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12-9-13 4:10pm Bobby: on Saints-Panthers

Dec 9, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take calls on the Saints' 31-13 win over the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another addition of the second -- show like that that you Bobby bare witness almost looked casino beach side and Hancock county. Mississippi -- bond business Bob and I'll be on until 730 tonight. Won a hell of a body on a programming note. It'll be a special addition of the Saints coaches show at 630 and I don't think radio network. With head coach Sean Payton and his guest tonight will be fighting coach Barry Malone. And then at 730 tonight right here on the big 87 you can listen to the Dallas Cowboys Bobby is this favorite team. The way the Chicago Bears special night tonight but it passed so that it should've been done long ago. They are retiring Mike -- his notebook at halftime. Believe me this guy terrific football played a purse by the end they have a go at the Pro Football Hall of Fame one and won a championship with a pair us. But he goes to show you. -- you have some ill feelings ownership wise what happens that he wasn't even recognized by the Bears organization. Well all the time but tonight's special night for coach Ditka. You know you'll get his number retired and have done something long over -- And you can hear that that ceremony in your coach Ditka right -- on the big -- happening. At 730 at night as well Monday Night Football B I and in tiger fans. You could talk with coach Johnny Jones at 7 o'clock on three WL. Thirteen 58 am. One of the things that certainly has come up that we're gonna talk a little bit about it but. Judicial and -- is certainly about the BCS national championship game Auburn playing Florida State. This is -- ready jaguar opinion poll. Today you feel the BCS got it right. By having Auburn played Florida State in the national championship game or would you rather have the fourteen playoff. Which we will all see next year. You can cast your vote at inevitably L dot com Bob that's got to be. I picked up big time -- because you know fourteen year old I think right now everybody would agree -- Florida State Alabama. Won't be the fourteen would it would you pick Michigan State. We try to -- stand where would you put Baylor people have some real hard feelings because if you hit eight with a pick -- -- we will go to. I think it's is setting this up a controversy that you know just what team does not enough but it's go to eight and even more money being involved with. Yet you look at like four teams that five the fifteenth you -- it to -- argument. But I think. You know we -- waited at the years now by Ohio Ohio State little and that a lot of people in the SEC. Coaches that we have got a job for -- right like Auburn did a few years back -- Oklahoma and USC play and you know. Not get the -- -- credit it was set up to have the two best teams play and for the most part. It has really worked yeah it wasn't it's not so perfect system not then this. But I'll guarantee you this though fourteen playoff won't be a perfect system either. You know -- a lot of controversy on that now who's the top all the teams that are learning it but I think we all that I could agree on with great. But what would what's gonna happen in that fourth spot I think is going to be some major controversy. What -- we got to do before we talk a lot about saint Ellis you. The BC -- is give props to both Roberts in the South Easton alliance. They won this past week beating Sam Houston. What a great football -- again but -- junior quarterback Brian Bennett transfer from university of market and now this coming Saturday pick and holds the university. Of new Hampshire at six beyond strawberries stadium. You talk about a change what a great job coach Roberts has done -- southeastern. Once you get a big time quarterback and Brian Bennett you got some outstanding offensive lineman. You brought it Q would you -- who had started out his career at Texas that he's a Southland Conference the principally the year this season. What a great job the lines have done great coaching job to buckle droplets. Yet it's it's going to be a challenge that I think and have an opportunity great opportunity if they're playing at home. They'll call one of the league football if you look at the powerhouses. When New Hampshire it's one of those long there were Delaware blue and all of that country. To be right now. The front -- obviously. I think -- North Dakota State. You know -- beaten then Houston. Out of this valley conference that went national championship actually the problem there yet but Mike but and I I think they have adult. I think North Dakota State oddly South Dakota State does the atmosphere of outlaw brought -- they're -- now you have you don't play. I mean that's totally different situation did another power house. I think that they've made it famous sport they have not a loser like Boise State and or regret there used to -- to Washington and then. You know University of Montana you've been there coastal Carolina. Went up today and Missoula talent and pennant the weather was horrendous it's great that you would think -- that the school. I thought it would be a great opportunity. The southeast and then. You know -- Florida win you know northwest that I. I'll follow them what I mean Ellis finished pulling back in 98 it made it that a final or the law that it ended up did you UMass beat them. And out there at the end. -- that that's and had a Shipley the running back in the -- the Cardinals. And so they got that far but yet it's his kind of uncharted territory great. But I thought at the -- man in that make it you know there's only eight teams left so you went its opinion that final four that maybe played the national championship. I don't forget coach law that tells me is that -- and Bobby ate there. You look billed as a runner and we play own and you ended up running the football at the end of that game but not less than. Yeah I and that and that happened. You know I've freaking question of 100 yards and I was even a running quarterback at that time but. You know -- run the option at that time it better than meter run until -- It was sort of idea. You know -- -- Delaney talks as they depicting. Like fall forward. As you well beyond that what what it between northwest and southeast yet yes or maybe it is that we get. We -- him that he -- seventeenth seven. Boise State within one that bullet they had one national championship and pocket equality SE that went up there like actually tied. And they have like one loss one night and we end up beating him it was one of those games where you look at the horrendous weather that you -- in the NFL last night where. It wasn't cold enough to know but it has been like. 3730 degrees and raining so that's. When you you take the that you have beaten a hand that at times to hold them all -- the you know point in the right direction but. You talk about efficiency. And they controlled environment. Like they get any better than this thing. Who do you look at that the event we Carolina. The best of the best scoring defense and everything in. What is 11 points and one walk that was a blitzkrieg in the second quarter considering Carolina. And and the whole season had only given up two touchdowns. In the first half. And we it we got three in the second quarter what what I really like I mean. You know what the fans to cheer but at the beginning of the game is -- -- cheer for gas and the one thing though that the that is -- about. Big time in sports -- few goals. I could have been ten year old are fourteen year old when -- was scored six year old though we we still in good shape. And before you know we -- of 76. And then before you know it at halftime -- when -- -- -- six I think you beat Carolina. Which shot that that was uncharted Garrett territory in the modern day game the love -- little bit not structured that way right. Revealed to come back from the iconic benefit. They use. Of being in that role yet the best among the best like when they played Seattle. The very first game game at home. You know of the feel -- while the seven of them look where they went to San Francisco. Of well what was that 1613. You know it is more of those games in -- in the teens did I honestly thought. That okay that. They got thirteen point rock -- we would have we would win like seventeen to thirteen. -- might be point -- when -- -- before -- I don't think 31 point that now's a great achievement. If you wanna get the great he'd bit you gotta give drop off at the line with outstanding. And give it Drew Brees time. You give Brees time I thought he could exploit that Carolina Panthers secondary. They got awesome front seven. But they're back in is not on the level of the Seahawks or even the 49ers. And we definitely exploit that. Well what it reminded me watch him don't rule that fronts and you guys -- have the greatest backside secondary adding that the president -- that I haven't. -- -- -- but in big games and got exploited some times yesterday when you have injuries while a lot more to talk about. Right up there has brickyard to negate them. Welcome back to us I guess you'll like it to you Bobby bare so we'll slip casino beside him and cut down in Mississippi -- Saints fans. The Saints offensive lineman Charles Brown evidently -- losses that you would -- guest. -- Winn-Dixie be OK with the Saints party. And the Saints -- game Sunday December 29. -- lame. All brown it's like sideline reporter Christian -- tomorrow at -- admits that he. For a one north now to put between five and seven route is to win Saints that has to get an autograph from site's offensive tackle Charles Brown. From -- there at 630 K okay with the Saints Winn-Dixie and Saints radio WWL. Micah you look at it in that nation to -- things are right now. You can look at it it went season that the -- ten win season in franchise history and the reason why bring that up. Because I can remember the draft and a rookie mini camp you know we damage goes -- know what differences don't hate me how much of a difference -- he has to be. You know the team winning seven games this thing well. You know kind of get their opinion most was that -- and he makes it different probably the short group moral wins. So we say -- but the thing it's an advocate late season and I think nationwide. People who were not from here our while to sink in and week out they say yeah that the most improved team. Could be to think -- seven to ten went. With three gained left. It's amazing in the situation we're in right now. -- -- -- -- to overalls do you have a whole playoff game and who knows what's gonna happen a lot you know with kind of comment that. And he you map that whole lot easier. To win two games to get through all the having to win three games at left. You haven't that bye week. It's like an extra by like -- -- -- trying to get guys healthy and we all. That they beat the drop their all hands on deck we need everybody. As healthy as they keep you dictate it tribute. Because the NFL tackle or the parity would you look at Sean Payton. It what he's done. And -- fans that witnessed this in the Mercedes that superdome. Coach Payton has now. One if you look in his last fifteen reckless easily -- inside the Mercedes-Benz superdome now. If you include the playoffs it's sixteen games in a role. In that environment so solid making mean it speaks for itself that there were teammates that you look also. This is Peyton record. That the team would Gordon Murton show what you all -- is that. And you know you gotta look at Rob Ryan deepest and all through the years but will we allow. What are you are -- point. -- now 47 at three. Think about that parties never went three losses. But I'll be there then -- that was unbelievable effort that was the Carolina -- there scoring the pit type effort. And as a quick how Carolina scored -- fort down and seventy's. We almost gonna help the six point which is that gonna think yet. In the NFL so probably go out there Rob Ryan and and -- -- that the players step it up. You know we challenge cam Jordan Malcolm do you get -- -- they stepped up big time -- you -- -- you -- look at the facts let me go on and on. -- you know what you great players have to play great. And that's it -- the continue to do then you throw in there with a high risk high reward offense. We have a turn over against the Carolina the -- out collectively gave. Carolina at the longest streak. -- -- -- over number one and NFL sixteen straight games gets what we had funeral turn over than others thought Payton. We're now warning for an old. When our offense as explosive as we are -- to -- they've never lost. -- -- wins zero losses and that that shows you right there a winning formula while we played great. You know scoring defense. Even make it twenty points or under. And then our offense. You know adult who so desperately you have to maybe force the ball -- and take extra chances. Mean I like you can't. Think winning a lot and especially at home in the -- that speaks for itself. Coach Payton and the team has been dominant in the superdome. With him at the Helm like if that the last fifteen regular season games and even sixty when you -- that well. Well one thing is all it means that you -- you know who owns the one points or less. And when you look at that and they've only given up thirty points or more in the last two years three times the Saints did it twice. The final regular season game last year and last night. You talk about a team in the NFL where you know me you've given up thirty points that's almost the north today you know at least five or six games every year they only give. Given it up -- signs in three years. Whites against the Saints -- gonna talk a lot more about it when we come back but I think the number that sticks out to me defensively. Morning. Three quarterback sacks the most in the Sean Payton era at was 38 back in 06. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 43 now most you showed you and the development of camp Norton junior bill that. Certainly the -- to the -- All right everybody had been admitted to me we haven't been in this territory. Over a decade -- back to 2001. Since 2000 line. We have not had it right now the highest the highest single season total. Since 2001. That's what we're heading in the right. Directions and almost hit you know eight and you -- was -- that people wanted to break this is awesome. Is that we beat Carolina defensively at their own -- you know we beat the 49ers at their own game. Andy you got up and down that would happen in Seattle but -- if you start -- all -- -- -- go -- -- beat Carolina. Nobody has played better defensively at their own game that's gonna go along way that that comment -- that swagger. -- thinking -- run up to this -- break with Chris Miller. -- about -- I guess you might take your body felt a lot of the so we'll look at it seemed -- side and had not counted Mississippi and we're gonna go to pick out of that city picked on in the huddle with Bob and Mike. And I -- and it was definitely a big. Questions from the side nations into him -- -- -- -- -- was pretty devastating knee injury and you know he's gone through goalie you don't get where you usually and be it destructive stated that world war. God. What is this evening I want everybody wants to gains yesterday and salvage the moment of silence so that part of the football game that was called defense. Offense maybe had to play good defense wins championships and you can Google stadium on Saturday. Minnesota Cleveland -- Tennessee on Sunday. That was just went in Baltimore it was almost are incredible and that was saw what was -- 42002. Minutes and and then of course I mean what was even more what was he -- -- in the country a girl and Jersey. And points. Maybe like do you think it'll go yeah who knows but I beat -- -- course long enough. You know. It is when he becomes more used entertainers -- -- impact he swore an abuse and on our national -- Cooper coached more suitable RC like I assume more because more number of different personalities depending on what he caught him but I think the same can be said that he thought on thirteen states because he basically two personalities but this team we don't states. Who pretty much act like it won't block -- call -- -- is there and the only deep and -- easy mistakes and take advantage of this opportunity and again. It Rose rates. -- -- was like -- patient -- -- medications. And Medicaid. Over twenty he agreed -- without the Saints in the last since the world. The absence of personalities drop passes. Missed assignments and out of the competition and inability to put BJ lately. And putting themselves in positions where officials like do we determine the -- Hill allowed themselves to be -- like they do list Monday night and I think you know adolescent years as. Maintain that that memorable personality would own personality and Corey at some articles see how he -- through the rest of the way what about. He opened some people's all it was like a major upset at all and the more. You can post via C championship game. If you win -- divisional. Well -- -- on. Never accept that he wouldn't believe it means missing you can open but he rarely happens on notice of them but you know -- -- you -- that help you out. Nine not listen I'm not gonna happen you you got to do business with stuff that happens not in the lot -- that's great line. Well I think in this climate that we all realize that that's going to be a real long shot in the a lot of help. We've got to tip your old business now because you've got to play Carolina in two weeks or that. And one thing about the Rams that knocked it nationwide hurt but I get an outfit like that that around you well and get off some -- that's the big differences. You know half Steven Jackson this year that's been a god it's an opponent -- time. That Rams game. Then it even more important line. We got to beat the -- Now we've -- program that now line him in the manner. If we beat the -- and the Carolina. In the -- -- and that -- -- an adult now that -- is that world beauty is that. The ban four out of that it's one game. And we need it. -- practice Seattle wherever. Yet that the ball out that way it is not necessarily. Oh wait. Game at all and LG. Let's not. -- It -- and make things are not return kickoff in the Atlantic. -- -- only had seven at the old kind of score. With that means that it. -- you maybe you go to the oh. I mean it's like every year know what you are back we will not at all the through this there on it is a longshot or maybe navy. Get a great start. Okay this evening. Man that got all the great start at night. How you can cheer for in the fourth quarter but at the ball well on and it it -- second and went down that -- basically. You make your old public they get off the great battle and I we've got hit the ball popped up. And coordinate yet Russell Wilson and the ball popped up. And we score on felony you -- any camps right now it -- and yet that a little bit of luck. And the leeway I give me a lot but as far as the youth and it ultimately where Brad. -- -- -- in the agent bill realized this. That if you look wrote Rick. Road record mean now that they'd only be great if -- Patriots. Have a better road record in the thing. Now -- now in line. Even though -- -- that -- that the that yet we still have the best road record in 2009 in the whole NFL. It's because. In meaningful game. Maybe -- vehicle epic games which likely to be able board -- goggles. And in that you could reflect back at separate physical. At Seattle but I'll look at you know -- out the bit different that's -- I think we have a chance. Scored 32 with 361. Party united the Hawks. Well it actually be enough where you should win the game in their weaknesses were there well. All of a felony or inactive protective. Of faith you know and if you don't think you know we're all. -- lot -- aren't just look at that track record and its thirty to me it's 8000 and I think that the record. In the NFL. Albeit in might -- -- up -- them all older in my life here I'll handle it it's 2009 to make that you know what OT. Is that -- beat it because. What happened. After the that you and I wouldn't -- -- -- lately but at the playoffs only happening is that it happening at the field. -- come forward. -- to earn up to me to handle it or that he. We didn't -- up front that everything is cool but -- that night scenario. We played Seattle. You bounced back we if you are -- the Carolina. Carolina that great team. Carolina is at like eight straight gave them all the about the fans in the NFL right now. I'm just telling you we that that team in the right leaders that the what would happen at the end of the act well and won that. Going forward and he -- going to be one. But the good and the bad wrote it down the night -- -- and rent. Drink it up at the -- at an outstanding job like -- this past week. That it. Is the Rams they can get after green which all you can do it went on the role. Well we -- element. Warn you if you -- Welcome back in this thing -- you like about me but look it's going to be -- and it got in Mississippi. What deliberate body at the rules for the Monday night on this here right here on the -- seventieth 730 tonight. This favorite team the Dallas Cowboys went to Chicago fans that might it that's gonna get his -- Rip hard at number one also know everyone at 530 -- that -- the new. We're -- out Darren Sharper on with those. And promoting a bit of what network -- let's get -- -- rest cancer awareness program he said that seventeenth. At the ought to trains that are New Orleans -- -- Darren Sharper. Laws sponsoring this got to get hot -- out from -- the seventh. So from evident you can buy tickets at all or heard dot com. Also cites a -- like charity and grooms. Was the deposit -- Mexico won't that mean the seventeenth. Action that -- I've worked for three ring. 3330. Rock or you go outside things. Rules dot com. It's. Opportunities you know Roman Harper would be announced and won a lot or you honestly if you run rate unity. Welcome back in -- thinking if you. Mean there might be you know -- you know radio. It's you know -- -- -- -- on him a little more in Baton -- mark you know with Bob and Mike. They -- -- -- about Bradley lengthening game it might. Not -- -- the -- economy. We did but it was the one out of Seattle -- Are we need to make of smokers. But it seemed denied it to -- dependent. Chicken and chicken and at -- mean. Because it did and experience. That it wishes that she didn't receive would be no need to turn the -- put it all. In a couple believe. Market it happened last night Bobbitt obviously there's been -- and that's -- Carolina was doing they actually stole a page right out of with the Patriots -- -- -- They -- -- at pocono receivers. They continue with -- that you get Paul what to watch out what you why would you put a stop to think the -- resort got to polish. If it van de -- oh that you have because you know -- that whole bit and it appeared the very partner now. More physical to applaud that that battle -- -- into -- early but I felt bad. -- you know call penalties not a penalty but you may yet there's those aware. And that guy is that -- water we use all the problem being involved with. Annika you know what they do a lot of great eat it is. It -- approach. Let these mythical because of that the -- that they took a lot of Paula penalty every play. And there and there -- a lot of times and that's that a cat and mouse game when to take the work in officials that the county cynical gain. You -- the rule book you. You have to turn to make a play on the ball up in -- -- aircraft that. Without a doubt I want it I thought this Seattle even at the back. I don't -- people to our receivers but they were more aggressive. We gotta have more aggressive mindset mentality. Although we were that would ever happen out but we get that against Carolina other than that you. -- level with them about Robert Meachem like football fight it. It's actually exactly yet grass that little ball. Or the officials and that -- -- -- hit them back you hate you dictate to them. You'd think that don't like and I think Jimmy Graham learning like to keep the lead got the best of Jimmy Graham I think -- that the next time they faced up. C'mon giving them to be aware of the team to -- tactics. And it couldn't use that against them mark thanks so much for the Paula have a lot more nervous I guess -- we're not just break left Chris Miller.