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12-9-13 5:35pm Bobby and Mike with Darren Sharper

Dec 9, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk to former Saint and current NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper about the Saints' 31-13 victory over Carolina.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- he's got two events that he certainly wants to promote here on the breast cancer awareness program December 17. Darren Sharper and Lance Moore the -- to trade center and also. March 13 to seventeen the Saints a whole picture frame come from you all of the house -- now Mexico. And now Lance -- sharper case -- wrote an awful lot more to be announced. We got home with us now Darren Sharper down thanks so much for joining us. There without a doubt or -- right Darren. Then I'll post on this topic. This football club throughout the years of pat zone really good football lives of people it's it's not the football -- -- at the end of his career. In F -- hall of pain. Ricky Jackson wouldn't -- it would the Saints it relates appropriately is other than those two with a pats willing La'Roi Glover Joseph Johnson. But in -- one game all one season want to be -- and nobody caddie Adam nobody had a big impact on this thing it's football team. Did you -- sharp ball and. Which maybe 2000 it would happen and -- Body. -- yeah a lot of about it nobody. Nobody -- I'd. We know that and so in this look didn't see -- parent and look at it which you saw over the years and see that -- the sites to meet you -- -- line lies. The team today it's better than that don't nine unit but I don't want the picture perspective of what you want that 09 unit and saw what happened -- And yet you see the transformation of this young. The bits of brought with him Jordan Hakeem Nicks John -- do you -- let. Monica and holly made such a quick turn also would Rob Ryan you know what to listen because of. Yeah out of that the difference that I see. And -- nineteen win. What are. Good defensive unit we've made a lot of big plays creative about turnovers. This rob Ryan's unit is more of well like you that you try to attack on the quarterback. -- bit of -- back he would tackle well and be in the right spot back give up any big plays that the difference that spot because rob Ryan's defense. At the end -- -- -- Are just too good. A defense as we work we did -- -- differently you know that they're more be that role what more. You don't have a -- personal equipment that we don't that's a lot more to put pressure on the quarterback with the -- Created more turnovers the takeaways this team. You don't put a good job -- and Arctic figure that -- worked well enough to bring a championship. So normally I doubt be productive playing bigger ones they're doing it in a different pass. Yet there's no stated different fashion you look at all world be mentally -- but rob -- -- in the middle of the pack. They have adopted the there may be into a top five. But I'll look at like -- -- -- solid most of all it you know opponent in their teen. And if they have a look at it any team and well. Finley because we've been a top three all meant -- -- now along with defeat -- the Packers. And I wanted birdies. Saw a lot like a great ways that rob Bryant that we need to be in -- got better. Where you know -- -- look we given up like Ortiz if the point to gain. Well yeah I think that's the dominant with that it has to be. Ain't them so what -- and he got it make you a lot. But like it yet -- -- the -- and you're a big part of that it become for that playoff run but I'll look at. It just the other -- that you know you're a probable dinner yet. If there it's horrible year. We at seven. Return touchdown. You know right now we only NFL team. We're gonna return back down the pit or expect a law that we feel like this -- we only NFL. And now look what we did we with there haven't seven. That's why I I'll look at as a lot of side note might -- You get at the right time come playoff time you get those especially -- now. Yeah that's exactly right you know if you could start to get -- -- -- -- -- -- saying that we. I'll want to play under that turnovers. Come and boxes and photos of that the -- down of course you count up. You -- -- on a hot streak and start to a create. Takeaways in the B you know you're going on paper but that couldn't put -- people -- -- -- Early on plays you know -- being -- or -- in particular after the opposing offense. The guy but a back -- they do a good -- -- covered. But you don't see too many guys anticipate. And and that's pretty jumped a route. That's how did you hit the but the score. You know attacking. -- -- I think a lot to bark -- was probably one bit yet they had them as you know at your feet apart you know at times -- route -- -- -- They played -- slam dropping that thing that having him I left in the Tampa film. Abbott with a typical what you like to hit it to figure out on the playoff -- both know what we're gonna pop him up talking about here. Is we don't know the fatality that the championship caliber team. And you talk about the look. -- it comes down to like what we head -- on that hole -- Japan the president and -- In the AFC. They're fourteen. Both cooperative. Look at the AFC remembered Hibbert who caught quality pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- effective diplomat at the whichever -- in NFC we know that -- we know we have normally we have an effort to go. To me that have championship talent on that you put it come out to. What we thought that we put a change to tip your chipping normally if you know baseball in Seattle is that home. That is the biggest difference in who went back an -- its crucial that betrayed by the weight but went out. Hopefully. If you thought he was also picked up maybe up to game. All our it to play up to one of the topic -- -- man that is the biggest difference. In keeping this thing can be attributed -- not out there and make it go back to Seattle and a ticket to game and win I'm not saying that. What the repetitive although. Yeah Darren it's talk about the football camp women. -- breast cancer awareness program on December 17 at the pot to train senate that's something -- and Lance -- involved with -- Yes but not the pin and we've done it years now that it -- -- -- up and you would hear that we that it it and we got a new. A little people going on that this -- -- -- We have a -- and you play a point for three to the football camp we're probably wouldn't be giving them. And it can't be different this cloaked with the cards we're gonna do that with -- I would have but it that we come out he -- off it or -- chance are aware of it. Being Cameron Jordan. Ball harper will be Lance Moore at the -- strain director this. Don't have a people the number of the upcoming next week. And it all that but have been out related to come out there and not pay of the about have a great term that we we try to put on the show. And they enjoy it. Also more thirteenth and seventeenth you're involved with this thing it's a hole like charity and crew and -- I don't feel about it. And they got us Japanese beat auditing and he might -- technical and let the candidate but body about that -- -- I -- you people of Atlanta in the enrollment and. Yeah yeah yeah that's at -- but not. I haven't been out in the recruitment for the for the opportunity to go out on greater that would doing I would relate you would approve of the annual. Aren't great that we do each year I don't know each year workbook -- -- -- and a bit. Like bit inactive for the rest Castro where it will all our our. They got told that -- account -- public about it but we've night. The activities if at all awkward. I'll see. You know -- think that the sort of -- atmosphere. Like who will be a lot on. In fact we're doing Munich and it and it unfortunately. -- Make you more but yeah it. It will be -- on the -- with the -- normally are the real world I ID current advertise you. You can come up but yeah like I -- in -- and nowhere to go beat you figured you go to saint. There crew dot com about the web site you are all we have made you be. Just to keep ticket in the carry you a date on what one ball with their football about. That makes them let's put you on this night the William Floyd -- that means -- now. The -- that would that one season 2000 and I've known. You know what impact -- that anybody. On the nets have been don't want. And if there are no good -- on the product -- -- -- that they can talent you. That the -- these didn't individually in think history. Could not build impact that you me in his anarchy in the today as we go ordered a break. Nobody says it would not -- with the backs have to do. No problems. Yeah put it into -- -- what they Corey white you'll get the party united he joked this slant route. Knowledge of the score pretty well with no that are out of place if things. That's you know take votes that you've got to -- I think that that Bears are back. So out there that looked like what we could not see that year was. But none of that your -- you are enjoying playing football come to normally the -- and I have not yet and I. And that hey hey we enjoyed watching you look good all right you made a difference like so glad that's off what. Now -- do you have on the NFL network and also get information football camp for her dot com also -- fans grooms dot com.