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12-10 11:10pm Scoot: Presidential handshake

Dec 10, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the controversial handshake with Cuban leader Raul Castro.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Look at -- are showing this chilly Tuesday -- hope you are staying warm -- she was gonna face Iowa in India. Outback Bowl in Tampa on January 1 thing you -- have more information on -- to WW dot com. Also I think I read earlier today that the saints are ranked third in the NFL power rankings this week. Seattle number one. Denver Broncos number two and -- number three and a I think. The patriots are repaired maybe -- by forget who else's as a pivot does believe the saints or number three. So big victory Sunday night and Mercedes-Benz superdome against Carolina. And now we've got a big game we got to finish strong. This was this was the month for the saints the year they won Super Bowl finish strong. And it's it's it's far from over and remember the year than it was that long ago a couple of years ago. On the rams had not won a game. The saints went to Saint Louis and were embarrassed. By the rams. And win when teams are power in a position where. They really don't have anything to play for other than pride. They can be -- wounded animal. They've got nothing to lose and and by the way. You know one of the things it did -- I talked and I know a lot of you saw the same thing in the game against Seattle on Monday night. The saints play calling was very very predictable. One thing that I noticed in the game Sunday night or Sunday afternoon but -- listen yesterday night once that the play calling was much more. Much more creative. There was situations where there was either back or wide receiver going around like it was a possibly going to be a reverse it wasn't -- I just -- the play calling Lewis it was a one more conservative. But the saints at the take your business and and we are in great position. To not only get to the playoffs but to to go all the way. Where an agreed with -- we do it or not we have to wait to save the Wear and a great position to do that. We meet Carolina again we still the -- Tampa Bay and we get replacing Louis rams in Saint Louis and no game put you know when this would win the saints are in the position there -- Everybody is targeting. The sites and so that's why they've got to be in the top of their game regardless of who they play if you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about we've been talking about. Via the slow death of common sense and that's the title of the -- blog witches and on our website if you think people have. I've lost respect for common sense you might wanna read that in share it at WW -- dot com under our opinions on the front page. There's of the study out showing that about 9400 kids are injured every year with height high -- related incidents. And I'm thinking well. Maybe some people -- blowing the -- here maybe they went -- child restraint devices not good enough on iShares what about just watching your kids when they're in the -- here. It's a high chair it's higher than other chairs. And most of the injuries result from kids climbing on or standing on the high chairs. Or that's apparent problem. Not a product -- Off from Alexandria GO -- on the -- she going to be W a good evening. Dario can lately to my first changed that and yet not scare -- enjoy. Agree. The -- but in America say. What we're we're we're struck first cap which is an been here in London changed populace got a great year that. -- -- say about your piece so where -- about. Well we had a. I couldn't help but notice well it was a first that I thought of -- -- solid close -- Drew Brees on the field for the Seattle -- started on that Monday night game last week. They were wearing a custom made ear pieces to to block out no -- and I thought something in your -- like that I guess I'm kind of sensitive that because of the business I'm -- and if if I settling for a different kind of had said it has something in my ear. At least the beginning it would it would throw me off. And when there's something in your ear and something physical that would constantly reminds you that during enemy territory. I don't know that that was wise although incorporated might have made sense to to do something to reduce the noise in that stadium in Seattle which is the -- His intent is -- Like but football and not look college but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He is criticize -- for day is an easy task at a unity from Seattle talk about earpieces that. Out for election your pieces in what's in the play college Seattle to Islam as it battered to -- -- -- better option that's the. Yeah -- you know overall that killed. Yeah yeah you're right it and it would I've talked about this a -- this is not to take anything away from Seattle because they were they or they are a great team and they were certainly better that night. But the saints were worried -- and I think there were some things that contributed to him being embarrassed even if they didn't -- even if they were gonna win the game anyway. They they could well. Not a I think at that should ultimately it's you sum count ports -- on taxpayers. Into account -- plane that element. In cold weather. Into that they were embarrassed by the payers something which you guessed we got to west -- -- a difference in term. It's -- you out of it now out of element. In it it idiot image forever Lal and now that mountainous. Is when you're playing in the also said the Delaware rail in the meat what happens -- you can look that's what happens when somebody that's playing -- cheap now he is get down -- that's you know. -- job I I totally I totally agree with you reduce the saints have yet to prove that they can consistently win on the road when the weather's cold in an outdoor stadium. Actually. Why -- but that beat out which in it that it is terms at this state get. Should say thanks result and talk about. Cowboys haven't been in this kind of an app -- in I think you're. Think -- your audience knows sanctioned never worn away playoff. Even the ship line you -- -- seems so point being is yet -- has been a little trial but we haven't set top decades. Of which are our and so it's on terms that. Sequentially and start talk about the rain chops they -- -- -- -- the -- shots that look -- mortgage -- Yeah it -- it's kind of like you know equipment when we were at. Cowboys. It was the cowboys Steelers in the 49ers. And out and empathy for the saints -- them opera for big sanctioning. But you know Joseph and his agent known well -- static entity to accomplish -- hatred. It's it's it's stamina -- shout out hey. You know and it I have to tell you that when it comes to sports. I don't criticize hate the way I do in the real world when it comes to people and and politics because I think it's a different kind of a paid at least it should be. It's a saints fans and falcons fans it's now it's it's saints in Seattle that is become quite a rivalry and and you and your right saints fans don't like cowboys fans. Now I can respect the cowboys but it doesn't mean we have to like them. In which which you check waste we took took -- or read. It mentioned immunity should you Saddam. I don't shaking with people out terms and they got no like well I take issue with that issue about Obama right appreciate patience here. You know it's somebody's child molester. Or somebody who believe much yet I'm not one Schechter. I'm sorry. Now he gets that same person that -- -- for example. It's certainly anxious he's sure it will this to work -- -- -- -- -- asking me for troops forgiveness. It's at two different store network which they get -- -- rockets -- it themselves you know what the commonalities in their church. -- Michener earlier. That Obama shaken. Chicken catchers in the same as race in shaken. (%expletive) in the corporate shelves in what it would islanders commonalities but number or or Communist dictate shrimpers. Communist dictatorship what they haven't on the earlier collar which on one -- the differences. And that is -- -- -- issue. And that he has that. Our child. Was at that we we noticed that that the world was and Carol. When reached out to the major countries to the strongholds. That had weapons that could destroy our panel in the -- but the world. Uga early diplomatically to make peace with daddy got shorts. And any time that leaders shaking hands on the world stage it's some similar. -- right it was due on when he short as a symbolic. Get to the world she should signal about -- in the states and the world that. You know what they're not going to be world war three or whatever here we are working on -- -- road and again later regulars now salient Gorbachev. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What accepted that he said that they were peace negotiations. Keep troops there. He -- the wall you know intensely at the peacemaker. Showing that at the time at the time those handshakes took place we didn't know at the end result would be. I agree with it there but to meet him in let's check waste and to Castro. -- out -- that term Cuba when there's been a willingness on the air for. To negotiate. To critical collaborate to to cooperate. To show any willingness at all to make peace for that country. Into certain that their and this way. And so I would think cute to some degree Obama shaking Castro's hands. Was really not even as. Big -- -- Reagan shaking -- -- but in theory I think both AMR but but we are still hoping for. And and ultimately expecting a better relationship with Cuba and it is how are not part of the process. It's -- such earlier. -- -- -- To Russia in the second onstage that's a signal to Cuba that we agree with what he's still aren't serious people don't that's don't agree with what you see who went to his people. I'd like to I don't agree with that. I don't know well depression because. You know Joseph you'd you'd you talk about you know -- -- and shake hands with their child molester who -- your child or I'm a person who bully your child. That's a one on one situation this was this was with a group of of of world leaders this was with dignitaries this was a different situation and snubbing Castro might not shaking his hand. Would have extended the idea of ill will as opposed to something you were trying to do which is. On it you know Cuba would benefit tremendously. From a different relationship with the United States Cuba would benefit more than we would benefit and yet we would benefit as a nation because it would be. A place to a seller products are analyzed. -- I'm with you which you had earlier quality OJ. That United States trying them and any turns back on the United States -- want to be at the local brother of the -- dictator. Is continuous the same Maureen has the Big Brother. He is not going to cooperate. In any form shape or fashion and -- a route that dictator. Well that it couldn't -- good that same comment could have been made of Mikhail Gorbachev. When they handshakes were they were hopeless handshakes between Reagan and Gorbachev. At the height of the Cold War there have been countless and shakes between presidents and leaders of countries that we are not. Not friendly -- And so yeah I don't I just don't seed this handshake being that. That big it of of a point to criticize about you criticize Obama let it. It looks great point stricter now what where when it's like for the conversation. Gently -- BP you have a lot lot lot of -- -- but. What what what more importantly which is this just. Yeah -- at -- like I don't like Democrats Republican candidate for street anchor good I think what it would surely wouldn't it. When you say -- one party in. Therefore I have to agree with every platform that pops or stance or -- idiots that's not on the ships so -- that everybody should be free thinkers. And -- that platforms should not be dictated. -- -- -- -- That part of ticket for sale in the collars killing -- that's Obama and -- every chance I get a militia into years George. Appreciated Euro you know is this time of year sometimes where we're we're not on a night because of a football that this station is saying is carrying. And we're here in a regular basis and then after the first of the year will get back to being on die every -- eight to midnight here at WW real. -- on a show and I would welcome you to to space anytime you're -- -- pretty. -- enjoy appreciate you calling. But I understand the difference between Russia and Cuba and I understand the difference between. Non pro Castro the brother Fidel and Mikhail Gorbachev. -- in theory. Is there any difference between. Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev at the height of the Cold War. When the US had much more to lose we don't have that much to lose from Cuba. Cuba can't do anything on us. Cuba can offer another vacation destination but you know as you know there are plenty of places to go in the Caribbean to be nice if we could go to Cuba as well. But -- -- relations improve with Cuba. It would actually benefit Cuba probably more than us but it would also benefit the United States because. They're so close geographically they're ninety miles off the coast of of Key West. So it would be easy to get US products there it would become a marketplace. And as far as I know many of our allies are dealing with Cuba sold. Why shouldn't we I I do hope that happens Wednesday. I just if you want to criticize President Obama I don't think it's fair to. Not to join in the chorus of voices criticizing you for shaking the hands of Castro win you would applaud Reagan for shaking the hands of Mikhail Gorbachev. This is the -- showed we're coming right back with your comments on WW -- it is going to be a big tailgating party I think starting at noon -- walk on -- on pointers says this is for. The sheriffs and lawyers going into the championship game taking on car and Mercedes-Benz superdome Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock we'll talk more about that on the show tomorrow night. Here's a quick update on our -- WL pretty general opinion poll. Is President Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro the same as Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev. 65% say no it's not the same and 35% say yes it is the same. If you enjoy our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our. Numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Frank Davis -- beloved on our channel four he started his career here -- WWL. Now we have all a lot of information and a lot of memories of Frank Davis on our website at WWL dot com also Angela hill. -- says has written a blog about celebrating frank Davis and she knew him very well it worked with him over the years. You know I've met Frank Davis over the years a few times because of in this business but I didn't know Frank Davis. But you know I feel like I did it. And he was one of those personalities that. Major feel like you knew even if you didn't know him. And and that's the the magic that it really few people have he wished not. He was not specifically trained in broadcasting. He was just a real person he didn't -- -- on channel four called naturally in moments and he was naturally frank Davis and he was. He was just so personable and so real. That it really came across as genuine and people like me who didn't really know him feel like they actually did know him. Rest in peace Frank Davis -- for Texas Craig here on the -- shown to be WL. I realize it's good. About a thousand border rate in the wall arguable right there are there's sort of -- are actually. My condolences are scrambling. I may have to call -- talk about the go where common sense -- -- the previous callable they have football on what sort of throat. -- -- you know game and now without the games from ignited an adult against Carolina. Ever told also against Austria and available. Problem. What would get me more than anything about the re examined the cut this short it is the respect do -- here you broke rework them right. If it involved in its. Korea. It was very touchdowns. Economic and Serbia's have been since he's been planes and eight years of role models for both Georgia watched TV news. You know the bradys and -- -- very merry. But. I'll predictable that it is. You know and in a lot of -- New Orleans is a city that is loved by millions so loved by people around the world people want to come to New Orleans. But four. I I think a number of different reasons that it's things that we've talked about -- -- -- an -- In New Orleans doesn't get the respect it deserves it I think this is it accurate to did description of Drew Brees and the saints say have to prove themselves beyond. -- beyond other teams. Drew Brees truly an elite quarterback destined for the hall of fame continuing to set records. You know the saints do need to prove that they can we you know on the road in in cold weather they need to prove that they can win on the road and then play -- games there are still some things that they. They knew do you need to prove. But New Orleans has has been disrespected as. It as a city and when right when I hear people like a Bill O'Reilly and I hear people around the country win when there's something new that happens with crime here in new worlds to talk about never coming to New Orleans or do you don't want to go to that city exit. It's. It's it's too violent you know -- it well you know there's more violence in Chicago but nobody talks about not going to Chicago. And so. This city this city does skip a bum rap when he comes to a lot of things and you know it may be it's it's that did disrespect because. -- the city. Is is is tucked away in in south Louisiana and a lot of people disregard the south. It in certain ways and and they shouldn't nine I know there are people who argued that. Some of the reality shows that come from the Louisiana Alex while people -- -- dynasty these shows don't necessarily enhance the image itself Louisiana. But we're very colorful state and endure all out very very colorful city. I was born and raised -- in the ample amount oh I mean I'm your age or you'll trip you correct yes. Problem that would expected by the Drew Brees and he's also record he's on comparable in the -- section eight years. But just you know they talk more championships at all. That get on Eric. Our players in the at the players in the if you look at Drew Brees was in Dallas. Doing this Dallas yeah he'd be getting a lot more -- -- well he gets a lot of attention but he would he would be he would be respected more than he is now. You right now we're -- are not getting into the respect. Ultimately give back to the -- Without common sense to you -- or -- -- obviously but you on that as for as. Outgrown cute would give an accurate cute you're right. Other archer does a lot of items house. Refused -- involve -- that could climb Mon put Jamal swallow. And you right back when and we. I did. That DiMarco -- -- you're gonna whip up a little bit but they largely -- point. Keep trying to build it and I'll shoot much of that in my cute dog they've they've really orbit. I don't -- global point. You know one of the most appalling things -- -- -- in society today is kids on a leash. Our -- it's like wait a minute wait wait all but they might -- we know what. You teach your kids to stay close do you use they close to your kids in this idea that you Tug on your kids with a leash I think is absolutely appalling. And a surprise that child psychiatrist having just come out and totally blasted anybody who puts their kid on a leash. If you can't watch your kid you shouldn't have -- You're right and it's all of them you can publish scroll of the baby carriages stop like that. -- made the right transform as well. And all they do I mean I think -- child can withstand reentry to the earth in one of these strollers or protect child seats. Well I got sort later. She's -- because of -- unfit and should shoot low. It was a toy -- -- a plan that corporal warlock. Warner rocket he had did you look up to the hose. What I look like -- -- the -- -- -- fingers -- it to -- but there's a big problem. It was a plastic rocket Richard for local war. You portal and gone up plot. And your pop up in which you look like in the year. Now McCain bill that would about what the issue we -- should do right shooter regional. It was. A -- -- back into the orbiter as you pop up to a ball below and then it would human nature of Jews shooting what you're supposed to. In the second happened today is it. That was like back always -- from white Ukrainian political. Paula -- for the. And thanks to specialist -- you call us at any time ever talk about this said this new study shows that about 9400 kids every year suffer from. A high chair related injuries and and most of the injuries -- head injuries and most of them are the result of the kids climbing on or standing on right shares. So where is the parent on duty at this point. I have this sense that when it comes to things like. Banning soft drinks over sixteen ounces sugary drinks in in New York we've talked about that controversy when it comes to banning food when it comes to. Child restraint device all those things. I guess in some ways those things are fine. The problem is they're not good if it replaces common sense. If society thinks well gee if it's on sale that it must be OK for me to consume. If it's on sale for my kids that it must be okay for my kids. Not necessarily. And I think in in general that parents may be getting this feeling that. They no longer have to be as responsible for constantly watching their kids if they're all these provisions in place to make the world safe for kids. When in reality there's always something -- -- kids what about rocks. Your kid could children rock. -- -- band rocks we can't prevent kids from it that's why you have to watch your kids. It's part of the job of being. A parent. Here's our WL project while opinion -- -- President Obama shaking hands with pro Castro at the memorial for Nelson Mandela is that the same is Ronald Reagan shaking Gorbachev -- at the height of the Cold War. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com a for Pascagoula Fred welcome to the -- show. After that period -- can't argue. Got awarded the way you know this little they're pretty. -- you know -- -- to do you or problem. Pretty much a conservative Republican not. I do not portrait -- like Barack Obama of the partially about -- respect -- office president of the United States of America. That's I think that's all anybody could ask whether it's it's it's bush or Obama we should respect our office of the presidency even though you might disagree with the policies of the president. That's exactly wrong arm. Course it's kind of been put out their day. This deal will get and buying he wrote in a row -- road trip. But I heard it and in the -- -- Yeah after. Possible deal that need to be. We're in. London actual news Lenovo that there were possibly. And President Obama. The question what doctor would reject science so that's important -- -- -- -- that. You know it's political and now. And it was normal for true and there for us to the court in what normal. But I idle -- -- glory and it all. Up like they're probably following salt water. And it's got the big you know and so -- -- and Ken would be big enough you know it's just not on. There -- count their their outlook terrorist regime change but all of the problem. Cuba is not negotiate. Without I don't. Well you're right about that Friday at the you know that the president would would shake hands with the leader of Iran if if if they were in a similar situation and we certainly are more at odds with Iran that we are we've with Cuba. And I I I guess I'm I'm the main reason I'm I'm I'm -- the saudis. Not to defend President Obama but just to point out that -- if you -- criticize the president for trying something other than. Something that is based on hypocrisy because if you support Reagan or other presidents shaking hands with leaders of nations were not friendly with. Then how could you criticize Obama for this criticized for selling else. Well there. Should. But it. And was of course we have -- life and look at them. And -- I don't disagree with -- in shaken her -- Would go for it. There at the initial shot but. You know course. You know. Early in President Obama presidential corner here he you know he filed -- Certain people that people were. Critical never you know idle -- -- keep it. Our country. Pulling out there this view that we afford to another -- much. And in these situations in the Olympic don't want. And and and Dutch port war. Well. You don't you know I I realize that it's it's different by two in the context of the heated moments I've coaching shake hands even after not bitter bitter defeats. And lawyers shake hands. Well and it's and. I've shook the hands of many people that I don't like. Because it was I don't say I didn't say it's good to see you I didn't say happy to see you I just said hi. -- it's it's sort of a social civil acknowledgment of of somebody being there but it in our lives we do shake hands quite often with. With the enemy -- I'm -- -- You know -- out on the -- fortunate. One not -- people cannot are so much they tool. And one run no more. But you'll. And all the television spoke to somebody -- don't really -- well we're for real. Through you know and and in court you know -- -- -- now probably about one but it spoke to a board of that water to a welcome back -- up from the -- about it -- well into production to -- portion you know mom and upper. Fred I'm going to call a -- thanks listing over Pascagoula while you're on the -- show on WW dog leading. So but he. Calling up. There's going to be bringing it not been kind. You you know -- broad and -- or goes and that man ballot as with two brigades and those I don't think anything plan that do it you know and it all comes. -- -- the White House says it would is an unplanned moment. Edit it out and I'm not going to be put under improbable president -- -- pushing. You know able may -- relations that you computers -- Chinese in China. 88 times already spent a lot of our net. And you know we've we return. And eat you know him money and temperature you know YouTube. You know and utmost. Threaten them I'll go -- What struck me at. Yeah it would be agreed to vacation destination for America and it would be a great market for a lot of American products. Yeah and -- -- the code is actually it's pretty. You know art school lost a big believer in -- same. Thing you know any kind of stored somewhere. You think yeah I don't think as well and am -- and -- You know I mean it in Great Britain as its computers are you know as it's. You know reaching out of its -- panel you know. You know an amendment I'm straight start to. You you know. I'd say it's I mean it's it's it's the beginning that are reaching out it's a beginning of of relations or the continuation of of relations it. It doesn't mean your borrowing down to somebody to shake some are handed I I can't. I can't help but think about the times in my personal life and we. We can all -- times in our personalize that we have shaken hands with people that we didn't like and we didn't agree with their lifestyle we didn't agree with their politics we didn't agree with them. But because of the social setting we still shook their hands. And also you know changes and an avenue in old age okay so you know it's a repeat history. You can't go out eligibility and look good and a bit. Continue -- or. I'm patient I'm glad you called and I drive carefully get into Atlanta tonight here's a Texas -- -- can't believe we waste so much time talking about Obama and Castro. I'm not an Obama guy but on bigger scale small minded people need to understand. Exactly they need to understand it I've I've I would agree this is not just about this -- This is about a much bigger issue of people not understanding. Certain things. Not understanding that. This is that the function of the president of the United States. It's not something that Obama's doing something that the president is doing and other presidents have done similar things as well. -- WL hearts for the holidays. It's a time when we help people right here in Louisiana. One out of six people in Louisiana -- risk of hunger. Seniors. Children. And hard working people who just can't make ends meet. There's stuff in your cabinet that you might not be in the mood eat. Some people don't have something to eat and it's here even in Louisiana. It's elderly neighbors it's a child's classmates -- member church. The spirit of Christmas can change all that to join WWL for our special -- for the holidays broadcast. We're gonna collect nonperishable food for the second harvest food bank great organization. Quiet heroes have been feeding hope in Louisiana. For over 28 years. So looking your pantry. Get together with your coworkers your church group your kids the great thing to teach your kids to give to others. And gather up as many canned goods in nonperishable items as you can't oracle -- -- Can't items on her that very inexpensive. And join us for our -- parts for the holidays broadcast tomorrow Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia will be -- clear view mall next December court. Between -- market while cafe for 48. Thursday Garland Robinette but the -- tech will be live at the party trade center for the United Rentals six million dollar used equipment sales. And Friday -- -- John Christie -- will be live at the five minute oil changed at 2401 south -- -- an avenue. Where industry Koreans in New Orleans begins. Nobody should go hungry Christmas. Or any time of year to what shows that we care. Have a heart this holiday with -- WL. -- a lot of studies it just seemed to be such a waste of money like a new study that is just come out revealing this is going to be shocking to many you I'm sure. A new study reveals that a great majority of violent characters in movies. In gauge. In risky behavior. There was a study done about that. Violent characters engaging in risky behavior. Is in that -- what makes it also entertaining. I hear is says taxed. That -- can you address the hate that nude and cruise received on their Twitter accounts. For many of their supporters because they said something nice about a dead black man. It's hate. It's just absolute pure hate. And don't tell me there's not racism in America. It doesn't mean that you're racist or right or racist but unfortunately. There are people living among us who are racist. And they'll never admit it and maybe they're too ignorant to even understand it. But they -- But yet there are those. On the far right. Who would follow. Newt Gingrich. Ted Cruz and agree with them on many issues. But boy don't say anything positive. About somebody of color. And that speaks so much. About the hate that we talk about quite often on the show. -- here's a text -- the president was. At the home going celebration for Nelson Mandela I don't think it was a time or place for mr. Obama not to shake his hand. And I think the speech that the president made spoke to the concerns that a lot of people have about Cuba and other nations that has dictators. And I hear is attacks to it's about the Cuban Latin vote in Florida. So. So Obama was trying to get votes for Democrats. By shaking a -- Castro's hands. This is how old. Blind. Some people have become. Because of their own. Political. Hatred. That is one of the most absolute. Inaccurate. Concepts thoughts. In fact that's probably the most ignorant comment that anybody has made on the show tonight. Obama did not -- -- Castro's hand. To win votes for Democrats. In the state of Florida any more than Reagan should Gorbachev -- Two make sure that he got that you know the the Russian vote in the United States all those Russian hockey players who were here were into windows votes over yeah. Right. Think before you tax okay. I'm -- will be right back on WW well yet another thing about two ago Obama shaking Castro's hand there it is to get the two in voting in Florida. I. The Cubans in Florida don't like Castro. From -- Jillian -- -- WL. I don't get it goes good you are. One there at about. That there are being. And -- grew up what -- Are. -- you're breaking up really badly so once you I'm gonna run out of time here -- try to say that we've been lost contact with with Joseph Joseph -- and so are we just didn't have a good connection. Are rich here at WWL. Yeah I wouldn't presidential. Actual bad. That's a word that -- it's called courtesy. And a toward you don't hear too often these days. About Vietnam error that. Instead. Who was -- 1970. How about we eat in Tokyo. Our happened to be walk off sightseeing capital -- pastor Russian embassy each and walking towards me. What was that it was a Russia and it uniform obviously an officer I salute you returned the salute all military courtesy. Where we're going to defect to each other by each alternatives. Rich I'm glad you called the show I got a text earlier from somebody who reminded me that during World War I. The British and German soldiers. Actually. It took time during a cease fire and Christmas. To wish each other Merry Christmas. The president of the United States whoever he has shaking hands with the leader of a country they were not friendly with. Doesn't mean that we're respecting or endorsing what that country stands for it's just part of being civil in those situations. Here's a final update on our WW appreciate what people tonight is President Obama shaking hands with pro Castro the same as Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev 65% saying no it's not the same. And 35% say. Yes it is one -- Nelson ransom our studio producers joined a subject garrison in the studio. I've -- have a great evening we'll see you tomorrow night's love you New Orleans.