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Dec 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome the sports talk and the ability to Kasey Kahne by -- will be what this shot. Coming up on today's program all NFL others some a clock out who go around the league ball well it was a big factor including the fourth coldest game. In Chicago bay history in the regular season that is last night. At historic soldier fear it is the Bears will walk him. On the Dallas Cowboys Chicago big time 4521. Over the point eight it is over. The Dallas Cowboys and the Bears keep their playoff hopes alive and -- NFC north title hopes alive. As Wales we'll talk about all of it in around the lead a historic. Year and the Louisiana high school athletic association. Once five class -- wants full class is that it in balked at five and early ninth because states got bigger and he could afford. That could afford to have Romania against say proximity and me -- growth standpoint five classes. And now we will have nine state champions this weekend. There will be five class champions and there will be four division champs. The commissioner of the Louisiana has good athletic association Kenny Anderson joins us in the 5 o'clock now. Saints receiver Lance some bowl will be were those in the 5 o'clock now as well. And you'll call big big weekend the college football championship weekend. Mad dog at all I'll watch them a bit of everything also the -- the first -- title fought in nearly a decade the big team championship was exciting and he. SEC was exciting on -- -- I saw it was an exciting. Well the ACC championship which many of its expected that fortify some forest they want. So we know who's in the national championship game in the BC as both operated jaguar opinion tempo. Florida State and Auburn meet in the issues national championship game they are both conference champs. Moving follow. Next year we start a four team playoff. Should one of the criteria. Of the fourteens beat that they win their conference championship. Can't you vote online at WW a duck not if that -- the case. If that -- eight rule. Alabama and Ohio State will be out. Two teams righted too long was -- entries in the nation this year Alabama carried over from last year and this year in Ohio State. They would not be and that's an -- because they did not win their conference championship they won their. -- house they wanted division. They lost a conference championship. Alabama to win their division. You'd get a fourteen playoff right now. If one your criteria. Or the you have to win your conference. The F Florida State is an ACC champ Auburn as ACC champ. Michigan State could be a team they won the big team and staff that won the pac twelve Baylor won a big two out. Aren't do you go no 123 in full if that were the case in a playoff would be. One vs four Florida State miscue state in two in thirty Auburn and Alabama. How would you see how are you excited about. We have a playoff this year. It will be exciting. And a Sugar Bowl other a lot of people are excited about the Sugar Bowl is -- the Bob Stoops on national radio on my way in. And though nothing against them they were a great story last year they sold more astute student student tickets in school tickets -- have to have in the history does too. But. We we thanks so much the Bowling Green State Falcons from knocking off northern Illinois the Mac championship because hadn't on Illinois won their game they. Would be here in the Sugar Bowl they'd be thirteen -- so -- be in the although. Quote unquote and -- did had a -- taking Central Florida is one. Nottingham and all will be up the -- Oklahoma knocked off Oklahoma State. In -- They Rose and they became -- -- the question was will -- -- Oklahoma all Oregon. Now. Just from -- our interest standpoint. I would have liked seen -- And Alabama all season long most of the season until organ got stalled on Thursday night which was the same weekend LA should Alabama played. November the ninth week in seventh and ninth we don't want a collision course is the -- and Alabama. But I understand the politics over the proximity of it. Win the Super Bowl moving forward after the issues starting in 2015 when they don't host the semi final -- the tie game will be the highest. Raided ACC team saying they don't go to a four team playoff. And the highest big twelve team Bobby so that with the case I have no problem -- it out they could have been a little more interest of fan perspective had a bit organist at Oklahoma. Man listen I don't you go calling -- is Texas beat Oklahoma I know that you can exorcise that Texas sorry I mean. Yeah I mean if if I meaning they've they've that he had a chance they had a chance to win a concert Saturday. Yeah it would have in the and it's thing -- but -- -- note that was a tight game there was a tie the final score of any -- Mobley and they had ahead of them it was a -- six but it I don't event if you saw -- -- -- on a wrong call. Yeah you say about it -- give a shout out to a former LA issued defensive back. Amy war and that defense to back coach at Baylor and we have him home before. The bands go to they BC has brought in another call to -- -- book called the ball so those of you a -- -- you know -- all main doorway LSU fans not year old and an early nannies. When Alicia -- they got their big fight. On the field you know -- the dictator true. When I was pulling out of college college football's most of the top by an NFL idea where you really really -- in any clarity and it is still a lead hill. From 97 on their seed in Austin really follow college football man had enough to worry about. Obviously a big set of a guns but at LSU fan though I'm right up but it was the Raddatz national -- there was need deep pick in that brawl. Damn blue Blue Man Group wanted to -- and Seabrook caught the ball. Well dig and also you -- their. I mean to be over and under and there's a line on that. -- L issue. What that was the allowance but I'll Bible 121000 tickets via. Do you think that they'll sell that Manny I mean I'd be surprised if they do. I mean the reason why -- is look Iowa. Ellis shoot did they want the competition to be there I was not even in the top 25. But I locals have as though yet yet and what you would get the hell out I'll be so freaking cold -- there Bryant so you wanna go on the Florida now and will we know it made maybe take it to. Of two hours -- you look at -- and you know the one thing that I admire Bobby about the pac twelve I was same as yesterday. About the pac twelve in the big team in. Right now in the BCA est. Well at Satan. Nanny nanny that 2002001. It was still OK but -- when he got into the just the big time media blitz about the national team to -- And it wasn't two days after he was a week after we did have Michael hole of the week. Other than those two conferences what conference is excited about going to a ball now. And rack up big Tiant impact well. I'm excited is there a voter Rose Bowl yet because of that that that -- that's not a lot of tradition here -- -- -- meet other people makes it not excited in right if you if you'll programming have been to a ball and allow. Or you got it up out of the likes of to strong -- -- with a bit there at Fiesta Bowl are you kidding me ammunition and there they got a big enrollment in a seldom lob. But other then the Rose Bowl. In the pac twelve and a big team in. Congress -- wanna go to a giant bowl they get to go to NASA didn't know what I did you get the ball then you don't know how. And it's amateur but we're not a doubt that you have high expectations and on a roll and in the season you wanna play if all the marbles I want to go to the Rose Parade wondered why you've been today. No I'm never meant generals I don't know -- and you've been to a lot of stuff off the closest thing my association would any kind of parade not tomorrow morning grow. Would be the Macy's day parade in New York dia where my daughter's. Some. While watch that has some ties they they were in the -- -- can't -- no therein the parade -- clowns in the know that they went. Met met life for something with some. Right neighbor of mine who added and a daughter -- same reason my -- -- -- to participate in body is doing the parade as Big -- you know -- all the BC the Rose for a two under Rose Parade is like to Macy's -- you said they don't have -- and didn't employees and run right now and it's is like the bands and then Bettman noted that's a big. All right -- here's -- Now you -- -- Ellis who's been in L with a Cotton Bowl we're speculating at all by bill. A -- Oliva said that the school has already sold a good number of tickets to the Cotton Bowl -- kind of speculating what was gonna happen going forward Jeter who's going to be who whatever right but he said but I know. We sell a good number to a game in Tampa to. So but that statement. To meet you got a whole a -- -- a feat that afar what should you gotta you gotta sell -- -- -- ticket is more it's all cost more go to Florida right right in the bottom line they think that the time by the -- people who drive up yes and tonight game has not to Campbell Bobby. At the turn a decade when 10 o'clock in the morning yes he had different I mean they made it more -- -- -- biggest might be. To play both sides the defense this might be a game that LSU fans might be attracted to simply because that they -- to Dallas they've been to Jerry's world you know what is I think they like it -- it yet but -- it is like almost like a second a -- a home game but you look at the Tigers. At the last and only time I wanna say they've been to Tampa he got to go back to 1989. -- Mean the -- only to a nine years of -- -- -- played Syracuse they lost when he greeted ten you know so that might be a -- different atmosphere different. I think this should be more attractive silly because. That's a different city different bold and if you go back to the Capital One Bowl. But I you know as of recent we've been there in Orlando so is different venue and they -- today I wanna go there who played high but the only time these two teams met. Was in Nick Saban last game -- to the 2524. Lead late -- say they're -- had his bags packed Al we yeah we knew that. But he and Tony fact when he fully made JaMarcus Russell hit Skyler Green. How would drove the length of the field a 56 yard bomb from drew Tate. Tu Holloway. Four I want Holloway. 456 -- testing -- on the scene in the scene in the -- -- won yet and then already to twentieth and then and you you should hold court statements he -- -- in Europe France got to the Nancy gray NL you should hole and coach Saban accountable also because his expertise is what. Defensive backs what we remain in agility due back soon he Milosevic Kyoto this year and -- they've continued. The longest often -- it cost him a chance give back to the ACC championship when Matt. Jones yeah -- an -- so yeah Arkansas. He did card Birmingham burn -- went right eight and cause LSU you're day to judge the house that they are ready because our city and over -- and that does and -- as twice others you've got to be and they -- obviously gonna go three -- to -- coach miles has not done have an embarrassing loss like coach miles. -- come and you lose to Alabama Birmingham right c'mon. Well no and that adds in that and that's fancier but there's no little old ladies Louisiana -- -- -- is today went bad tonight they got. And -- down a street Alabama ago yet but but I mean you have to look at the opponent now ought to have a nickel almost the coach miles against Troy. Of -- and they always mega one don't happen until they have -- I don't know was. One thing I respect about coach volume and had to embarrass some losses like Alabama Birmingham and also. I think was Alabama's homecoming again in Louisiana Monroe beat him -- so -- -- If Alabama traded author and as yet know what I'm not but I went out I don't have a lot of highs and lows LSU traded a foot net and didn't know if that's a big -- onto -- -- has gotten. The holiday season is here as a lot gone on and of course two big bowl in the big east. And we got like three ball that I had three day of the bowl action. Thursday Friday and Saturday next hour the commissioner of the Louisiana has -- -- association Kenny Anderson will be with the talk about. And historic. Three days ninth state champion to be crowned in the Mercedes-Benz superdome three Thursday three Friday and three Saturday at BW RAM at them and dot com your home. For the 2013. State championships. Info make sure -- a fourteen playoff the two teams that play for the national championship this year both won their conference championship. In past years we've -- match -- where both team did not win their conference championship. Should the criteria for the four team playoff be you have to win your conference championship if that was the case right now. Begin looking at Alabama. Would not be allowed to be an Ohio State to teams ahead the longest win streak in the country his season would both be out one didn't win a division. One did win their conference championship you would be look at -- team that would be a viable for our state arbor -- could state Stanford and Baylor they all won their conference has. Yet. Three you have to go at strength of schedule and I think ultimately. It'll get to eight teams. And you're in Iran was see at least three and eighteenth and SEC. I -- I still take the approach who you play in. And -- you could say ago don't want impressive thing I am impressive about Ohio State and Urban Meyer. The with a 124 games in a row yes they've done that now that's hard to do but I still look at you know who'd be who they play. I mean was anybody really shocked at Michigan State beat Ohio State I wasn't. No no I mean there's a lot of -- -- speculate that that was gonna happen so with that being said I think to truly get it right -- along the -- gonna -- But he is probably gonna have to get to eighteenth. In instead only four. And I think he'll wind up being where you have three iron eight teams are gonna be represented on an SEC. And and I still -- to parlay that into an NFL. To -- I don't care viewing your division you playing AFC NNC united is playing division opponents should go by better record who's hosting game. Or how bad is argue. You notice is two years in a row if Oregon don't lose to Arizona if they stay where they are to stand Pakistan from -- Who knows what happen. I mean it could it could have been a matter of points between him and Norman -- could -- -- the computers and low. The -- -- -- all right Dave loved the pac twelve but hey that's a dead as a program. Then that they've been consistent been double digit -- but they have no one to blame on their lack of having another shot or more shots and and asked him to. Bid him say yeah I'll be -- guess they you know -- -- issue in the blue with the issue Sunday edited three Tony filed the black and gold. Look to continue their winning ways and they have right now in their -- the complete control of the NFC south and the number two seed meaning they don't need him to look at anyone else. They continue to win they will have both of those in their possession. We know in the pass has been heard Saints coach Tom paints and last night vision 2011 the last -- the Saints went to the Rams. It wasn't a pretty sight as the -- pretty much dominated a black and gold Steve Savard bosses St. Louis Rams -- -- now Steve thank you so much for the time and -- and our top and and we go back to -- the last few handful of trips the Saints the Rams. In Saint Louis has been difficult for two more Yankee thing about it is to be there when the Rams ornate that they beat this. Yes something that you can't explain pyramids. Stonehenge. And what happened until we get an October 2011 the Rams had not been going form. And just took it to Drew Brees and I -- I Drew Brees and the Saints so don't lose. Yeah well -- -- out he's not because. I left it the stadium it's -- the game went over -- Busch Stadium and and and broadcast of picked stupid. Excuse me the World Series operates so. Maybe it was they have the Cardinals and as the World Series -- -- -- to change to that day there will not be. The World Series -- in outside in the rain is yet to play good ol' fashion football even keep up with the saint. He knows Steve does the one being that we all consumer and obviously -- Saints fans and you look at Jeff Fisher he's always gonna have a a style defense they get after -- -- and offenses. When you talk about again not that a quarterback obviously you look at Robert Quinn knew when he came within NFL -- he got up this will start to worries and now. And obviously -- alongside Chris Long. And and now we -- no love from LSU days Michael Brock -- and we played a style -- of lining Carolina but you see the same thing with the Rams. It's a good front it really is and they go to the go deeper just those guys Kendall Lankford another starter William Hayes is that it could be would be a starter for a lot of teams he comes in the bench plays very very well. Same with Eugene sand so Michael off the defense like courses in nice job with this group. Robert Quinn as the headliner now he is the guy that's emerged he is -- quite the last two weeks teams have been chipped in on the men and you know teams really have gone to a three step drop getting the ball out of three seconds they do not want it to -- quarterbacks affect the pocket for 45 seconds. And it Robert Quinn -- the blind side so. Of course apartment cardinal that are really good job to limit the pass rush was he would New Orleans can do I'm sure they feel confident. They Drew Brees can get it done but quit as a headliner that group. Now Steve you look at obviously. You and how does is gonna work cal and I'm not saying he's playing obviously on the level Josh McCown with the Bears when you look at the backup quarterback. I was somewhat surprised how well Kellen Clemens when USC's manage in the game whatever. Probably pretty much is an hasn't been like. A desperation situation. With Clemens to go for Bradford he's done a pretty good job guess Bob Bennett and I expected. No I think that's a good read I think -- I think the I think your Clemens is in the upper Echelon of backup quarterbacks. Well I think what right now victories. Indianapolis they blew up the colts' few weeks ago -- they get defensive touchdown and they get a special teams touchdown. Against the Bears the following game to get 206 yards rushing about B you know what that means for quarterback you know Russian book -- secure things can open up. And as such they get that a good job he really had the problem is when. Do you like last week in Arizona the week before San Francisco when you're not getting the touchdown -- defense or special teams and you're not running the ball very well at all. It's really hard for Kellen Clemens to generate enough of the passing attack for the Rams to winning keep up. And that'll be an example this week if they can't run the Saints I think it might -- -- -- day he's -- he's a gamer he's just rapper he's tough. He eagle -- keep the pocket and take a shot the problem is he's physically limited. When you compared to -- Sam Bradford. Or god forbid Drew Brees aura Peyton Manning he has physical limitations at the -- at the plate from behind that's an issue. Now Steve are you bring up the running game and obviously Saints fans well aware of Stephen Jackson seems like every time. You know he played he is essays he is averaging five receive charging carried. And now going to Atlanta and has been up and down but who has contributed a high level when the Rams have run the ball. Well -- -- a diamond in the rough and fifth round pick -- Stacey from Vanderbilt this. That the Rams could run the ball to save their lives the first month of the season after the we lost to Sampras is going to drop to one -- three. Jeff Fisher re committed to the running it is -- a running game offense but he was at third it was talking on both sides not when talking about run the ball. -- score points well. They went back to the old Jeff Fisher formula and they inserted -- -- running back and it paid immediate dividends this kid has played very very well. Runs behind his pads is not explosive in the second funeral -- guys for a year ninety yard touchdowns but. Great after contact. Good vision gets what he can hand very decisive. Running gains but slowed the last two weeks but that's really about the quality defense -- we've faced San Francisco 49ers. In Arizona that but he knows that the desert they get the top yeah it's just seven defense that they're tough to run against but. Exact state he's the guy that has kind of -- Well that kind of he has ignited the Rams running game in the insert in and week five. And then his back up is a rookie free agent from Middle Tennessee State named Denny Cunningham is also put it very very well so. You know we -- -- losing Steve injection would not be easy but the right decision was made they had the cut ties let Stephen move on to save some money. And to be honest with the -- -- Stephen would have played any better than sex basically this year. And speed just and on that you know and you think about it -- we hear an SEC country and not to say that it's it's devaluing but in a way. A fifth round pick and I mean you look at all ahead planning to come obvious the Southeastern Conference -- Who it is CC in the league now is is having a bad a year did the exact Stacy and he just at the fact -- -- You don't need to -- a high draft pick to get quality value at a run him back in and that when you Seymour is next bases in -- falls of the got by Pierre Thomas. You gonna continue to see teams draft running backs and can give him his create -- on the back in it and really get a lot of value that way. Great you got to scout I mean it's everybody talks about the topic of the draft which you do in the round 56 and seven in the free agent market stick out free agent that really is really what determines how deep. And looking at a depth we have a new table we should have known -- And the Rams know that I mean he was the first guy in -- history to have back to back 1000 yard seasons and that is. -- it -- -- traditionally a team that obviously struggled that comfort and against. The best competition in the country in the best conference so he had a track record of success he's carried it over the super nation and he got his head on straight. The one thing he probably doesn't do as well Steven Jackson right now that pass block that's got to improve. But he's maximize his opportunities he's a good football -- Now Steve enlighten me -- what occurred. We all know lineup thought it was a great pick initially -- Austin out -- way as a junior. First from big result -- sleaze the slow start and I believe the breakout game was against the Colts and how they utilize them now and then and is he being consistent -- it's still kind of like -- locals. Well it's really -- it it's he's not been he's been a huge factor into games that difficult game. And when he set records and then the the following game -- the Bears -- the 65 yard touchdown run. Yeah he's actually got more of the run game in the -- picture run especially hitters Tony's probably not gonna play this week suffered a minor with the call them minor high ankle sprain but. He's day to day I don't know how effective he'd be if he does play the problem is. If I mentioned the two games he's been a big factor well the other eleven he hasn't been much of a factor in this stat lines and sub utility. What his -- has mostly been about one catch for nine yards. I'm not sure that's all -- -- -- I think some of that is on Brian Schottenheimer the offensive coordinator they just haven't seemed to get him in situations where he can use. His ridiculous that let misses them. Not much separation. That had a hard time getting to him in the passing game. He's had great moments returning punts he's run the ball well and end around in those situations but. He's not been the factor in the passing game. But then again -- passing game is not been as good as we thought it would be we thought it would be improved not great it's been bad it's been dormant it's been stagnant. It's not much better than it has been and that's a disappointment I think that -- Jeff Fischer state long hard look at Nazis. He's the voice of the St. Louis Rams have called a game from the Saint Louis perspective Sunday as the Rams and attain the Saints at 3.5 Steve Savard Steve. Always a pleasure thank you so much for the time anytime got a bright -- there Saturday B had tomorrow trophy or take place it's. The trophy ceremony and this year at the finalists are quarterbacks Jordan mentioned northern Illinois Johnny mentality in the an eighty McCann of Alabama. Team is -- in the Florida State also arbitrate Mason in Boston college's Andrei. We in the six silence all the most invited to ceremony at one time since 1994. Bobby. Some feel that this field may be another Lohse pitched out more so -- yeah because of the quote on quote. Call -- dog is clear skies that hang over Jamison Winston to go about numbers he's probably clear right wanna. Yeah but some things now this an opportunity for some -- to really make a statement in voting. You know over the course of the whole career a guy who's been basically a model. And something a gimmick and could be a serious golf course here. Well. -- how hot line at that and about as a not a career award it's a one season award and that's why. To mean. Listen he's been nothing but the best that are best -- Alabama. But it's not a career -- it's what you do in one season and you look at John Raymond sell it to me. I still was going man -- until those last two games right you know if you look at LSU Missouri no I thought -- knocks him out. So to me out of Celek and I'd be Winston simply because. No charges are going to be pressed. Right and all that so -- like it's still hanging over his head Buffalo what happened in stands all I know I know by now but did you know it's what happened but as of late -- as of right now to maybe talk about impressive on the come home. In that poetry Mason and when not a doubt look at what he's very -- you look at that one season on -- accomplishes -- and a national. You know championship by you look. To me that's ridiculous when you're -- going on about what the -- ridiculous is when you when you look at and I say when you average in. Fifty. Rushing attempts a game and and then when you look at all said and then okay you know to get a run the ball -- well stop it. The -- teams can't stop it -- -- -- what would teams cannot stop it that's it so puzzling to me. And now you know I even had fans -- -- we -- on one. And 64 point four yards per game averages were a tree Mason had a season -- and what's impressed you look at our got a five I have to even Missouri made the adjustment to kind of cartoon named Marsha dissect if they move their linebackers are off to read. Andy Nike Sammy you know Mason -- in the four ball and he still could well at begin I met fans -- to miss him and NFL team -- the run that Auburn offense. See people don't realize that it's with the bills who you going to get it -- to me to watch some games the past vanity and Friday and Sunday listen. -- -- Was gone against like Carolina Panthers defense because I can tell you right now -- Moss return of -- did I get on the side of that would be you know. -- given up eighty yards a game you know I think he'd had a best case scenario they have -- at seminary. Because you have to look at who you going to get it and listen you look at look at top rushing attacks. You know you might see one or two that are NFL players dead even even the words NFL team that is bad as the cowboys' defense is. Right now they're about to have two maybe three players a good start. For a number of teams. That -- it's still so much at a different level that's why I think truly. Once again film on -- spread option the pistol offense UK do it every play. Because it won't work he even even. -- you know why the Eagles in Chip Kelly won all of it is working now could make -- could throw the up as he can throw the ball but that's why toward. In coming up next now law three days of state championship Obama Mercedes-Benz superdome the commissioner of the Louisiana high school athletic association Kenny Anderson joined us and Saints receiver. Well Lance -- the black and gold go on the road for the next two weeks starting Sunday. At the St. Louis Rams plus the two teams playing for the national championship the issue of both won their conference championship Florida the Florida state of the ACC Auburn. Of the SEC next year will have a fourteen playoff. Should criteria for the four playoff teams be. You have to have won your conference championship if so why if not why he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on WW.