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12-11 6:35pm Sports Talk: New Orleans Bowl

Dec 11, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Executive Director of the New Orleans Bowl Bill Ferrante.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ate food donated the second harvest food bank and also donations as well as in existence for nearly thirty years providing food. Use year round and especially down here in the south south Louisiana so come on out we -- not -- of food -- -- -- -- a lot of boxes spoke to bring in. Money donations in the on nonperishable food items. Are more food drive to coming up later this week or tomorrow actually who had won four. Bought -- that will be at the apart strengths and and also Friday at five all changed joyful south -- an avenue. When streak audience in New Orleans that you know once you go hungry on the board together and now make me have a hard holiday. Are -- come together for -- -- the call now there is on some big things happening in the city of -- on this week it's the on Louisiana athletic association state championship games starting tomorrow night in the down tomorrow afternoon rather. And on Saturday December 21 who had a record for the third straight year it would be -- could sit in attendance at following. At the 2000 the on after the walk on the vote takes in the states 8 PM at the dome the Tulane green wave. And the Louisiana -- a team that is operas in Ottawa command gentlemen it's got to be very excited built for it takes and the director of the New Orleans vote -- And the last three years he's you know plays to in this one. I didn't bowl has has really taken off not just the team's mainly in Louisiana. By the Canadians but the games themselves I mean the -- last second win dictate and it. Game last year with -- -- gated in. You know we were talking about the things you guys need to draw more interest and I thought the VP trophy. What sort of initiate in the in the helmet so. The creative thinking camps have been on -- -- all of the -- at his thirteen years. And now start to see ethnic the fruits of a lot of hard work and play with putting this thing. Thank you -- it's. You know it's it's been a lot of artwork and you know -- some great games over the years -- really. And the last couple years with the crowds that we have obviously that just has more to that are. Experience for the student athletes in the -- You know we we take great pride not just -- so the city takes great pride in how we. Put on big events how we -- bigger events how we take care of our visitors. -- we won't mention our MVP award we. Couple years backs that we wanted to do something. Different and unique in New Orleans and so we. Sought out to aside their local sports artist and gave him a blank element that should give us an MVP award and I couldn't product at a Terrance Broadway. In the game much -- -- -- man they -- media miles that Abiola who lack. That and I mean that was just now which is quite impressive I would go back to where he talked about the the work and so forth. With -- just to the next question with the attendance last year we saw the upper deck opened up a record crowd of course that. The teams a year prior with exciting commands it it's such a long time before they got to a bowl. In San Diego State came across Contra but east Carolina was close and now here with two teams wanting to play -- games. In the superdome in one final time -- will be too late and the re educate that will be their third straight year how apparently ticket sales golfer's game BO. Well right now replacing a little bit ahead of where we were last year that's about what we expected. You know obviously we think that two lines crowd. Will be significantly. Larger than what where east Carolina -- here last year although east Carolina had a pretty good all are good program. But we we expect to break our record of 48 to 28 which what we had last year and -- the 55 wouldn't be surprised. Now bill going forward. As far as you know what you're what. Com it is -- connect it with New Orleans Bowl and is that pretty much of that if you can have the likes because know locally it's Louisiana Lafayette and Tulane that. That the that you could see him maybe be involved in this game -- become more. Oval what is exactly like target -- what he'll look good for you Virginia route is it the have a lot of local flavor. Yeah -- Bobby on the match ups a lot of the bowl affiliations and partnerships you were cockroaches are. Based regionally now and that's to make city here for the fans to -- to travel in and be -- altered -- we just. Extended our agreement with the sun belt for another six years. We extended our agreement with that you play for another person shooter but we're also haven't. -- and that well probably. Come to fruition in the Iowa sometime in April. But where we might actually have some participation from the American athletic conference and but even mountain west a couple of years and -- Damon back you know what that does for -- is it gives us. Variety gives us flexibility it gives us options -- -- gives us. An opportunity to expose our city and our game to completely different markets and and demographics and so. Well we're hopeful that that worked out but -- that that problem we know that -- -- and that's it sure -- But some just. Bill for a day executive director of the New Orleans Bowl and remember it's going to be a good one -- the Louisiana re educated to that with any new -- -- vote chance. And the -- green -- set a date December 21. And it -- if you haven't heard -- champions square at the concert Charlie Daniels into famous -- about as real confident in his that is a rut or rock. That's real country could be you know you thought out and after that Friday night. I'm going to be there I believe my daughter graduates from you well at 4 o'clock Friday afternoon. All of it. You know anybody else after I'd appreciate it well call. But I I will probably it's my plant to be back in time for traps sure that -- Back concert that we started the night before it's another example of -- on such that we put on on hosting an event and when the starter we -- are gonna build bigger pack and go at all and we're really excited about Charlie being trapped strip. -- legends I think -- you're going to be witness the. -- years ago you had on the potent Villa have the now at a C -- statement what direction well. Paula I guess. In the end he played eight via EU made a double B yeah it went down on -- -- right -- -- builder at the executive director of the new all of the ball a lot of people excited about this and he should be. A Saturday he -- point -- 8 PM in the Mercedes means that -- -- Thank you so much for the tab without gimmicks that Seattle is ticket sales that go on the lucky guy. -- -- -- All right -- Bobby can be political calculus where it's Centre court -- -- -- -- shopping center and we are raising money. The second harvest food bank and nonperishable food items about a lot on on its a part of a three day broadcast to date tomorrow and Friday. And now we'll give you some observations about what's second harvest food bank isn't. How many laps they ethnic make great way on a daily -- -- Bobby got the ability to Drew Brees -- -- about thirty minutes here on WW.