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Dec 10, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about a loss of common sense and gives the famous top 8 at 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is great to be back with you at nights on the -- show here from eight to midnight -- -- -- -- show during the week last week so was not here for and that the Scotia and also there there -- a lot of a sporting events including high school football Thursday nights and then high school football Friday night. Monday Night Football on Monday night. That tip preempt that show but we are not going anywhere -- -- show will be here soon it's all of this settles down but in the meantime just enjoyed a great coverage that we give to high school football and I'm so proud. -- my alma mater. The east Jefferson warriors in high school finals in the Mercedes and super note taking on car. It's east bank verses the west bank and I believe that game is -- on Saturday we've got full coverage here and a lot of information on our website at WWL dot com. I'm so Friday night I went to Julia any stadium east Jefferson stadium on the campus and I have got to back here in years. And I went Friday night of the game it was cold it was windy I was fortunate enough to be in the press box but to look this is not like on. A nice the press box that's all -- I mean this thing was like -- crow's nest sitting up in a tree I mean it was. Well it was it had a -- fought but it was still very cold and windy. So I admired everybody who was up they're working the coaches. And east Jefferson took on an apple. And -- is perennial monster. I believe from a row and east Jefferson is just fast and I think they won the game with like it was like two seconds left to kick a field goal. This high school game ended like like pro game sent. Like college team sent a last second field goal. So largely proud of -- Jefferson -- really impressed with how fast. Of the team wise and I'll tell you there was something else that I was really impressed with and that was the band. And it did that it did the two girls that I -- I don't know the official name of the news Boyer dancers the flag girls in the girls who were dancing with the ban. But I'll tell you it was it was it was cold. It was windy. It was rainy. And the team played but the band got an -- and these girls did he would have sleeves off. So that the major routes and again whatever that may be share percent hasn't specifically for their dancers and I'm I'm I'm not sure what did the name is. But in any event and I've really was in admiration of the band for getting out there and doing such a great job. At halftime I'm not sure -- an able band didn't perform on May be they weren't prepared to perform in the rain. That this was and and all our wonderful games so I'm really proud of the east Jefferson wars we'll talk more about that on the show tomorrow night. And we've got full coverage of high school football in this area. Thursday night party night and all day Saturday and Saturday night right here under the WL. Also there's a few things to talk about tonight that did not make it into tonight's top -- we'll talk about the passing of Frank Davis a little bit later in the show he began his career WWL radio. And then went -- did the fishing game report on channel four had did a lot of cooking which are famous for so many many things -- In a Frank Davis is one of those guys that everybody seemed to laugh. I didn't know Frank Davis -- I had met him over the years occasionally but I'm not gonna tell you I was friends with somebody right knew somebody fight particularly known. But the interesting thing about Frank Davis was. He was one of those guys that even if you didn't know him. You felt like to do it. And I didn't really know Frank Davis but I feel like they did. Because of the way he he was it the way he could translate his personality. A television and and on radio. He'd he'd just made you you like him he wasn't a trained broadcaster personally didn't start out as a trained broadcaster. And I think that's one of the endearing things about him some of the best people on television and radio people who. Are just so natural and he was indeed naturally New Orleans. And he was so -- because he was naturally. Frank Davis. Also we did not set the world record for at the wildest crowd Doris in an indoor stadium I believe the record winners -- 126. Decimals and I think we hit about a 122 decimal Sunday night I gotta -- I'm glad that's over. Because I found myself. Preoccupied. With making noise and trying to help the crowd break the record and I wasn't paying as much attention to the game. So you know what it doesn't really matter. And I thought it would be cool if we did -- set the record. Here's the most important thing we rollout. We did affect the play. Of the opposition to Carolina Panthers and we do that every game I would like to see saints fans be more pro active. And a little louder on first down second down and not wait for that classic third down situation where did the crowd picks a lot of noise because we do have a position to play. In the crowd when the team missile defense. So I'd like to be a little more proactive in general but let's not worry Barney records. We're loud. And here's the other thing we might not be able to set the record. Because of the way the dome is built. The -- is made with acoustic panels. Did make the dome acoustic -- pleasing for concerts as well as for football games. So we have such a superior building. That it may prohibit us from breaking the sound record so let's let -- ago. We know we're loud we know we affect opposing teams we know we create a very intimidating environment. For the Mercedes-Benz superdome and for any opponent that comes in the air but you and I also over the years and we'll continue to enjoy concerts. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. So you know let's let's celebrate the idea that we had this incredible building like no other building and in fact. Even though the cost of building this dome which more than anticipated. They were way way over budget. It's my understanding that there will never ever be. Another stadium deal like the Mercedes-Benz superdome because. It would be -- cost prohibitive today. To make that kind of stadium. But at the time it was built. Even though went to go over budgets we were able to build it. But he could never be repeated not in the again maybe I'm I'm wrong but it seems to me that. This is a very very special building so perhaps that's prevents us from setting the record. I've before we get into the top later date from -- Joseph you're on WWL. I got to go that night and that it is. It. -- Even. And and they had a hand. I wish we always it was very loud and and so Joseph we know we affect that the play of other teams hang in there are so let's not worry about the record it just could be that I have such a superior building with the the acoustic panels side -- -- tiles and an acoustic panels that would we might not be able to break it but we know we're intimidated. An -- I'm not right now I'm under it and headed back you know why not -- in. That aren't aren't -- and are you. -- it or not. It was an opportunity and didn't -- -- and you know. I'm a step up and I think right now. And one million and nobody you -- know Gina. Nobody replaces the personality of somebody else I don't Dubuque Stewart a great job with -- and fishing game report on channel -- varies very knowledgeable and you can hear back. -- every Friday here he fills in for Garland in the -- take drug I'm glad to call the show thanks solicit let's get into tonight's top eight at eight. Every night we showed a sort of a show with a top eight things we like you know which we get started here into the WL. Number eight. A new holiday symbol to protest the nativity scene at the Florida State Capitol. Tallahassee. Has been put in place. It's described as a test of this poll that was defined didn't. Episode of Seinfeld where -- you stand pornographic -- this -- to celebrate with festivities for the rest of -- Well the first of -- -- now joins the nativity scene at the Florida State Capitol building at six feet tall. The fest of this -- is made of empty Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans. All right but you do respect freedom of. Religion right. Chad Stephens is the the guy who came up with this idea he told the new service of Florida. I still chuckle I literally can't believe there will be a -- of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. In the states. Rotunda. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Eight activity CNET -- Air Force Base in South Carolina has been removed following complaints by a number of -- on the show air force base. About being emotionally disturbed by the sight of the nativity scene. The military religious Freedom Foundation says that they are very proud of Shaw Air Force Base for removing the nativity seen. Which included plastic statues of Mary Joseph baby Jesus. And an assortment. Of animals. Now the number is not known how many people actually complained about this. On Sarah Palin is the stories on foxnews.com mr. Palin it was a Fox News contributor. Said that we hear these stories every day. And yet left wing Clinton's still claim the so called. War on Christmas is a figment figment of our imagination. She went on to say the war on Christmas is just the top of the spear in a larger panel to marginalize. Expressions of faith. And make troop religious freedom a thing of the past. Another. Ignorant statement from Sarah -- but then again we should be surprised right. You know I wrote a blog about this last week I -- slash week or Christmas. Is it media hype. Or is it real and I think you could still find that on the -- patient -- WL. Dot com. The war on Christmas is more media hype that it is real. And ms. Palin is is wrong because nobody's taking Christmas away from you. Company seeking Christmas away from me and this war this -- this alleged war on Christmas. Has been going on for decades. This has been going on for a long time. This has been going on when Republicans were in the White House when Republicans controlled congress. When Democrats -- in the White House when Democrats control congress. Sole. This war on Christmas is. More media -- And as I said the other day I would love for anybody to tell me specifically. How the government. Has taken Christmas away from you. And your family. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. God has apparently created a new cockroach. Biologist at Rutgers University have discovered a new species of cockroach that has grander power to withstand harsh winners. See here's the question that needs to be asked why. Has god created new cockroach. It was first party in New York City in 2012 by an exterminator working on the high line which is an elevated park on Manhattan's west side. Biologist -- not predicting what kind of impact this will have but for those of you who may be concerned about global warming. May be god knows that there's something else in the works and that's why he has created a cockroach. That will survive. Even harsher winners. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Are there a lot of studies that just seemed like such a waste of money like this new study that reveals. The great majority of violent characters in movies. Engage in risky behavior. -- wow. I don't I'd probably take you by surprise president in PG thirteen and from the Annenberg policy a public policy center at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. They have determined that. About 90% of the movies contained violence. Now of course -- you do understand that. Defining violence is the problem because based on how violent justified in movies today Bugs Bunny. And three stooges are considered violent so I don't really buy into this new definition of of violence in this. First of all. If if you go to a movie. And there's violence in the movie. You know that before you go win. It's not like you winning two C. Bambi and all of a sudden you ended up seeing a pulp fiction you know it's not a surprise. If -- -- made me cry more than a lot of open and I thought I saw -- once when I was a kid when my mother I cried my mother cried. I guess my Brothers and sisters cried but I remember that. But I haven't seen Bambi since then. Sad movie I stay with the San movies you want your kids to watch it that's fine but it made me cry it may be said maybe that's why I'm not a harder to this day. I don't criticize those of you who are partners is just not for me. And I'm might be somewhat hypocritical because. You can what's take care of it and do it -- needed but -- I've I don't I don't go allotted and shoot it. In any event. That this study revealing that. Violent movie characters engage in risky behavior it's supposed to be some kind of an alarming thing. And we're talking about risky behavior we're talking about sex and drinking and drugs and things like that. -- wait wait isn't the risky behavior what makes the movie entertaining. But remember it's just a movie and that doesn't mean you have to imitate it never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. First there was the Tea Party coloring book for kids. And now just in time for Christmas as the perfect stocking stuffer it's the new coloring book Ted -- to the future. The coloring book is destroyed by the publisher. As a nonpartisan. Fact driven view of how Texas senator Ted Cruz became a US senator. The coloring book warns children. About the dangers of obamacare. And how obamacare is dangerous to the lives of many Americans. -- way to -- I've thought they described it is nonpartisan. Talk to be a nonpartisan coloring book if they're injecting. Political. Ideology. I don't have a problem with -- injecting political ideology but don't insult the rest of -- by saying it's nonpartisan and it's not nonpartisan. Mean I have respect for the publisher of they would just be honest about it. And you know there's there's there's so much that is promoted in the name of speed in three. So much is promoted in the name of fair and balanced so much is promoted in the name of nonpartisan. That only a fool would actually believe that those things really are not partisan and you know it's okay for things to be not not to -- Bipartisan it's it's okay for things to be biased. If you listen to show you know -- no problem with right wing bias or left wing bias. I have a problem with the scary people in this world. Who are oblivious to what's really going on. They can call it whatever they want these Smart enough to watch and listen and you figure out what idiots. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Here is side -- actually this is two examples of political correctness gone wild. A six year old boy in Colorado has been suspended from school and accused of sexual harassment. He -- did. He kissed a little girl on the cheek. His name is under Yeltsin he goes to -- a school in Canon city Colorado. And the sexual harassment charge. Is -- school record. Now you and I know because we were threatened with this all the time if you do that is going on your permanent school record. I don't know on the does that really follow us throughout our collateralized. -- in any event these two kids like each other and Dick -- did not complain but. The kid's mother said that he was suspended once before for kissing the girl. And he has -- some disciplinary problems. The school says he is a repeat offender. And that meets the school policy definition of sexual harassment. Kissing somebody on the -- By the way it was the cheek on her face -- got to be mistaken with any other. Parts of the body referred to his cheeks. On so this this sexual harassment charge goes on is permanent school record it seems to me that this is just another example of political correctness. -- -- Here's another example -- TSA agents confiscated a two inch pistol. From a sock monkey. -- -- This lady in a suburb of Seattle Redmond Washington Phyllis -- she. She makes sock monkeys -- RO a take off on nine John Wayne's character in the movie true grit. The the sock monkeys called rooster mock -- And it has a little too which pistol with it. It was confiscated by TSA agent. She said this is this isn't the TSA agents that this is a -- The lady said no it's not it's a proper my monkey. The TSA agents said if if I held that to your neck. You wouldn't know if it was real or not. A two inch line. But you couldn't tell if the two inch gun was real. Or not. I don't know about you but with some of these Barney Fife top. Tight security people in Barney -- top TSA people. I just feel so much safer. Traveling around the country don't you. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight -- eight. There has been some criticism that has erupted. After President Obama shook hands with Fidel Castro's brother brother Cuban president pro Castro. At the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. Maybe you saw this if you haven't seen it. I'm sure you will if you're on one of those FaceBook -- text the word instead -- list I'm sure you'll. You'll you'll see this in UC criticism of it but is this is just criticism really fair. Anderson President Obama get a pass because this was. A futile. Don't all presidents shake the hands of the enemy. They hope to one -- make peace with. Don't we all shake hands with our enemies if you shake somebody's hand it it doesn't mean you'll like him sometimes it just means that you acknowledge that there is a year. I can think of many enemies that I shaken hands with -- I shake hands with people -- just say hi not to glad to see you happy to see you. But sometimes says shaking hands is just a cordial thing to do. Rather than an endorsement of somebody's out political ideology for example. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll I think it brings up an uninteresting thought here for those who are quick to criticize President Obama for shaking hands with Raul Castro now by the way. This is another example that many people are gonna get the idea that I'm defending President Obama. No I'm defending myself as a talk show host. Because I try not to be hypocritical. Some people don't worry about it but I try to to be hypocritical. And I don't wanna say it's wrong for President Obama to shake hands with Fidel Castro's brother of the new president Cuba Raul Castro. And then have somebody called the show yeah well what about when Ronald Reagan shook hands with Mikhail Gorbachev of the evil Soviet Union on numerous occasions during the height of the cold we'll see I don't wanna get caught in that trap. I don't wanna be that guy who says one thing but then ignores another thing that is equal in my opinion. It was a lot it was a lot more shocking. Four presidents Ronald Reagan to shake the hands of president of Mikhail Gorbachev. Of the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War because we had. I'm much more to fear from the old Soviet Union that we do from Cuba. Here's tonight's -- -- -- pretty general opinion poll. Is President Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro the same as Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev. Think about us. If your opinion by -- -- our web -- WWL dot com -- -- throughout Russia gave you update coming up here in just a few minutes. Number one tonight's on our list. Of the top -- -- -- I love new studies when they come out and people have this instinctive reaction to the information that's come out there's a new study showing. That 9400. Children in the United States. Are injured every year. Falling out of high chairs. Researchers studied children three and younger. Who had been taken to the emergency room for an injury and the results of the study were published yesterday in the journal of a clinical pediatrics. Doctors involved in the study say the high chairs that are sold today like everything else are perceived. To be safe for children. But the doctors say that the children can be injured if they stand on or if they claim on the trainers. Now what what are people gonna react to this this study. Oh my -- all these children -- being injured by falling off of nice high chairs. We need to make high chairs safer for children or maybe we need to band high chairs completely. The study between the eight years of the 20032010. -- 22% increase in the number of high chair related injuries. To children. Is it really the high -- fault. You know once again. We're we're talking about the attempts to make the world so much safer for children. Actually. Perhaps leading to children being injured. Discuss blog tonight is titled the slow death. Of common sense. And you can read that shared it's on our website at WWL dot com so we'll get into this on the show tonight and you know I mention this -- during the show offered for grow together data reservists are needed come out about the dangerous toys that you need to keep your kids away from this holiday season. And you know they didn't do all this when I was growing up maybe when you were growing up the question is how to we survive. However even here how was even here to procreate. As as -- -- -- I actually make it how did you make it. Whatever happened comments that I I I think trying to make the world such as safe perfect place for children unfortunately. Is. Is removing the need for parents to use common sense. If you wanna join -- showed -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866 payday dines here early seventy -- oversee 7870 yard scoot and we'll be right back on Debian. You well it's the news talk and sports leaders WWL to join in the talk with -- call 5042601870. -- told free at 8668890. Late seventy. I heard some criticism today President Obama shaking hands with Fidel Castro's brother the president of Cuba Raul Castro at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. Is that criticism fair. I mean a President Reagan shook hands with Mikhail Gorbachev of the evil Soviet Union at that height of the the Cold War. Winners were sent inappropriate and here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is President Obama shaking hands with Castro the same as Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev. 72% say no it's not the same all I know it's different because you don't like Obama. What did you gonna criticize Obama come up with a better reason that's something that is based on personal hypocrisy. Because I don't understand how you would applaud Ronald Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev. And and not think it was okay for Obama to shake hands with Castro and at a funeral. 72% say no it's not the same and 28% say yes it is. In fact you know let's have an open discussion discussion about this if you want to explain to me why it's okay or why it's different then I'd I'd I'd love to I'd love to hear. The year analogy of why it's it's okay for one president to shake hands with the enemy. But not for now the president to shake hands. Somebody who represents the -- I mean I I've I've shaken hands -- With people that I don't like. Isn't that something that we do in our society our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And -- -- 77 he also we're talking about the death of common sense and -- blogs about this is that a new report out showing that town about 9400 kids every year are injured. In high -- related injuries. And he's high -- I guess are supposed to be so safe now that maybe parents aren't taking. Enough time to pay attention to their kids here's a -- reads here's a thought don't leave your kids unattended in a high chair OMG I'm a genius. Away Angie is right now from the world -- Kevin your under VW elegant evening. I used to doing a good. A little bit more of this 00. They're the ball a little while the chicken -- Gorbachev. Gorbachev while actual. It -- -- at all or they hit the ball. Approach that. -- this -- his audience that is a difference. Which. -- I'm sure there -- there was -- jewel of stock. Option. We don't know that. Well and we know right now Kevin that tensions between the United States and Cuba are starting to fall so wouldn't dispute gesture that might ultimately lead to peace which is something -- would and that everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. You know. -- well. It that's just like. That it. Didn't. Sure of course that -- that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. As. You. And -- I'd I'd I'd totally agree medium NAFTA gets a break them really going to Collison. I think it makes sense. I'm nobody can take Christmas away from you the war on Christmas is media -- more than it is reality. And if it is reality I'd love to know how. The government has taken Christmas away from you and by the way this war on Christmas isn't something that started when Obama took office. This apparent. -- Christmas which started out to be. I guess -- you are essentially it was and they're trying to take Christ out of Christmas. That's how this campaign started out being called -- Christmas. This has been going on for a long time when Republicans were in the White House to -- If nobody's taken Christmas away from you than. How are -- taking Christ out of Christmas or how was -- a war on Christmas. I'm scoots glad to be -- and you ignites it will be right back into the WL. It's the news talk and sports leaders WWL. To join in the talk with -- call 5042601870. Hart told free at 8668890. Late seventy. There was criticism of President Obama shaking hands with the president of Cuba Fidel Castro's brother Raul Castro with the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. In a South Africa is sick and criticism fair. Don't all president shake the hands of the enemy. In hopes of making peace and isn't that the gesture that's appropriate at that moment. If we hope to have peace one day -- we're not at war with with Cuba but we have a lot of sanctions are allies to a lot of business with Cuba you shouldn't we. Be more open to doing business with Cuba and and isn't that something that we hope for. Better relations with Cuba -- a super nice beaches and apparently some really great hotels in great places to hang out it's up to fund spot in the Caribbean. But yet it's been out of bounds for the United States Ronald Reagan shook hands with Mikhail Gorbachev is there a difference. That's order BW a pretty gentle people is at the same president President Obama shaking hands with pro Castro was at the same as Reagan treating us with Gorbachev. 73% say no it's not the same. 27% say yes and it's. Here's a -- -- apples and oranges. But both were responding. Respecting another head of state to what was Obama's supposed to do given the finger and hug and kiss the rest of them -- from home enjoy your on this crucial WWL. Tell us do you do and then I'll wait for the seventh elegantly and -- the golf properties in this. Good luck with the quality that I wanted to comment on your -- about the -- competence and you know. I give -- an immediate audience goes beyond that I would say that back when they started. The other governments to make you -- Legislating in Italy in the make he'll oversee. Make you know law what you have childproof lighters have appeared -- be resolved. From India. Irresponsible -- ticket not to cut their -- You don't try to get dicier. We enjoy and that that's the key that this this crusade to make the world so safe for kids which is nothing wrong with that we should have all their child's safety. That -- that we can we can have a society. But this idea that everything is so. So safe for children I think it's causing parents to not pay as much attention to their kids as they should and that's leading to more injuries. Well I think -- even broader problem that because it gives you get what you thought about hypocrisy of the Reagan vs Obama and injured you know I mean they -- that -- has -- -- warned that Russia may each made Cuba so you know you're. Yeah well even even compare those two but the fact that there's so many people in the United States that say oh it's not the same. Well now what are the same but I think in the is not the -- that the -- -- it's not -- payment because like you said they're warning the point of being a little awkward. And it is not the -- because. Yeah Gorbachev was would -- -- Russia with the great bill. Yeah two overtime that they did Reagan brought them here and peaks and if you start -- think whenever they saw the popular open from that but why can't certain and the Russian people saw that America will deploy the party law and like everybody else. And Wear jeans that injury colors and all of the election didn't happen enough people is that we did that. Yeah and things changed immediately mean yeah the walk and now. Not a media I mean it look when -- when we think about the history of of the old Soviet Union yes it did happen does seem rather it happen rather immediately but it. It is in the course of the collapse of communism did take time that you -- touching on really important point to a lot of people don't understand it wasn't just Ronald Reagan. With the help of people like Margaret Thatcher. It was the it was the the prevalence of mass communication that they did the Soviet government could no longer control the information -- got to its people. Because of miscommunication. And so communism was doomed to fail because it didn't touch. The human spirit it it it it defied the human spear in it it robbed people of just of being. It of being competitive it robbed people of the ability to. 22 look like the rest of the world's of the Soviet Union screwed up big time and it's like failed to -- to get to break generally -- to college and I know for those of you think it will -- minutes Q what about China. A home but the Chinese were smarter Communist. Because they allowed a free market society. In their country where -- Russia didn't allow that so that's what led to tolerance for the Communists form of government. Over what happened in the Soviet Union. This is the -- show if you're Arnold stay with -- setup or your calls and many more of your -- are coming up next on -- WL. Almost the largest radio news team in the gulf south the big 870 and 1053 WW LF criticism of the President Obama shaking hands with Fidel Castro's brother of the new president of Cuba Raul Castro with a memorial service for Nelson Mandela is is that criticism fair. We think about Ronald Reagan shaking hands with Mikhail Gorbachev at the height of the Nicole Warren accuracy of this criticism is fair that he might criticize Obama that's fine that it certainly is -- right in America. But if they find a better reason and something that would be based on hypocrisy but yet here's our -- of -- property general opinion poll tonight. Is President Obama shaking hands with pro Castro the same as Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev. 75%. Say no. And 25% say yes I would love for somebody to call and explain to me what the differences. -- from -- -- your under BW a good evening. And Raymond. You. -- this Raman is William ultimately. Am Soria on the column -- -- tonight. You would I go back a long way we both Asia it -- currently in that. Long ago. When this ago and add razzle still good friend of mine. And that such a different. They don't listen I'm I'm I'm so mad about is that there's been much sports page. Yeah in some case in my -- -- his cinematic -- and his break here pretty soon budget Shaw Air Force Base they have removed the nativity scene -- in South Carolina. Because a number of airman on the basis since they were emotionally disturbed at the site in the activities and I hope the skies -- tougher on the field of battle. I doubted it. I -- I mean that they dished out and try to play as a message about it called the force -- a surprise ship now and I. -- contacted via. -- the response Seymour. Public relations. Called merry -- and it was there's a problem everybody more. They struck and Tom -- I mean. I'm -- each pop -- back over this I don't. Don't do that William because it that that wouldn't be good idea I understand are saying I mean nobody should be this time of year. There should be acceptance. Of nativity scenes and -- and is -- decorations although I still don't think there's really a war on Christmas because nobody can. Take Christmas from our hearts our minds which is where Christmas really lists. Exactly but I mean that this is just an ought woe. To -- and airports command I mean what happens is is it because he couldn't say hey this shouldn't happen maybe not Russia yes. I you know out there William died I don't notice the controversy that erupts every year assembly tickled to show I gotta get to a news break in thanks for calling. Again these it's airman on the air force base. Emotionally disturbed at the site of the nativity scene think about what they might be emotionally stirred about when they go to battle. -- if your whole -- witness this is Cisco show and we're coming right back after the news on WWL.