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12-10 5:35pm Lance Moore

Dec 10, 2013|

Bobby and Deke spoke with Saints Wide Receiver, Lance Moore. Lance talked Saints vs. Rams, Football camp for women and the Saints Ahoy Charity fan Cruise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sanders say about Lance Samoa Johnson now here on Saints -- radio is glances. The black and gold tinian -- -- big 3113 victory Sunday night in the dome now on the road for the next two weeks starting. With the St. Louis Rams Lance thank you so much for the time -- over the course of time. -- -- You are you guys do certain things because it's it's reds and Mike junior running routes and so well then there's those middle -- I -- players and coaches say all the time it's the most important game. Because it's the next game on my escape you you really you guys really do that have that mindset now. We didn't do a mere benefit of such a long season. Select at their pick could be. Really -- -- to look forward to a specific game -- call that big game board game that you needed. Put a little bit of extra important that you but. You know Q you've. -- to relax or you know take -- look for Graham and out of the game actually who commanded it to put a weapon it's so. You know focused on the next Palin you know restaurants. Now Lance it seems like -- and I mention is the coach Payton and I don't know if you observe this on film actually. Observed that RR I should say had to confront it when the game was actually going as a receiver. It is -- like for instance. Against the Patriots against the 49ers. -- you look at. A very aggressive defense is -- leaving Carolina. Do you see where. He got more and more defensive backs in coverage whether any coming up and challenge you but even throughout the rob past five yards. The navy senior they can get away would a few things -- New Jersey. Our are just trying to get you off you riled. Even though -- has that that five yard disabled like. And eleven on the edge where taken in inferior case in point while that I gonna call a penalty every play and see -- get away with -- We haven't thought about playing percentages mean they're Smart players to and they know the referees aren't gonna call holding our pastor -- or even a legal contract and every single place though. They're gonna kind of do what they hand it to get away with things then try to do what they can disrupt our timing because. Giroux is so good to get somebody got the and they can get open out there a bit. Obviously to backs are pretty much into Everett takes. Saints receiver Lance Moore is our special -- Saints at the Rams on Sunday three Tony practical here on WW up the fourth annual. Football camp for her it's a breast cancer awareness program in Lance is a huge part of our community coming up on December 17. At the odd to train senate Atlantis is a big event for obviously a great calls talk about Joseph for Daniel campfire. Well camper a great event that we do every year which -- bounced around from city to city and in just get all the women that come out and in. Were a little bit about football but the same time raise as much money it took a chance for breast cancer awareness -- research and that you would do so a little bit different because that is the holiday season. We're -- the women that if they buy one ticket pick in yet to people and with that tickets so. But I want you want for -- for the ladies and now to see them out there this year they cannot. Get information that football camp for -- dot com and you know the more woman's side of the better. Now after the Saints in the Super Bowl Lance and some his close black and go -- -- -- on on a cruise it's that. Burress -- Saints avoid charity fan -- come up in the middle of march march 13 to seventeenth. New Orleans a cousin -- Mexico Lance will be there Rome -- the is -- shaba. And many more of course Debbie Debbie I was a part of that is well laughs I sound like a good time -- you're like those cruises. To be honest I've never got -- -- -- all of okay what is the answer you'd need a little bit to be about first get get to -- first I've been definitely. -- to it. Something that at -- here and you know looking toward having a bunch of fans on the crews -- wrapped -- A bunch of different events and an -- funding go get and so on up there Mexico. Now Lance going back to the team in you can see you getting that. You know total effort in all phases that he talked about playing complementary football. Look what -- doing offensively and defensively so when you nitpick. And I'm looking at right now and then you've got to talk to -- -- because you part of that upon our return game along with Darren Sproles and I'll look and that's one area. Usually did Ted Ginn junior -- since he was averaging twelve point two yards a return he had a big punt return against says. Of the why is it maybe right now woman for a lasts only average in. Six yards basically a -- return. You know I'm -- to work I mean -- there could be a number of different reasons why we're not. You know maybe we just haven't gotten that one. Ball that we needed yeah. You know I mean that there's. Certain cars out there there are -- much do you give you a chance to get a big return. It's I mean yeah we got three weeks left in and who's the second you know water to choose to return -- -- last couple weeks when you might be right back up there in the middle of the -- green into the top of the pack a couple returns so. Public about timing in and make sure -- -- discipline on that play with a look at that the comment. You know we've had a few penalties some big returns to and so. You know it's not like every single punt return we you know we've been getting one or two yards and that's a big one bit that have been called back unfortunately in. You know you got to live it to play another down and hopefully our big returns are still have a. Landry we get to talk to you you know when we do the players show without the Lance about a lot of different things and Lance. What what is one of the more memorable Christmas gives you guys each out taught and what would want it just speaks out you remember that you. And it impression on you steal think that there. Tell me it and I would definitely felt probably three years old. And I would -- -- -- a karate background that I'd I'd love boxing out little so -- -- Bought me the huge Sugar Ray Leonard boxing -- -- just you know about a -- outlook hasn't about one of those things everywhere now I wanted to -- every single person not salt. That's no problem but there -- Manny you've gone our way back Hewitt three I noted that sticks out there no doubt about. For sure and now Lance. Looking at quail -- right now as a receiving corps and now. And you look -- always spreads the wealth. Look at every game in him and all said and then at least 89 maybe ten different receivers have opportunity. To catch a pass. You look at outstanding gained they Colston had against Carolina. And I reserves a 125 yards and my question is. You look at the season progresses in DC differing game plans. I would go -- -- a wide receiver meeting room and all of a sudden. -- double teaming Jimmy Graham Marty bracket in Darren Sproles on the bag feel. And you know one you know keep him from catching passes. But the yelled challenge each other where look if I have the single coverage of that I have to win. And that the Cuba if drew does he dissing of coverage on me he I have to come through because I know he's going to be coming through with the ball. Absolutely committed and he goes even further than looking at film and he engineered their ability that it would -- Know that this offense is one that we're gonna throw the football we -- a bit. That if there's a potential for anyone but to have a big night so. We all can prepare -- if it's if it's going to be our night -- we're going to be they got it. That had nine catches 400 whatever yards so. You know that think that something that that's that's really good about the offense but -- -- at you know kind of a little. More selfish type player that just want to play in it and it's such -- the minute counter the bad thing because you know it it could be the game -- You might catch one or two passes and end you know not really -- -- -- very much split. I get that you've got to be ready and that each game is it going to be the one that you blow up so you know that's that's the way to be approaches. He's got two big charity events coming up the fourth annual football camp -- hurt the breast cancer awareness program December 17 at ponson trying senate. And in the first annual cites a hole I charity thing -- in -- a New Orleans a cousin now Mexico with Lance Roman. He's the is Dan -- and more and Debbie did Hillary was a big part of that as well he's number sixteen. Lance Moore Lance always -- as a mom -- thank you so much good look you in the Saints Sunday excitement. -- --