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12-10 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, Saints vs. Rams

Dec 10, 2013|

Bobby and Deke spoke to Steve Savard, Voice of the St. Louis Rams about the upcoming match-up.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunday afternoon at three -- -- the black and gold. Look to continue their winning ways and they have right now in their -- the complete control of the NFC south and the number two seed meaning they don't need to look at anyone else. They continue to win they will have both of those in their possession. We know in the past have we heard Saints coach Tom paints and last night vision 2011 the last on the Saints went to the Rams. It wasn't a pretty sight as the -- pretty much dominated a black and gold Steve Savard bosses St. Louis Rams John just nasty thank you so much for the time in about an -- top him. And then we go back and all of the last few handful of trips the Saints at the Rams. In Saint Louis has been difficult for two more Yankee thing about his debut when the Rams ornate that they beat this. Yes something that you can't explain pyramids. -- and and what happens we get an October 2011 the Rams had not been going form. And just took it to Drew Brees in -- amiga is Drew Brees and the Saints so don't lose. Yeah well -- spread them out you -- because it. I left it there at the stadium -- calling game one over at Busch Stadium and and and broadcast Pacific stupid. Excuse -- the World Series parades so. Maybe it was to have the Cardinals and as a World Series -- in -- to change to that day there will not be. The World Series -- him -- Sunday has yet to play good ol' fashion football even keep up with the sides. He knows Steve does the one being that we all consumer and obviously -- Saints fans and you look at Jeff Fisher he's always gonna have a style defense they get after opposing offenses. We've talked about again not that a quarterback obviously you look at Robert Quinn knew when he came with an NFL he's he got up this will start to worries and now. And obviously how long -- Chris Long. And and now we mean no love from LSU days Michael Brock there's. And we played a style -- of lining Carolina but you see the same thing with the Rams. It's a good front it really is and they go. They go deeper just those guys can -- -- some -- -- -- William Hayes is that it could be would be a starter for a lot of teams he comes in the match -- is very very well. Same with Eugene sand so Michael off the defense -- courses in nice job with this group Robert Quinn at the headliner now he is the guy that's emerged he is. He's been quiet the last two weeks teams have been chip and Ottoman and you know teams really have gone to three step drop getting the ball out of three seconds they do not wants it to quipped quarterbacks affect the pocket for 45 seconds. And it Robert Quinn come -- the blind side so. Of course apartment cardinal that are really good job to limit the pass rush was he would New Orleans can do I'm sure they feel confident. They Drew Brees can get it done but quit as the headliner that group -- he has turned into a consistent. Course off the edge and the quarterback expects that. Now Steve you look at obviously. You and how -- is gonna work cal and I'm not saying he's playing obviously on the level Josh McCown over the Bears when you look at the backup quarterback. I was somewhat surprised how well Kellen Clemens when USC's manage in the game whatever. Probably pretty much is an hasn't been like. A desperation situation. With Clemens to go for Bradford he's done a pretty good job against Bob Bennett and I expected. No I think that's a good read I think -- I think that it gill Clements is in the upper Echelon of backup quarterbacks. No I think what right now victories. Indianapolis they blew up the colts' few weeks ago but they get a defensive touchdown and they get a special teams touchdown. Against the Bears the following game to get 206 yards rushing about B you know what that means for a quarterback you're Russian book -- secure things can open up. And as such they get that a good job he really had the problem is when. You're just like last week in Arizona the week before San Francisco when you're not getting the touchdown defense -- special teams and you're not running. The ball very well at all it's really hard for Kellen Clemens to generate enough for the passing attack for the Rams to winning keep up. And that'll be an example this week if they can't run the Saints I think it might be a long day he's sisco he's a gamer he's just rapper he's tough. EE -- keep the pocket and take a shot the problem is he is physically limited. When you compare him to -- Sam Bradford. Or god forbid Drew Brees aura Peyton Manning he has physical limitations at the ranch at the plate from behind that's an issue. Now Steve are you bring up the running game and obviously Saints fans well aware of a Steven Jackson seems like every time. You know he played against the states he is averaging five -- yards a carry. And now going to Atlanta and has been up and down but who has contributed a high level when the Rams have run the ball. Woods -- a diamond in the rough in the fifth round pick exact Stacey from Vanderbilt this. That the Rams could run the ball to save their lives the first month of the season after the we lost to Sampras is gonna drop to one and three. Jeff Fisher recommitted to the running it is we're a running game fans thought he was at a third it was talking on both sides -- not when talking about on the ball. -- score points well. They won back to the old Jeff Fisher formula. And they inserted that -- running back and it paid immediate dividends this kid has played very very well. Runs behind his pads is not explosive in the second funeral -- guys for eight years ninety yard touchdowns but. Great after contact. Good vision gets what he can hand very decisive. Running -- been slowed the last two weeks but that's really about the quality defense is we've faced San Francisco 49ers. In Arizona that but he knows that the desert they get a top yeah is seven defense that they are tough to run against but. -- states he's the guy that has kind of slump. Well that kind of he has ignited the Rams running game when they insert in and week five. And that is back up is a rookie free agent from Middle Tennessee State named Denny Cunningham he's also put it very very well so. You know we -- -- losing Steven Jackson would not be easy but the right decision was made they had the cut ties let's Stephen move on saved some money. And to be honest with -- I don't think Stephen would have played any better than sex -- he's played this year. And speed just and on that you know and you think about it and that we here in SEC country and not to say that it's it's devaluing him but in a way. A fifth round pick and I mean you look at all ahead planning to come obvious the Southeastern Conference I mean. Who it is CC in the league now is is having a bad a year did the exact Stacy -- just and it's affected eight. You don't need to -- a high draft pick to get quality value at a run him back in and that when you see more Zack Space is an area falls of the got by Pierre Thomas. You gonna continue to see teams. Draft running backs in and get him his free agents on the back in it and really get a lot of value that way. Tiger you got to stay out I mean it's everybody talks about the topic of the draft -- which you do in the round 56 and seven in the free agent market stick out free agent that really is really what determines how deep. And look at a depth we have a new table we should have known to act. And the Rams know what I mean he was the first guy in -- history to have back to back 1000 yard seasons and that is. With bandied traditionally a team that obviously struggled that comfort and against. The best competition in the country in the best conference so he had a track record of success he's carried it over the super nation and he got his head on straight. The one thing he probably doesn't do as well Steven Jackson right now that pass block that's got to improve. But he's maximize his opportunities and he's a good football put. Now Steve Bowden enlighten me -- what occurred. We all know lineup thought it was a great pick initially come on Austin on away as a junior. First round big result to sleaze the slow start and I believe the breakout game was against the Colts and how they utilize him now and then and is he being consistent -- it's still kind of like a roll calls. Well it's really been it if he's not been he's been a huge factor into games that with the Colts game. And when he set records and then that the following game it appears he has a 65 yard touchdown run. Yeah he's actually got more of the run game yet at 56 yard run especially gators Sony's probably not gonna play this -- suffered a minor with the call them minor high ankle sprain that. These -- today I don't know how effective he'd be if he does play the problem is. I mentioned the two games he's been a big factory well the other eleven he hasn't been much of a factor in this stat -- sub utility. What this season has mostly been about one catch for nine yards. I'm not sure that's on tape on I think some of that is on Brian Schottenheimer the offensive coordinator they just haven't seemed to get him in situations where he can use. It is ridiculous athleticism. Not much separation. That had a hard time getting to him in the passing game. He's had great moments returning punts he's run the ball well in and around in those situations but. He's not been the factor in the passing game. But then again that's passing game is not been as good as we thought it would be we thought it would be improved not great it's been bad it's been dormant it's been stagnant. It's not much better than it has been and that's a disappointment I think that's subject richards' stick a long hard look at Nazis. He's the voice of the St. Louis Rams who called a game from the Saint Louis prospective Sunday as the Rams and attain the Saints at 3.5 Steve Savard Steve. Always a pleasure thank you so much for the time anytime guys right -- there.