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12-11 5:10pm Saints Practice Report

Dec 11, 2013|

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And welcomed Allen on the to a sports stuff where all appreciate clear view and Chapman tonight. In the -- -- -- -- come around Jonas will be hitting AP in this evening was second harvest food bank and there's a lot gone owned. Of course a shopping everybody is excited about the holiday season but -- much more. -- the holiday season and of course the -- -- but it's even more points through the bit to give back. One of six people in Louisiana. Are risk of hunger. Mean seeing these children and hard working folks is can make ends meet. And that you can stop back and drop off in nonperishable food items the second harvest food bank. They're great organization for nearly thirty years they've been feeding. And it Bobby brought out once that engine and and that we also have a a collection box -- one dollar can give -- fan mail for a New York one dollar a few but two dollars and it. You can have two meals both fans and fourth read out defeat of -- as much and you know you could beat three famine so. I'll come on out we had to be roof bar I think they went to a target -- one -- look gorgeous and has -- back. About a book the Fulham perishable food I'm so we are doing a good job to fill up all our boxes bullets about no but some other location but. It -- forward the calls and imitate you will feel a lot better once you drop some of the stuff well. Yet -- just to give back. And this that it's all. About the holiday season things giving Christmas then. You know a lot of times we feel blessed and that's the way where you can bless other people. And that the evening if you look where the support is going to you look at a second -- bank of -- yards and also -- and a and KG country. Look you know whatever you can donate whether it's two dollars 25 dollars. Fifty dollars a 102 -- -- -- -- -- 500. Much that is given much is required. And you know whether you gotta bring. You know food oddity to bring catch its ultimate -- -- -- great cause and you know this is stunning. And I'm excited about being involved in because this day in eight job. Amendola -- away hungry you know or no question three -- go to sleep hungry because how we've been blessed in this country. And and our resources solo second harvest bank in the work that they do. The work in the we can self hunger. That's kind of the -- trend you know going Florida it's all a matter of them not just observing and actually getting involved participating in. This is great that we are here to clear view mall or a good thing harvest. Think it's good to be the most violent -- get out and see people and go right across from us this it's well colorful clients and creations -- him it's. You can do one of blowing glancing he's got all sorts of figures and the use anything you'll like football. Allen -- -- -- he's got these these -- chains they got these different. On that he's put on that that will pick ahead of that post it's a man's world war if they want like you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right think's out now for a Christie Garrett is whether -- with today's practice report it now technically. Surely those five Saints players on later -- -- -- Foster limited. Still hobbled by an ankle injury brought -- Bunkley Josh hill. -- a bush -- to Dawson and Toronto arms that all missing practice today here's the opening statement from coach Sean Peyton after the first week first day of practice. Kind of back into -- normal. -- -- -- Would today be in you know all first and second down. Rest the week will be that you don't like normal so. And Payton and Saints are three and three this season -- the route the plane on the road for any team there -- there's challenges that go with that. You know crowd noises the snap count you know those things. That's the the first thing that comes to mind for us is an advantage at home -- you know working off of a silent snap count. That half second your tackles Mike -- when you play at home. The last trip for Peyton in the saint back in 2011 to Saint Louis lost 3120 want to previously. When Louis Rams team this is entirely different team you know and then. I think that. One of the things you'll look at. Justin the last seven or eight weeks this is a team that's run the ball exceptionally well. Defensively they're second in the league in takeaways. They've got a young roster and yet you know you just have to put on the game tape and watched Chicago game I watched the Indianapolis game watched. Kicking game in Seattle. You know they're they're they're a team that. Can do a lot of things very well -- and the -- -- says the Saints are achieving the rims are better than their five any record for offensive line is healthy. Defensively. They're right at the top of the league in sacks hurries and pressures. You know they they're very well coached in and you know despite the injury quarterback you see the you see the numbers and UCL. They've been able rush the football and and so. You know I think the focus for us is really get to know this opponent it's different than any of those past teams. Different coach different. Just as -- -- just as were different. Linebacker Victor Butler not activated from the PUP. List at that point one day window to return to the practice field they'd explains well is not placed on IR he's not activated he just remains on PUP and. Basically the decision about not bringing him up to the the roster was just. With where we're at in the season and where we feel like he's at health wise. His rehab is going extremely well. To his credit he's worked very hard at it you know obviously with with an ACL injury. There's a lot that goes into that so. You know we had that window where he could come out and you you try to pay attention that -- and I think. You know overall we just felt like he was best right now that. That we went that direction and part of that she is having that confidence and making sure that. It's not too soon. As Saints quarterback Drew Brees says the Randy always tough to deal with at their place and there's no. Challenge of playing in that venue -- favor a whole -- hit some of their previous home games from this year in Seattle played them extremely tough Chicago you know put. You know put a big numbers against them and others so I think we just know the type atmosphere walk into -- You know how how their defense got -- -- on that you know as -- -- at their defense you know think about their pass rush trying to neutralize that you know they do their job taking ball away which. In a lot of cases it is you know because their pass rush just before Russia going to root ball. Then there's more from Brees all the way we've talked about it quite a bit and just what -- challenge is is going to be you know so. Throw records out the window is two very good football teams playing each other and then and I should -- venue you know gives them the advantage. Maybe it took to playing me like that just like it would give us Stevens -- superdome. So we need our best. Well last five games for the black and gold. In prime time on Monday Thursday Sunday night's increasing it and it's going to be back on normal week. Of a routine in this schedule the Saints are back on the practice field tomorrow here on airline drive -- Kristian -- from Saints camp here in Metairie now back to body -- -- for more sports talk. Now you don't Christian Drew Brees talking about neutralize in the pass rush and I think that's going to be crucial. That from the get go we don't let the crowd get into the game board again after Drew Brees because you look at. Their young Stevenson then -- that would -- individual you're Chris Long and Robert Quinn. Coming off the edge it you got Kendall Langford. I mean those guys -- get after an opposing quarterback and the reason why I bring that up is if you look at we did last week against Carolina. You would need to Charles Brown guard Zach -- -- a lot of pressure. And 4549. Snaps in pass protection. So blog you can build on that report that you did against Carolina he viewed against that. Rams gave -- -- -- that's gonna be an impressive going forward that you get Nate comets in that swagger. Heading ought to close out the season and body doesn't get some good. Fronts this year and in San Francisco Carolina. I know early in the season offensively they were struggle along along the offensive line but. And they give up that's the fifth fewest sacks now in the NFL and I know it is -- the beginning of the season people really concern. About the play of the office -- linemen and they've stepped up over the last handful of games here. Last sixty games in that's it formidable front of their face in -- so they did the Seattle earlier in the year. They they -- Ross Wilson -- back there at their place in Saint Louis that now. The Seahawks weren't healthy along the offensive line. But nonetheless you know we saw Chris Long was it would do 2011. Against at saint Dolphins alignment a lot of people feel like -- was better than. Certainly that is now so that's and that's another tough task and Robert Quinn lead in the NFL in sacks he's he's not going to be easy to deal with either so that'll be I think yeah I grew -- body a big point of big key. In the game can neutralize that in can establish a running game early stay with the threat of the running game we see we seemingly say it every week. But it truly does though -- serve in this case because the fact that these guys can get after the passer so well. Think. Of course there's 101 it was a Christian thank you so much to a poker game tomorrow sounds good thanks. I all right -- of course operated jaguar opinion poll -- -- VW doc -- obviously Lou wrapping up to show working out -- Texas than they did this week is expected Mack Brown. Will step aside in -- stable form at the University of Texas head football coach point all -- talked texas' possible top candidate. Nick statement if you're Nick Saban what would you do they put -- Alabama go to Texas I'll give the NFL. Another shot I don't wanna say it will dog the body if the parent people. But -- in the weeks hands that they all went to Alabama this on other lives Mason. Mason the -- one of the world and our they would come and look I'm me I'm 5050 with him. I went with him that I am well in 2000 -- they had a wonderful point lead. -- Cam Newton resident Kenya came back and talking and fumbled a critical 3190 fumble and they want them making point eight points and haven't. After the game these people let me come back well in the -- Visited that was open to that point that was probably aren't an early seventy's game that was probably one of the biggest if not the Big -- until this year.