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12-11 6:10pm Sports Talk: Tulane Football

Dec 11, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Tulane Football Head Coach Curtis Johnson about the upcoming bowl game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk. Here on Saints radio WW RA MFM and dot com all came to camp and Bobby -- and beat -- albeit. Where is and according to clear if you shopping Santo ask you to drop -- you're not -- -- food item also give some money donations to second harvest food bank. That's -- nearly thirty years they had been helping. Folks eat and one dollar Bobby helps a family of four eat one meal to my coach Curtis seat date Johnson -- -- now is folks. And a week and hands it to Bowling Green -- make the first principle it. A decade if they take on the Louisiana raging cages in the Mercedes and Super Bowl superdome and what is one of the more anticipated opening suspension from a Sorenstam point. And it will break out recruits in the new all of the -- seat day. Thank you so much for the time and it meant that not much of a break coach from the time you played rice into the bowl game that's that that's really shot out of town to get ready for a bowl game when you think about it. Like. You don't get give it would have been a bright played well now we played pretty good they're really they're really. Pretty good article above the field in particular at that time. Now court judge Johnson between now and a game time. Do you focus on certain areas they do like when you sell scalp what you need to get better in our ivy started the preparation already the Louisiana Lafayette. We got about one more practice about it real well we've been addressed information that we had about the here. Articulate a lot better country off basically a -- in the blame will pick they got a couple like that bit. -- it completely and -- -- -- go. A weekly update this as we we've gotten better. Coach CJ and no -- certain route that you can't Ortiz vehicle but it just -- from the feedback you got when you hit the ground running when you took this job. From may be -- to -- here what you're getting feedback on. From recruiting will what do what do union from the recruit what what union when you go to these schools. After coming off a season in which coach giving you that it's -- win but I out of him Bobby you'll want people really follow what you do you it would UT defense oblique. To me that was it at that that was the most impressive part -- an idea how consistent you play defense disease. You know outlook I think that the they have been wonderful job -- -- -- the position to play. You don't want the crew -- that you couldn't competed outdoors it would mean for the home. And now a -- Libya trap and practically were the culprit when statement it would definitely. An up and all the kids -- -- -- we want and the end. Ago the good thing that's what it -- -- -- one should not. They know -- position that we have of being -- because pretty much with an attractive place. Now our coach Johnson look in and the opportunity obviously next year -- the play on campus -- -- a brand new stadium in. I got his be excited about that you probably gave a pregame speech. When you play that last game in the superdome single wanna go out and a great -- but Lawler Milloy get the play in the superdome again against the -- it. So out what you're given that a motivational speech while they. This is our last chance an adult would approach he's taken. What we will be but we played against the wanna come back in a bowl game and it won't play in the future -- -- I. Hopefully we'll. You know it develop and make plays look back he would. Been able. Let -- there to -- we wanna go out pretty wanna go out what was slant game. About these two win Lance and hopefully we without. Opportunity to do it up that we've gotten excited while playing with the article playing in the cold and we -- -- -- -- -- we take that I had to get the Willie Green -- and now Biscayne helped that he would they'll. Coach courtesy dates not to because especially if the green WikiLeaks it to take on the the wheezing and a raging case to Saturday December 21 8 PM kickoff at Mercedes-Benz superdome the 2013 -- in -- players. New Orleans Bowl coach CJ how do you approach. That game planning a practicing. In their game against -- Monroe. Our quarterback chance probably the carpet a year you go the VP at New Orleans Bowl. Went down Brooks had -- and I know it you know I'd -- could've used to try to. I'll work with quarterbacks on a short amount of time you've dealt with in as the last two years do you prepare for both our hat and -- way how do you do that. Absolutely you do -- -- football you look at treat it like for their dislike the -- got a couple prayer for the schemes that they weren't. They've got some very intricate running -- and you know he's back. A good backstroke. So the match. -- we think defensively we don't know we we we prepared -- but we also. You know you got mobile quarterbacks I got it in the book where -- into. Coach courtesy -- Johnson that Saturday December 21 degree wind take on the -- and -- Region eight coach CJ thank you so much for joining us that will be topic do you throughout the rest of the week get ready for the new on the -- -- I could see today we appreciate book by product that you war that was so long -- your talked about. We looked at the even the competency Chancy game. What rice -- this past march numbers they put up consistently throughout the year. That is what to me that's a sad about it you wanna see a program. In what you do defensively. Because -- you know you -- -- you -- but what you want you can. Put somebody about -- slow him down. The end then that's the most important like they say if they can't score came when. He had big. We look forward to see what happens. Rice -- the SEC and and has to -- state. You know on the Liberty Bowl. That's. And New Year's Eve December 21 so yeah. It's at 3 PM game on ESPN thought I like to see that matchup you know Mississippi State. Big win against Ole miss. And you know to see where they're at and you know to -- the right thing that you do some kind of comparisons. That you have rice really from the -- go. I saw they played need them. And you know when they start their season and what you typical. Eating a rice hours and I rice owls in the past as far as. Not a football power houses almost you schedule and -- the homecoming a while. Where that was not the case this year. -- handsome stud players. And -- and they've shown that drug coverages -- in now. You know having a big game against as the opponent Liberty Bowl. I would come back -- talk to Tony softly sat lateral portal for the St. Louis Rams who entertain. The New Orleans Saints Sunday here on Saints radio WW.