WWL>Topics>>12-10 8:15am Tommy, gift cards...love or hate?

12-10 8:15am Tommy, gift cards...love or hate?

Dec 10, 2013|

Tommy talks to Herb Weisbaum, the Consumer Man & Emmy-award winning reporter, about how to save on gift cards

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker AD team here we are on December 1 ever already and the holidays of me here before you know it. A lot of you buy gift cards for Christmas and I -- to guess occasionally as a friend of fires and -- wise mom really is the consumer man he's an Emmy award winning reporter he covers the consumer beat for NBC news that Tom. And Ian read all of his stories that is website consumer -- dot com and with that we will argument herb page Arab. They -- a much different up at 6 o'clock in the morning everybody here will we know we appreciate -- we're really -- -- December 10 a lot of people are doing their shop and then. Gift cards might enter into it I -- there again this year Israeli. That and number. Of people. That they want to do they body you emotionally if he if you get on Miller if you. Yet I do because it people want them my -- and -- -- them a couple of people don't know what they get forward to it and if I get a place Psycho -- yeah it's better than you know meets. Believe in my life right now there's something to joke of ballistic and of course somewhere Padilla -- -- I understand it now -- it. It's almost like -- W Castro. What the -- I mean it is people that you don't know what to get not you don't know why you get -- -- that. -- -- I -- really hard to release indicating niece and nephew college before away. They wanna get some clothes for school who knows what defections are ya right I use electronic gift cards with them they love. Be beyond this or there's some people for whom you buy a gift and you wonder -- dominance. You've just left her you don't areas. -- of truth gave you. I tell me about gift cards which did you watch. Four -- some of the ways take advantage of this some ways not to get taken advantage up. Well look at the bottom line of this sort of look at the bottom line which is we just posted yesterday and BC news.com -- you don't have to pay full price for gift cards. You know everybody shops looks for the sales but don't -- Don't think full price for gift cards really held them to live a lot of ways yeah. Any conceivable that the decent amount of money DB just a few and the ball go to a -- -- up if you beat -- Costco or Sam's Club. They don't -- -- of writing them all the time at a discount. If you don't belong to a club. Go to one of these on line gift card exchanges there's several well known ones the reputable hundreds of billions of dollars an hour trip to act this way they can be guaranteed. Park club is one hard cash is one. And gift card grain is and we can't forget bit and other so apart. -- -- -- -- -- -- The average at target for instance this government 12% but a lot higher on some cards I was online the other day. And check it out and Patagonia the the clothing store like no other gift card is 20% off so you brought -- A delicate part you pay eighty -- sort that's. Free cash in your pocket. -- let me ask you heard is how my suspicions get raised because somebody's got to. Paperless so how does a store and selling gift card for less than the -- dollar value of -- -- their aid they got to pay that guy in the middle Tucson Zoller. OK these are resource site today -- it's from people who -- cards that don't want them to use some. And they -- them -- face value and then turn around themselves that you for less than face value and make it up on the spread. Not a hundred minutes of this but I'll take eighty dollars cash. Well -- it looked up 500 gift card for 49 dollars and also open you Ford 91 -- do you multiply that times a lot of transactions you make a lot of money. Now in terms of gift cards against the most -- in all cases are transferable. What you -- from these places sure you can you can use of with no problem making -- a 100% guarantee what you don't wanna do. If you don't wanna be -- gift cards on a classified on line sites such as Craigslist because that you have no guarantee it could be stolen they could be counterfeit. It could be loaded with nobody whatsoever so to go buy gift cards. From somebody else. And not directly from the retailer you wanna make sure you buy it from a reputable source like these -- told you what from the store. Or restore the offers big discount somewhere where you really don't. Kobe deal with. I'd silly if you buy him from a reputable source what are some of the things. You have to go in with your eyes wide open there. Well wouldn't. Talk is about complicated transaction you wanna give courted this capital. But then on talking on time on her when you go to. In other source itself and get some IDF to watch to see -- some of these things lose value overtime had an expiration date. Gift cards are pretty good right now he basically the retail cards -- be different store restaurant. Don't expire and federal law now says that the ones who offered by Visa Mastercard. And those kind of places. To be good for at least five years. I don't recommend those cards by the -- a lot of fees involved we're talk in store regional court but living obviously -- more money. We'll visit an important yes you have towards. Give airline points or more out you don't know what to do with a -- it was a you can now use that in many cases the big gift cards at a discount. So for example if you are cheese and one of the rewards member right now the offering ten to 20% off. On the with a gift cards and somebody's big names revealed Kohl's Macy's lands and maybe. So that's another way to shop for part of this kind of look around as for your local restaurants. They a lot of the broad. Promotions at this time of the year. -- just want -- two point -- Seattle and one of them if you buy an underdog of a gift card. They will give you a twenty dollar promotional part. You can use yourself after the first of the year another one with the instant 20% discount -- 100 dollar gift card. And I only had to pay eighty dollars work again that cash money right in your pocket. So there's a lot of ways he. You basically put too -- like that you don't have to pay full price for a gift cards -- the money. Her let me ask you this she said Seattle whenever you do the reference point of course is Seattle Seahawks tee it up well I'd get on target about the next one do you think it's inevitable that the saints and Seahawks played in the NFC championship. You know what you talkative guy is so busy in the -- -- doesn't follow sports -- a year and that's Louisville -- that not -- what's the website we go to seed money. I've got myself a consumer demand that like the second article with a link to all the users would like to mention if you missed the names. It's all right -- consumer brand -- -- pleasure as always and we'll see in the NFC championship will probably talk to you before then.

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