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12-11 6:15am Tommy, career politicians

Dec 11, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Ed Chervenak, a UNO political scientist, about Jackie Clarkson's decision to run for New Orleans City Council again

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Separate jaguar -- people asking you our politician's career politicians. A good or bad thing and I get a couple of text that come here. I've been on the inside it is say I scratch your back you scratch mine -- system is corrupt for sure but what's the alternative. Notes there's continuity of corruption when politicians bounce back and forth. A German back doctor -- chairman and joins us right now our friend from -- -- to talk about it Jackie Clarkson 78 years old yesterday says well at the behest of the main air. And because she felt the call of duty she's gonna ping pong now from her term limited. City councilor at large seat to run for -- districts easy that Kristen just -- Palmer decided to. To not seek reelection four and any -- Cynthia Willard Lewis not paying funding but it career politician trying to reclaim. Her hold her old district EC -- and dot com you deal. -- -- Did he understand both sides of this where the mayor wanted Jackie Clarkson because of her experiences and the cynical part of me says because seeing collar up. And get a deal done easily count count on her. Doing her best way to counsel I'm thinking well maybe -- compromise its way it works after the budget deal comes out and Washington not yet approved by the house senate just wanna make that clear you tell me. Well I mean that's the reason that he could call her should run for districts because she has been the reliable vote now -- for the mayor so. You know here -- interest here. I mean reliable vote and you looked very -- -- -- all over like his vetoes so you know certainly in collegiate player in this. -- -- -- Would that be -- before you move on does that put in the six senators that does make -- -- the government functions. Well I open about putting affects them. Certainly you can have a challenger and so that will be her defeat that out at me I'm. Right. And and court. The work with alliances in in government in our democracy. You know separate situation sharing power and so the work it -- -- And guess if you got out. Five vote -- -- councils -- about to vote the way you want in a way it kinda renders the other four -- immaterial. Well it is it's a matter programming. It's eagle from the -- secret the -- street block. It test -- technical you know that's what that's what he's trying to prevent. On tell me about Cynthia Willard Lewis politicians been around for a long time her -- understand it. A player when it came to politics in the city now seeking office. Again would you do what is it about it. Politicians. That they just can't let it go is that is Jackie Clarkson says it's generally speaking now call of -- dealers that. Something about the heaven the office that they just can't stand not happening. Well I think the main reasons people. Our power prestige. And policy and certainly -- in -- I want I don't pretend that order for people at her motivation. The -- in the pre primary. And that you know about power because you get to make the decisions -- -- although I think the community. Certainly approach each position years you know what -- You noted in the media. I would talk about policy he or things that happen and you're sitting in your district actually feel the Atlantic advantage here. That are in the policy making. I -- because. -- anyway to evaluate whether. Grip politicians over all help or hurt the system or doesn't depend on the politician. An independent politician I mean there is something that her experience I -- -- -- -- Derek -- auto mechanic or character we want some of the experience that look for someone. You know starting in and it's kind of unusual that we think that our political system that -- by amateurs and professionals that. People think it's come right and then and and operated but it's very complicated system. In so. Yeah that's where we're we're kind of Torre who usually want experts want people to have institutional memory. You know the system that can make it work but. At the same time we would like fresh Lebanon who like -- like you and so we're we're kind of torque and as well at least a moment. Doctor I appreciate your time and you know we we always hear about it I was on the federal government. They need to have term limits but even if they did -- do you think we would see men and women ping pong back and forth between house and senate. Obviously like any sourcing here in Louisiana. Any military moment at the local level and people move from another district seat to the at large and and and back as well so. There are ways around that -- to me out some -- and the term limits. I think their violation of voter right. Voter should be told they can't that can't built four. And in addictions there's -- of accountability. What their candidate currently administered the second straight to voters to a four years down the road there -- certain -- stops them from doing what they wanted to. Thank you doctor appreciate -- time to embodied you know -- -- -- world right now.

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