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12-11 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 11, 2013|

Dave talks about if you'd go to Texas if you were Nick Saban, a lot of What is Wrong with People, and hashbrowns

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL parishioners on this the eleventh of December 2013. It is a special -- decade. It is indeed it is the middle of the week we've man Airways this aren't headed toward the weekend quickly inform me David started out as. One of though we all know. Yet you know those yeah well the Sox are missing and things that the idea but it's nothing that the Campbell can't help fix a letter all our. Yeah it's quite good. Thank you so when they. How many yeah. Thank you Leslie telling us what data is happy home. Are you and yours. Thank you for joining us here in the early detection of WWL -- -- news to yet. Who I needed that camel that it maybe. You know with -- -- to -- an error. You know what let's take a brief timeout welcome back right after this and I'll share then I don't care -- Internet. I'll share right after this then WWL. -- sixty. The early edition of WWL first news Dave cone and David like with you here on your radio on the eleventh of December 2013. Happy company once again the union or enthusiasts yeah I was actually downstairs in my car started this year. You work yet I OK I did that thing this thing where I woke up awfully. I was like I woke up twenty minutes before usually -- And my first thought was well well I can take a nice leisurely time getting ready. It enjoyment more gas station instead of racing around I got you Roland to work a few minutes or leisure everything -- -- -- you know what. After twenty minutes nice little -- -- when he minute you know quick nap now and India right where I'm supposed to be. Ugly. And on the wrong this is. Slept through the alarm when it went off after the second time after a recent -- you know and you went back out Harlow data that was the best when he well turn back to -- about. 45 minute cops quality. That I had had in years. I felt great sleeping until I woke up and you know the minute that that that they quick recognition you have you wake you know look over at the clock. You look back off harsh reality something goes off and I jumped I don't know how I did and I literally jumped out from under the covers landed on my feet hit the ground running. And then anyway nice home -- I'm not. Here I am. You -- -- really amazingly well when you consider well thank you very much Stamberg master control on thank you to the technology of the -- that we have -- dreamcoat broadcast abilities. Well I was able that this that the show from my cars that. Pulling up to the building but I just I couldn't -- -- close. Agha -- out -- you're wearing a way out you're just -- agreement chairman out today it's just now breaking any major traffic well. What that does to your heart. And mind and body. Yes but I've yet I got the best adrenaline rush and had a long time when I realized -- -- the clock that now look at that. Hole. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna go grab the big sports guy used to banging on the door yet we'll give it to Steve and everything back on track in just a moment but thank you amber thank you to technology and thank -- to the audience and thank you the camel for helping us now will be back with your forecast and spoke towards after the some attacks and it 77 tiebreak minor traffic laws all the time do -- San broke any laws I think I didn't break any major traffic laws. If you would please the court. I wouldn't it would like to stresses that doesn't mean I've broke any minor ones a dissident and breaking major traffic. -- that rolled through it stops. A dissident didn't break any major. Know breaking a lob I -- -- mean characters Laura but delegate management. Clouds around today some sunshine and eight cool afternoon highs today 59 after a cold start in the thirties and forties that we will be back down. Into the mid thirties north of the late tonight itself shore areas around forty. Then for Thursday look for mid fifties we'll say eight cool day and then Friday. A 10% chance for showers and clouds increase price back up to 65. From the eyewitness to -- forecast center I'm meteorologist -- tell. As a cloudy 45 degrees at the airport in Canada north wind at nine miles an hour gusting to fifteen along the lake front. So 45 on the south Charlotte North Shore it's right at freezing from one end to the other 32 and clear in Slidell 32 and clear. In hand and. The saints get back to work today as they get ready to take a trip up to Saint Louis to face the rams. And help us get ready for that it tells about everything else going on a sportsman including metal old rumor mill cranked out there. The Internet helps so much -- -- that rumor -- really at lightning speed we say good morning this the eve gala. The morning David you're just in time for the Sugar Bowl. Rumors are swirling that Mack Brown will be stepping down as head coach of Texas by the end of the week. Added that report is -- CK WTV saying that Texas. Is offering ten years. 100 million dollar deal to nick Sabin that also includes a 1% share of the Longhorn Network. Meanwhile though there are others say that Saban has a contract extension waiting for him. On his desk at Alabama -- up to seven million dollars a year. Saint Louis lost quarterback Sam Bradford to an ACL injury back in week seven and have gone to enforce its backup Kellen Clemens has taken over. The voice of the rain and Steve Savard says that the eight year bet it will put up a fight against the saints defense on Sunday. He's a gamer he's just grabber he's tough -- escape the pocket and take -- shot the problem is he is physically limited when you compared to a Sam Bradford he has physical limitations that the rams have to play from behind that's an issue. Clemens has thrown for five touchdowns with five interceptions this season and is completing just 53% of his passes. Well the Seattle Seahawks remain number one in the Associated Press is power rankings despite their loss to division rival San Francisco. The Seahawks claimed ten of 121 place votes one number two Denver received the other two following their rout of Tennessee. The saints coming at third followed by the patriots and then the 49ers. The pelicans are back in action tonight after enjoying four days off. They host the Detroit Pistons who have lost their last two you can catch -- ball -- 1053 WWL a fan Matt savage. And the NCAA is analyzing south eastern Louisiana. Saying the university exhibited a lack of institutional control. During a five year period in which 137. Student athletes. We're allowed to compete in sports what academically ineligible. The ruling comes as the lines football team prepares to host a quarterfinal at CS playoff game on Saturday. Therefore on sports talk the saints can clinch a playoff spot with a win over the rams on Sunday. What's your biggest concern for this contest in Saint Louis -- Steve Geller and naturally morning looked. -- 24 minutes after 5 AM in the early edition WW golfers Tuesday on Steve with you on your radio on this home -- happy hump you know hours. Oh it's always a great -- failed -- that going. Yeah yesterday the Internet started a dozen men you know home this little website -- little insiders say it's no one's ever heard of heard that I've never anyway. Yeah I find myself more more asking people where did you read on FaceBook or on the Internet that I get that but. What's the source of the information right at the end be so careful that information out there yesterday that Mack Brown. Had already resigned as coach in taxes then there -- report that he was quoted. While on recruiting trips and why would be out here recruiting if I were resigning right and then it just throughout the day just continued to. Spillover. And I still haven't seen any of -- be web -- although it's funny because you know one of the well known established web -- will report. That another website is reporting. -- So then you get confused well Sports Illustrated is reporting that rivals dot com said that this web spam website -- that Mack Brown is resigning. You know who's reporting what to who and why it's becoming very confusing my my guess my question for you. Do you think Mack Brown resigned this week and it's anything exit penalties job at Texas the child. A -- also -- seem to be pulling to the fact that. Brown will be stepping down or being told he needs to step down and -- -- him and I know he's resigning. Right exactly mum and there is the report from the Fort Worth star telegram. A pretty reputable guy we've had a mom before the TCU beat reporter. And he's the one that says that that that out Sabine is going. To Texas. He was he's of when the guys saying that and then the television station out Oklahoma City which is funny that they have this report is the one that has the details. Of the the contract saying it's ten years 100 billion dollars and a share of the B longhorn that target network that to me though. I still I'll believe it when I see I still think Saban stays in Alabama. But it's common interest in the fact that how do you turn down. Ten million dollars a season yeah plus. Here's my thing and Nick Saban if I were Nick Saban I've won two championships in a row and Alabama I was on my way to potentially a third one and I lost one game. In the final second of the game literally the final seconds -- time had expired by the time we bought that at a bad time Alabama lost that game. And a lot of people are very disappointed right people are you angry a lot of people are very upset. How can you live your life to that standard where if you lose one game in 12. You're not good enough. It's hobbies that ought to stay at the top of that mountain yet maybe maybe set the bar too high maybe he needs discuss them elsewhere they'll just appreciate him for a winning season. Yen Texas has struggled the last couple of years you know background and trying to rebuild that program is just not been working and obviously. What he's contributed a program has been outstanding. It does seem that it's Condo for him to move on and who knows what face will be over there next to to backhand twice climate more -- him and ask you this if you were Nick -- -- you moved taxes are right us the listeners that now and we'll continue this conversation after your forecast. Some sun and some clouds today it after a cold start out there are actually going to be -- about 59 later today silly cool afternoon. And tonight cold again lows around 35 on the North Shore and forty south of the lake. But by tomorrow look for some more sunshine around mostly cool Temps in the mid fifties. And by Friday at 10% chance for just to stray shower. And highs in the mid sixties. From the eyewitness these forecasts sinner I meteorologist -- Tell 45 at the airport tanner 32 in Slidell 32 and am at some attachments at thirty in any -- you -- nick -- would you leave Alabama. And go to Texas. Through text messages and 87870 coming up. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news -- December the eleventh it's 2013. Anybody senior camel. Yes. On everybody Ganassi has -- there. We'll let me tell you got to move. Nothing to do yeah I guess what -- Comes on Wednesday morning no doubt our wedding as the I'm ugly divorce from. Yes thank you to the Geico camel and thank you David for rolling on the -- Campbell that helped get -- get on Wednesday morning -- us around -- aids epidemic if you follow my three WWL. So. -- what is wrong with people. File is overflowing. Its first thing. At the -- Well you know this time a year with a holidays gay you know I'd I wouldn't be surprised yeah well that just missed a much else going on also -- -- -- old and -- and a well okay. So I'm I'm a -- -- to a quick hits them on the what is wrong with people -- we heard about the passengers who woke up on himself locked in a plane in Houston left Louisiana from Lafayette -- trying to get the Los Angeles. Got on the plane. Fell asleep up when he woke up the plan was locked. The lights -- it was called the point no around and and bring them up at -- well it worked on offshore supply vessels now you know first I thought was -- he sleeps in the -- knowledge. When the -- a year ago. You know that sudden jarring about God's blessing -- is -- very used to American theaters and anywhere except in the -- nobody around so I guess it would be the crew or the pilots to go in the people -- Maybe him a little bit due -- may be just one little track down the -- to make sure there's not a child under receive and or you know -- of security expert said maybe -- something else behind the can cause a problem. For the next flight. An idea how do you wake up on a plane an -- leave a passenger plane that went. It was a one in Trenton, New Jersey the guy who woke up talk about a heavy sleeper. Signs that payment Packard as his brother. My bags yet he had a knife sticking out your back on. Police say the guy get into a fist fight on his front porch while drinking the night before. The block tonight's news backing needed now is one that's -- it. That's pretty darn drop in -- land you in the one. People -- point pickled. And then there was the three Louisiana national Guardsmen in north Louisiana. Arrested and accused of stealing thirteen thousand dollars for the night vision goggles and M sixteen Scopes from the armory in farmer bill cools off the yeah but it to. If the allegations are true way that's guard soldiers -- to take is that so they go on the people file. And then. Topping it this morning. The story out of -- video Louisiana. Where a woman. Has been arrested her child has been placed with family members and dozens of cats and a handful of dogs have been put up for adoption. After her daughter. Goes to school. The children are bullying her days she says because she smells like. Year. She goes home it's mommy hit all that teasing me because they smell like the so the woman now has choices she can either a taker daughter out of school which he did. Because she hasn't won tickets teasing. -- could be in a separate that dozens of cats. And the few dogs from her daughter and you know wash your clothes to match those kinds of things and maybe keep the animals in the daughter separates that she doesn't smell like nodded nearly bad again yet they found all. It's an arm bad. Or she can put the -- up for adoption. Get rid of Stuart Goddard and smelly cat -- and our decision. And others like it well like -- authorities called police saying he had it and at a preschool she -- -- at the an announcement -- The mother told police -- -- good sign that he is indeed now that they've put all look at the for adoption. She does plan in the house armed petitioned the judge to her child back and promises to be better mother I understand the responding officers several one of them. Had to well they're sick ever stop you really. Hall horrible horrible awful or I just. You know when given a choice and -- and some kid American polarized school. To pull out of school only for the -- come Atlanta inning. -- probably people files lawyers over Florida added nine you know all my -- and the Yankee game and I'll have one more coming up in just a few minutes here on WW while Chris Miller joins us -- a -- the hour taken a look at. And a qualifying for the elections today. Management plan that he -- much competition at all. Hello god it's gonna live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a. And our days. -- meteorologist Laura but. You know how well a little matter though because I like the clear skies and a lot of rain sunshine yesterday I know wouldn't it nice -- The had its first day in a while I was still cold you'll -- the up in this morning miles freezing all across the North Shore and outlying areas. Yet with those you know clear skies that let those temperatures faults at 32 in Baton Rouge -- and flied out Matthau for the -- we have a little bit of let. Deck of clouds kind of moving and it's not quite as chilly in the South Shore relentless in mid fifties here South Hadley pot. Yet it at the airport 4532. Vital that the big candidate coming differently -- up right right yes. And I and how warmed we get to you know we actually -- warm up a little bit it's going to be cool day of highs around 59 this afternoon. And at the -- we do warm up a little bit -- cloud cover increasing from the south and west today -- off with some sunshine and a few clouds. But -- later this evening as clouds will be increasing and we actually another front on the wait for late tonight. -- are right so any rain. This does not bring any brain -- managed just gonna swing on group by early tomorrow morning but it will bring to have another push of some cool air. So for Thursday heights are actually a little bit cooler rolling -- make up to about 56 tomorrow I'd known cool today a little cooler tomorrow I guess since the cold -- is meeting more cold -- that's what is no rain right right there's not really a lot of moisture ahead of this system but there's -- have our next front for Saturday and that that it's going to bring some rain chances around. During the day Saturday and maybe even linger into Saturday evening before clears the areas that have a 60% rain chance on Saturday. It's gonna be a little bit milder Saturday 72. But it's brief because behind the front on a Sunday it's breezy and chilly with -- back in the mid fifties. Right well fifty is pretty much is the forecast that's one exception to Saturday Saturday went up and bring in some rain now. It began to feel a lot like Christmas I guess -- to lean that way I -- that's a good thing that we. Cool weather at times in two weeks from Christmas that helps with the mosquitoes right. Yet at that time though. But I don't know of anything can now this -- We go back that he would probably be accurate earlier story -- now we -- to overflowing and India now tonight in Phoenix area is known as someone called 911. One with your emergency. Gravity hash browns. At home or were they act like -- -- laws if they were they at lawful house McDonald's guys were out attacks brown. Michael in nova -- say they called the emergency number because McDonald's managers were no help after they said they run out of. Hash brown and the -- that sound like he can do it tells the body were -- I mean that's. Friday -- this guy a -- wars that aren't they where they upset that there were no hash browns that they were so upset that they started throwing food. And employees and the managers know they may have also called 911. Either way they cannot show up to -- it. They legitimately probably had a reason to -- an idol and audit their star -- get through things and get it out. Yet while to orderly turns out. They were upset that there were no hash browns but it what they were out of them and I think forgot to put him in the back. And in the way they responded by throwing food hollering and screaming the managers refused to give. Their hash browns -- them. And it wouldn't give their money back. After the way they behaved so she's throwing the food in the -- show Panetta -- them all -- -- on both sides it's got out of hand you know. My advice. The management in the -- and I don't like as a right order he can't throw well here's my question. I did the hash browns that good that you need to start throwing -- when you don't get up and likable do you like hash round I'd like lightning. I think I don't know something about it all -- in one paddy. You know like that. My favorite. Dislike them but a definite start -- the -- fighter called 911 if they you know he did -- -- out of my -- -- made on the once there kind of cut not now maybe. I like the Waffle House that. I'll tell you get a ball I way smothered the -- that it wouldn't doubt it everything that Charlie that she's the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the onion are definitely have them -- the barrier on top of the hash brown are out I -- like a loaded baked potato. The more than there -- at at the last round will leave out that not that they gonna want to thank you Laura -- I look at where and now I've directly with disease parkinson's in the border area on top management. -- -- -- -- with Steve gallon next and you're text messages if you were nick -- which you leave Alabama and Texas. -- -- -- and reports on your home Dana thanks Steve good morning. Ally. And then after this that's -- got that -- I'd like you to question him and asking listeners if you're next date with few if Alabama coach -- back. I needed to that because then you have him well maybe some news on that tablet rumors right. It was with some reports say that Nick -- As they contract extension waiting for him and Alabama with over seven million dollars a year. There are other rumors circulating that the tide head coach could be heading to Texas with Mack Brown said to be stepping down by week's end. OK CK WTV says that the University of Texas is offering Sabin a ten year. 100 million dollar contract that includes a 1% share of their Longhorn Network. Now over to the NFL over the saints defense could be in store for a big day Sunday against a Saint Louis offense that ranks just 25 in the NFL. The voice of the -- Steve Savard on the issue Saint Louis is having moving the football. What you're not getting the touchdowns we defense or special teams and you're not running the ball very well at all it's really hard for Kellen Clemens to generate enough for the passing attack for the -- to winning keep up and that'll be an example this week if they can't run in the states I think it might feel launch date. The pelicans return to action tonight looking to snap a two game losing skid against the Detroit Pistons. You can catch all the action on the flagship 1053 WWL left them at 7 o'clock. Well the Associated Press is new power rankings are out for the NFL and the saints have moved up to number three. Seattle remains in the top spots despite losing that they're division rival San Francisco. -- mother Denver Broncos are ranked second. And the NCAA is analyzing southeastern saying that the university exhibited a lack of institutional control. During a five year period in which 137. Student athletes were allowed to compete in sports -- I -- while academically ineligible. The ruling comes at the lines football team prepares to host a quarterfinal at CF play. FC as playoff game on Saturday. Today have four on sports talk to -- -- a spot in the playoffs with a win over the rams. What's your biggest concern for Sunday's contest in Saint Louis pitcher early morning look at sports and. I fifty to one person taxing us today seventy eights and -- spyware -- I would move to Texas it's an easier conference and other prisons as if I were statement I would stay put. Texas isn't the same programming used to be. But they go on to say maybe Texas will offer -- miles the -- a Clara it's. As Stevie you'll learn Nick Saban and if what is being reported as accurate if you're being offered a ten year 100 million dollar contract to go to Texas and -- share of the longhorns television network. Or your being offered seven million a year to stay in Alabama and all else being what it is what -- I would have to say I am staying in Alabama because the fact this is a program that I've held buildup. I'm 62 years old and you're really wanna start all over again. Rebuilding another program. The University of Alabama has erected a statue for me at university. -- and number via a living legend right so. I think I'll take that three million dollar hit a stay in Alabama as his contract up in Alabama. And not up until. I believe two more seasons. When he nineteen. -- when he underwent -- either player's point but I would give it my contract is up or I have a clause that allows me to leave. I'd I would. Because that's the pressure he's under today he set the bar so high. He loses one game this season and many people very angry and that's hardly that -- thinking your failure a lot of people thinking your failure. If you will lose one game after winning. Two national championships and coastal of that pressure fee goes at Texas goes to duplicate what he's gonna now over time. Next year because it -- season will be here to Texas so. Night I have to walk out of my contract I'm not deal but if I have a clause that allows me right then I think that would make them. -- -- I'd go our listeners are split as well we'll see what really happened thank you Steve a -- entertainment or sports here at WW. Alabama has resort fetal cells means saving can legally just walk away from his contract and laughed -- pace hero not a -- -- -- today 7870 that a hundred billion dollars no question I'm caught. I don't know that is there a difference when you make that much might point seven million a year and ten million a year I don't know that it's about money is about as much about the world about right now on your way. For your Wednesday starting off in their thirties and forties so bundle up but you may not need that jacket all day look for a cool high later on about 59. With a mix of sun and clouds. Then tonight lows will be choppy taken into the mid thirties north Adelaide -- really we should get about forty degrees. Tomorrow mostly sunny skies and look for fifties for highs. And by Friday we're -- back up into the mid sixties with a 10% chance for a shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- tell. Freezing across the North -- most areas north of -- 32 or below right now south -- over the warmer 45 at the international airport and tanner. Gonzales a little warmer than freezing at 34 that. 558 thank you picked apart currently is fifty WL first news on this -- hey we appreciate you. Eight years starting your witness witness here's someone takes an -- that -- that he says. The difference between ten million dollars and seven million dollars is three million dollars. Yes I'm aware that. But my point -- that. If I made seven million a year. Or ten million here I don't know that my lifestyle be any significant difference. That's the whole Lotta money that I have trouble spending any years' time so I don't know that it's about money when it comes down to it. For this decision. Moving from Alabama Texas. Another person says. I -- mrs. David and likes Austin. As that I your Austin is a nice pleasant event mrs. they've been think the thing -- -- has a lot to do with -- what -- mrs. David thing. Will she be happier in Austin and Tuscaloosa. Maybe maybe that's part of the discussion I don't -- I do you know that Nick Saban has the history of liking to take got talent. And we walked away from Allan view the dark of the night and went to Miami and left Miami I'm -- -- We'll see.

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