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Dec 10, 2013|

Dave talks about the life and death of Frank Davis, more cold weather, and Saints/Rams

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL for it is on this tenth of December 2013. -- it's Tuesday hated that today we call around here not Monday that's true -- I don't particularly difficult Monday from -- job. It -- WL radio and television where a man that many of us looked up to. And we actually and treated me he pays well now she just seemed to have the best job in the world and honored so often. Frank Davis is the 71. Years old -- too young. For such an icon an amazing man who seemed to be able to do just about -- yeah. He can shoot he he he can go out and hunt down and catches for two -- bring it on the ticket revenue gourmet meal that anyone would kill the eight. He. Great -- funniest. Person I have ever known in broadcasting -- amazing sense of humor even through his. Very difficult struggles. Where it is immune. Attacking disease that eventually claimed his life and is nervous system. Frank Davis I'll never forget. When I first came here. About seventeen years ago. My real first experience with Frank Davis -- during the Nagano Olympics in Japan the Winter Olympics. And then channel -- it's sent frank Davis Cup court. And I am I not known -- Frank Davis part of that that was just getting it now. That the local legends and icons here -- remembered vividly watching report that he did from a small Japanese town all of it was brilliant and he was explaining I was just like New Orleans that he pointed up and -- that must have had forty Japanese characters and -- -- book. Chop -- to us. And then any of groceries told us that that was naturally dollars and he really was naturally now Agassi and and he he could say no and no one cared even though many locals don't care for that arm. Frank Davis being. So. To the fabric and every -- -- gap through and through woods was naturally. New war he really was this town and he was he was he caricature of what is all wonderful. About new warrantless he runs and love by you know people at the the upper Echelon of society. And and the very bottom. It didn't seem to matter that Davis was just that special he had that ability to relate to anybody his sense of humor it is. Humanity it is is just being an amazingly nice. It is was evident to anyone who had chance to mediums. I act just like to ask everyone to please remember one of your favorite Frank Davis. If you wanna share it grade if you just wanna think about it to yourself and and then laugh and smile go ahead and do that Bryant. Yeah you know when he retired in 2011. And when it is the closest family that happened to -- taxes. It was a sad loss. We you know is -- I think he's just not frank would always be around you know he's -- he's at right are on the corner he's a part of this society so much that. You and thinking he's one of those devices never imagine it ever really high. He has depth and rest in peace Frank Davis you and we met and we aren't just lucky viewers -- to greatness. You know started his career here and heavy WL radio he would he was a writer. And the management here at WWL radio's that this guy's real. And they put a month hit. And sometimes he would do nine hours. In one day. On the weekend -- back and -- six hours the next today -- -- just talking with people about food in the outdoors in whatever because he was that compelling and individually everyone. Wanted to talk to ensure they do anyway via this they wanted to wanted to just talk through where they want it's definitely some advice. You know and on how to cook something -- how to catch something. Or yeah now that the whole gamut and it raised. It thank you for. Thanks for having been a part of if if you miss more first institute like I'm Dave coats nearly dissident WW offers is getting colder today. Through the day. It's cold now it'll be even colder this afternoon to get ready for that vote we'll get your forecast after this sports with Steve Geller coming up. And feel free to share that create -- -- -- every call me -- 60 -- of the year toll free 86689. There -- them -- -- -- about Frank Davis. You're on the morning after we learned of the death of the 71 year old warlords -- Please bear grid is -- -- gave the game. Book club estate cause Havoc in the end up. Our Frank Davis is deceased -- videos with these -- -- alma tan. Yes -- -- -- activity tonight twelve yet to Christmas I remember when he did the ain't there no more media. That way is pretty funny that he with a bunch that really enjoyed that to read a -- you're on WWL. It. Two out on much time -- or Israel -- Year ago it was only Torre. Oriental I hear when he would yell and scream and -- morning's Bob in terms weren't on. And he would not only do it in. Is it 1 morning when he used to do it. And until it stopped and go back a long time. It has aren't Frank Davis even appealing to the -- able to get your three year old to stop crying out of that is -- great memory. And the video it's just it's. Still part of my book we -- a little early on your part topic upset at the end. Are we were lucky to have ever had him. We've got listen I appreciate because some people want mr. memory. As well I'll dish bishop arts and instead we should take there like in real and shut almost double torn apart. -- -- -- I there a year ago. Fishing rod -- have staff put a great idea. WWL. -- -- -- Eagle first ball a wonderful moment condolences to current trend. And now you -- -- -- -- The real. Trade go fiction. I wouldn't. -- ago but it everyday -- it -- You grow. Up and -- mostly in the well being. Or. Well very well put it. Right. Again. That's Frank Davis was the man and that's it simply put -- RP frank we sure miss you -- glad we ever had yet but it's a forecast. Some light rain or showers still left over early this morning but that will quickly be exiting the area behind -- -- actually clearing throughout the day. But it's gonna stay chilly north winds and tenth in the forties for all day today dropping tonight -- at 34 on the North Shore and forty south of the lake under partly cloudy skies. Now tomorrow there will be a few clouds mixed in with that sunshine cool day with ties at 59. And Thursday will say mostly sunny and cool heights of 57. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out and I. We've got that whole north winds gusting at 23 miles an hour that means it feels like the thirties right now across the South -- it's actually 43 at the international airport in scanners like Dell's cloudy and forty -- check this out batters he would come on it's 38. Wind chill 31 is what it feels like in matters feels like 27. In new roads. Just northwest of -- so much colder air coming throughout the day today we'll talk more about. The amazing incredible wonderful. Frank Davis -- -- remember his life after his passing at the age of 71 coming up here on WW. Send them over to sports zone for that we've today. Good morning Steve yeah. Good morning and the states are moving on from their dominating win on Sunday night -- now get ready for a road matchup against the five and eight Saint Louis ballclub. Coach Sean Payton says don't expect their inexperience for -- don't mistake their inexperience for a lack of talent. You're too young team there and they're dealing with the loss of their starting quarterback in the air you know loaded this guy -- and -- is done an outstanding job. The rams Kellen Clemens has completed 53% of his passes with five touchdowns and five interceptions in Sam Bradford absence was a cold December evening at Soldier Field for Monday Night Football but Josh McCown. Was red hot for the prayers. -- gets up goes the footnote. Moved up avoids the rush winds up margins but we'll look -- water. We can't lose its. Cool yeah they just -- food you know the food what's known Cold -- McCown threw for 348. Yards and a career high four touchdowns with no interceptions as Chicago cruised past the Dallas Cowboys 45 to 28. Matt Forte added a 102 yards rushing as the bears improved to 76 to move into a tie with Detroit for first place in the NFC north. Arizona safety to ram Matthew is done for the season after suffering a torn ACL on Sunday the former -- tiger was injured while returning -- New England's Rob Gronkowski season is also over that Qaeda and was placed on injured reserve with a torn ACL and -- damaged and CL. Over to the NBA now where the public and say the guard Tyreke Evans is expected to miss up to two weeks because of -- left ankle sprain. And suffered the injury on Friday night's loss to the thunder New Orleans next game is at home tomorrow against the pistons. Four quarterbacks and two running backs of the finalists for the Heisman Trophy to be awarded Saturday in New York. Florida State team is winced in northern Illinois Jordan went back to scene and Johnny men's Al. And Alabama's AJ McCarron made the cuts and that Auburn's -- Mason and Andre Williams of Boston College. It's the largest number of Heisman finalists since 1994. Today a -- on sports talk saints wide receiver Lance Moore plus just three regular season games remain for the black and gold to are on the road. How confident are you that the saints can wrap up the number two seed in the NFC. I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning look it's. Ports you know his trip to Saint Louis you know you look at another Saint Louis team not very good not in the playoffs client. But the last two times since had to go to Saint Louis one they got their butts beat. By a team that hadn't beaten anybody -- any other time the saints barely escaped with the win. From a team that had been eliminated from the playoffs so going to Saint Louis no easy task even when they're not very good. The thing is it's Seattle's defense is the -- they always have a strong defensive front that seemed to give them and yet the Saint Louis the saints offensive line fits. So it's another gonna be enough another tough matchup for them. Here you would think -- the saints would be you know be primed and ready because of what's at stake. Still the division on the line they can't really look past Carolina even -- images being dumb is gonna be facing them right again after this Saint Louis game plus that number two seed in the NFC east. Up for grabs and you really wanna have that bye week. And you know they a week of rest before getting into policies and actions all the motivation man but there was the last couple times as well. So it does have -- single line as time goes to Saint Louis and Jeter and a thank you Steve talking about when -- -- -- Debbie Debbie well more on the death of Frank Davis for an. Remember the name of familiarity over the -- driving in runs. That was it yeah. Many wonderful memories of days and it. And more about. -- -- -- -- Some like a great -- showers still left over early this morning but that will quickly be exiting the area behind -- -- actually clearing throughout the day. But it's gonna stay chilly north winds and tenth in the forties for all day today dropping tonight -- at 34 on the North Shore and forty south of the lake under partly cloudy skies now tomorrow there will be a few clouds mixed in with that sunshine cool day -- at 59. And Thursday will -- mostly sunny and cool heights of 57. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- uptown. -- start now calling getting even colder it's 43. At the airport now winds gusting to 23 making it feel like thirty slide out cloudy and 42 degrees. -- coming up -- -- share more thoughts on Frank Davis one person posted on FaceBook page I still say. Happy franks gave me again that those -- thing -- think ever ago. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this. December 10 2013. And -- student there and her -- -- Tuesday it is indeed accused and it's his day that I'm actually smiling. As people are sharing their thoughts and memories about Frank Davis dead at the age of 71 frank passed last night. Our condolences go Nazis family of choruses. Lovely wife Mary player who's who's fairly part of what made him so wonderful all my goodness playing off each other. And that. Stated here on radio and targeted thirty years. Worth of successful television career. And it occurred to me based on suggestions were getting from callers and text messages that. Everyone really should either a cold eco efficient today. -- be called for the next few days but to go catch -- then cook cook something. In franks are your dog you know go grab one of its cookbooks. Angle you know pick -- -- your favorite frank recipes and -- -- -- now we're beard he'd he'd love thought oh yen in estimate Texas at Frank Davis may be gone and body but it spirit will live on forever in -- war. And Netherlands as I have one of -- cookbooks one even autograph. And then after that they would email back and forth with frank didn't really know like I just met him at the outward show again assign a book and then they were instant friends. And that's how people felt about frank people who never met him in person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because the government on ice fell into that trap before I know exactly what that feels like that -- while -- people there offering on the gummy bear that out. Definitely Netflix. Thank you David we'll talk about when he -- is here BW well famine that now. And will also have Chris Miller join us. And system thoughts on gas prices they were coming down but may keep count and -- that's on -- here on WW. We will feel good to have the sunshine. -- -- awfully cold as we say good morning service meteorologist Laura but now he man tough day and here in the WWL. Is Leo remember Frank Davis but people sharing their memories. Does that make me laugh and smile yes. And they would've wanted it actually what you know that's what it was about help make everybody have fun. You know they become kind of forget the bad -- -- life a little bit and -- and good cut Gannon and just enjoy his sense of humor. Yeah one person suggested everyone take deficient polls if there. If they can't -- the kind of come apart fly their rotted half. Other people think the -- to fish for frank. -- -- got out of -- over frank you can get a different Davis fishing -- having health -- at -- what other reporter at the world has their -- fishing peer out at that. That is very -- but the weather's going to be pretty Obama you have to get out there on -- -- that -- moment it got them here -- right -- small craft advisories out there because that is the winds and temperatures in the forties on those fat low forties on both -- Italy. And that kind of park in the forties from liked it today even if skies clear we get some sunshine. Absolutely the -- made -- 49ers fifty later today that it. Added acted out of the forty Marty every now -- important that we got 23 yep definitely feel like there that's why. I killed 23031. At least the rain is out here we -- some showers and lower series of wealthy nation. Saint Bernard pierce is still a few around great -- but the rain -- that the outset that we ought to deal with that cold rain at least it's just -- went on to the sunshine and we will skies clearing during the next viewed as they look pretty good 59 tomorrow 57 on Thursday that have -- really back in the forecast until Saturday. And will there is some good news yeah the sun will shine as we all remember. The legend and icon that was frank -- you were one of the people who had the rare opportunity. To work side by side with. Feel so lucky eat his meal. What do we rank for you you know it's one thing to grow up and you -- advocate watching Eric in valley in frank firm. I mean decades and watch them in the mornings and and it's -- work alongside them. I mean it's just a dream come true and he's just as wonderful in person then you know and it's as what you see on TV he was just such a great man. Any specific one memory. Yet as well I have several for micro morning -- cannot even be repeated on -- advocate a little crazy like morning but one memory that I have with that during hurricane -- -- the first heart -- covered here in Portland at. It will what do we do you know for food during the coverage as we move that distinction we lived here -- -- -- regularly and eat if everything -- out everything. Man and Gail RR Kennedy's room mom -- newsroom person to panic gathers together she gets. So -- with the outlook looked like are you crazy just with different ethnic. And he would move into the station all that and just cooked the entire time that's all which is after we get off they're twelve hours of coverage you get a few hours breaker whatever. -- and it kitchen and they're beat them. You know some red gravy and meat balls are there he's the lasagna -- there'd be some kind of you know hair -- on -- -- -- -- it was whatever he he had he almost made it up or two hour game almost since the crash and look -- a -- It was systemic aid that how how and actually all that just to have the -- economy ankle for the whole staff and he was glad to do it. What a wonderful man we were so lucky to have him he'll be sorely missed that. He shared it like this planet with his friend and thoughts with -- clear this morning bless her heart she's been such a champion for him he -- she has been the backbone for them for the past couple of months and. Such -- our our hearts and prayers with her this morning thank you we appreciate your sharing yeah. Your thoughts and memories to make it a smile about frank just one more that's right. But -- live and direct Eyewitness News forecast. Get sports and more -- your thoughts you text messages you call your FaceBook posts about Frank Davis. By the way for those of you listening at this time yesterday and we're talking. About the snuggle house -- Wisconsin we -- pay sixty bucks a boom an hour to snuggle. With professionals smuggler. Well after the assistant. Prosecutor there. Made the claim that no man just wants to snuggle on the we're going to be rigorous and making sure that it wasn't a front for prostitution. The -- house decided to close. Done. Just to say and that's what happened -- I'm -- count it's 548 -- remember. Frank Davis this morning died last night at the age of 71 years old August. Is colony in August you want to share a -- quickly about Frank Davis. Never quit when he we hear congress man and he's a very. -- share of New Orleans changed we need to change adult portal as game because flanked neighbors tell everybody come to us as a -- And he you know our fisherman or recipient playing -- -- go. Picture like that on the superdome -- Bring you mentioned your vision -- into the game. Of this technique this gentleman that he is where he works where people work well -- If we appreciate the call one person next to me and he does that with that Frank Davis. Naturally. Now. You play the Braves and you live for. He really was it everything give. The city this region. These people. On. Great man great great man -- Thad -- WWL that we take it wanted to see if he. Good morning and happy Tuesday everyone the State's next two games are on the road and the black and global fight themselves in Saint Louis this Sunday. Even though the rams have been eliminated from postseason contention saints coach Sean Payton is aware of the problems they presented his ballclub. Herbert physical defense you see them rush the passer upload or anyone they get on the edges here in the especially in their home career where. Three of the fought rams five wins have come in the Edward Jones room. While neither the brutal cold northern league's worst defense could stop Josh McCown in the bears on Monday Night Football. Who -- you have to push for the wanted Jason Witten got appointed the hey good movie foot putt I don't know that it's a quarter touchdown this tonight might quarterback Josh McNown. MacCallum live at the cowboys' defense throwing for touchdowns and rushing for another score and Chicago's 45 to 28 mauling of Dallas. The bears move into a tie with a large for the top spot in the NFC north at 76. Arizona head coach Bruce Marian says that to -- -- season is over. After the safety suffered a torn ACL in their win Sunday. The former LSU tiger was having a terrific rookie season with 68 tackles two interceptions one sack and one forced fumble. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan says he's thinking about sitting Robert Griffin the third for the rest of the season. Because of concern that the quarterback could be injured. -- points out that RG three has been sacked 24 times in five games. And that the two of the Redskins three remaining games will be on artificial turf Washington is three in ten. Pelicans guard Tyreke Evans is expected to miss up to two weeks due to an ankle sprain he suffered in the -- lost OKC on Friday. The -- return to action tomorrow night when they host the Detroit Pistons. And Florida State's -- -- winced in north to northern Illinois team. Jordin lynch Texas -- and and Johnny -- -- Alabama's AJ McCarron. Made the cut as Heisman finalists as the Auburn's -- Mason and Andre Williams of Boston College -- -- hopes to become the second player. To win the award twice when -- handed out on Saturday. Today a -- sports talk saints wide receiver Lance Moore plus took just three regular seasons. Games remain for the black and gold -- were on the road how confident are you that the scenes can wrap up the number two seed in the NFC with your early morning look at sports I'm Steve. You know kind of all of these candidates -- list so long I don't want you to repeat -- -- -- of all of the candidates. For. The Heisman Trophy who's got the edge right now. I would say it's Florida State team is Wednesday and and he's team's number one -- had been the front runner and just be legal concerns. Surrounding him were a big concern but he has been cleared of those charges so I would say he's clear to win the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was consensual was it not prosecutors finally said no charges that will be interest and I feel like that off the field stuff the year that rim Matthew was a finalist -- hurt his chair Susan. An -- McCann what weird season for hands. He's not even on the all SEC team they came out yesterday. He's an honorable mention that first and second team yet he's a Heisman finalists. So obviously different voters. For each of these. Classifications for it it's more about the resonate for him and he knows what he's done for the Alabama football team in the titles he's won there and get to. Came so close evidence that if there. Thank you Steve we'll give -- a shot at what's coming up at fifteen minutes here on -- read -- well. Some of the sex mediate 77 he's going to put flowers on the Frank Davis here. All right PS thank you try find a lot of other people out there despite this wickedly cold wind is that we guys especially over the away. The -- for Davis here I'm -- donuts by 54. Ask Frank Davis added PA's status these lines what a great man what an honor was. To have worked in the same place that Frank Davis worked here on the same frequency started out here on WWL radio. Before making it very successful transition to television by the way if you don't know where that Frank Davis fishing areas. Located near Lakefront airport on the lakeshore drive out. In eastern New Orleans and and to be a lot of people. Leaving. Flowers and other things in memory frank it was a pivot is gonna cook -- something from a cookbook today. And serve to remember him that way that's not a bad idea and I can also leave here. Favorite Frank Davis stories on our FaceBook page from your video frank website and he consistent. With us celebrate the life of Frank Davis here on the day after his passing your forecast. For your Tuesday look for some showers early this morning movie out as we go through the morning hours and gradually clearing skies today that behind it. Temperatures are gonna stay chilly in the forties for much of today what does north -- -- -- colder than that. Wanna bundle up today and cold tonight dropping down to 34 on the North Shore and forty south of the lake. Under -- clearing skies. Not tomorrow that would be a few clouds -- with that sunshine and a cool day ahead heights of 59. And mostly sunny on Thursday and still chilly -- of 57. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura. Tell and I think -- address on Saturday but cold 43 right now at the airport winds gusting to 23 making it feel like thirty to 42 and cloudy and -- -- Frank. Remember him in the video frankly they're not always been aggressive on and the -- Thank Davis to break we'll -- in there -- great fans and so.

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