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WWL>Topics>>12-9-13 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints tight ends with Terry Malone

12-9-13 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints tight ends with Terry Malone

Dec 9, 2013|

Bobby & Deke talk with Saints tight ends coach Terry Malone.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the coaches -- on the saints' radio network New Orleans enjoying gave. 3113 victory over Carolina -- makes it is a date with the St. Louis Rams. This week's special guest assistant coach at this point it's time we were glad to welcome in Saints. Audience coach Terry Malone coach Malone thank you so much for joining us than the boys got some good play out of -- the inside diskette to the full bubble block and then not. You know would you go back and look when we did some very good game for us in the football at tight ends and -- have been a big part of that. -- thank -- -- it's it's meant to be which you guess ninety. Yeah I'm very pleased with the way our guys have played so far this year and look forward to a strong finish from two. Now you know coach Malone what you're looking like. This vision then you look rosters spots there are like gold. Explain. That the fans. Obviously that no brainer. We know franchise. Type player like it Jimmy Graham. We build the better leadership from it and Benjamin Watson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the rookie out Idaho State in May be. The practice squad player who thing and remember Michael Hagan. Up from the wrath all the -- it just explain. -- you on the back in you are that active roster. But like a Michael Hagan and Josh Fields is that there run blocking ability are are just break it down. Are oftentimes in that position it's really a guy who say it's a particular need that we have and in. One and then Josh. Reported to camp in sort oppression we realized. Pretty quickly that day he had some excellent. Athletic ability could change -- direction. And really caught the not only of the offensive coaches -- of a coach -- in in special teams. And -- during the pre season Josh did Pekovic. Performance on special teams and and really. That's that's an excellent way and a great avenue for young guy to be able to make the roster. -- about football what do you do. That you're at the meeting room with Hewitt the tide is that you breaking down the film. And it like if that a better like a -- -- Watson. You got Jimmie ran Josh hero in you know how tight teams are in and maybe. You could have been a little more accurate that. That you felt like if I didn't look at it you have got to catch it now are probable with a lot of that process -- -- just generally the rule that if the ball conceded it's our job to catch it. And yeah we all know there are easier catches than others and now on the first guy yet and it's gonna stick his head in the media room is going to be Drew Brees and say hey. That's my bit and I didn't put the ball on him and do a better job next time so. It's all it takes responsibility for your own actions and I think we have. An excellent group of guys that do that there will never be a time when someone's -- point a finger on this team. Now you know -- blog you look at Jimmy Graham worries that -- young career still learning football. You look at -- 100 yard gains by the NFL tied in a single season. I mean he's right up there with six -- would vote against Dallas. You don't immigrant hows you how they compared. You look the most touchdown receptions this season. No matter what the position him and Meg Ryan. Two part question how do you keep him humble. All are -- if you are ready come -- have their personality. And do you also have beside you you're great in these areas but to be that complete tight -- also be a dominant run block. You know that's that's a great question but. Quite frankly it's it's easy to keep. -- -- -- because he's so competitive he really has a burning desire to be the best football player that he can he had a great attitude about to open this team win football games. And he is really a pleasure to coach. So. That whole deal of haven't. Never felt as though it had to taken down a notch because. He's always working hard to to get himself better. Saint -- coach Terry Malone is our special -- -- coach Malone a big victory for the black and gold now the Saint Louis Randy just our coach Sean -- talk a lot that they're one of the teams in the league it really does a good job of getting after the our quarterback could they do well on the it's what will be some of the challenges tidings face this week as far as blocking assignments Qatar. He in that city you know we're just beginning her or study and Saint Louis and have spent the afternoon doing it and they really have to. Outstanding defense and then they get up the field and and put pressure on the quarterback from my from the edges and and so that -- a little bit under our responsibility to be able to help the tackles and a put that defense have been on the tackles blocked and and that at times have to pass protect against those guys so. You know it it takes. A week of film study to be so comfortable known when a guy does and how we react to different blocks and and that's all part of our processes. You know no -- starts all over again today. With. Thanks thank coach Terry Malone coach Malone thank you so much for joining us good luck to you the Saints the rest that we arrest the way through this week at saint. Thank you do you think about it he would have -- -- it. Alright alright dancing thank those Terry Malone.

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