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Around the League

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk to -- not how we go around the National Football League last night. Wrapped up the week in the National Football League we -- fourteen came to a conclusion as the Chicago bands dismantled the Dallas Cowboys. Fought a five to 28 in seven degree level one of the coldest weather gains. In the history of the Chicago -- franchise in the regular season upon her physical -- say the fourth coldest game in the regular season. In Bears history so Chicago now re saying the divisional standings. They are at seven in sixty I would Detroit Green Bay is looking at 66 in one. Any NFC east the Philadelphia Eagles at 85 a full game ahead of Dallas who's seven and six the Eagles -- hot now winners of five straight. And a 51 on the road. Dallas is at seven and six and then the other leaders we move into our NFC south division well the Saints on nine and three keratin entry Carolina's nine at four. And Al west three teams up for the playoffs Seattle eleven to Sam -- man for an Arizona eight and five. You play you're right picks up for the game. And -- offensive woes were excited at double. A very good with the bad cool I think -- -- go and Green Bay. And the Green Bay back to defeat the Atlanta Falcons 2221. And rest of the division this week Baltimore came from behind to beat Minnesota 29 to 26. It was Philadelphia over Detroit 34 to twenty and Dallas. Got hammered by Chicago last night 45 to 28 joining us now is Mike wicket. Who -- over the green bay Packers and the NFC north division -- Sports Radio 1250 WS ESP in Milwaukee. Mike and -- Rodgers and the story their Green -- could they hold on until they got Aaron Rodgers well what's the current situation there and do you think. That done this ball club can make a run. Well you know the you're living in this league obviously it's all about the quarterback play when you guys know as well as I do that because Drew Brees copiers saint. New Orleans -- if we get to -- to play injured week in -- -- that in in February. They think those backers Aaron Rodgers like most great quarterbacks in this -- Brady Manning Brees. He got a couple mistakes that are made by you know teams and all that they have been if Eric can't go back and had the big they have. They are capable of making a run because they can score thirty points or forty points in a football game like the rest of the great teams in the NFC. If not well you know we might note a couple of weeks this can could be looking at a at an early round draft pick I guess coming up that -- Now my ago when you look at that how close everything is is in the north you know five -- directed to you right that figure things. Looking at the Tigers in the Bears you think the lines you'll be able to handle the pressure. And died and really just win division not. You know sneaky and arm but have some kind of momentum all what does it take where the lines are at right now. Did you watch a lot of -- football what they've been known for a lot of mental mistakes not ready for prime time you know -- -- the light for the break by the biggest ally in a couple of years ago they at halftime lead at the superdome and what they do well -- it away obviously the credit goes to New Orleans but. The Lions are in that you know right now is not -- they they can make the big plays and come up big stops and and win big games and they lost at Pittsburgh they lost to Tampa Bay. And they just lost this game where -- fourteen up the league granted tough road game -- -- note Philly but. The Lions have lost three of their last four and the remaining three games they have their schedules -- top including a Monday nighter with the whole world will be watching yeah new covenant. And it champs to Baltimore Ravens. Mike wake -- -- over the NFC not division and the green. May -- with a WS SP 1250 radio in Milwaukee -- always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. -- about it all right -- -- with a shotgun -- it was Roy polls on first down comes back to but boy he's hurt. -- 200 in nineteen and rushing yards on 46 carries. As they come from behind and blow out. The Detroit last 48 to sixty outscored the visiting -- and promote down in the fourth quarter and the Eagles on sole possession of first place one of five straight. And his team into an inning and seat for -- ballclub to keep an hour in May be the Eagles. They are 51 on the road after the metric and NFL. On the road and that was talk about the Eagles. In the NFC east Pope CSN Philly dot com has Reuben frank can rule we said all along for the have a can play better at home. They're right in the thick of things with everybody in the NFC. This is a ball club not think you have to keep it around because of what we just said their road record run of the best in the NFL. You and they are very dangerous at this point they're very confident that a very young team but they -- of over these last five weeks and got just a little bit better each week -- You know back to back wins over some pretty good teams in Arizona in Detroit and you know they're all right now -- go to Minnesota very very confident team on both sides of the ball. Now -- Holland -- and blow was that Kabul cowboys' debacle against the Bears and there is covering it up. Bottoming loses batters in this thing is put -- open on but it was pretty bad and considering what you're playing far. Well why the Cowboys don't look like a lifeless team. They did and you know that's been their history is not a good December team for whatever reason. Are they just don't play well December whenever -- At least not since the days of Troy had and that -- Michael Irvin so. I don't know why that is you know -- out there in valley ranch put. You know people until -- appeared -- just thank god Cowboys folding in December that they always have and certainly last night that was a an embarrassment for about a game. They had to win to keep -- -- bit and other -- just didn't complete. Now -- how the fan base how they -- brace that make foale's look at what he's stolen. He as the guy. And double what is your take are the fans take that they see a lot of promise -- him not only that this season may be a years to come. It's funny in it and pulled in the first round pick -- to be unanimous. But he's the third round pick for Arizona. In the first round pick from US here's something that might be a little more excited there's still a group of fans that is by an Internet polls. Twenty touchdowns one interception this year -- passer rating in the game. Six and walked in to replace Michael Vick in the starting lineup Arnold what else he has to prove to anybody beat good teams he's won on the road one at Lambeau. It you know he's one of all kinds of conditions. But the fans -- still aren't. The universe -- sold on that fold I think it's because he's a third round pick didn't. If they keep waiting for him to -- but. He's pretty good quarterback making great decisions he's very accurate very tough. We don't get -- to get hit in terms you know about to you right back up -- -- the whole package and the and it run real threat that he's got the works. Our last quarterback in everything you do said there reminding me I was a guy that. Well it won a Super Bowl and led a few teams to the post season that being. Kurt Warner so -- -- is so off to a hot thought in the Eagles now all one of the hottest teams in the league winners of five straight. Cover any NFC east and the Philadelphia eat the CSN Philly dot com. Reuben frank Ruben thank you so much for joining. About things through. Wilson in the shotgun and dropped back defense he's gonna sit up and throw it long down the far side of the field and -- -- -- 68. Eric Wright shakes off the earlier injury and mix it up and seals the deal for the 49ers. What nine seconds to apply here in the fourth quarter. They would just ahead away from meeting last year in the AFC championship game. May very well could meet in the NFC championship game this year the likelihood of him playing somewhere in the post season is far greater than not. What do the early it was Sunday about the bay and -- but Cisco beat Seattle nineteen to seventeen other divisional game saw beat. Arizona Cardinals they pace in the wildcard hunt with the thirtieth in victory over the St. Louis Rams. He will bust talk about the west and the 49ers. The beat writer for SF gate dot com is Kevin -- Kevin thank you so much in. Bobby and I had a chance to watch this summer that gave up but to be at halftime of the Seattle and San Francisco match up. And man that was as physical as they gear it's so -- -- it was like up the Ravens in this favors. In the inning and see just a physical hard nosed -- every play was challenged somebody guy you don't every play. That was good football. Yeah really -- I've known entity overlook. I. Well not include making contact and how well it was and how are all part of it it won't be. Tibet invasion and now being stab at it as an -- and it happened and. Now Kevin what I've witness than of playing having played the position. And you know I look at the young up and coming quarterbacks. All of the college cabernet go to camp in their arms Trent. But the one thing that I've also -- notice Russell Wilson. It's they like to me at times -- He's more accurate with the football has been in touch where Cameron -- can you have to have guns that can and it's fun alarm. But day to me at times did not as accurate as you need to be -- -- what canyon. You know three of four past lazy dismiss receivers where when the Saints played the sea dogs and Russell was that he wasn't missing any of those. Are we were -- even though I wasn't there in interleague and you're no longer launched even more farther -- -- There were Carriker and -- -- can certainly for from cornerback to look at. Sometimes he got -- hand and try and receivers and -- -- can throw at church or in your mind and other terms. Runner around. In the pocket presence. Won't work well in the -- gone. So. Strapping -- -- a lot. Then again. He had not eat not all the wrong in his development certainly -- And Russell Wilson -- turn and match and different and it'll huge tree in -- Mariners who. Now I can ever know what -- injured Jake. You look where their rat is still in the hunt that mean Arizona Cardinals and 85. And to me out I -- approaches their David has always been there to have a big challenge at Tennessee. But is it almost a case in point as Carson Palmer goals that's maybe the part of the have a chance the in the season. Yeah I compare to that that you realize statement -- in Carson Palmer course. -- You are -- What Warner and aren't to -- as big chill out at Stanford earlier reception that. So I am not on how he plays and didn't economic stake and actually make can only protect our camp and eat our. You know like earners. Been -- that can finish for -- Kevin lynch covering the NFC west in the 49ers -- SF gate dot com David thank you so much we appreciate it's not aren't thinking. That's the capitals try to take to the. They had an onside kick and Scola too. Two touchdowns in less than a minute and they came from behind. Did beat the Cleveland Browns 4726. At New England Patriots face they on the heels of the Denver Broncos. And -- very much alive and a number one seed in AFC hitting it was talk about the AFC east. And the Patriots for the big one in -- off the WE EEI dot com is Chris pricing Chris. The more things change the more they stay the same here it is in these Simba it's all knowing and in the east. A little bit of -- -- Sunday against Miami but other than that it's Theo doing division Barnard. And it really yeah I think peeled the long term effect of losing Robert are you going to be interest in but I think it didn't amateur to model laughter union says that -- -- over the course deceit and I think the Patriots are going to show that they're they're they're more than they've -- up more than not -- To at least finish -- -- didn't didn't contribute to want to give it to see what kind of long term impact a lot burned out yet but it turned the short term this is the best team may have -- -- about. Now -- Chris look at him Miami and how they played in that thing to have that ability they're seven and six and they easily things like -- -- a couple of games you know could have been a nine and four in in that situation but. But all that being said. They still right there in a playoff. Behind. You know you -- win out then this is almost like a playoff game game for them arguing income in the film. If you're really if you look at the -- team -- facing a must win situation but at the same time I think it's important member. This group a very good job hanging in and very difficult circumstances are a lot of people myself included thought. Did everything was gonna got to go to the toilet when not to go all Richie and -- you know Jonathan Martin -- came out but they played well they've won three of their last four they're still right there that we don't -- and onto that number 63 -- to give a lot of credit for playing well reduce -- Now are Chris Lou we're gonna have the Jets I'm intrigue in this game silly because. You know I I I see who's gonna win in the trenches and like those battles when you look at. Of the Jets. Playing Carolina having to go I count line when you look at -- -- it's a line and our front seven boy didn't get any better than those two teams. I hate -- I think I think terrific reporter and when you look at. Go to battle up front to bed -- -- you agree I will say that the jets' front that has proven leader but it. They're not getting anything on the offensive side of the ball trajectory -- put together. Any sort of offensive consistency I think they could be deemed personal long term but I think short term they're offensive inconsistency. And is going to be -- thought to have been in the game. Chris price Chris how can folks -- you on Twitter. I mean he tried and it felt that he crichton and illegal treatment that the debut EEI dot. He's one of the best that he works for one of the best the big 11 of the best sports entities in all of sports -- come by and TV radio print it's dead heat EE I WEEI dot com Chris always a pleasure thank you so much that attack. It. Dalton under center takes the snap throw a fade -- the right. And no sense today Bangalore still have a little bit of a cushion to two game lead in the AFC -- Nine in full with a big victory 4220. Over the Indianapolis Colts. Up next for the big goals they are at Pittsburgh on Sunday night you know was talk about the north division. The Bengals is Joseph -- -- beat writer for the Cincinnati -- and joke. Eight and fought think we all agree Cincinnati's probably could and may be should be eighteen and six but. You know have -- eleven and it -- they lost those two game I don't want overtime on the last place or this bulk of the bit better than their record indicates. I think it went really well right now I think. You know what the -- probably on on Xena lacking many people wondered how it looked on the back in -- but. I think the last two weeks the win over Diego on the went over Indianapolis ET -- they're. Setting an -- -- down for about key too and about quarter then. They've done a good job right now on their luck threw for over 300 yards on not. Sunday but about a -- -- -- of those yards in the fourth quarter began with that he had. Now Jolo when the bagels love this and their fan base especially. To go to Pittsburgh and take care of business then that and keep the Steelers should they kick -- -- down and a great opportunity. You know to make them five and nine and obviously. Outside looking man in that'd be impressive in the go to Pittsburgh and really take it to them. Yeah not only that but I doubt that there -- a bit. You know New England got out of Miami this week it -- still got Colts would have expected the Nancy. And you know what they can get a win in Pittsburgh in that god New England -- all of a sudden Randall -- it keeps you in its spot. In the tiebreaker over on doing one now twice now. He had me he could not and it's one of those and break it it was a playoff spot either tomorrow or hadn't gone on Sunday or. You know Baltimore it was the Detroit it once it division -- to open it up all the more so. Go up a -- that -- -- the F sweep against Pittsburgh and it's that the 1990 that they had three straight wins over the worst is so -- is it looked like it did not mortal lock. When struggled against a rival. And -- look NN com now defending Super Bowl champions of the Baltimore Ravens. Very entertaining game with the Vikings winning twin nine to 26 but it boy it took about another challenge to nations gonna win this on Monday Night Football. Considering where the Lions are rat and here you got the Packers in the Bears at their heels that that could be. Momentum breaker as far as that the Ravens to do anything are the lines. Yeah they've got Patten and not Baltimore all week got a New England visited. -- got -- -- -- which is what it. Nady all the teams in the AFC in the stretch drive -- without that there right now that -- -- all the work -- at the ground you got. At Detroit which like he said Detroit in contention there and there. And it's ignored he got new England and the Akron Cincinnati last week to another -- -- the -- that the Bengals got off the plate or not job. Who knows what you had to battle will be in the bay he had gone in that game but. You know Baltimore right now is the Miami. On their heels oval but it -- it extremely interactive game as far as the problems it is what it. Covering the Cincinnati Bengals and the AFC north for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Joseph -- Joseph how can folks are you on Twitter. Yeah overeating JO ER RE EBY. Joseph thank you so much for the time. All right by looking at that AFC north division. Boy well how things change Cincinnati could easily be eleven in two -- then nine and four and as you said they donate tiebreak when new England and -- knowing it was just a hair away from being in -- in -- So what they still have a lot the -- thing you want the most out to -- dimming the Bengals would have a first round but sack -- -- It's. Jordan yeah. Jaguars pull out all the stops in prime time. And made did indeed it Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Houston Texans have always the last game of Gary Kubiak scapegoats in Korea. For the Texans as it was Jacksonville 27 to twenty. On Thursday night in that don't look now but other than the Indianapolis Colts by far who has the best division record in the AFC south to three and one. The Jacksonville Jaguars in -- although there for nine people who follow Jack severe they got to such a bad start. A bit better than their 49 record I mean this could be a six win ballclub. -- -- -- -- Don't like that into my mind my apologies to Doctor -- they're better they're they're Portland record but I think one of the big. The reason for them winning for the last five games. And being 41 -- yeah it's quite frankly they played it what actual. Years until the latter end of the year. -- worked at the top respectively and they'll first -- year they've had worn the previous one so far in the second half the year. But it is important that they generally they are genuinely improve. Other quarterback situation is stabilized a little bit and most importantly they're -- getting turtle. Now -- I look at a team that to me. That they can play would anybody but direct recchi doesn't against big take dead the looking at the Tennessee Titans at at five and eight. And say that no matter who they're playing -- that I could be a dangerous team if you're not ready to play. Barton but the Titans are a little that little bit of of a different situation there were a little bit more stable at quarterback to begin the year -- well certainly nobody's going -- We -- putting the French a long term franchise solution on Jake Locker. But the Jaguars are just a -- incredibly experienced team they knew coming into this year -- coach. He got -- -- new general manager Dave Caldwell. That it was going to be a long year are in Europe there were he. Incredible hole all over the roster and I like everything goals but PG PG peaches and cream. Thirteen is getting better and you know -- not. Overstate this and they've. And they've they've been that they haven't exactly been blowing people out here there and I know winning games so look at Schipperke. But the main thing is the turnover margin in their four wins is plus seven in their nine losses the turnover margin is minus nine. The analogy in as they'd like to me looking at the Colts. You know ahead of the AFC south that. I don't know ever since Reggie Wayne I don't know the owners say and and it's more in that but it just seems like. You know considering what they did the beginning to go examines his goal -- beat Seattle at home -- know -- those two teams how well that they've played. But it did just say is like you know I haven't been in a playoff type -- against the main goals. That I don't know what do what is your take and how. Do you think the Colts are heading in the right direction it seems like they they were -- -- more to beginning or just plain better. Well I picked I would think there has surprised me desired irked when Reggie Wayne got hurt somebody that tropical. That stop they were on that battle -- that was the word unique value -- Q it would it's hard to fathom. That a receiver would make that much of a difference. It is asking performance. But hey it is quite extraordinary out -- -- -- poll. Don't seem to come out the gate very strong here the last month. And it just looked like a keen. Bench you know running a little bit yeah and are you you kind of wonder they give pat we did they would be able to because they've got into -- special thing is missing -- also -- Losing Reggie Wayne and it's also the source which -- don't -- -- little church and they just haven't found a solution as to how to get it back. Covering the AFC south and the Jacksonville Jaguars for the Florida times union. Jean -- Jean how can folks -- on Twitter. I read our Matt gene for -- the end. It's error that it's. You know -- it's it's what territory do you recruit that the -- or. Go to war but looking at that that's happened to them the last march. Fluctuation where they were or -- -- a lot of people a -- might go to church being you they were a national joke should -- about not being. Let's not get ourselves and it's not as if all of a sudden that the object or are force sort of like that took a really one of things that happened at -- -- Bradley could approach. Has never wait hurt in what is message has been to the very start of the year that is just get better week don't worry about the loss record. Just get better every week -- the result particularly so and it just worked all that -- never in my nineteen years of covering. The Jaguars seemed more players have. Greater praise for a coach who didn't have the record to show. Jeanne thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Her right now Bobby ESPN is reporting that by the end of the week Mack Brown will resign. Is hit for bako all -- of the university. Of takes hold -- -- clothes. He has 64 yard field goal. -- You can't go out there. Being here. And the Denver Broncos come from behind these -- fifth. AFC there are now eleven to perfect at home. It's seven and -- following Sunday evening's big victory. Over the Tennessee tying the wood to southern win 5120 hitting a bust talk about the AFC west and the Broncos for CBS four and -- Is Tom -- atomic. You know I've I know a lot being made Peyton Manning -- shut them Tebow talk about him playing in cold weather and soulful but you know it's. Look I don't know who made a -- but it is what it is. Peyton Manning's -- to greatest quarterback ever live in a regular season. But he's gonna continue to face those questions in the post season until he gets back to the big game wins. Absolutely when you lost the first game in the playoffs many times he had. That can dictate your question formula would joke usually -- you want Peyton Manning during the season. You want Eli Manning in the postseason. But Peyton Manning certainly put as cold weather demons to rest against the Titans. And I think they tried to make a statement that he threw the ball nine times until the completion record for the Broncos so the cold weather questions have now been put away. But I Joba looked at the Kansas City Chiefs in unbelievable start and all of a sudden they lose three games in a row. And against good medicine are good to get you confident swagger -- just played a Redskins as they pretty much put a fumble on them 45 to ten. -- being -- so I'll finish this season considering that big win against the dominant win against the Redskins. Well the Redskins thirteen and a bit of turmoil -- Oceanic and they can -- jerky treatment throughout the this season so I don't know how big -- win that is just part plant against good dream that you keep in mind. Two of the three losses the Chiefs haven't been -- the Broncos at right the middle that was the game to get to San Diego Chargers for the Chargers got a bit so. The Chiefs are absolutely a good team. But I think you know the built -- from the regular season but I don't see him a big serious threat policies. Now let Tomlin get -- and they've been puzzling and I'll look at all the teams in their record and and and I think. Now what team is gonna show up but the San Diego charges. They might be the best six and seven team or some team harboring a realm 500 so they're still very dangerous to me. There are dangerous team and when they played the Broncos earlier in the season and sane Diego. Really gave them some ships that came to the Broncos have the most trouble against. -- teams that are extremely physical against their offense. And San Diego what that way they got the Peyton Manning quite a bit you may remember that game late night game you re aggravated. It's high ankle sprain was down on the field late night game and -- timeout or. So they're good at getting cap -- and there are going to be a team on a short week. That's really gonna get after them mile high this week I think they're going to be a lot upper traps but the Broncos the most -- the Denver thank. With CBS in a damn but Tom -- Tom thank you so much for the time we appreciate you enjoy the game with speaking. Thank you very much going to separate straight guy everybody a bear autograph Michigan campers. That I got the kid but he signed for me let favorite thanks so I'm just focused on your own little. From underscore -- Then and now from where that I have signed that had four it was that led the US -- -- first championship game and then there. Bell now I don't know I I grew up at Michigan and harper and I used to watch it Pontiac Silverdome. And before game -- -- and I portrayed -- we signed my hat you say you know what out after the game I thought I'll never see him again but after -- went down by the Arnold. And you told nobody out trauma these guys that would sign you came overtime -- -- like -- Maine I gotta get but he Carter JC oil rich Jon Corcoran was great. Well what the -- a time I tell you what I appreciate your support bills -- special days. Especially we had great support the lines weren't winning and now how much they love Anthony Carter -- in Michigan that -- a special time alive. You guys said you guys take great team you were fun to watch it and a lot I've fact I had big game Warren Michigan campers helmet. And I -- that we've got a lot of on. Tom -- top thank you so much we appreciate him. You are all right we'll come back again ESPN is reporting that Mack Brown will resign bat in the the week and the Texas head football coach. Saw. Let the speculation. In the big game and nab the final thought -- and gets things come and do the -- Saw I know you get paid off a rule maybe this is WW now.