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12-10 5:20pm Bobby and Deke, LA. high school football

Dec 10, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk Louisiana high school football with the LHASA Commissioner, Kenny Henderson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is the -- -- Louisiana high school athletic association and folksy used to be two days of the best prep for about now it is three will crown ninth state champions in four divisions of five classes. Beginning Thursday afternoon things kick off in the division three. So like championship -- a bad decision Hannan followed by John Curtis in you and Rommel and Byrd Kenny Anderson John does now. A -- thank you so much for all the time man man has a little bit and everything now what are some challenges though. So far union staff have had to deal with gone from a two day format to a three day format. Well basically it's this little challenge in just because of the -- the days creditor banks and being battered area. Just some just some things like that. But you know it it it is what we have now and so that's that's what we that's what we got there. Committed -- so let's take a look at they want -- baptists in hand in. John Curtis you back and Romo and emerge in just you know water cooler talk in and talk -- the street Pete would tell -- mean make innocent Maine beat. Bet that second game at third game on Thursday. Those could be fast -- matchup -- on Friday or Saturday so what what was the actual thought process in determining group -- wins in the in a three day format. That decision was made pretty early because basically those those schools only played sixteen came -- And and where's the -- the remaining schools go to wipe out our audience Saturday. Are played authority to retain bracket and so their forces but it was an extra week. The week was added because somebody had -- burst and to play a game to play the game on Friday night. Possibly Saturday in and whatnot and people -- Friday night. I've been in this -- -- are around right at -- Friday night if you're coming from north Louisiana. You may only have one or two days to prepare or a chip up a Thursday game and that was -- -- somebody in about. With no prep. To Kuwait for the you know the biggest game of the year so because they had sixteen team bracket that decision -- here. Now Jamie this is stunning I don't know begin to address this -- this is even possibility. And I brought this -- balls but yet at the tech -- club on Monday. And I look at revenue. And obviously look at the cutbacks in -- -- and generate revenue for schools now might be. I just a homer our local high school guy here but I look at a matchup that fans tell me. That he definitely would be interest and none of you -- caught exhibition game that like polls. State championships. I know the year after we won state in 77. A wanna say. Jazz it played saying all point game down like 50000 people and the reason why bring it up. Would you look -- the local interest. -- rumble vs east Jefferson or he's Jemison vs John Curtis. To me if you have that tie the game ended the home and I know my junior 76 we played -- all had to lead at them like 36000 people for a quarterfinal game. Is that a possibility. Or how good the principles be against that. When you considering that you possibly generating revenue for the schools and -- -- the fans to be into that. Well right now would not be it would not be possible because this is simply not in the -- it's not in the well -- I'm. And I itself then that problem people that are listed in Africa but -- understand our print what makes our rules regulations. That's what we'll have a big meeting in January about. And and so they have been right to change -- can -- or two. Make new rules to -- old rules and in my job and -- golf -- job mr. enforce those rules and so right now that would not be anything that we could do Shipley because it's not. It's not about. Right commissioner of the Louisiana high school athletic association -- Candace and his legacy of great information at their website LHS. 88 got all the state champion to begin. Thursday night -- first round 21 team with a bio a couple of divisions we saw with the two. All weeks out because of that like you said the sixteen team bracket is costly big enough with the man a classes divisions combined. Does the short answer no but. You know. Article -- so and and I really think when grudge well quoted -- sand. They felt maybe they -- going to be some more schools I don't think anybody envisioned it looking like it looks and not you know with only ten teams and and what would be collapse. The collapse. Division one we should be -- -- the clash. I don't think people look at that. I don't think they realized that and there's only work. Private schools in in division -- are in in in in clash oriental. Very few schools in the in that upper in the larger class that would be considered -- actual. And any game we were visiting with -- -- -- in the commission the LA to say and I wanna point this out as like pieces. Can't Bailey to say eight is his work their members schools the principal of the school he's basically works. For the principles and the schools -- OK Al I'll ask you commit stamp on because what -- Put together -- what they table what they talk about like this was a long time coming I remember the first time this was talked about it was. Public vs private in over the course time it would get update of a comeback and eventually. The language of the verbiage was select and and not select them and they went -- this format. -- -- -- -- -- Are you in favor of this current format. Well I think we're stronger organization when we're altogether and now all pulling in one direction it's it's still it's real coach mentality in me that. You know that we -- you got to play and it never got beyond that. You know following that same game plan. You know it does give some some you know some different people a chance to participate. You know -- so -- so that's the plus in this whole thing I guess is attracted to go to a more people scored just break and I don't think he'll let anybody that so. That's going to look at this state championship and playing well they're not a deserving champion because there all Aldridge deserving because. This particular year where this happened in future years will will note certainly in January but this particular year. These schools that are in the belt this year they played about the rules at -- gave them. And they beat the change that they had the polite to to get here until they all they did exactly what they were asked to do it. And and so -- they need to be here and enjoy and -- -- -- Braylon doing it chipped chipped. And finally -- for those active list then who who don't have plans and so forth. Maybe maybe in your own words so why is one of these sessions Thursday Friday -- Saturday all three sessions. Why should fans come out and see some is great football. I've I think like you said you know we've got some of the best. Put -- high school football and the nation. I always joke with my fellow well. Executive director around the nation and that element -- wanna -- some real football. Ireland by child at New Orleans and now you know that what's going well down here -- so I would -- -- they talk about when you -- eighteen. Well we went out all right you know we we we gave each other and that's that's part of -- that the one you know that's one good thing about this job they did most of these other people what we've we've got some good games. And I don't think it's if they come out on any of these three days. They're gonna see some good high school football season hard hitting and not some exciting play Ian. You know you'll you'll see two teams don't own anyone in nine games secure the what you are going to be get Patrick in and do their best to the great -- at that stage actor trophy. It's a great way folks suspend though we can't of course New Orleans and always a great town to be here but the holiday season and the state championships Thursday Friday and Saturday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. There will be crowned nine state champ NT the commissioner of the LH SA eight Kenny. And the sick TD thank you so much for the time -- -- talk to you again later in this week in a good luck to you just they would -- you guys are real busy. Well thank you very much haven't known shall we appreciate all you do for high school I scope went well I doubt very much. Yeah -- Denny thank you so much in ball Bob Perez and you talk about some Mets -- two kicks off. Calvary Baptist in hand in hand that cap recovered from a Oden often. The signing pet -- ought to bishop Hannan -- with the hand look -- with my coach and ask. Bigot and also look at how long this school's been existence -- a salesman and it is Jefferson. And -- -- what now it did three years and day out jones' agent chip east devastating car. And and now I'll say this it is this is not a slight because I think sometimes -- a day in Tamil people feel if you -- somebody give somebody comment. You know I'm not looking only at -- I don't know there's a notebook coach. That is more excited always being -- -- -- lighten up this mound and is that correct. The Knicks sought to imagine I mean I've been around him called and he's gains and the DC -- if we could have predicted. If we could never get there and look I know it's a select not select the east deficit would have be admitted to home. If there was selected not auto auto all the format because I know -- -- rest this photo is when they've beaten you in nobody mussina beat Neville on milieu itself caught the caught now we'll have ruled Foyt on man's hand -- years. In each Jemison and call at that has got. God still Amanda gods -- -- the Mets have written all over -- well all the public four years on Thursday on WW.