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Dec 9, 2013|

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All we are people who loves to eat but not just because we have incredible food. Food is our culture food is about our people and food is about relationships among people. And you thought the sausage was just a sausage. No it's about the man who makes a sausage. And you saw red beans and rice were just a good lunch or dinner on Monday. No it's about the mother who makes the best and the family talks at the table when she serves her latest -- And you thought that merlot John was the lumpy shape I think you're stuck with seafood. Know that -- John became the mission of a man who feared it was headed to extinction. Food is more than what we consume. It's what we experience. Public Tucker has captured the soul of the people who help us enjoy that experience. In her new book. -- wheezing and it eats the people the food and their stories. She is the perfect person to do it. A food activist super cook and storyteller. Poppy has led the way to preserve our Louisiana food ways. And by the way you're also on public radio with your own weekly show Louisiana -- I'm so thrilled to have you here. So honored to know it on -- everywhere let nice job I am still like a line this I have admired you for so long you do such a beautiful job and you. Really Harold what's important to all of us. Which is food and our history. And our heritage of food and we're gonna talk all about that. I wanna know much more about how you got into this but before I dude that's. I'm so still so stunned. That two weeks ago less than two weeks there or is it it it's -- it'll be four weeks on Wednesday and you had to. Massive heart attacks and died twice. It may garlic really I doubt I'd. That -- they brought me back pack I am back from the dead and better than ever. Are they serving any food now and parts they weren't serving -- and you know Angel and that is something that. -- people will go tanker like every time this year she's shouting something. In John -- and John falters. The numbers show at this just created that at three and the batter in German out. I eat really. Really hold me. It was not. My diet. It was it was stress related. Is -- UN authority. That you were you just collapsed. -- -- just basically went down for the count them. And not rush to the hospital got rushed to the hospitable. Yeah and then they put me on the table and they -- stints in and I'll tell you that if you ever have an experience like that you better hope they take you straight to Tulane university hospital. And the cardiac surgeon magician doctor -- out. It and -- you can't see it from the short distance as the death that limiting I've had team mosquito bites that let worse and that's for the put this in -- In your wrist and it there's only two surgeons in the city who can do that and it was just like. Netting jogger who was jogging by my cousin -- house -- I went down. Who appeared like an Angel. And did did -- PR I mean to an ambulance got there. On doctor Alonzo is the same sort of Angel because. I don't like that description of how they've -- to get it people like. I wouldn't have wanted all that surgery bit. Up here I've had worse dispute about money to me. I'm sorry this is not television so that people can see it but how incredible you look into things than a month ago your flat lining takes my breath away. You are a remarkable. But I can listen to their -- that the silliest thing in the whole world from the girl. Who founded this split they'd nickname yes Borland in her a decade ago and that. I have to take some lessons from the thumbnail and slow it down some that's a lesson all of the script. Could learn from. Let -- start the beginning because I wanna talk about the slow food movement to. But -- you. You I just always had a passion for food you've always loved to cook but you know I was so blessed to be a native New Orleans -- and so I was surrounded. By people who loved -- with food in particular. My great my paternal great grandmother who was alive until I was and my hands. My grandmother and grandfather. In there was a beautiful Sunday dinner and played at a beautiful table every Sunday. There was holding something -- to eat. And so consequently. You grow up like that. And people love you with food and you learn to love people with food and so. Not only do I love people with the aid that I have a really special love for food people. And that's really what your book is about the food people and I again were gonna get to that we've got some wonderful examples of a terrific human beings who just happened to be in the world of food but. I read and I howl. For people who don't know Bobby -- and yet he is the super chef and one of the food channels and he's just an incredible. Huge ego -- senator senator. One of the great moments in this woman's life. Had to have -- post-Katrina. You created a gumbo. -- in New York. No no it was here either way it was here -- total ambushed people can't wonder with that show is like they've really. They ambush aren't so take it from there so I was ambushed and Bobby Flay shows that and I was in a little non plus because generally. I don't compete that place now saying and he said. Are you -- for throw down and I have to be honest. Watched each. And so I said. And he said a threat down. And I think he like a contact. And he said well you laugh and I smile as civil servant -- line and -- A man I think and felt that from the first moment not knowing what he meant about that threw down to business but it was gumbo to gumbo that. It was Cambodia -- but he didn't make them about it was it wasn't -- he had no idea but he is doing they're -- There was no -- he brought he brought crabmeat in from Baltimore. And it was done a good fri day. And Leah chase of course was one of the people in the audience and resisted to poppies in -- hostage in -- and and for a I think any. I've got this beautiful and -- -- sausage goes right rivers said. It down raise your hand if you eat obviously and that meet in an on Good Friday. And Julius did have and pointed him and she said hobby flame. If you meet you know Colombo on Good Friday god will strike keep -- It -- if you aren't that remains well momentarily but to beat him not being one but you know what that Bobby frank amateur thing. It's history and because a lot of people had this idea that we had this big event here in February and it was super ball. It may have been Super -- for Stan fox but for poppy. It was super -- -- Sunday because. We Marsalis came to mind. And we did a segment. About what -- means to the people of New Orleans. And we cooked numbers together for this segment at CBS Sunday morning in my kitchen it was the only regular programming that an NC yes that whole day. And and the case to resist it is really funny and he does so adorable he took that first I need to look into camera. Any behold his ties and he says. Happen Marist. Being as good and now it's -- have mercy pot become and when he was here. A couple of weeks ago and did a Palestinian man of rank on a Friday night not pick it up. And this man's voice says. Indian needs to go on. And said excuse me. I need some come a baby ring connect. Is this any at poppy it's Witten and and company in new lawns and I need thank god because you do not play with that -- girl. So he can look on the backstage at the thing. Are -- I love every minute this -- took our our very special guest today. New book called Louisiana -- the people the food and their stories. And that's exactly what this book is it's some recipes but it's more the stories of the people who create these incredible things. And you know so many people know you from NPR they know you from stepping out with the Peggy Scott. You're just sort of all over there and so we're very happy to have you here. Now that you're gonna take a good three or four -- rest yes you know they have them -- -- this -- me yes so we are very very very honored. Let me just say I loved this book and I truly mean that. At the it's. Why is people -- so if it's food it's people that the animals it's people. It's about people so tell me about some of these fabulous people. Well not that the people their people clean now and then there are a lot of people who you never heard at. It shocks me how often I do book signing -- -- and I say to people. Those who Rudy Lombard. And for people to not now. And Rudy Lombard it is disturbing -- yes the -- he is a great man. And for the city of New Orleans and for the United States in two ways. First of all he wrote one in my favor cutbacks. And if you don't own a copy of real feast. In the 1970s. He rushed in and preserved. The recipes and the stories of all of the black tux in all of the -- restaurant right before the dawn. The celebrity shaft. Wind it was just the black people who had been working their way -- from dish Washington. Who were create eating the iconic dishes that we know this creole cuisine today. And he got their photographs and he got -- stories and most of all he got their recipes so as far as I'm concerned he should be lionized just that. How ever people forget that. That it was Rudy Lombard who instigated Lombard vs Louisiana. Which was the Supreme Court case that ended segregation. In restaurants. And imagine if you and I can go needed to each day yes I imagine if within eat that. Well the disease through the -- connection. We'll go wrong with this world be it would be very wrong but that he was one of the ones in the drugstore sitting. Well. I -- and I interviewed him and that was part of what was so wonderful about writing about because when I decided it was time for the book. I had saved all the -- I had every second of every conversation. And so by working from the rough I was able to pull things that people had heard and then things that I just knew from knowing these people personally. And I asked Rudy what drove you to the -- Kenner. What was it in your life that propelled you to that city and where you got arrested and spent all that time in jail. -- said nobody ever asked me that question before I said how that -- and then he told me the story. And the story he told me. Was the most significant tale. Priest segregation. Are pre integration forgive me that I now and that is that when he was a little -- life. His mother was a cook for a very wealthy family. Who lived in what is still the appearance of the plantation style home located on Napoleon avenue directly across from now is restaurant. And she was the and she was every thing and often Rudy would go to work with her. And he would play on the corner there. And he would watch the people coming in and out at me now -- restaurant. And somewhere in him he knew that he wouldn't. He would be allowed in there that that would happen and he said to himself at the age of 45. 1 -- I am going in the restaurant. And says the fact that David steelman. Captured that photograph because. But aside from being in stories and recipes. All of these people are captured in these beautiful beautiful photographs. Buy a New Orleans and David steelman. And he can't Rudy just raised a glass of line in its host. With a big plate of barbecued shrimp right in front of him but it's a picture in picture because behind him it could be it -- -- But it's actually Napoleon avenue with a graceful as trees. And you feed the half and he's become more -- where a little greedy fat and thought about going -- -- restaurant and it's. A wonderful story and that's what all of these stories are. -- -- wouldn't take a break because remain a run on time and I want you to be able to tell the where a mini at that could be on the -- being may also run for -- Randy for tell all. -- took her. Louisiana eats the people the food and their stories her latest book previous book you wrote was the incredible Crescent City. Markets recipes you farmer's market connect them cookbook. Which went all kinds of awards and can't I had the mysterious X. Syrians a becoming inextricably involved into eternity with Elizabeth again. And win her book was reissued it'd been out of print since 1937. I wrote -- forward and of course she was the great original culinary in her restaurant was accused Texas today. And so I wrote a forward placing her in the context of the 21 century. And our revised her recipes which are all too delicious recipes so that 20% tree home cooks. Would know which meant when she said things like clean in the -- ticket. A plot to help the ticket hotline well you brought it done to objects. We're giving you credit. Well I've been alive. I did house that was found. It was kind of Dicey there for awhile I didn't believe it and win Peggy actually -- report -- -- told me that. Approximately called her. That's the rumor that can't be true. And Steven latter idea it was nearly three weeks in LaGrange. And I just -- -- in giving my condolences and copy of -- is. Anti copying with the -- C -- clock and it said. This rumor is this true. And mark says it now poppy is true about them close I'm gets about the the building and the whole thing being sold out from under him. And -- that I hit 72 hours to save fifty can you help me. And it's. Well tell you I'd give me a job and I'll get it done. I think that within 24 hours over 101000 people it posted Henry posted off of my FaceBook -- agent. -- he allowed me to go and stepped down on Friday night and tell the truth that this wasn't -- rumor. And that the whole city it better -- down there and pat mark on the back in by entering in telling that somehow it was going to be okay because we couldn't afford to -- Another piece -- significant vital culinary. Historical. New Orleans you know we definitely -- it and it's here and it's doing beautifully. It had the old girls that if they Flynn -- this is a good food is delicious. And if you haven't -- time to go you know it's America's oldest standup bar. That by itself should break. The hordes of people it's the place where the brunch was in then hit. OK it is the most magical spot you can imagine. And it's bright there and ten new Marlins hang out that's hired story of the day you know it's always been a -- for judges. And lawyers. And so apparently after court for wood and 4 o'clock. That the one judge in his cleric in the crew that would go out there every every every single day and the man who was the clerk his wife would picking up. And one day his son said to his mother you know when I grow up I'm gonna do exactly with daddy -- -- who worked -- -- -- Does this current. Something out you've had tremendous influence over is the slow food movement. I want you to explain what that is first of this rapid movement is it's an international movement that was begun over 25 years ago. But a man named -- Katrina and the original intent was to preserve. Historic food ways from the onslaught. Fast fade when they opened at the first McDonald's -- the -- of the Spanish steps that's what propelled. Carla Katrina into starting to slip their commitment. It's really about knowing where your feet accounts for around. You don't even have to like heck to be part of this -- the movement he just have to love to -- and appreciate the people who bring that paid to table. And so I started the local chapter. We were one of the first ten chapters in the United States. And we were immediately huge success and anybody who has any interests in slow food actually tonight at 630. Daniel Green middle school which is of course where. The first New Orleans edible schoolyard. -- which is an Alice Waters project in house fires of shape beneath tonight have been. Collaborators with slow food since day one does matter right actually that the big group with flip it before a slash -- I don't tell them much but anyway so tonight at 630. I'm going to be giving a talk about -- the aid and I'm going to be signing Louisiana eats. And we gave books and the few remaining Crescent City farmers market netbooks that -- promised at a current. What are you doing your spare time. I'm just reminding you gonna take some time off and relax and get healthy yeah yes I'm gonna do a lot of Reading and -- -- do like regular reading. I'm not gonna read the enforced reading of eight billion books that come to me every week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A real food authority. But I think she's equally an authority on people. And now you've melded the two which is such a pleasure to read with a beautiful pictures by David -- Fifteen people stories and it's everything from what we've Marty talked about too -- talk about the incredible guy. Who kinda did go on a mission to save the morality on I did not know. That we could have lost -- you know against an incorrect information it'd been distributed for many years which was if you want it to grab a mallet time. Go to the grocery store and buy one implanted. But those are really try yet today and they're coming from south of the border that -- -- a climate -- in a completely different way. Our local -- -- have a unique flavor. They have they have unique characteristics. And unfortunately one of the things about them is they don't like their feet to be -- So we end the -- some of them generations old sat in the Katrina waters. For two weeks or more they all. It. Says doctor Lance hill from Tulane University. Set out to save -- -- time and he did it by traveling the little pie reds country reds and by use of southern Louisiana. Looking from Allentown clients and when he did find the music stopped and he talked to the folks who have done. And he that sweet talk a Madison -- tons and each one of the varieties he named for the people who gave him the mallet tonnes to grow. And he now has an said that they're planning -- times there are plenty. Plenty local militants -- -- -- that's the story apart. Somebody who just we don't wanna lose this we don't want to lose our special. What makes us special. And that is that make that it is what makes a -- you know he says the funniest thing he says. That pecans. Make terrible neighbors countries and -- at times make great neighbors. Because yet of the country and in the middle of the night your neighbors are stealing the the -- out of your backyard. You at the Mellon time -- And for the entire fall you're bringing people's door bells with huge grocery sacks saying. These -- good -- put up. I'm a good neighbor -- hit the let's talk about the ghost. Big Ghost Whisperer well -- I whisper I had to wait a whole year it's talked to Mary and this means he. Because I read about her in appease the times Picayune new week of Halloween -- flights. At the whole thirty year old Halloween. But I hung on to that. And I connected with her. And she is a pretty fascinating person because. She helps people she was actually the person at that Jennifer. Bullet what is that woman's name -- love Hewitt is Saturday that goes with -- now. They created that shallow based on my word -- is is ski. And Mary and -- ski her special talent. Is helping people process ever people who are trapped here who have unfinished business that need to get done. And often she would find that their problem lies. A recipe. And so she started writing recipes down on that these gusts would give her. And that's how she ended up with a goes whispers are that strong reason things. That really stuck with me she said for instance we need Daiei usually your spirit hangs around Europe for about 72 hours. And that supply. You have to be very very careful funerals because she says most of the time the person at his funeral is he staying in -- for the content. So he can hear everything thing. Alina bring our RR RR RE get a new poll in late -- about that and she's scared the devil out of me because I -- her. If she detected any caskets -- which indeed have a telephone -- at the WW and is studio. And she told me the story of a woman. Who's she said around out there. And then she said of the -- Their tea coffee pots in that little kitchen room. Ever notice that in happening that way after hung out with her. And then -- -- -- How to -- that in Ohio how she's very happy. How did she know that it -- what is your favorite story here. Alone aren't like saying I'm here is your favorite -- Well I'll tell you it is really -- let the boys in the day. And the last chapter does the name the last chapter -- a land the boys in the band. And one of the boys in the band David Palmer. Is -- well it's your relation he's your cousin and he of course played with Johnny sketch in the thirty units who are so incredibly talented. And all of the crew were all fans of the show and one things given Iran driving into some plays there. Populate like the original music and they called me and now they're my house. I in his column at the same can't penalize a and and they even have special renditions that -- anything for me right show that the venues and tied into the story of PS I loved the boys in the band. Because it's all of that. How they eat when they're on the road that they do called me from. You know Key West -- ago we've got a hundred donut holes and we want -- putting a so what do we do is the story of fantastic ship. And Churchill who travels every year on the road with Dave Matthews Band. And you know Melissa -- rich and the production I mean. But the did -- and they have hand full size vans the travel on the run and one of those -- is. It home not one wonderful life but my blazer Macon down that hole out bread -- down in the Cleveland. And I appreciate that they have the hotline do you -- those beautiful book Louisiana -- if you just want to read something. Special about the people who make the food. So special this is the book. Your favorite food. And don't do an Angel don't do that. My favorite food is cal a lot CAA LAS it's one of the foods have brought back from the brink of extinction. It's an ancient fried rice cake. And it's an important part of our New Orleans heritage originally it was -- suite in the streets never from a stand it's like the band -- but it's better. -- -- -- -- Also tonight go to the school meet her at the Soliai and then. Wednesday and it never Saturday after nine until noon at the Crescent City farmers market downtown location on magazine street and get. Any number of her books I cannot thank you enough. Good health to you saying things -- -- we have really cheer you on thank you.

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