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12-10 9:10pm Scoot: Presidential handshake

Dec 10, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the controversial handshake with Cuban leader Raul Castro.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is so good to be back with you -- nights how I was doing Eric Garland show from ten to one during the day last week so -- wasn't terror armed with the Scotia overnight and then. It we've got high school football coming up Thursday night and Friday night Saturday and then there's Monday Night Football Monday night. So will be on the -- show tonight and tomorrow night and then we'll be back until Tuesday night we're not going anywhere this is just a very busy time for a series WWL and it sits we have I have had so many commitments in the community do to to cover things in this community like high school football for example we've we're very proud of that. But it means that we have to preempt to show times and that's just the way it is but -- we will be -- we're not going anywhere. We're talking about a criticism that has erupted over President Obama shaking hands with Fidel Castro's brother Cuban president Raul Castro. At the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. Is that criticism fair and if you put a criticize the president there's nothing wrong with that. But couldn't find something a little better then criticizing him for shaking. Hands of another. State leader even if we might not be friendly with that state. Ronald Reagan shook hands with Mikhail Gorbachev of the evil Soviet empire countless times at the height of the Cold War and we had much more to fear. From the Soviet Union and Mikhail Gorbachev that we do from Raul Castro. And Cuba. And it seems that there is some thawing of the frozen relationship between the United States and Cuba. And could this not -- may be a gesture that helps us move toward a more congenial relationship here's our Demi give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is President Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro the same as Ronald Reagan shaking hands with Mikhail Gorbachev. 74%. Say no it's different. And 26% say yes it's the same. To -- opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also I would really like to know how it's how it's really that different. Well let me share this -- we give for a get back to your calls even during World War I. The German and British soldiers. A cease fighting temporarily to celebrate Christmas on the battlefield. I'm not an Obama supporter in anyway. But the right -- human common decency thing to do was to shake hands. To shake this man's hand. While peace may be obtained by strength. And initiated by a show of force at some point someone has to extend a hand in true peace to make it reality. What a brilliant. Text. And see if there are people who will criticize me for. Defending Obama I'm not defending Obama. I'm defending -- president of the United States shaking hands. -- A world leader. But some people can't get beyond the idea. That it's Obama and there are some people who have formed a religion around criticizing the president which to me. Diminishes the real criticism that you could -- against the president. If you're an ultra right wing conservative stocked with all this frivolous criticism. And criticize him on the real points not this ridiculous stupid juvenile stuff. Also we talked about a nativity scene at the Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina being removed because they were a number of complaints from -- on the base. Who said they were emotionally disturbed by the sights of the nativity scene. And it caused as Sarah Palin to give us her opinion. Saying that we see these stories all the time and a left wing pundits all claimed the so called war on Christmas is a figment of the imagination. She said the war on Christmas is just the top of the spear in a larger panel to marginalize expressions of faith and make true religious freedom. A thing of the past. Sarah Palin in my opinion is wrong again but you might disagree with -- also we're talking about the slow death of common sense. Which is that it scoop on tonight. There is a new study out showing that about 9400 children are injured every year in -- -- accidents. Soar high chairs not safe we need to make them safer. What about the high chairs that we remove we were kids. He seems to me that the the child safety regulations in child safety restraints on everything. Have really given Paris this false sense of security. That all we have. It's a child for -- my kids safe if it's if if it's on sale at its legally on sales and obviously it's it's gone through all the that the testing and it it meets all the regulations to my kid must be -- and so. I don't think parents today pays much attention to their kids as our parents paid attention to us when we were younger. And that goes for police. It might not always be safe for kids and every year this time we hear about the toys that are safe for kids. -- think about the stuff that we played with. I mean my god how did we even survive. We used to -- this may be shocking to many of you who were younger listeners. But we used to ride around on bikes. Without helmets. How did we survive. From -- -- your WWL. But it now though I'm good. Arm. It quite well. Come get from pole. There's not really sure yours and not secondhand but different between -- chicken -- -- workers Reagan shaking hands. And that is that right yeah what's it -- is there a difference. What the different to individual. -- The Cold War just to -- what I read it mainly just -- You know other. You know note credited. Shop -- time. If you look at -- grow. -- -- Chair Guerrero that killed 30000 people and so if you look at it that the different between two people now. -- -- you know it is not a you know he didn't go out there and you know. Not -- you know I don't care. Vote you know. I'm not NME. But that would give it to my well. Hayward I think it's fair to say is that there was a lot we didn't know about the Soviet Union there was a lot that we didn't know about possible deaths within the old Soviet Union there at the time that there Reagan was. I've tried to negotiate with Mikhail Gorbachev. As a president of the United States shaking hands with another head of state. I personally know see any difference between what Obama did -- -- -- Reagan did to back in the eighties when he shook hands with the Gorbachev. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm basing it on the fact that we've got ahead of state he will why would the president even meet with China and either we're there there were stories about. And and human atrocities in in China and India and so many nations so why why do we we we turn the other way when it's convenient for us. So about -- -- that question was. What a difference between those two regime. -- -- the question is is there a difference between a president of the United States shaking hands with a head of state to win if our countries that we are not on friendly diplomatic terms -- I think there is precedent for that. Right well the question was. The difference between robbery -- Now the question is is is help. They weren't going to call -- show and I'm glad you brought it up but the question is is there a difference not in. Russia and and Cuba because Russia was a lot more evil to us today and then QB is to us now there's actually no comparison. Between Russia -- And Cuba now. And when you talk about just posturing during the Cold War. We were led to believe that and and when you think about the the response of president Kennedy to nuclear missiles saw on the island of Cuba when you think about the Cuban missile crisis. You can't help but think that there were something very serious about the threat of a possible nuclear war between the United States. And the Soviet Union. And that war would have been world war three and according to most predictions would have destroyed. Much of this country in much of Russia and and much of the world in between. For Bay Saint Louis Julius here on the -- shown to be WL. I got two point one with. The president either but what I think they had what they -- act -- and presidential. -- -- -- Memorial service for a world leader. Who is being respected. At the turn and at a time where you want to make a statement I've been a memorial service before people -- actually. Time for -- to try to draw attention to meet not liking them. I shook their hand against someone and a move on that's what you do. You'd you'd do what you write and keep on acting but he did what trying to make this statement out. I get along with Cuban on one relations I think you decide you know what we're at a memorial service in bella you probably know who would. We going to be there -- decided to actually get an anesthetic -- movement get which respectful. Yeah -- I I I totally agree but I I think it's fair to point out that there has been some criticism of Obama doing that and I think this does. I'll bring to the surface just how much instinctive hate there is for president. When people would support Ronald Reagan essentially doing exactly what Obama did. Well some people just are elect the person no matter what position they hold or what they do good or bad thing party that situation and how much important. It about other kids get hurt me up like cheaters you know -- -- that it's the dumbing down of society and everybody a couple of weeks. Went out ticket to play baseball -- street and wanted to rules and that was when running between base -- to throw the baseball and -- talk. -- You know that's walk it off so on. Walked it off that point to remember hearing that a lot in gym class. Want an odd issue all right Julia says Glaser called a funeral you stay when this if you wanna join -- for your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 Texas a 7870. Is a President Obama shaking hands with -- Castro of Cuba the same as Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev that's -- -- W a pretty general opinion poll. It is your opinion like going to Debbie W real dot com an update on net mark your calls and text are next from it city John and VW well. I think Obama did the right thing actually world Castro's hand. The only way -- it is different is that America's national security interest. War. With Reagan and go which what were much higher then with -- bombing Castro that should be legal differences. But the criticism seems -- around the idea that he would he would touch oh liter of in the nation that we're I'm not friendly. -- I don't criticize I I think I think those on the right who picks things like this is the year is their battles to criticize Obama I think they actually discredit the right when he comes to legitimate criticism of Obama. And that I'm gonna focus on my criticism Obama. Good that nobody should John I'm -- -- the show of nationalistic. From Henry Brian your on the -- show good evening. And it they'd taken my clothes it's it's a menu top -- unity about young to the blue. It was kicked out of school suspended or give -- a barrel. -- six year old boy in nick Canon city Colorado suspended from school and accused of sexual harassment and sexual harassment goes on his permanent school record. Because he kissed a girl on the cheek and down and talk about the cheek on her face not the other -- And somewhat of a -- -- -- and denied the -- into the type of issues and I'll tell you that this is not. You know uncommon. This happened a lot and -- reason this happens. It because it's good looks like college football and told you that is what political correctness is deriving well it starts and school. You know everybody's a winner. Nobody loses. And he did it is basically -- particular is especially early that grow up and made -- deal with any thing. They -- globally mob of people for. And Edward singled out there who had a kid into school especially like either completely. -- twelfth. Or even college. You need to be on welfare of young boys and young it in academia. This is due to extremely experience. And it's the -- -- -- -- not every one is. This to me. And Brian -- why do you think gates issues and I'm I'm I'm curious as to which are your thoughts are why is it to more affected you know boys and girls. Because actually he's on the attack. And disagree. They have been books written. Minute limit on the numbers actually it's. Need to start learning going on what they're clearly states and school. They need to go to a couple of web site called the police will mail beaten. And they see what's going beyond its net be -- and it's it's. Academia so. Lot of the drop out of college. Helping women make up 60% the college graduate so ill will. Don't know it I mean by the time kids get to college I don't know that that's the reason they're dropping at a college summit on not to Washington this isn't it it's an additional time. Community has been -- has been has been attacked on necessarily. And it's unfortunate because there are a lot of men who have exerted their masculinity in the wrong way. Right and I just think a lot better beat the start understanding re not on what's going to be on board as school -- dispute giving and the -- -- -- -- Egregious. Yeah question next door you know the street and out and it just meant well I mean it happens -- And the guys on the web site named Jonathan -- So don't anybody out there really you know it stable honest that is so ridiculous the six year old kid it. That the place where he goes to put him on its. I appreciate you see information. Thank you aren't they calling. On Mary you're on WW elegant evening. Pretty. -- Comment. On the rubble looking that you brought out of high war. As comic and because both issues on the issue and -- chair. -- and a lack of comics then. All or war. College at. Wanted to -- -- athletic and a whole debate about. Com Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That may be the way. Out there are we bought it -- a difference. Different is you're a okay. Celebrate -- it -- on the -- At all an air ball. PC but this being it's time that we we will get -- but is it. Well you know big role -- that you -- at -- You know I've shaken hands with there are countless people -- in my industry that I don't really like. But it was a form of greeting it's something that we we do it. Two to shake somebody's hand the definition of a handshake is agreeing or congratulations. It's not both. And to aid to extend -- hand -- is just a social civil. It knowledge meant a somebody's presence as opposed to something that automatically transfers into agreeing with that that person what they stand for. It's how I today. We talk about. -- -- -- -- talk about out there and at. Each. -- -- -- -- And I the -- If we don't take. And I -- All. I got. To create this trial on. -- -- Those social media makes at all. A lot worse and Andy -- that -- that the interesting thing merry is and we constantly talk about this on the show. People see what they wanna see they believe what they wanna believe and don't criticize Obama for doing the same thing that Ronald Reagan did that George H. W. Bush did that George W. Bush did did. Bill Clinton did that other presidents have done this is something that presidents do. So if you wanna be critical the president find a better reason in this juvenile reason to criticize him for shaking hands with. At the leader of another nation that we're not friendly -- Try to take the high road and I thought it was jar head and shoulders what he'd give up many people -- had not. Tractor would get -- -- is the world leader did she again note Maryland and you know. That's a good point because if he had not shaken his hand the same people who are criticizing him for doing it would be calling the show and it would be on social media saying. I if if Ronald Reagan can shake Mikhail Gorbachev sand that why can't President Obama -- Castro's hands so. You know again if you wanna -- criticism against President Obama that's fine but just don't. Lose credibility by coming up with these ridiculous. Stupid infantile reasons to criticize it. I'm magical show here's a text that asked the question are you serious. Reagan had a legitimate plan to defeat communism. Which he did through diplomatic means it was one of the great American achievements. Stop the comparison you sound ridiculous. No I I can't prevent you from being hypocritical. And I can't stop you from not seeing the comparison. Between. Obama shaking hands with the leader of a nation we're not friendly with and Reagan shaking hands with Mikhail Gorbachev. -- the United States is continuing to work on better relations with Cuba. And much of the tension between the two countries has east they are allies are doing business with Cuba. Our allies -- sending tourists to Cuba. I've never been and but you know given the Caribbean my god they've got to have some pretty fine features. And apparently they've got some really nice hotels at one time it was a bigger tourist destination. I remember. Remember times wind I've read about. I've read about -- Ernest Ernest Hemingway. And I believe he spent time in event so you know it would be nice if that would open up because it's really close. I mean that would be that would be really nice quick Caribbean trip. -- right off the Florida Keys just south of Miami. But there are plans to improve things with the with Cuba right now so one -- and shake his hand. I'm from buck ten George you're WWL. -- George. All right we'll put Georgia in policy fees if he's still there if you gonna join us -- comet tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And attacks amber is a 77. Here's a text why are they making a big deal out of President Obama taking a self he also yet -- He's criticizing her for taking yourself. Again if you want to criticize Obama. -- their art are there enough legitimate reasons for you to criticize the president rather than criticize him for doing something like taking a Celtic. To the picture of himself the First Lady and it's a round figure to his soreness was sitting right next to them. At the memorial forward Nelson Mandela. And his handshake business to me is just. Again it's it's juvenile. From Baton Rouge king junior and Evian you will. Pretty screw up the world thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Public school to all -- let you know that. People need to work even. With a local -- The oh. It was seen that it will benefit. But the the we approach. Took them that -- important that it that it would -- out but. Most importantly. But took issue. It. Went in the black. -- so you know that it will be all we will be far. But I would approach -- page and so. Well that. -- -- And what about the effect -- -- the GAO. -- what is something you. Have been put it. Have been that different. What the problem. You give -- the certain that it's about so. And not do -- K I I I agree I agree with you and you know I just came up on the show with her caller just a moment ago. If he didn't shake his hand there would be those who would be saying wait a minute why did -- shake his hand if Reagan can shake the hand of the the leader of the evil Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War Mikhail Gorbachev that why couldn't Obama shake hands with pro Castro isn't that the best way. To maybe establish better relations with that. Island nation. Recoup more than an out of that group could produce. What should. The world produces C a while ago and -- -- that with a woman as their president. -- -- The trade for the mid Ohio now. That program that they. Would be -- -- but I've been. Married. For the -- it a bit. What. About it. They'll -- them in the world could reduce Asia -- since -- war. We're all but analysts agree. Level. Ole Ole Ole Ole global. Credit as well to rule and democracy to a world that would be that. During that it was it was very well pointed I'm going to took time to share that wins. -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- and by the way. Merry Christmas. Here's a text about the sexual boy in school if he kissed a boy -- it was punish the outcry would be loud from the left. Do you see what always happens here. Is always right vs the left. Obama says something the other day that I know you're gonna wanna disagree with which you can't disagree with it the media. Is dividing this country. And it's something that. I talked about a lot on the show I don't hear a lot of people in the media talking about it but we talk about on this show in a lot of ways this is a unique show and I'm I'm proud of that. And I don't feel the need to follow the right or follow the laughed. We just deal with a different issues as they come up. Not beholden to the right or to the left. It doesn't mean I don't have conviction if you -- -- -- -- you know I have a can I have conviction when it comes to whatever we talk about it and maybe you have conviction -- but we need to stop this dividing. Have your opinion. Heavier political ideology. But we don't have to hate we don't have to divide what's the right that's the last both elected as the right to do this. Both sides. Are guilty of many of the same things. President Obama. Shaking hands with pro Castro. The leader of a nation that we are not in friendly relations with. Is no different is even milder. Than Reagan shaking hands with Mikhail Gorbachev at the height of the Cold War. If you wanna join Russia with your comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889087. And a tax receipts of creativity. This is dispute showed more year -- more of your calls are coming up next. That WL hearts for the holidays. You know one in six people right here in Louisiana or the risk of hunger. Seniors and children. Hard working people who just can't make ends meet you know sometimes they're stuffing your -- you'll feel like -- There's things that people don't even have to eat. It could be an elderly neighbor. Could be your child's classmate to remember if your church. In the spirit of Christmas we can change that but you have to take action. George WW offer special hearts for the holidays broadcast. We're collecting nonperishable food items but the second harvest food bank a great organization -- the quiet heroes who have been. Feeding hoping south Louisiana for almost 28 years. So looking your pantry. Meet with your coworkers your church group your kids at school gather canned goods in nonperishable food -- if you don't have any goal by sun. And join us at one of our hearts for the holidays broadcast. Tomorrow Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia life and clear if you ball from 48. Next December court between hallmark and while cafe. Thursday Garland Robinette much trend -- at the United Rentals six million dollar used equipment sale. And Friday -- guy -- Kristian -- Life at five mineral oil change -- 2401 south Carroll an avenue where this street car ends in New Orleans begins. Nobody should go -- Christmas. What shall we care. Have a heart for the holidays. With -- WL -- death of common sensitive as it happened right away it's it's really been a slow very painful death for us to watch that's the title -- the -- blog tonight. And this is based on this idea that this new study comes out. Indicating that about 9400. Children are injured every year in high cheer related incidents. -- there could be a couple of reasons that is not the least of which is maybe maybe parents aren't so convinced that we child restraint devices. With all the federal regulations. That everything that is available on the market is somehow totally safe so I put my kid in this and I don't have to pay attention to my kid as much as. People had to pay attention to their kids in the past. Look it doesn't matter if -- something as a child safety device or not it doesn't matter if as things have gone through FDA approval it doesn't matter if things have been. Screen for child safety. There will always -- toys there'll always be things that might be dangerous to kids which is why parents need to watch their kids. Here's attacks were were talking about their criticism of the President Obama shaking hands for Cuban president Raul Castro. Our country should be called the states of America. Instead of the United States of America. People don't understand to what our country was founded on the reason why we fled to this country. When we came together as when we come together as people and when our country is when our country will prosper. As a world power it once was stop the hate and learn to appreciate. From uptown Larry you're on the BW well. -- are you. Are there are people in relation. -- really don't matter what the president. He can't -- with certain people leave he turned water into wine. Somebody else say that they have these seat if he'd be that the law call war -- people who go sake that he couldn't get its feet. The fact of the matter is is that cheeky. And a double and they truly -- It's no different that -- President Reagan Gorbachev but the reality of it is that mr. -- called it bitterly that it -- Heck we chicken. Penelope or a pretty PQ -- hurt people and make a -- -- it's taken in rural. If he had -- EB roll it did make it. Right I agree I agree and you know there was there was almost equal pay for George W. Bush you know one of the pictures that really stood out in my mind that I saw today for animal memorial service of Mandela. Was the picture of George W. Bush sitting next to -- from -- -- bonanno. Would would be considered an extremely liberal and yet he had praise for President Bush because of what President Bush did when he came to. To bringing awareness to -- particularly in Africa. And yet there were those who wouldn't even recognized that so you know this is this is where we have. Have have come in this country and it really is percent. It's it is really that we appreciate. -- but overall good archer you not a book for all back. And at the end of the day they're people that -- this the and build the people -- -- the country back and the glitz and it bit that it detected early. We are in great that we used to be with that giving more that it it met that -- by that we. We've been the -- that ruled that the conservatives. -- the black in the right that gave all of the other. -- that we about -- to Jamaica and the great deteriorate significantly this country and it's. Larry yeah you're right and if the media is dividing us and I don't disagree that that's not happening -- we -- allowing it to happen and we should not allow that happened. I here's a text about the account and made about President Obama taking a -- yet there's been some criticism of him taking a -- -- the Nelson Mandela memorial today. This text is says you might you might take a few little self -- not me. Looked as long as he didn't take a picture of him standing over the body of Nelson Mandela this was an event. This was a great. You remember the movie the big chill. It was all about how sometimes funerals bring people together. And sometimes that can be kind of a joyous moment. I'm -- it will be right back on -- WL I present Obama shakes hands with the president of Cuba the brother of Fidel Castro Castro. And gets criticism for that from Metairie Mike -- the -- on WWL. You know you get -- as usual you're pushing -- liberal. Obama agenda. And a monster that you weren't very good at it it's people like you and Obama. -- I appreciate the humorous moment Micah -- took -- to Kohler show. Are the efforts to make the world a safer place for children actually. Indeed enjoying the lines of kids. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Is President Obama shaking hands with pro Castro of the same as Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev at the height of the Cold War. If your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com also give back to many more of your tax. And over also talking about nativity scene that was removed from the Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina because. Some of the airmen on the base said they were emotionally disturbed at the site of an nativity scene. These are guys going into war and they -- emotionally disturbed by the sight of productivity -- While.