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12-9-13 6:45pm Bobby & Deke with Sean Payton

Dec 9, 2013|

Bobby & Deke talk with Sean Payton about the Saints' win over Carolina and the upcoming game against St. Louis.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll welcome in Saints coach Sean Payton is that Saints are 3113 pitches last night over the Carolina paths and coached. A -- we can you guys are used to it you weren't used to that extra state. In Seattle also how how does that affect that what you guys -- and we put some things back a little bit bit. He seemed like everything went well corner of the outcome last night. Well I think number one at the schedule the last few weeks seeing. Just a little different I can't think like I'm a bit on the show -- -- -- -- forty minutes to -- our realize -- be called at 630 so. I thought they handled it pretty well I think the current -- Anytime you go western comeback is is just the recovery for your body's been. -- -- I would think that time after the game it's so critical. That they get that yesterday's. Prior starting up again in that epic. -- a lot more resilient as your closer in the game you can you can do more Saturday. We were able to do that really just. Bought an extra day. In and rest -- Wednesday in -- when you play game. Like the one last night it really comes down to energy per norm each play and and yeah. So I thought. That we all vote short -- but they handled it well and then came out -- that energy that we knew and he used to play route between Carolina. Now courts make you look at I'll gain our our our transpired. Urgency with the current Evans -- That it seems like right now. Because we've been the -- it -- offensively. That the guys are ten to being overly aggressive against our receivers being physical. And -- looking at the first third down situation -- the Colts then and individuals does that make radical Jersey -- -- call it. But almost -- approach a look at how aggressive Belichick. And the Patriots look at the field. That you have -- that is not when their playing -- they can roll the dice and see how. A certain officials or third crew how they get a call the game and I think we -- get that call obviously is making progress. In the second quarter but -- what what is your take. As far as their aggressiveness of the -- -- what we try to do in the passing game. If it's nothing that you have to make if there's nowhere. Like look that the penalty you have to call back because I know they don't wanna call a penalty on average every play. So just talk about the balance of that and the challenges. When you calling. You know played on the back and especially how we or football. Well you know at first five yard areas is where. You know you can collision. Receivers tight and -- actually available in. The thing that I think we've seen more of -- -- -- would you do salute to you know you. You get it where all of a sudden it's not just collusion but it took -- -- a poll. In. And it begins to happen more frequently and then. You know you'd you'd talk with the officials about it in -- game in and just. -- ordered up almost a little bit like offensive line play whether -- not gonna call. Holding. X number content and so it's a challenger I think that we see what we expect that Seymour it. To disrupt the timing -- that the first level of the passing game when you have you know an accurate passer like drew. You know some of those don't covered is that we might see on film. One week you know work partner get the next week you're in he's he's really your understanding his own principles but. You know it's it's it's a challenge that forces you. In your -- development to work certain released patterns you know try to put receiver behind stacked bunch. You know those tight bunch is that whenever you do that becomes a little bit more challenging for the defense. To get their hands on maybe the guy behind the receivers so. But it happened on the first play your item is that one you know I yeah it was right in there are -- and one. You know it impacts play good start just a hole. Really -- -- -- off stride and it's one thing the collegiate player at the line of scrimmage but it's another -- the paragraph Poland in. He's got to fight through it got to work through it. You know I think the officials understand them and doing -- job of trying to see all of it. Is that they can in -- when you play those teams that play real demand demand you know you can find. Those snaps a lot snaps with a -- in -- and -- just knows you're not gonna get. You're gonna get a call every time so pro racially becomes a challenge. To. You know mix up formations and move doesn't Motrin. Which -- do at home when you're on the road -- it becomes more problematic with the snap -- and so. You know it's its top and entered there are reports Seymour that currently there. Maybe in your past to become more apparent because of the rule changes. Now a coach -- how important was that obviously the same belief to hold the Panthers. It's to six points bend but don't break on the first two drives. When you look at their drives. That they go thirteen plays -- -- get 53 yards and eat the clock up with six minutes eighteen seconds. With their only up three funeral than their next drive. They got a great punt return ever taken junior who wanted to pass. You go in the right place to anything -- five minutes twelve seconds. With there only 620. With them and you -- 140. And considering he only had the ball. The three plays than a minute 56 seconds left. In that first one we all know what happened in the third quarter but how important was -- the defense -- really just to step up big time reports do. But I think. I that you would be critical especially I said this earlier today especially. That that second possession. No we. We end up hold them to a field goal on the first drive they had the ball -- quite -- -- -- time and then went three -- -- -- You know we'll try to directional kick we don't quite apparent time we want all of sudden it's -- arrogance and early. And not on the sideline exactly where we'd like and so it is really stresses the partner's ball and then you know the personal foul face mask in. That the field position. Change dramatically right there you know and now all of a sudden your defense has taken the field. On their end of the field and I thought that second stop defensively force in the field goal was was big because he could easily like you should determine. Downturn -- them. And you know hold them to the field goal on that. On that field position that they're short field that we started where -- Probably the regular. And sequence of plays there existed in the game. Now Rocco made -- probably had this question now. A couple of times last night on the point after. You know today you earned it they have -- -- a handful of times that he it tonight. They want me to ask you this question and then and I believe him out of occurred in the second quarter. You have a seven yard gain and -- it was a -- -- it'll -- -- Carolina. But then you refuse to pick it up the typically why did he decline the penalty. Instead you know I haven't been offers them. Well I think a lot of people on the impression it was going to be first and five. And that -- the actual call holding its going to be first and ten. Or second in three. And we took the field position. After the game and I think. Know when it's first and ten or second three it's pretty easy we'd all -- seven yards on first and ten. It could have been -- and try and I think a lot of people felt was first and five in other than take the first and I but. The via the options that so anytime it's first and ten -- second three. Will take the seven yard gain on first down but I think a lot. Knew I was -- that earlier today and we were I would go back through the sequence the -- -- a good job of exploiting him. And there was right there in in. In you know a lot of times. They're they're. Very easy decisions to make in their that was just one word you want to gain its second tree or you wanna be. Perched in tandem in hamper you person turn them we we took second after. That Saints coach Sean Payton along -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- on the Saints 3113 victory over Carolina and will point one another big on Sunday against a team from the in AFC west as we travel to Saint Louis to take on -- -- it's the coach's show on a New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back to this exodus of the coaches show on the saints' radio and Iowa New Orleans 31 Carolina. Thirteen ten half a coach's questions that Saints coach Sean paying your Mossad and recycling coaches -- EM all. That -- -- -- better environment if you of course the coach Peyton email them to a secluded nation -- thing treaty of network. The outcome coaches come from Bob and then Andruzzi says coach analogy give back to what looks like eight and almost schedule a 3.5 kickoff. Do you get back to a regular practice schedule in preparing for the Rams this week. We review. Today our players -- and lifted weights get treatment. Tomorrow is their day off allowed him commander in study tape on Saint Louis coaches. -- game planning now. Saint Louis and I model. And Wednesday's first their practice which would be first and second down and Thursday. We work on third down. Two minute offense defense. And then Friday you know the last -- -- period goal line short yardage and red zone so. -- paper they've probably would be scheduled Saturday -- you know walk through and we fly to Saint Louis and in turn around play on Sunday. The later game. If you have questions the Saints coach on page email them to lose it nation -- Saints radio network dot com Robin. Now you know courts make you look at Carolina house while they were you definitely support that he's becoming -- -- game. A believer that it's right that the -- had only given up two touchdowns in the first half all of -- then. And you were able to get three touchdowns in the -- water. Now to me -- why that's a great accomplishment obviously. You getting touchdowns -- having -- a few goals but. The policy that we Carolina where they were. In the red zone defense that route than a third down all that at the -- red zone offense and defense that they were top five -- a noble one. -- defense that you look heroic pace that goalless -- touchdown percentage. In the NFL since 2002. I gotta go back to the Bears in 2005. When they were 32 and a half percent and they -- 32 point one I thought more than anything. And getting 21 point. That that that was awesome where things like in the past. They -- fourteenth kick field goals that night given out like that. They'd better know what they're 21 thing we saw on film where. Scoring. Numbers with its defense -- impressive. Takeaways. You know that third down stops they're they're one of the few teams that. In every statistic be sensibly and you can solve their name. You know lots given those points especially before the end of in the two minute drill those were all critical building that lead -- -- and really fortunate team. That likes to run the football field will be more one dimensional and you know I thought what was going to be important next game. We challenged -- players -- -- Was. You know which quarterback who's going to be. Not pressured the quarterback who's going to be younger will that border and thought the offensive line in the protection. Scheme of things that are very good job I thought at times you know we use the -- in the back to -- Their way out and take the edge off speed rush those guys that are irons to -- Who -- great job of getting up field and been fortunate tackle to -- so. You know I think. Prior to the game. Being able to say hey there's that the quarterback under -- -- -- have their teams can have more trouble and I and that's kind of -- -- -- -- but -- felt -- It was going to be important for us beat such leader effect came -- way. Program that five tracks you know he did go back begin with yet. You know you can you can get -- on the pressure -- but he so. Alou to -- so bigger stronger. You know he's he's got a lot of the greats Ben Roethlisberger earlier career where you you're you're the bomb on them. Maybe too long but yet he comes out of the pocket with stronger few times but. And I thought thought that was the difference in the game our ability to protect them and our ability to to really. Might make the clock a little bit quicker put him. Now you know coach I thought also the progression. A couple of times and other comes the bomb line. With the play at a Keenan Lewis -- on the wide receivers green you look at the success. That the Jets had against the yards after the catch. That we were just blown up those green plays and and I thought our secondary. And act here Lewiston. And I'll always say this. Are great players have to play great. Look at Malcolm Jenkins Keenan Lewis can't arm. Would you go that go on and on Lofton. Hawthorne that everyone stepped up but on that particular play you know teams have had success yards after the catch. And now we were able to blow that up against Carolina and especially a great player like Steve Smith. Yeah these people -- -- you know he's so explosive and so competitive. That if you give them kind of book and you basically turned into a big game and I think the the one thing. That we saw lead in the game was the amount of big plays Carolinas that offensively both in the running game. And then in the passing game in the future you know really trying to run defense all the sudden they go down the field with the ball and I thought you know what -- say one thing that stood out as you know we we didn't allow those. Those big -- plays that really changed field position -- -- game was earned. The screen you're talking about was a great example and that would be a great job tacked on there was a lot of -- yardage there against the team that. -- the tackle so. You know by. What's and I I'd I'd a thought like after the game of the way we've played with emotion -- played. I think our players just like Carolina recognized the significance of that first game has noted the rigors of another tough week and other top opponent in. Saint Louis because -- point in there and Nick Blackburn home. And then the following week it's back to Carolina again so we're right we're right -- At that point in the season where you know you want to see your players step up and and they did last night. Now you know portrayed how frustrating it is though and I'll look at that what it happened on this particular drive. You know we moved the ball around they've reviewed the -- we think Colson at the touchdown a ten yard touchdown. That rule on the half yard line. That you now have first goal of the half yard line. Because Carolina's those style that you really K I'll run it in. And I know you gotta play the percentages to be stupid to go far as who may be -- what reporters think that. Went thirteen play sixty yard six minutes and 12 but. Is Carolina that good that. But we've got vertical and a half yard line you almost have to pass that began in. Well I think that's our first off they're they're good they're good defense appeared in their door situation in your first thought was was -- run -- play in. You know we felt like it had a chance and we weren't able punch it and know you one thing about go on you you're able to at least get an idea that sequence played you wanna run. That's an area that you know I've got to continue to do a better job with but. I think with regards to going to war. The that the decision to kick epic a lot of it was predicated on how we will play in the number they were six. They beat that score was a higher scoring game you look at it differently but yeah those those are things it's just you don't. They're kind of ruined a perfect night in regards the red zone offense you know instead of being in. 525. -- for a big putt -- aren't we end up four for five with with just the one field goal. It and he you know it's easier to take it you're on the fourteen yard wide or twelve but get to -- -- -- line would be -- first and goal perhaps yard line. You are I think there will be a look at that -- they iron. They realized they were fortunate that game wasn't six point Winger you know a closer game and looks much improved on that. I think our players will be able sees as well. Coach now the St. Louis Rams and then this past week of course a lot of people talk about the means that we have -- and Steve Smith and maybe analogy when you look at that you know he always gonna get the best that Christy Smith is that type of player. How much can be same about a guy like Jeff Fisher Jeff Fisher coach ballclub is one -- well prepared to gonna fight variant. They struggled some to -- the -- they play well coached they come up with some big victories including a blowout -- Over Indianapolis and it's always tough to go to Saint Louis -- the beyond -- Sunday. Well you're right in it's a young team. There and they're deal with the loss their starting quarterback and yet you know the guy step and it is is done an outstanding job they. -- -- -- Do you see them rush the passer flow of anyone and they you know they they get on the edges -- in especially. In there in their home. A reader you know you deal with the noise and all of sudden there's you know that -- certain -- that we had last night that you go to burger have in this game. So. They had a chance -- very well could be in Seattle at home they've beaten Indianapolis say they're they've got some big wins. And I think. Look I think our players understand what's at stake it's our job as coach mr. Put together their plan this week going there. You know Japanese and experience coaches who's done a great job. Every year he's been in this league in -- got a veteran team they're going to be very well coached and they're going to be worse down. And I think you're you know coming off a tough loss like -- yesterday they'll be looking to bounce back so. This is an important week for us just know what -- in what we were able to get done last night. You know any type setbacks and all the sudden races don't lose the accomplishment so. It starts with. Yogurt so study here -- and a good plan and understand it. How how -- go about winning a game like this last start. I think in 2011. You know when when we ended up put thirteen -- here we go -- lost there what we're really -- in the close game and then. Came back and -- nine games -- but that was sit back there and it was one or what really close a few pure number on the and it wasn't like. It came down to the end and it was. That was. You know a clear win for them in our players will realize that will make sure they realize it and in and get prepared for the things -- Saint Louis does well it got some explosive playmaker but they're got a -- back to second in the league in rushing receivers can run. Like I mentioned their defense -- their special election in regards to make things happen program. Grow up quickly countered. That's Saints coach stomping coach Craig thank you so much good looking you're the team this week at the -- -- -- --