cases for a very very low income individuals like below three or 4000 dollars you can receive Medicaid. But the gap between at three and 4000 and a 100% of the federal poverty level which for an individual is 111470. Dollars. You're going to have to go to chaired. Right did not have Medicaid for those individuals -- that. Are as Lambert's slimmer sound the federal -- and below will qualify for Medicaid. That are not working people that all working our 25%. -- -- below cost of Medicaid but people between those two numbers -- 100%. Other federal poverty level -- not qualify for a subsidy and maybe some other situations where they do. But. Now -- kind of generalized it yet. Very important that we emphasized. That you really need to spend some time looking at these plants. To figure out your individual. Circumstance that is correct in its so important talked to us because you know on an average we spent an hour. With just about every person that walks in our office that's all we're doing 24/7. You nephew not real sure about that talked her lives they know they don't see a -- longer but. You do need to give us a call and we'll sit down and talk to Danica after all and what does it mean if you missed the deadline on December 20 there well if you miss the deadline on December 23 day and you can then go for the deadline. Four which is going to be. January 1 for January 15 effective date so at that point it's every two weeks. Also remember that they knew that mandate back to February the fifteenth this long this year and rolled on healthcare dot gov February 15. Then you won't incur the penalty for next year and to better explain that penalty does -- going what penalty. -- money five dollars. Per person no more than three or 1% of the adjusted gross income for the family in the first year and that ratchets up by the third year. To two and a half percent of the income or 675. Dollars to create a -- integrator of the team. So this is the mandate you have to have -- have -- not you will be penalized. Gave engineers have just told us about the two programs he's having this week. One tonight and Asha Kenner and the other on Thursday I'll share. Uptown. His numbers 3090060. But call Patrick Taylor final 4833343483334. Report. To find out when he's having some I cannot thank you both enough. Always so helpful we'll talk to after the first of years this continues. Our next hour it's going to be with sheriff Greg -- apple push parish. Now let's go to the newsroom.