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WWL>Topics>>12-11 7:15am Tommy, how many is too many pets?

12-11 7:15am Tommy, how many is too many pets?

Dec 11, 2013|

Tommy talks to David Melancon, the PIO for the Thibodaux Police Department, about a woman that had an unsafe number of cats and dogs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker got a W -- talking about people would just let. The animals get out of control in their house timid. They arrested a woman that. Just it was running a house that the police say it was sickening urine and feces smell the animals all over the house they were called to visit the home -- the daughter quit going to school. Because she was -- of the way she smelled three dogs fourteen adult cats eighteen kittens and -- home. And there was no control over. Where it was that they relieve themselves even found some terrible conditions in the bid 45 year old woman. Says only a few of the animals rumors -- ressam had been abandoned by others. David loss on joints right now public information offers and for the typical police department and he was actually there and saw what was going on in the morning David how are you. Eric Marc thanks taking the time winners for people lived here a story like that innate. A think it's bad. And I'm guessing you really don't know until you see and smell it and experiences. Yeah there is something that word a word can describe what you're saying the words cannot describe or not that there. Altered and rotate in and out of their houses to the outside because of pressure. It was a bad situation. Under our guy was utter opposite the welfare check. And had to be an animal rescue. When you have bad. Animals. Is all living with the saintly. It's nearly impossible to be able to keep a clean environment. Free trial for -- -- with the -- We shall we in line CE. Fecal matter in the bed and now what we think it is a terrible situation and holds. -- really matter where it was as if it was a young -- That's OK you know you don't of this board child's been through enough is certainly. Yeah it was we definitely don't want we get don't want anybody you know it's out it is because that's how that -- go on and we don't want the impact of any army goes. Get that out of that situation. Have let -- army cleaned up and -- put itself back pain. David is this is some easy he. -- rarely. Not very rarely at all or -- comments that you in a common situation. Well it didn't happen at all and we did indicator there this year -- to 27 ball. Switzerland I am very similar circumstances. -- -- and so floors eat fecal matter in the -- But one Williams -- When we humans cells in the lord and I remember correctly yet your outlook there -- or. So so senior an entry in. One step the -- that didn't -- that. Have criminologists sociologists psychologists on case studies on. And yankees a phrase these people have people just letting get out of control what they wanna do the right -- and they wanna. Shelters many animals as they -- but somehow undermine the whole equation gets off and put the animals -- of their kids. Altered by the way it could -- yet but the compatible -- disability. I'll where they have good intentions put as what at some point they're they're they're -- go out. Are you can't you -- it didn't get caught Ukrainian. I didn't the particular regulate. When you when we have to kind of -- Utley a walk. Navigate you'd call and it -- finding people matters in years and the that are living conditions in the -- is it is called. That's what you did it took -- turn out. And we worry that your outlook and remember. Now we know Ortega Catholic apparently considered -- -- -- Supposedly toward. Three more animals were dropped off the -- after we -- our own and she. The threat regain contact -- partner that somebody dropped a more animals. And we were able to go. You're in agreement -- and shelter as well. I appreciate time David quickly what does a law intended -- about how many animals GM have or are not hand. -- -- -- it would provide adequate sheltered. You have to be in the front food and water. And if it can't they need to be charged with I -- cruelty and ultimately agreed to carry up to about why she was. So like they're not count she could be facing -- -- well on. And or six went to prison -- it depends on what your -- prosecutor in the city side. Thank you David appreciate your time have a good Merry Christmas happy new year. -- --

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