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Dec 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome our -- but the real sports talk open -- -- our 2601870. Texas and 878720386688. -- he rates in the email be chief at WW dot com. Operated jaguar opinion poll next -- the BCS championship game will be replaced by a four team playoff system. Fourteen -- get into the playoffs. Two semi final game that a championship game. Shouldn't one of the criteria. For one of those -- all those four playoff teams. V they have to win their conference. Championship and ought to be considered for the player. Can't should vote on line. At WW dot com. Or do you say at least -- conference team. Give a -- take. How would you say. It is for enough if not for Bobby has said eight. And who would be the other two semi final teams this year would -- be Alabama. And either Michigan State or Stanford or Bela those other three team won their conferences. A would you go with two of their other three then won their account or does it say hey whoever is in the top -- is who we go with 2601878. Smoke got its fans will wanna hear from you 866889. 08 says. Well who else would they be it is and what would it be this year may be having any argument whatsoever. On Ohio -- on Auburn and Florida State I say absolutely not. No and then and I don't know how you couldn't have Alabama in the top four. Mean when you look at strength of schedule. And they got Al has the come in the play yet you wanna win your conference but -- I was how -- how we got a -- schedule has -- well but what I'm saying it is. -- -- -- -- schedule -- -- -- them with them why they still. -- you know they would be in that number top four green. Now I do I just thought I just shot it like it is not a sake -- -- -- -- smarter out there is not the sake of that I just I know sitting here all year long. People Bassett Alabama right but how we -- schedule was how weak the schedule is in now the -- comments -- all look out to a biscuit -- believe -- now. To help me understand what you mean by that. Is it now because you skated maybe -- he's gonna get left out if -- -- conference you gotta be a conference champion. Awhile because. A lot of the same stuff I'm here and at Alabama and a weak schedule -- was sick or when he had a tough schedule will come what is would be day. While media there's really no scenario. Considering their reputation and this trip to schedule the computer rankings. The human element. I mean the outing going forward. When the -- Ford teams are eight teams the SEC's always involved in Rome. I think even if it eventually gets to eight team playoff they'll probably have. Three SEC teams. Now. They can you even see a scenario. Going followers starting natured and SEC's that wanted to tell four. I mean the comedian radio you know and now yeah but it just say -- is -- scenario. Because. You know if you get two teams going to the conference championship to -- one loss. But it's say it's safe to be that way but it seems like they would be and these even if it did their fourteen they would be in -- number. And and you expect the SEC. What -- now you make an argument for being a conference change. Well no well what I'm saying is is that that when you look at just waiting to be ranked as. Strength of schedule and are still gonna come on the plane and are you going -- the fourteenth that the human element. Element the players you gonna continue to get. As fourth of the programs -- just look at like next year. The pre season -- before the season even starts -- is -- like every year you almost expecting. In the top ten they'll have at least four SEC teams. So don't question to me you know was it. SEC wouldn't be one of the top four -- yet that that I think. I would say I would say okay. Had. It a -- permit issued okay head Auburn not gotten a miracle play against Georgia. And that would have been their second loss look at they'd be Alabama. And let's say they somehow let's -- SEC team they go to the championship people they want losses like yes the like the last week all they -- two losses. Then there's -- -- what he SEC champ is a two loss team. And they they don't get into the fourteen play -- getting on what the other complicated been like OK so you're saying that. Georgia would have beaten arm and an arm and beat Alabama. Okay and in the SEC conference champion just like in 070 Andre had a long PF but what I'm saying it at fourteen playoff in this year when a guy yeah. This year. Okay that would have been Alabama. Playing Missouri sees -- -- and I won like that it is -- do what I'm saying is if there's an SEC team it's a champion has two losses. Like we hand. When LSU one right and got the national channel Jim that's a scenario where it's possible they'd end up a bit not one of the top fourteen they'd have to have a lot like you said Ford teams in the top four. When at least undefeated -- one loss but if you saying that you have to win your conference championship and he you can have fifty competence. The SEC is gonna be guaranteed at least one of those spots that's wac I'm in favor of won and accomplished chance. Well. I'm in favor of the best teams I like. In -- it never happened. -- -- -- she's got a big of a -- until tonight and have the top four teams in this is how to win and happy that they call you said the Bears if you mean when your own division. Well because of the pins and you come additional -- -- example NFL. Of the Eagles are probably human NFC -- And they came out on the level vote Carolina the Saints are. -- Siskel Seattle but that will be determined so what I'm saying though. So to me. Not business where you play new playoff games that that. I mean that to me there's no way like the than us in a 49ers and Carolina that we win the division along with Seattle. Addition have to go open -- Philadelphia I mean I just don't think that's fair. Because that is because I think they're better. But does that rule. I know the rules yet you play against and -- -- best road record and asked about league right now what's his 2009 -- be -- -- the Eagles the Eagles have this done. It then if Hollywood home game -- ever known then though they've they've finally and India holes that they finally. -- -- -- Not able anyone and for now they've won their last two on the three important you know what their loss and rolled it home on the back nine Tim history dating back to last year in right is at best road record in the National Football League right now. So how would you have been like Bobby says top four. All of -- -- conference championship. -- 6018788668890. Rates in the is the number to get involved golf -- for Marcus Marcus thank you for calling WW they'll. Guy like that call. But -- gone. After a while. To show them that it is only Ortiz. I think that the way that they haven't planned to be next year it's okay. But I take what -- like you said -- and -- have enough to cover. I thought about the conference's winning and getting under should be back in that they can actually -- the largest. But it should -- I haven't not spot for the conference champs. It's not right just you know there are -- You know with these different track that wearing that the teams have to remember. So so martyrs now correct me if I'm wrong let's say I don't know be talking about an eight game eight team playoff scenario 'cause I think that's what it its indigenous should be. So then you actually. ACC champ. The SEC champ. The Big Ten but then all of a sign you're leaving -- two -- -- big twelve and that is exactly -- a high like you go do that. Element in haven't had three at large. Eventually. -- have to cover them go to -- large but -- children and records big -- and the winners deserve to get -- status but that has to hurt you say earlier -- which we recruit black. For example even in college not -- you talk -- -- for the College Baseball basketball. A chain that has no record in Chicago are trying to achieve it yeah I'm not sure we can do that attracts all the trainers. What you attack the leaders -- took it all things like that. Right yet having -- being here is that they know when you're talking about a four team playoff and you saying who the leaders are. -- allowed before this year that ACC what could sit in the leader. They'll -- of those -- can't -- main counts as they were considered the weakest. Of the main count as -- -- champions -- the national cancer this year so it's it's it's how do you it's food you say is main. -- know what you're exactly right now that's why can't say that while there's only all our kids today. -- only fault to go along with a few scenarios that. -- he had the power rankings and all that strict schedule. Yep -- where he had eight NBA you can you can go across the country from West Coast and East Coast. And then have five okay will we perceive as the major conferences didn't have three at a large bids. I mean that to me that that that they -- -- is getting on the whole country. Rivers inning -- we perceive as fans has made the five major drama it is. And then you also a team even as game -- the -- when they're commerce you given him a chance I just. Over the course of time on last. The no -- and all things. The the Central Florida Florida and unless their nonconference schedule is all they afford not convert gain the three knockout games a comment from team tonight. ACC ACC. Those schools this is it to him right he's a nice -- comedic accused the -- pop out apartment there was skate on their -- Camp the Chris what if you wanna say. They were there's no way -- -- they can go undefeated and they won't sniff the sport team Blaylock. I'm not say yes I am not say it's unfair I think it's fair you off further removed now do you you give ray to have more of the hands. And the have nots -- it they don't -- they have no chance whatsoever trust me. Non now if they have a year where they've got a beefed up schedule and they haven't go undefeated a year then they'll get into but the likelihood of them having to beat dobbs and not as -- -- out of Florida right now -- there one loss this year. -- to the best team they play. -- -- At that at this in the you'd almost have to have you know we have still call one double -- and south bisons in those playoffs they -- have a national champion. You know was that to have I don't wanna call super congress -- -- somewhat. The idea national champion and and and the likes of are those type teams like Central Florida you know you ought then not have their own. Unlike Nash it's OK we have the. It at that night when you better QB -- kinda create more excitement that way -- that kind of picked him up against what he scoot is active and more. Hart's father days Debbie -- -- -- -- they did you know one and six people here now own state of Louisiana or at risk of hunger mean seeing his children and are working folks. Who just came make in the meat and poked at the a lot of people on their list -- -- would drive at its hall and it's extremely well. The ground it can be an elderly neighbor -- -- out classmate or member of -- pitchers in the spirit of Christmas. All coming together to try and change all that at least for a short amount of time on WWL far special Hawks on holidays brought dance. As will collect nonperishable food for second harvest food bank -- great organization. Quiet heroes -- been feeding hope and so on the wheezing and -- nearly 28 years. So looking at pantry. Around the house and nonperishable items -- the will be co workers get together. Our group churches and organizations and com meaningless at -- -- a lot of parts holidays broadcasts Babin allocate things Altamont. It clear view -- come on out. Who -- nation's sports fans anybody. Let's see if though we can get things off with a bang and set the tone for the rest of the week Thursday and Friday. We will be broadcasting in clear view mall next to some accord between hallmark and wow -- from four to 8 PM. Bring in Nam passed both food item and we'll see how many we can do it. Babineaux will bring some and start things off -- Phillips and bags and boxes then Thursday Garland will be at the posturing senate and united Reynolds. Also hokey Christian will be at the five minute old saying to Tony full wants out can't an avenue was streak audience and New Orleans. That means no one to go hungry any fan votes Michigan out of the season. Lets show everybody that we can. Well big -- -- and our attorney for us you know he's trying to do your part just to give back you know and and -- like you said. I'm a big day you know you look today in if you in a capitalist societies is the way to jab that haves and have not. So I think not necessarily -- get political here by chair in the Weller spreading a -- should say -- but you should never let Nolan go hungry. Right I mean you should he always sympathetic. Now you see homeless tee ball -- time how do you address them. At times you could CR ours that is not going out and work our you know with the mental issues with the dealing with. You don't normally yeah about it as a lot of there's a lot of people like when you -- walk on the rise. I've read some a lot of people are right -- trying to give their spots on a night like tonight UC -- bottled up the right people who don't have any place to live and -- and it's no showed that. And call ball box and one you know. There's a guy well that you're allowed them to dig as a college degree it people who who walk away I'm talking about success story yet and again on look you just don't. You don't go you don't know you do not know and you in Indy and don't ever try to walk and somebody else issues don't do it. Right -- that thing is there is -- age 21 century. You know you look at. You grandparents great grandparents and what but they were having to deal -- in. It was obviously defeat yourself a feed your family and provide shelter. Oh what word is being age Ian United States great country like who wherein. -- know once you go hungry. And. You know it just so you don't you don't eat it dinner and like I mean we -- do it on the times the issue with. A clean up my house the last night about the in the all -- That's in the office on my -- -- without a doubt several amusing look you can go. You can go to any distort -- we can go do his cheapest forty cents you know 5000 -- ten votes so just it. Takes him down throws and we can all do we can all do good and there's not -- get the Lola. Guess you should say some good points in the big names -- We. Always you know give the ability and whenever that is. Who would you just give back and they just participate. And in and you feel good you feel like you said it's always does today's society it's always like. I want I want I want I need to you know it's always giving it is so much better yes exactly exact -- in his had a better when you. When you give something rather than receive it truly. You you feel like you blast as you have an opportunity to give Brian and -- goes along way and and a and a I think I speak for all of I was pleasantly we were raised in the way we all. We I think we mean you both steel and always mostly. -- -- Right now all of a senate this and you're still saying you should have to win your conference championship in order to be in the four team playoff. That's operatives at whopping imposing move from a BCS title game to a fourteen playoffs in one of the criteria or should. The number one -- team beat you win your conference championship and -- to be considered for the playoffs. It's operated jaguar opinion poll on line WW dot com the cajun cannon has come up with bracket here he says he'd see this as the playoffs this year. Florida State vs Missouri. -- this is what I'm going by switching on my visit is that it is that a like I think eventually it's gonna get that a top eight teams rest is pretty good. I'm beat Stanford and Michigan State. Alabama in Baylor. In a house they all in the winners of those games with square off in quarterfinal matchup then semi final matches and the and tangent so you'd think Alabama will win it all. I've I think so I'm just look in how. Listen you got to have luck whatever you win a championship. And now look -- -- way to handle look -- in the industry you know what nobody else I know well what I say -- -- -- how Ormond got to the point where -- at Howell they beat Georgia. In. You know which came about with the the return after him miss a field goal. Yeah but I but I but I look at it right now. And you be well represented like Florida State would play it was sort of first from a -- of Florida State when that. Stanford Michigan State go at Stanford. In Alabama Baylor go gamma -- Ohio State go to Auburn and get a rematch more people to watch that -- an -- again. Florida and instead Florida State and Stanford and not have Florida State in them and the championship but I just think. When all their preparation. I just things that Alabama would win but that that's the that's for the future match because we all know it's are reverses Florida State in I'll -- -- -- uses C. Popular Florida State slowed down Auburn I don't -- I think he'll be a -- to be like a -- as easy generation tagging the Baylor and yeah like Missouri. You know of -- game. You know then becomes down the stretch it was unbelievable. And I thought was style Pitt is our should see how style. Was. Orbital defense and -- fourth quarter. Where when you look with what -- did commas because at first you'd think in college is gonna you know be the whole game ideas back and forth. And that fourth quarter Auburn's defense came -- with some key stops. That to via -- ago Keith thank you for calling to VW Rio. They get that and -- Excellent I would actually say with regard to the playoffs were about splitting the difference so I would actually proposed that sixteen playoff. Giving apply to the top two teams because that I think. There's some benefit to be bad for being one of the top two teams in the country. Which would create that quarterfinal games with those that these directors six. But then that -- -- and the vibe and the way and to play those extra games and then Batman sixteen play hockey get the benefit adding. Maybe potentially one of those that large it's one of the smaller schools from may be electric conference you might have played. That way. I figure probably more kind of see eight does that colleagues at the commissioners and and then their directors have said that that's. I don't think you're gonna see sixteen I don't think you'll devastated me -- we hope to get to eight. And in May be -- but. -- they're not going to be even in a situation now those at large as what unless you specified it. Those teams that they they won't even be in the playoffs began they they just won't because they don't. They don't have enough teeth in the schedule all the comments about basically block come out and not gonna schedule them. And in you go to see him now hold a money even close to the best if not then not did not just and it's unfair in a way but I -- minute or so people who. It's our brain and and and then got an eleven man -- -- Branyan. Yeah well already said he wouldn't want my dollars. Yeah 888 and had absolutely and I mean I just think that we had. These new playoffs. The BCS we saw the statue of liberty play a great game -- Boise State BI -- young man proposed to his fiancee on the field. We saw you talk and Alabama saw Louisville in Florida. But. Moving forward now. You -- you gonna see is not likely to college basketball already this year you have seen the teams that will make it to the national championship to the final four. Got to play each other. They played so right now for -- can't discipline and I can't isn't Duke. On not Carolina -- -- -- -- -- -- they all they play each -- they did -- not gonna see in college football because it's different. They stand to lose more by doing that and now we come back and extra conference game do you look at it for some com it is a three non conference games. I mean they're not nervous -- not gonna schedule. Somebody's these matches that they have been a pass and they've been slowly a movement away from it -- it's not gonna happen and I just think. Not one to BC has came out it was imperfect. It got better at it up a lot of teams at LSU twice -- one of the BC as they were in the played in an answer to an easy game in 03 it'll set. They wouldn't go back and go over. But. -- fall bombing. You you'll fall less likely far less likely to see in eighty Cinderella teams even have an audio and all had gone undefeated. Bit they would need a big winning to -- no way he'll need to close to being the top four they would even be close to the top eight. That it is not gonna happen and I mean I just even if yielded up to sixteen teams the talk about. The two teams to play in the SEC championship. In other two teams in the SEC going to be in the top sixteen because you don't get the team he came in runner up in east. If dean came in runner up and awareness right saint thankfully none legends and leaders say they ACC -- think the big twelve impact to a they would just be more of their teams in the playoffs these other schools accountant is on I mean they gonna have to -- about the bolts that may not and I don't get a. And a guy they were right won't have a big game and no matter how well like prince's. Two lady go undefeated nature of the that they did not giving the -- for the all England -- excuse and our owner and so that's what I'm saying it would allow look at the likes. Of -- Central Florida. -- Illinois. You look for rice. Fresno state yeah it's almost like you needed different division and and have a champion there -- that makes cents what the answer. -- a ways to go back to miles brand now mister Cameron and so forth. Our put the blame -- anybody but this has been all been going to -- they've they've they've been gravitating toward this -- long time and he has become that. It has quietly. All I don't know if you say a hundred me 300 million dollar TV contracts. You know. Become quietly but that's what it is going to dig it's almost like a super commerce does what are calling -- that -- -- exactly what he did. And I mean now they've just gone about it up even more and you look at a school like it'll reveal I mean they -- Where they were in the big east they moved there within the teams always got to get out to be he's right what happens Boston College Miami Virginia today. -- -- got a big east and go to ACC. -- it's almost like you know you get all the -- or are you stuck in and nobody's goose is nowhere -- ago. Because at the end debate is only won't be about five places that other place to be if you're not and one of those places. -- only team employee did not gonna change and you look prior. Sam any this -- and really make sense that you look like West Virginia sold that they would join the big twelve. Yeah you know look at -- travel and you get right but and enacted at Tuesday they had to same thing can be said about Missouri and Nancy -- They had to. And. Or they get left out and has a lot of schools out there that now and the dirt to BCS there about we saw rats we saw Boise State's -- we saw you talk. Have a couple of good teams won an Urban Meyer to beat Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl which was part awards bowl game and here's a to BC yes. We saw all the schools they had tremendous her arms. But I'm afraid it's over it yet I'm afraid it's always it's how much of an important do we put on the post season in college football. And because of this new playoff I think the fans of the big when we get a playoff format. But we have moved so fall away from what college football used to be it's more like. High school playoff format is more like pro playoff format. In other than announced big -- other day in the big stand in the pac twelve the Rose Bowl. Who also plan a bowl game if you're not an estrogen the chip. Nobody right I mean the big conferences in the schools make money but I don't wanna play in this one bowl they want a plain and except for close to convert just. They steal value based deal hold on Hainan I hope they continue to do what the Rose Bowl the granddaddy of them all. Because out Saturday it would -- BCS has done is taken away from the traditional Sugar Bowl it's taken away from a traditional. All its bowl and what we knew it comes Fiesta Bowl it well but I'm really taken away that was time well that. The to truly take care of the Bulls and to make him meaningful that to be part of a playoff system. You know going far I think that's why eventually. You know when you look at the new stadiums like Dallas Jerry Jones trying to make that city. In the cotton -- relevant again you look at the Orange Bowl Sugar Bowl Cotton Bowl. You got the fiesta Rose Bowl or -- that's five right there almost to truly make them all relevant. You might have to get to eighteen and have a playoff system where the games are meaningful and the fans wanna be there. Yeah I think what you hit on nobody is something that they don't have to -- it's gonna have to be on a -- you worded it how you structure it was gonna have to be okay. What do we do for all these other schools yeah you know I'm anywhere we've got to make some of the for them because now driving meaning for you have an eighteen play off. And those teams and I even close what what's meaningful AM the Liberty Bowl. I'm indebted to BBA -- bowl Kumble man. It in the seventies and eighties and early and I have gone to bowl with but we all know and they got thirty there's a 124 division one team. They're 35 balls that means half for the team's opening in the post season. 50% path. What other than -- is you only have to get to six wins the court and now that's that's kind of a twelve game schedule usually set to be a game ball -- yeah finally sixes sixty in oils and Alaska -- we've seen teams -- sixth and seventh. -- I don't know yet man if you if your last game is is that is a bowl game to determine whether or not you have a losing record you don't belong in that -- I don't think you belong in both Mack Brown has got them. ED. News conference Thursday at the Texas border regions as a meeting to discuss the future of president. Bill powerless. And how that could impact Mack Brown's future at Texas Mack Brown says he's not going anyway he's not stepping down. So what does that mean Mack Brown is going to be a part of the Texas and I didn't program that the fund raiser and illustrated how I look. From way he wasn't what he did this year. My issue would have been the -- -- -- him -- -- issues the year they beat Oklahoma DL and -- Manny Ayala and you know they were in the conference championship game I mean whoever won their games -- -- between them and Baylor. It was in the BC as it was -- them teammate and look. Could have been a lot worse after they had they lost to BYU and -- man -- I mean who would have thought that team would had a chance to be in the BCS bowl -- I don't you know there's. You know then they lost of the Oklahoma State they gotten and he got really. You know beat that gained in the Baylor game you know but. Aren't they wanting about McNamee meaning here Bobby won -- when he was here and I was close to -- to blame program Mack Brown. Is as good of a presented. To the high Arabs who have -- recruiting living rooms. He is a good. Of a person when it comes to speak in and talk and you talk about how -- bad -- -- and all these years even these tough years Nona where you're a Mack Brown blow up. I -- inaugural and it knowing I don't know any idea who. I don't know if he's got some bad as he banged it home Eagles -- get it and it's always pressure out in May do like Michael. -- Jackson may be -- -- -- and do that count that. Neat -- anybody that he you don't see him blow out I mean he is he is a professional Harold that be really well -- -- a long way and so what have Thursday to have the meeting Mack Brown thing on January he's going to be a head coach. You know anime dad would surprise me at all so -- -- -- -- for years ago they'll send. They get lax about Oregon in their bowl team write -- what has not thought that they want change and after that no they would change it meant Texas fans of feeling you gotta be kidding me here. You know we they are the ones that day. Texas is so powerful and I and I know now -- and -- was -- is that is that helps and lets me use well on Wall Street Journal sports and other things. And dean is call all could -- its a magazine it's I don't want to mark a University of Texas I see what you -- -- -- Texas is so much bigger and better. Then enemy just look at what they got its -- resource -- -- -- invest in -- screw any reinvest in this new it's. It's it's unbelievable I'm medium -- and it -- it. I got educated me let's get to the University of Texas like a country they are by a wealthy country yeah -- and they keep produced an Oman. Do we thank you for calling WW -- -- doing. Hello thank you for calling WWL. Yeah it should do he would torture isn't right do. First at all we both you know and actors of all holidays and happy new year you all your fan -- workaholic. Noted that much exercise your question that you work and what juvenile war. -- But I award two straight to you big chief sent that you Kurt and our -- bottom it is what. When that clock strikes -- old school -- whoever -- that you weren't a match all that really -- -- and it out of the ball well anyway well. Football not all that well. Yeah yeah -- about. And -- and as far as Auburn. All couple gross. Miles. Coached it correctly he -- -- it -- done and well officially listed -- It had. -- and you know doing what I'm impressed and Armon is that how they handle adversity and they keep getting better and better. I mean if somebody would have told me our -- you've been in national championship game after they've played LSU. Had a thought of what he's smoking you crazy but a bit I played five quarters. You know I think Barbara would have beat Ellis shoot. Because how they won't roll Vinatieri gain may turn their season around -- -- second half and gain an advantage do you look what they did against some Missouri how they handle adversity you say what their defense is getting toasted. Would you look at that crucial fourth quarter the only surrendered a 72 yards they -- Franklin three times they intercepted him once. So that they didn't give up big camp fighting got to give coach miles on a lot of credit you know. Do it I talked about the apple -- and -- -- school. You had an echo that you know example Arkansas now I live album born about thirty miles from. From Arkansas but he decided by it looked that way Marten -- don't remember him yeah. And wanted to greatest divas a lineman in Saints history. More problems you encountered Arkansas. It and also don't DeAngelo Williams got right there do you -- -- -- it now. Articles but I'll watch -- -- wouldn't go from there. Street are not screw around. Sort of -- do reacting UN Arkansas State bandaged right there he's -- made some right Harris who -- He he -- my -- is free as and his effort he's amazing an -- are no real rough and David do it this at WWL.